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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dream Dream Dreammmmm~

Hmm, how do I start this?

Cooke house stuff is almost done. Cant wait till sports day to end.. there were many criticizes from all around the school about us and stuff but its okay. Life is full of challenges.

No matter what, I still love my form 1 juniors. They are the best thing that a sports house could have =) they are like so bloody cute AND annoying at the same time. But the matter is, they only like to annoy ME. I’ll show you their pictures one day =P

Next, would be saringan.

I’m proud of myself cause I’ve done my very best. I remember joining for both 400m and 800m, and Derek and chun hong were asking me to focus on 800m more cause 800m started first and cause I thought I would do better in 800m. They were like advising me non stop for the pass few days. And in the end, I didn’t get any position in it. Got like 6th over 15 ppl. >.<>

I dint even realise Alex went to Melaka for two days already =X what a good sister am I =P

I need to attend my cousin’s birthday party later la.. its those kiddy ones, u get what I mean? Chinese New Year’s comingggggg, valentine’s is also cominggggggggg, but there’s like so much things to do. Haven’t pack my room yet, or decorate my house. DIE LA. You know what? I’m feeling very disappointed larhhh, I want my sequin hat that I saw in Cotton On but its like, finish stock. Feeling damn sad. Should have bought it rightttttt?

My dad says I walk like a Gorilla. Well THAT’S CAUSE I WAS WEARING HIGH HEELS WALKING FOR HOURS IN PAVILION AND MY FOOT FREAKING HURTS! T.T I’m feeling damn tired larh.. and I remember on Friday, I cant even walk properly, my backbone and ribcage was hurting me like, SO BADLY, I spend the like more than 3 hours in the sickbay. The funniest thing was, there was only 5 hours in school. I didn’t even attend any class >.< paralysed ="X">

SADLY, no one came to “visit” me in the sickbay. *hinting Adeline, puiyi, low, Emily and OTHERS* damn sad okayh. And Adeline and Low didn’t even care to take me to the sickbay when I told them to help me to get to the sickbay. Apparently, homework was more important. Honestly, I felt damn pissed at that time. Imagine, my backbone and ribcage was hurting me till I can cry, and all they said was, “but I still got so much homework to do lehhh.. ask other ppl to bring you down la…”

Ouch. My heart hurts more than anything at that time. And I began to wonder stupid thoughts like they have transform into some Alpha freak.

Hmm.. And so, I was wondering in the sickbay myself if they would ever cry if something happen to me or they would say, “oh, something happen to Sandra? Aiyaa.., wait la.. let me do my homework first..” I mean, if you say its some other friends, I accept la. But if you say both of my BEST FRIENDS . .. .. I have nothing to say other than being disappointed. But oh well, you know Sandra.. she wont menyimpan dendam.. I shall just let it go >.<

Yesterday’s saringan was great! Eventhough not many cooke house members made it.. but I had fun watching the high jump =D

And the stupidest part was during lontar peluru event, encik fauzan was there.. then he was like,

Teacher: Siewjin, mari sini *serious face *
Siewjin: * walks to teacher*
Teacher: Sally, mari sini *super serious face *
Sally: * walks to teacher*
Me: *I thought it was some rumah sukan thing.. so I tried to eavesdrop what is he gonna say *
Teacher: Kamu berdua *which were siewjin and sally*, jangan dekati Sandra.

WTH?! Everyone was laughinggggg! Stewpikkkkk laaaaaaaaaaaa…. AhahahhahaXD and omggggg, cause Izeri who was the captain for Green house keep peeking on the marks, WHICH WASN’T ALLOWED.. then Encik fauzan was like singing some song, nehh.. the one which goes. “dreammm dream dreammm, Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dreammmmmmmmmm~~~~” and changed the lyrics to, “greeeeen, greeeeeen, greeeeeeeen, kamu jangan nakalllll…” and cause Green house won first and second in lontar.. so dil added, “all I have to do is go greeeeeennnnnnnnnn~~~”

I know, it was lame.


Hahaha.. I wanna go for breakfast la, buh bye! =)