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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Adios! Form 4!

raindrops falling on my head. Does the backgroud look familiar? yeah. School's skylite.

School's starting. Form 5's starting. Spm is coming. Stress is pouring. Teachers' complaining. Parents' scolding. Brothers? TORTURING.

you know, i realise I'm like the three kiwi fruit on top. It's like sometimes, I feel I'm TOO serious.. hahaXD i mean, in school larh, ofc. I feel sometimes i'm too strict. I mean, excluded the times when I'm in class larh.. hahaXD cause i'm like the third kiwi fruit if I'm in class.

puiyi is my good prefect or stjohn partner. Both of us can scare juniors like some phantom of the SBU. hahahaXD lame. yeah, i know i know. Both of us always laugh about it.. =D

Gah! We'll be form 5 soon. In like one more freaking day? *sigh sigh*

I miss these ppl... mwah girlfriendsssss =(

and sheau hwa too! =(

amount of times I go out with those peeps?


viv- none. ALWAYS BUSY! =.=

emily and zk- uncountable. SO MANY TIMES. almost EVERYTIME. =.= hhahahaXD

Low and ade- one.. eh.. nono.. with ade, is two. ahhahhhahaXD

sh- ONE.

puiyi- er.... NONE?! OMG! AH SUMMM!!! CAN U BELIEVE IT?! NONE?! omggg.. T.T missing you like crazy! EH! wait! got larh!! once.. in klcc.. with chengnam.. yeah yeah.. ahhahaXD

oh, keanloong is my girlfriend too.. or more like it.. hahahaXD but.. i went out with him twice.. ahhahaXD alvin and the chipmunks 2! hahahaXD chengnam also! but once only.. hahhahaXD and also with eugene! and bao yu zai! and CHUUUUUUU!!! =D and DEXXIE TOOO!!!

patheticcccc! and worst of all, i didnt exercise at all weyhhH!! the whole holiday.. shyteeeeeeeeeee... >.<

I miss being hyper. When school starts, I'm gonna be hyper again. BUT, =( cant. Have to be serious. Form 5 =( I'm scared larh.. what if i end up in Gammaaaaaa???


well i guess, i'll only be form 5 once in my life.. so,

I shall enjoy it <3

Monday, December 28, 2009

1+1 = 11

it's coffee with sugar

cakes with eggs

It'll only be a sweet dream if you're in it =D

my hands... your's forever.

Gee eii ant tee eye and gee~ =D

Yesterday, I spent the whole day in Genting.. i went with my relatives and parents.. actually, we go there to teman my 11 year old cousin to play only.. but then, since pinky lives there.. so i just invited her together lo.. hahaXD

we went to fetch pinky at Gohtong Jaya.. then we stay at her house for awhile to loook see look seee drink coffee.. oh.. it ryhmes! hahahaXD

the first ride we sat was the Flying Coaster.. my cousin was like DAMN FUNNY! cause it was his first time.. and he's mmg like a small kid.. so he was kinda scared larh.. but i tell you, he would never admit so.. when the ride was starting, he was like, "i'm gonnaaaa dieee.." and i was like, "good luck, boy! high five!" ahahhahaXD then during the whole ride.. obviously its nice to scream.. but he didnt. cause he was damn scared..

after the ride, he was like walking like a drunken man.. and like wanted to vomit, then my aunt ask him if he was scared.. he was like, "LITTLE BIT ALSO NOT SCARED WAN!" then pinky and i were like, "YEAH RIGHT." AHAHHAHA XD

damn funnyy.. we were all wet cause it was raining... and my arms were like damn pain.. body all aching.. cause in the arcade we were playing this game.. need to hit the button... there's like 9 bigg buttonss.. ahahahXD damn gan cheong man.. ahahahXD

let the pictures do the talking =D

our first picture =D
my shy cousin.. hahaXD
this was the... the.. mine thingy.. the roller coaster.. haha
the view from the ride..
I was forcing pinky and my cousin to take picture with me.. but.. end up.. as if i am the only one taking =.=
ahahha.. our sort of.. snack? AHAHA.. we seriously ate A LOTTTTT...
what's with that face, pinky? HAHAHAH told ya we ate a lot..
hahaha.. my bored cousin.. we were waiting for the Cyclone ride for an hour! it was like rain, then shine, then rain then shine.. but in the end.. we waited for an hour and the half.. it rained like cats and dogs.. so they close the ride.. we were like WTH =.=

AHAHAHHAHA.. his expression was damn funny.. cause he was so tired of waiting.. after waiting for so long and cant ride the roller coaster, we went to find my aunt.. then we saw this something like exhibition like that.. thennnn... we saw this!

i ask my cousin to touch it.. he was like, "EIIII YERRR NO!" then i was like,

me: eh.. use ur brains larh! where got so big wan? its a SOFT TOY larh! =.= just TOUCH LARH!

pinky: *smiles and keep quiet*

cousin: eh.. ya horr.. where got so big wan.. *touches the tail*

me: okay.. now.. you look properly..

and the lizard blink its eyes and move its neck..

cousin: WHOAH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT"S REAL!!! YOU STUPID STUPID STUPID!!! AHHHHHH!!!!

pinky and i were like laughing like shit man! then we keep poking the stomach.. like JELLY WEYHHH.. hahahahhaXD

oh sorry! forgot to rotate this picture.. just turn ur head larh! but i'm pretty sure u dun wanna see my face also.. anyway, it was RAININGGGGGG like cats and dogs.. and we sat on the swing chair ride.. and we were ALL DAMNNN WETTTTTT.. T.T
my cousin keep screaming saying, "I AM ALLLLL WETTTT!!!! STUPID STUPID!"

ps: he's a bit spoilt..

see pinky? she's all damn wet ady... ahahhaXD
i like this picture larh! hahahaXD it was right after the ride..

see how wettt were we??? and not mentioning.. our phones were damn wet cause i was playing game in the rain using pinky's iphone.. and i was busy smsing WHILE SITTING ON THE RIDE.. ahahhahaXD so my phone was damn wet >.<
my cousin was damn funny larh.. he seriously look like he was bathing..
ahahahhaha.. with his looksss.. i can ALWAYS laugh at him.. but if he knows.. he will hit me.. >.<>

seee? how misty it wassss???
cant even seee anythinggggggggggggggggggg..................
we were walkinggg in the rainnn~~~ rain dropsss fallinggg on my headdd~ hahaXD she was like, "WALKING ALSO CAN TAKE PHOTO AH?" =.=

=D after walking around, we had FOOD AGAIN! salmon with mash potato.. DAMN YUMMY LIKE DUNNO WAD! and also, we went shopping.. coincidencely, there was a branded sale going on at the convention centre! my parents bought A LOT OF STUFF.. my uncle bought like 12 shirts.. spend money like mad there.. ahahhaXD

but i was a little angel who bought a shirt from padini.. ONLY A shirt =D but i was already SOOO HAPPY with the shirt! =D minus the part where it cost like almost 70 bucks.. but ofc, i LOVE THAT SHIRT SO MUCH! and it was kinda on sale =D

OH OH! that's ME! =D why do i look so short? =.=

HEHE i asked my dad to pose.. and i was like, "SMILEEEEE?" and he gave me the "hmmm?" expression.. ahahahahahXD
u know, the whole trip i was jumping around.. like an idiot.. and talking nonsense.. my cousin was like, "LEI DOU CHI SIN GEH!" i was like RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT... . .. . .

owh.. i took picture off the reindeer butt.. AHAHHAHAHA

outsideee the casino =D
COTTON CANDY MACHINEE!! i am so obsessed with this machine.. asked my eldest brother to bring it back from australia for me.. but its the mini wan larrr.. =D where i can play with it..

OMG! i cant imagine if it sticks on my hair.. T.T AHHAHAHAH
stupid pinky.. blocking with her baskin robins ice cream.. AHAHAHHA
that's my uncle behind.. and that's me eating the candy! ahahhahahXD]

walking in the rain again.. and damn misty until cant even see ANYTHING..
seee againn? it was damn cold lorh.. freezing.. ahahaXD cause we were WET and COLD. AND HUNGRY.
finally get into our car.. ahhahaXD
and started our journey.. going down the hilllll~~~
and had this claypot curry or assam whatever u call it.. DAMN NICE.. with pinky's parents and grandma.. pinky said ade ate before.. and richard and alex loved it SO MUCH.. ahahhaXD

from left, pinky's half face, pinky's pretty mom, pinky's crappy dad, my crappy dad too, and my cousin.. AHAHHAHAHAHA

pinky said we should take a photo.. and be proud cause we are labelled as adults.. what does adult do? =X

thumbs up and peace! =D

after the day.. damn exhausted ady.. T.T reached home at like midnight.. >.< hotel ="D

tata~ got to go eat my dinner! it's 9pm ady! >.<

Saturday, December 26, 2009


wokay.. now i'm in subang.. damn bored... Last Saturday, suddenly got lotsa fireworks outside my house..

then, last tuesday, emily, me, dex, chu and zk decided to go to pavilion to have a movieee.. so, after bio tuition, zk followed me to pavilion to meet emily and the others... my mom was like telling zk, "U BETTER take care of my daughter arh! u risk your life to take care of her.." and i was like, "saiiii hei laaaa.. =.= he so thin.. i take care of him only correct.." HAHAHAHHA... . reached there and we watched Princess and the frog.. emily and i were like. . .. dotdotdot.. cause Chu was laughing non stop in all the parts.. from far also can hear already.. HAHAHHAHAXD and SOMEONE was a bit disappointed cause he cant sit with the person he WANT to... HAHAHAHAHA

zk and I were like laughing out ass off at him.. HAHAHHA... then then then, before the movies, we had lunch at the Rain Nudle House.. and its SO FREAKING NICEEE.. the tomyam.. i meant =D dex and emily decided to share this Pineapple fried rice.. and SEE HOW MUCH THE FATTIE gave dex!

and then, after that, we watched the show, and went to buy christmas present for emily's brother or something.. while i bought a present for chengnam since he was bugging me for one.. he wanted a white power ranger.. but but.. nahhh.. since he LOVEEE white chocolate so much.. so i bought him that..

then on christmas eve, the day the form 3's need to take their results, i was there at school.. being the "ed board reporter.."

chengken asked me to go at 9.30am.. and the thing didnt even start yet.. =.= but the top 4 ppl were there.. top 4 as in Kl, chengken, dil, and emira.. since siewjin went to Harbin.. AWWW.. i miss herrrr...

ANYWAY, yeah.. that stupid chengken ask me come so early.. i was still yawning like an elephant.. and and after that, more and more form 3's come in and like righttttttttt... teacher asked us to get the school magazine's for them and it was SO FREAKING HEAVY! like OMGGG!!!.. T.T

CONGRATS EVERYONE! and haha.. its been so long vyvyan and jarrett, my two little pet-siblings gave me such a nice warm super tight and longgg hug =D love you guys! OH!!! and NOT forgetting Niren.. yeah.. the matter of fact that he is like almost 2 heads taller than me, so when he hug me, he was like, "CAN YOU GROW TALLER?!" i was like UGH! FINE.. SORRY LAAAA.. go hug taller girls la.. dun hug me..

after the thing, my mom wanted to go Jusco and so we went... she wanted to shop.. and i wanted to just wander around.. so i walked all by myself.. and GUESS WHO I SAW?! hao cherng gor! its YOUR alexxxxx... hahah.. the AA alex.. =P nehhh.. the girl who tried to flirt with you and you almost vomited blood that one arrrrrr... HAHAHAH

and at night.. i was like SO BLOODY BORED.. christmas eve but tak pergi mana-mana.. so my dad decided to bring us out like at around 10 something? at first my mom thought he was joking.. but he wasnt.. since alex wasnt around.. so we wanted to go SOMEWHERE.. but no teman.. so i called every possible soul who can go out.. but again.. NO.. damn surprising weyhhhh.. derek didnt wanna go out.. i was like WHAT?! nowayyyyyyyyy... HAHAHAH!!!

aiyooo.. and then like zk got his christmas party in his house so i didnt wanna disturb him and didnt call him.. emily kat bukit ceylon.. wanted to go find her but she went home ady =.= viv lagi wont go out with me laaa.. puiyi kat subang.. HOW to come with me? somemore so last minute.. so... . .. . we. .. ..

just went out.. but we were like kinda driving aimlessly.. and i found out.. Low's family was also driving aimlessly! HAHAHAHHA =D COOL WEYH! let's seee.. we never got down the car.. we drove around klcc, to pav, to times square to whole kl... and back.. FOR NOTHING =.= my dad was like, "tour around kl in 45 minutes! " =D

=.= RIGHT.

i went back and watch tv till like 2 something, i think.. then i got really tired, and slept.. the next morning, have to wake up EARLY MORNING cause THE chong cheng nam go make the tuition replacement early morning.. T.T then during tuition, cheng nam ask keanloong out for a movie.. i was like, "GO OUT DIDNT CALL ME ARH?!"

then they invited me.. then i was like, "SO LATE ONLY TELL ME! HOW TO GO?!"

then both of them were like "=.= zzz.... .. .. . u urself say ur family always last minute wan.." HAHA! anyway, i wanted to have a swim in Tropicana Club but nobody was freeeeee.. Low was in Sunway.. Val wont go out with me, ask her also no use.. sj and sh in Harbin, Ade was in church.. so change plan!

i called keanloong up and told him let's go for a movie.. and he was like, "HARH?! YOU SERIOUS ARH?!" then i was like, "duhhhhh.. u are the one who say my family always last minute!" ahhahahahXD then keanloong was like, "i just say onlyyyy..."

and i replied, "SAY MEANS ITS COMFIRM ALREADY WAN LAAA.." ahhahahaXD

and zk was like suppose to go out for Avatar with his family at around 6.30pm.. but he came along with keanloong and i to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 too! =D we watch that movie at 4.15pm.. then after that movie.. finish around 6pm.. then walk around.. keanloong go back.. and zhengkang pulak went and continue to watch another movieee with his family.. ANDDDDDD,

while we were walking aroundddd.. zk's brother saw us.. then he was like, "mummy.. see gor gor.." and zk's mom was like questioning zk who was the girl in black shirt and white trousers.. namely, ME. HAHAHAHHAHAH! damn stupid u knowwww!

you know, before going to Leisuremall to watch that movie, I was alone waiting for kl and zk.. then, after like half an hour.. only zk appear.. after another half an hour.. only kl appear =.= then.. after the movie.. BOTH of them disappear again AT THE SAME TIME.. and I WAS alone again.. T.T

okay.. gtg.. chaoz! wanna go play PS2 with my coussie! =D

ps: going Genting tomooooorowww!
pps: I had my best christmas gift =)