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Thursday, April 30, 2009

You gotta get with my friends.

I agree with this.
If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.
Nothing last forever,
Friendship never ends.
This is what Siew jin and i sang.
and you know what? It makes sense.
you KNOW what we mean, girl.

Hell-thy Lifestyle

Today, early in the morning, my mom suddenly came down, and greeted my dad, so, she went, "Hi, dad!" and i didnt really bother looking at her cause i was rushing to get my socks.. then she suddenly turned to me and said, "HI DAUGHTER!" with those really enthusiastic expression like how i say hi to Jarrett when i see him.. it looked a bit retarded though... hahahaXD and i was like"er.. okayy..." and she was laughing off.. cause i gave her a look.. and she continue chuckling and i was like.. DOUBLE.. ERRR... OKAY... when i reached school, the first thing i asked Low

me: Low, what time you slept..?
Low: YESTERDAY??? hah! about 1.30am..
me: its usual time but.. WHOAH! i slept at 10.30pm.. =DDD
Low: cause i was doing Chemistry ma..
me: I also did what..
Low: I finish the chapter review..

she expect me to have my eyes WIDE OPEN as usual and go "HARH!!!? SO FAST?! wow.. damn hardworking.." but i didnt say that.. instead, i said, "HARH?! but why you need to sleep so late?? i finished everything also wert..." and it was HER TURN TO GO, "HARH?! you finished arh?!" I nodded.. and then everyone was like.. WOWWWWWWWWWW.... hahahahahahhaXDD

Low: but then, cause i started late..
me: oh.. whyyy??
Low: cause my family eating using the table, so i must wait for them to finish it lo..
me: =.= why you cannot go up and do??
Low: dun wan go up first.. somemore i need to eat dinner.. about an hour lehh..
me: why you eat dinner need an HOUR leh?? I do my work, halfway, my brother bang into my room, expecting me to be on the computer but i was quietly doing my work.. he wanted to shout at me.. but then, when he saw me, yeah.. he DID shout at me.. but instead of asking me to shut down the laptop, he asked me to go and eat.. and i was like.. what the... . . but anyway, i took about 10 minutes to eat my dinner AND fruits.. quickly ran up and finish my homework up..

and everyone was like.. O.O why you suddenly so hardworking and semangat??

I gave them the =.= look.. and the what you trying to mean faceee.. (>.<)

but but but.. I was SO PROUD that i finished my homework.. cause most of them didnt.. hahaXD mwahahaha!! Of course i finished laa.. i sacrificed my blogging and chatting time..

then then then, got some announcements.. and and ;) hehe.. I have to congratulate puiyi, adeline, jialun and melvin for getting in.. not forgetting myself =)

so, we had PJ in the morning.. i was SO SADDD that i forgot to bring my PJ shirt.. so, my group of jakuns went to see teacher instead of going for PJ, cause dun wanna waste time.. wanna be nerds.. BUT, we got to know that they were playing volleyball, we quickly ran back to class and took our PJ attire to change.. and SINCE i didnt bring my PJ attire, i took Chu's PJ attire to change.. cause he wasnt gonna play...

and goddammit, when i was changing, all of them were laughing at me and say, "sandra.. you going to bed arh?? wearing pyjamass??" cause the shirt was big.. but the pants was fine =) but anyway.. who cares?! i would give in ANYTHING for volleyball.. nolaa.. too hiperbola ady.. hahahaXD anyway, Chu was screaming his lungs off cause i took his PJ attire.. he was like.. "aiyerrrrrrrr... sandraaaaaaaa.. dun laaaaaaaaa~~" i asked him to shuttup and took it, went out to toilet and change.. hahahahahhahaXDD

but i went in to the class again.. and say " you know i love you..! thank you" and went out..
and walked in again.."actually, no.. you KNOW who i love.." and walked out..
walked in and say.. "but indirectly, u know what kind of love I'm trying to mean.." and walked out.
and walked in and say "so, i dont love you.." and went out
and went back into the class"but actually i do.." and planning to CONTINUE my journey to the toilet but
i end up going back and say "so, i "LOVE" you!"

IN and OUT.. and IN and OUT.. everyone was like,... what the.. . .. . . hahahahhahXD

and during PJ, this was the BEST PJ i had for this entire year.. first, we played volleyball, then Siewjin they all dint wanna play, so they went to run at the field.. so, i joined them to run.. after running two fields.. went to continue playing volleyball.. and two gamma guys joined in.. and the WAY they play.. i tell you.. I was LAUGHING LIKE SHIT.. Keanloong and I tahan to laugh like crazy mannn..., but in the end, we just burst out into laughter... and they were like saying, I'm SOOOO baddddd.. then there's one time, i didnt get to hit the ball, then Khairul, the gamma guy, laughed at me non stop.. and everyone was like O.O cause cause cause.. HE himself cant hit the ball.. out of ten times, he can hit once.. and me, out of ten times, i can hit nine times.. and that ONE time i cant hit, he was almost rolling on the floor laughing.. instead of getting angry like everyone will think, I, MYSELF started squatting down and laughing non stop.. cause it was SOOOO STUPIDDDD when you come to think of it..

then after tired of laughing, i dint wanna play anymore because I cant tahan not laughing.. so I went to check out what Dil, Valerie and iforgotwho was doing.. they were doing some exercise.. and Dil ask me to squad and stand up, squad and stand up for 30 times.. then she tell me i wont be able to walk.. then i was like.. "ohh.. the one my brother and I use to challenge each otherrr.." then valerie, dil and I do.. and i did like 80 times... and we did other stupid things.. the next thing I knew, I couldnt walk and get up the stairs.. hahahahXD Low and I were like so tireedddddd... so, I gave Low an idea.. cause both of us take like 10 minutes to climb up one step.. so I told her, "look in front.. imagine Jun Su is right on top of the stairs.. waiting for you.. that's for you.. and I will imagine *ahem* on top of the stairs.. waiting for me.. then just run.."

our legs hurt like godknows what.. but when we hear that... we straight away run up to fourth floor in two minutes.. we were like "JUN SU!!! *AHEM*!!!" then run run run!!! as for Valerie, you have to shout, "SPAGHETTI!!!!" then she will run.. as long as it is FOOD... ahhahahahahahhXDDD

then, we had BM, but teacher didnt turn up, so all of us were busy doing our work.. and after recess, we had EST.. oh wait! during recess, Low, Siewjin and I went to check the results.. and yeahhh~~~ babeh! =DDD got it!! oh. yeah... back to EST, i was quite INTO EST.. didnt really talk like yesterday..

then, we had Sejarah.. all of us were doing our own work and listening to teacher at the same time =DD we were REALLY listening okayhhh?? had IP a.k.a free period, and did our own work larh.. mmg that period is for us to buck up on our homework.. and then, had English.. i was actually listening!! everyone was doing their work.. then Low and Ade went to do the Physics experiment.. cause we did the wrong report and ade threw the results away.. so have to do AGAIN..

oh.. and during English.. i suddenly told teacher..

me: teacher, I'm about to ask you a very random question...
teacher: okayyyyy
me: At what age you know your husband?

and the conversation started and I asked her opinion about what she thinks about this and that.. siewjin and I were like laughing and talking at the same time.. (>.<) then, SUDDENLY!!!!!

Chu told me to give one stack of letters to Eugene.. I was like, "whatt's thaat?" then i saw, it was the exam schedule for all forms.. and Chu pointed at ONE DATE.. 5th MEI 2009.. and i started going panic.. going wthbbqdvdvcd.. and i shouted to the whole class..

"OHMYGODDDD!!! ppl!!!!! EXAM IS ON THE 5TH OF MAY!!! ITS NEXT TUESDAY!!!!" the whole class was so noisy and it turn into DEAD silence.. EVERYONE STOP EVERYTHING THEY were doing and was facing me.. seriously.. damn dramatic.. for like 1 full minute.. and everyone's heartbeat stopped for awhile.. then i think, puiyi said.." nolaaa.. that's the date when teacher finish creating the exam paper!" i was like.."REALLY?! SHIT!"

then everyone started boo-ing mee.. hahahaXD and i was like, "SORRY PPL!!! MY APOLOGIESSSS.. I'M SO THE DARN SORRY... I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!! SORREHH!!!"

didnt stayback, went home straight.. and slept for 3 and the half hours.. cant believe it.. i set the alarm.. and it didnt ring.. actually.. it did.. but i off-ed it.. hahahaXD

before i end my post.. NIREN! KUMAR!!! WHAT YOU TRYING TO MEAN IN YOUR BLOG ARH?! you WATCH OUT on monday.. .. . I'm gonna skinnnn youuu~~~ seee laaaaa~~~ laugh laugh laugh.. u SEE LAAAA~~~

Lesson Learnt: look at thing PROPERLY before announcing it by screaming your lungs off or you'll get bashed up one day.

I feel so healthy today. I had my breakfast, exercised so much and ate so much fruits.. but the matter is... now.. I CAN BARELY WALK!!!!!! my legs are SO PAIN THAT i seriously cant control them.. it remind me of the intensive badminton training i had.. and its killing me.. T.T ask Derek or Adeline or Wei Shen, how much we suffered for badminton training workouts.. can DIE man.. seriously very pain arrr.. T.T sobssssssss

So Yesterday =)

Let me post about yesterday first.. I didnt post cause i had too much homework.. Read this post and you'll know how much all the 4 Beta-ians are suffering now and yesterday.. so, yesterday, as usual, we chatted before assembly start.. then we had EST, I took a chair, and sat with the three musketeersssssss.. ade, Low and Siewjin.. and started talking talking talking.. teacher was like,

teacher: you really can talk a lot..
me: teacher.. its call SOCIABLE.. ya noeee??
teacher: TOO sociable.. haha.. You cant be like that anymore if you're a prefect.
me: hahaXD

we were seriously darn noisy during EST, cause we couldnt stop laughing.. Low didnt know some questions.. then ade and I, being "GOOD" friends keep confusing her with all the answerssss.. hahahahahhaXDDD then siewjin and Low kept torturing me.. T.T they tickle me until i cant breathe.. keep blowing into my ears.. GOD!!! Suffering sitting between both of them..

after that, we had Maths, but it was overtaken by Choralspeaking.. T.T and.. I think i was laughing my head off.. hahaXD sorry for making everyone laugh (>.<)

then after recess, we had Chemistry.. GOSH!!! teacher gave SO MUCH HOMEWORK till of us can cry blood ady.. But as usual, i still laugh and talk along~~ Low was like damn pissed.. and she asked adeline, pointing at me, saying "Why she still can be so cheerful?" Ade didnt hear that.. but i did, and i answered her, "Why nott?? doesnt mean teacher give us a lot of homework, we have to finish it and die without laughing.. what' wrong with being happy eventhough you have loads of it? dun tell me your life just stop there when you have homework.. take it easy larh.. chill.." and she got LAGI pissed.. cause she CANT CHILL.. she ALWAYS stress herself too much.. All of us were like so moody after that.. But, i was trying to cheer her up.. asking her if she was okayy.. but she got LAGI SQUARE pissed.. and since she got bloody pissed with me, so i got bloody pissed with her too.. cause i was just trying to cheer her up.. buat baik tidak dibalas baik..


on second thought.. i was thinking.. why must we get bloody pissed at each other over a small thingg?? she had been there for me all the time when I needed her.. Why ruin our friendship just because of a bloody damn big pile of

So, again, I left her alone for awhile cause she LOOKED like she didnt want anyone to disturb her.. Then later, I tried to cool her down and cheer her up.. and it worked =)


U see, what if, I really did got angry? what if I scold her back for being so rude to me? Will it still be the same as now? U know what? I dont think so. I think we will get angry with each other until godknowswhen. So, each of us took a step, and everything was fine =) and i'm proud that i can be so patient cause usually.. I mean.. ppl who knows me.. know EVERYTHING about me.. (>.<)

Then, we got Physics after that.. AGAIN, we had tonnes of homework.. teacher taught quite fast.. and ALL OF US were damn moody cause exam is SO NEAR.. so, during BIO, all of us did our own thing.. pity our teacher.. and teacher was like asking..

teacher: class, you understand or notttt?
me: yaya.. sure teacher.. teacher, if you dun believe, ask emily to explain everything..

*everyone laughed.. and personally, I looked up at the powerpoint presentation.. read it.. SOMETHING SOMETHING MODAL.. and immediately i said, " THAT?! cause i dun understand a thing.. but all of us were REALLY busy doing other work.. so yeah..*

then, got St. Johns meeting.. but before the meeting, I remember saying this..

"St Johns better not piss me off, if not, I'm gonna screw them.."

And I end up crapping the most during meeting.. As a squad leader, I talked SOO much crap till my juniors got nothing to say except laughing.. laughing.. AND LAUGHING.. non stop.. and some of them dunno whether to laugh or to sigh cause I'm super lame.. and stupid.. and I scared Audrey away.. hahahahXDD

and then Chengken was our fasci for the day.. so, I was thinking about my squad on duty thingy.. then i ask ck, should we play the Baby I love You game at the end of the day.. and for some idunnowhat reason, he started coughing, as if he kena choked when he heard that.. THEN i realised.. that he actually LISTENED WRONGLY.. and thought I WAS SAYING "BABY I LOVE YOU" TO HIM!!!! i was like, GOSH LARH, CHENGKEN!!! PLS!!!! that's the last thing I would say on earth to you!!!! SWTTTT!!!!

then Nex was walking pass the st john meeting place, so i was staring at him, thinking about the conversation we had about the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra, and suddenly, he gave me a flying kiss.. i was like, blur for a second.. GAVE a disgusted face and was like, NEXXX!!!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!? EWHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! then everyone started laughing.. then he started denying it.. and said he was giving it to Jia Jun.. PLEASE LARH!! jia jun wasnt even facing him.. I was the only one who was looking at him.. fake la him...

then, went for Mr. Roy.. and and and and and and again.. laugh laugh laugh for some stupid reasons.. and did stupid things too. hahaXD came back and started doing my homework the WHOLE NIGHT.. I'm so proud that i finished ALL MY HOMEWORK which are taller than any mountain the world..

and went to sleep early =)

Lesson learnt: Be patient. Take a step back and the next thing you know, everything will be perfectly fine =)

and I realised, its useless to get angry with them.

The Legend Of Krispy Kreme.

Last Friday, aku punya bapak ask me to go to some opening of Krispy Kreme with him because he was one of the supplier of Krispy Kreme, so he was invited to a premiere opening for Krispy Kreme.

He asked the whole family to go, but nobody was interested.. haha, as usual.... . .. hahaXD then, i thought adeline would be in my house, so nvm laaa.. if boring also neverminddddd.. so we decided to go. It was held in Times Square.

Then my mom see two girls following my dad, she scared we bully my dad.. she meant ME laaa.. cause cause a bit usual laaa.. hahahahhahahaXD so yeah, she come alongggg.. and we went..

here are "SOME" pictures i uploaded.. blardy hell.. more than 100 pics.. took so long to upload.. kay.. anyway.. enjoy! =D

We saw this and we were like, "COOL MAN!!!" hahaXD
we're like starsss.. hahaXD U know why adeline stand behind me?? cause she is standing on the stage and I'm not.. hahaXD she force me to stand down there cause i was taller.. hahahahhaXD

(>.<) all the business business peopleeee~~

Drinks there serve~~~ so many types of juices.. gosh..
and they serve us pizza tooo!! =D
my mom and dad~~

Why must i say MOM and DAD, why not DAD and MOM?? weird larh.. hahaXD

peeping inside.. they off all the lights inside..
er.. yeah.. not sure wth are we doing.. hahahahXD
the placieeeeee~~

adeline is making a monkey face.. nola.. actually she was eating ice.. hahahXD
nice right nice rightttt??? val.. take THAT! hahahhahaXD
MORE fooodddddd~~~ i know i sound fat okayh! hmph!
i know i even LOOK FAT .. . .(>.<)
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. =D
before that is 3 days.. now its open larh.. hahaXD
pizza man!
erm, wthell was i trying to takeee?? oh~!!! reporters!! hahahXD
=) nice view larh.. . .. .
random pictureeee..
copy M&M's larrr... melt in your mouth.. hahaXD
la la la~~ yellowwww~~
lalalala square~~ purpleee~
the so called "guards".. they didnt let us in yettt.. they switch off all the lights insideeee..
SO MANY ppl waitinggg...
u know whaat?? we were DARN bored and my foot was DARN pain because of the 3 inch heels.. (>.<)
look look look at the ppl insideeee~~~!!
my dad was like, "what are you all doing larh.. . .??" hahahhahaXD
Ade and I .. look like sisters.. OBVIOUSLY i'm the elder one.. hahahahhaXD but I'm so much younger than her.. (>.<)

I scolded my dad for not smiling.. what larh him.. look so serious.. so,

boo~! I forced him to smileee =D
the emceeeee
SUPER LAME and funny.. from 8tv one.. seen herrr??
the NOT LIGHTED logo~
the president of KK~
the International President..
I'm not taking a picture of a guy who is taking a picture of someone just because he's handsome.. hahahahXD nolaa.. JOKING!!!
the ppl~~~ all the atasan ppl~~

and again.. oh! the logo is lighted!!! CLAPP PPL CLAPPP!!!!!
now the WHOLE store is lighted =))
(>.<) no comments ady..
oh! spot my parentssss!!!
and we got THIS!!! yeah.. eat until we puke mann.... 48 pieces of doughnutssss~~
see how they make it??? SO COOL YA NOEEE???
first, the guy was staring at me taking photos..
so, i signal-ed him to "PEACE!!!" and he did! hahahahhaXD
and look how they do it!! SO DARNN COOL!!!
then the doughnuts go through the icing thingy...
my dad's friend, i think.. hahahXD
GOSH!!! T.T my saliva.. is droppinggggg~~ When i first saw this.. the only person i think of is EMILY HO... she loves Hershey's cookies and cream until like dunno whaat...
AREEEEEEEEEEE.............. *take THIS valerieee!!*
traineeeee cashierrrrrss~~
Adeline took thisss~~~!
and my dada took the chesssseee oneee~~
as for me, DARK CHOCOLATES would be perfectly FINE for me =)
she advertising.. Krispy Kreme doughnutsss..
one of my dad's producttt~~
humans~~~ hahaXD
so many ppl kan?? =D
so yellowwwwww~~ Digi.. hahaXD
goshhh!! another picture that tempt me so muchhh~~
our super messy tableee~~ hahahhaXD
random pictureeeee~~
oh! and Adibah Noor was there.. and she sang all the songss.. darn funny.. its was like.. "L, is for the way you LOOK at Krispy Kreme, O, is for only thing you see, and V is very very, EXTRAODINARY, E, is for the everything that you adore about and~~~~ LOVE~~~"

it reminds me of last year's 3B's class singing thingy.. and ade and I were like doing the actionss.. so jakun.. hahahahXD
her againn~~~ and i tell you her jokes and the emcee's jokes make ade and I laugh SOOO MUCHHHH... only WE laughed.. cause it was super lame can die.. hahahahhahaXD yeah.. i repeat.. ONLY US.. hahahahXD
see how much taller i am?? hahahahhaXD

and one of the workers present the doughnuts to her.. hahahahXD

at the end of it. took a picture..

Berjaya Times Square~ =D

Doughnutssssssss... 48 of themmm~~

and buh byeee~~
btw, PUIYI!! MY DAD DOESNT SEE DOUGHNUTS OKAYH!!! so dun ask me to get it for you.. ahahhahahahaXD he is the SUPPLIER.. not the OWNER! for god's sakeee! hahahahXD