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Sunday, November 30, 2008


ok.. i am damn damn damn damn damn TIREDDD!!!!

just came back from the yamaha practice.. try dancing 4 hours STRAIGHT.. my legs are so gonna break ady.. T.T... i NEED SLEEP!!

you see,

yesterday, me, siewjin and emily went to leisuremall to watch twilight.. then, we met dil, tharine, niro and tabitha.. then after the movie, me, siewjin, emily AND keanloong went to get sally's present which is.. 2 freaking cute hamsters.. then.. we came back to MY house.. and bathe.. get the cake, then went to sally's house..

and we parteh-ed like hell, earth and heaven.. then around 10.15pm, siewjin and emily followed me back.. then we cam-whored until 11.45-12.00 which is when siewjin's dad came to pick her up.. then emily stayed over night at my house..

we were talking and chatting and watching some movies until 3am.. and that's when my mom wake up.. i dunno why.. but my mom wake up in the middle of the night.. for.. nothing?? and stay up for the whole day..

anyway, then at 10.00am, emily's parents came to pick her up, so, i send her off, and i continue sleeping.. my parents and alex went to have breakfast.. so at 12.00pm, i woke up.. and i ate my branch.. clean my super messy room (but still no changes, still as messy as ever!) then got ready for my piano class which is 2-3pm, then at 3.30-6.00.. had practice.. so now, i'm SUPER DUPER EXTREMELY tired..T.T

and darn, i still havent get the dance steps right.. nabei............. T.T

anyway, yesterday in sally's house.. we were having.. lots and loads of fun.. i will post the pics later.. i'm NO energy at all..

goodnight =/

ps: its only 6.18pm.. i know you guys think that if i'm tired, why am i blogging.. well, yesterday, i was out the whole day, so i didnt post.. i feel super guilty.. cause i usually post every single freaking day.. so, yeah.. dun wanna talk to much ady.. chaoz!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Practiceeee~ =)

wah.. just came back from Yamah practice.. i was there for almost 4 hours.. and we were getting crazy hour by hour.. my friend's brother.. is SO.. my god.. gay?? ahahhahahXDD nevermind.. forgive him.. he's only twelve but he looks like.. our age?? hahaXDD

and while practising.. there's this.. i think, 4 year old girl, she was TERRORIZING US!!!! omg!!!! we feel like KILLING her.. she kept hitting my friend.. unfortunately.. she always hit the wrong part of him.. therefore.. *ahem*.. nevermind.. we shall skip that part XD hahaXDDD at first, we thought she was cute to terrorize our fren for us.. BUT.. after that, it really got on our nerves.. cause she was SUPER annoying!!!!!

he was SO scared of him.. ALL of us try to stop her.. but.. i dun think ANYONE can stop her... she kept saying in ther squeky voice,

"stupid kor kor.. stupid jie jie.. the kor kor all very stupid wan.. the jie jie all very stupid wan.."

and she kept hitting us.. wahliao! suddenly only! we DONT EVEN KNOW HER! wth... at first, we thought is one of our friend's sister or something.. but in turns out to be, we dun even know her!! and LUCKILY.. she kept terrorizing guys only.. ahahhahaahXDDD aih.. 4 years old, already know how to flirt.. one word..


hahaXDD shitty larr.. i have to dance "partner" with my fren.. nabei!! he is only.. 13 or 14.. wth larhh.. i dun want to dance with him.. at least, get a hotter guy for my to dance with! ahahhahahahXDDD and then, i purposely call emily.. and purposely say to the others she's a guy.. and then i purposely call her darling and stuff!! and it was SO FUNNYYY!!!

emily was like.. wth.. then she sent me a message.. "sandra, dun be naughty, control urself.."

and then, my "gay" fren saw.. and he was showing a girly face.. with the hand, "dun be naughty arrrrr......... .... ... ..." i was like WAT THE?!!?!?

and then other ppl ask, who is that.. then i say, my boyfren.. then they say.. "then how come, ur phone, write there Emileh... isnt emily a girl?? then i said," actually.. its my boyfren.. i dun wan to let my mom know.. that's why i put as a girl..."

wakakakkakak!!! and they believed.. aih.. wat can i say... KIDS!!!! hahahahahahaXDD damn fun weyh today... ;)

anyway,yeah.. i can't stop laughing... chaoz!


I hate facebook!
I'm done with facebook!
It's so freaking making me..

the stupid photo uploader is so darn stupid and slow!

I give up!

I still prefer friendster =)
screw my facebook acc pls..

Life's good, dont waste it =)

you see,
is short.
so, why do some ppl like to waste their time,
on coupling,
when they know it won't last.

in the end,
they breakup,
and they will be like..
and then, they shed tears,
then, get emo.
do stupid things..

so, what's the point?
the matter is,
you just want to be with someone,
just because you feel you really love that someone


crushes are NORMAL for teens like us.
every girl has her own fairytale.

but, if you think from,
ANOTHER point of view,
you are actually,
playing with your mind.

It's up to you to win,
or to lose..

well, obviously,
its YOUR choice.

I've seen ppl breakup,
and they are like,
DYINGGGG.. lifeless.
well, have you seen ppl like that?
I bet you did.
especially when we're in highschool.
It's a normal thing right.

well, to me,
it ISNT normal.
no girl should shed tears for a guy who hurt her and
no guy should shed tears for a girl who hurt him.

i guess you're smart enough to know what i mean.

I'm done talking =)

90th post! and its a tag =D

1) Spell your name without vowels:
Sndr Chh M Tng

2) What is the date 2 days after your birthday?
19 December?

3) How many pairs of jeans do you own?
4, i think...

4) How many are designer?
3 of it, i guess..

5) What color do you wear most?
Black and pink?

6) Least favourite color:
Green?? i feel.. its like, ugh!

ps: i put green this font because it just matches with Yellow =) not because i LIKE it!

7) Last song heard on the radio:
Radio?! long time no hear di lorh.. erm... If I were a boy=)

8) What's for dinner tonite?
tonight? weekday.. catered food again lorh..

9) Are you happy with your life right now?
DUH!!! it's.. not.. UN-happy right now! hahaXD i loveee myself! =D

10) Tell me a secret about one of your siblings:
wahliao.. if my brother sees this.. He's so gonna kill me.. oh well.. i shall say.. Alex is ACTUALLY fat.. seriously!!! haiyorh.. you wont believe wan la.. i'm telling the truth! i swear man!!

11) Anyone ever said you resemble a celebrity?
hahahaXDD i dun think so.. cause i resemble MYSELF! ;)

12) Who did you last call on your cell phone?
Jordan... eh! wait.. call arhh?? Pinky's dad?? hahaXD

13) Do you own a...
- PS2?:

-XBOX 360?:

- PSP?:

no.. wat kind of question is this.. -.-

duh! who doesnt? but mine sucks =) i shall ask my greatest brother to bring another one back from aus =)

14) In what state or country do you want to go to school after highschool?
which school after highschool?? college issit?? Australia LORH.. but.. i dun feel like going OUT of m'sia.. or KL..

15) Do you shop at stores like Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Eagle, or Aeropostale?
I havent even heard of those stores.. i usually shop at like.. GOOD QUESTION.. where i shop arh?? oh.. Zara arr.. MNG arr.. Nine west and stuff lorh..

16) How do you make money?
I dont make money=) i GET it from MY DAD!

17) Last thing you bought over 50 dollars?
over 50? o.o SOMEONE's bdae present..

18) How's the weather?
Sunny but fineee.

19) When do you start Summer Break?
No such thing in M'sia larh.

20) Are you missing someone right now?
I miss my bro in australia.
I miss my relatives in Singapore.
I miss my OTHER relatives in Germany.
I miss siewjin.
I miss Emily.
I miss puiyi.
I miss Sally.
I miss Dil.
I miss gaikxuan.
I miss vyvyan.
I miss Jarrett.
I miss Melvin
I miss Niren.
I miss Jialun.
I miss.. Xiau wei!
I miss SCHOOL!

21) What chores do you have around the house?
right now? rot...

22) Finish this sentence. I wish...
I can have the best birthday this year..

23) One word to describe you:
hot! nolarr.. joking.. dun puke first.. HYPER!

24) Favorite pair of shoes:
My sandals..

25) Do you own big sunglasses?
not BIG.. but a sunglass.. yes..

26)Do you find yourself attractive?
DUH!! to animals.. ahahhahaXDD nono.. to plants =)

27) Why is the first person in your Top 8 in the spot?
Because I like that person larh! duh!! takkan you hate a person, then that will be your first person mehh...

28) What would you rather be doing right now?
I rather do what i'm doing now then do another thing.. well, or maybe GO OUT! ugh!

29) What should you be doing right now?
Practicing my shitty piano!

30) Have you kissed your boyfriend/girlfriend lately?
Hell no. No, thank you =)

31) Last IM you recieved?
From Quah Weng Kiat?

32) Last myspace message you recieved?
lol.. i got no myspace =) if friendster, yes larh.. from Jessy =)

33) Who did you hug today?
My pillow.. =.="

34) What are you going to do now?
Go view other ppl's blog.. and rot =)

I tag:
-Xiau wei =)

My 89th post of the month =)

as you see, my title.. its my 89th post of the month.. wahliao.. didnt know i will blog so much lorh.. haha.. HYPER-ACTIVE blogger.. hahaXD

wahliao.. Jordan.. no need to "grandfather here, grandfather there" so much rightt??? sorry la, cannot eat breakfast with you.. as you know, i'm such a lazy pig.. where got wake up at 10am so early??? hahaXD.. (actually i woke up at 10 today) XDD

actually, i nothing to blog wan lorh.. except, yesterday was the FIRST day i slept at 2.00am after PMR... yala yala.. i not like you guys.. play until middle of the night.. i'm good.. i sleep early ;)

yesterday also not play until 2.ooam.. is READ Reader's Digest until 2am kay?? hahaXD nola.. bullshitting.. i start reading at 1.30am only.. hahaXD

stupid alex ask me to do something "berfaedah" instead of rotting in front of the computer.. he ask me to GO STUDY!... err.. like, HE is having his BIGG exam and i just finished mine.. HE should be studying.. err.. NOT ME! well, fine.. i CAN start.. but, as usual, i'm lazy =) not like vyvyan.. start studying for her PMR ady.. that one.. lebih sikit riteee???

i don't feel like crap
in fact,
i feel great!
walao.. early morning ady hyper,
sei foh lorh..
neh.. thanks to Jordan lorh..
looking forward for tomorrow! ;)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Short post =)

okay, i'm fine ady.
thank you.. zunzen.

well, i went for chinese class just now, and after that Uncle Chung (pinky's dad) called.. according to pinky, the father is too bored.. in the car, and keep calling everyone one by one.. he tried to prank call me, but unfortunately.. i got his number in my phone..

oh, did i mention to you about last night?

yesterday, in the afternoon, dahla the sounds of the constructions in my house is killing me.. then AT NIGHT PULAK, there's those SOMEKIND of ppl.. around my house.. go KARAOKE! my god!!! their voice.. my god!!! like the 4 amanah guys singing.. i mean, seriously!!! they are shouting through the mic.. not singing! they are insulting singers!!! insulting DELTA GOODREM, TAYLOR SWIFT, PCD, BEP... ugh!!! my god!! and it was middle of the night!!! i so want to go and slap the shit out of them man!! ugh!!

anyway, i'm KINDA busy now..

I feel like breaking down.
I AM gonna break down soon.
Really soon...
I'm tired of being hard core.
It's been a long time since i break down.
So many UN-wanted things happen.
well, i broke down.


I'M FAT, AND UGLY, AND A PIG?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


WHAT THE HELL?!?!?! OUCH MAN!!!! I KNOW I'M FAT, AND UGLY,....... AND A PIG.. but you dont have to freaking say it out??? ohmygod!


LIFE"s GOOD! get one, man!

and eventhough i am fat...... .. AND UGLY..... AND A PIG!!!!!!!! you have no freaking rights to say it out... cause you're no one to me.. NO ONE can say that EXCEPT MY BROTHER!!!! and puiyi... and maybe siewjin.. or a bit of sheau hwa.. and pinky..fullstop! if i could just get my hands on him/ her or a mix of him AND her.. ughhh!!!!!!

chill sandraa...
she's just a kid.. (yeah, A STUPID ONE!)

Renny suck, so does his cousin!

she asked me, if i was married, seeing this stupid question, i gave and stupid answer, which is "yes"....

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:
with who

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:
i saw ur pix

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:
ur single

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:
excuse me??

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:
ur ugly n fat

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:
hah ha

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:
ur fat and ugly

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:
, d;,

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:
i84f m 0

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

i dunno, what he/she or a mix of he AND she typed.. probably, she's just,. mad? yeah...

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:
err.. like, do i give a damn to a 11 year old kid??

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:
if u dare

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:
do you know what it means??

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:
omg.. you're the blurest 11 year old i have ever seen..

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:
nevermind.. i forgive KIDS...

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:
s t

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:
ur a

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah winks:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:
ur that.. hahahahahahaah

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah just sent you a nudge.

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:
pls lar.. get a life..

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:
i'm sorry

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:
life's good.. get one

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:
kiddy, are you desperate for friends..

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:
if you are, you can just go to Chow kit road and find some..

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:
you dun have to be so troublesome.

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:
to come and find ME

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:
as your friend..

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:
bye kid@

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid --> HAPPY BDAE CHONG SALLY!!! says:
have fun!

holiday is fun!!!going 2 hong ko ng, shen zhen, n disneylad!!!!yeah says:

and i blocked her! =) aww.. WHAT A DESPERATE KID!?!?!?!?!?!?

Damn pissed..

STUPID RENNYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"i'm manasvini.i'm 11 yrs old.i live in kangar.perlis.i study in sk.stella maris"

SHE KEEP HELL THE DISTURBING ME, HARRASING ME AND PASTORING ME FOR MY PHONE NUMBER! according to her, getting ppl's phone number is a way to MAKE FRIENDS! ugh! and she claims that she is Renny's cousin..


turns out to be TRUE when i asked Renny... .. ugh! I SO DONT WANT A COUSIN SIS-IN-LAW LIKE HER!!!! luckily i divorced with renny and re-marry sin zhao! ugh!

seriously!!! she cant stop disturbing me and trashing into my beautiful life.. and in the end, stupid idiot no brains RENNY go and give MY number to HER!!!

NABEII!!! damn pissed weyh!

Chong Sally!!




I shall present you, CHONG SALLY, my cam-whoring buddy!!!!!!

Look at her innocent facee.. she's de best!

she loves cam-whoring no matter what,
she even cam-whores with me, in the dark..
or under the sunlight

even when I'm bored...

or hyperr and happy!!!!

"Dancing in the sunlighttttt~~"
MY BEST CAM-whoring partner and the best dancing partner!!!!
PS: the best thing i like about her is her barbequed SOTONG!!!!!!
its so yummehlicious!

lol... kids...

first thing i want to say is,


Sheau Hwa, Val and ade.. went to watch today.. i .. actually got the tickets for today.. but i didnt wanna go and watch.. i'll watch it laterrrr...

second thing is..

you know, there's this person, add me in msn.. and say she's from perlis and from somekind of SK bla bla bla.. and she's 15.. so she asked me how old am i.. and i SO KNOW its somekind of prank.. pls lar... where got SO MANY ppl all around malaysia add me?? first, from johor.. now, perlis.. wah.. i so famous arr? and mind you, my email, is such difficult to SIMPLY TYPE and add kind.. cause its a combination of my dad's company stuff.. so, it COMFIRM bullshitting.. so i told her i'm 31.. which she laughed..

so i went,
"you think being 31 is funny isit?"

i asked her how she get my email, she say she simply type and add herself.. so bullshit rightt?? then i didnt wanna talk to her.. cause ITS SO THE DAMN BULLSHITTING.. cause her email wrote.. and she say she is 15?! god!!! she think i'm really stupid...

so i gave up, just when i wanted to block her.. she went.. "WAITTTT!!!!" and then she revealed herself.. at last... as derrick chan's cousin.. aka RENNY"S cousin.. like i give a shit.. =.="

she kept asking for MY phone number.. then i ask for what?? she say to message me.. what kind of stupid thing to say??

an eleven year old girl, asking a 15 year old.. her phone number, and the reason is to message her, while i dun even know her AT ALL.. god! pls larhh!!! kids... and she kept convincing me she is a girl.. well, to me, eventhought you're a girl, doesnt mean i have to give you my phone number rite?? god!!!

pls larh... ugh! sickening.. and NOW, i'm wondering, how the eric guy got my email?? cause my email, is not written on my friendster.. and he say he ONLY knew me from friendster.. god..

this world is filled with bullshits!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Pic-sy timeee!!! =)

grab these campfire pics from wei xing's blog (one of the MBS st john ppl), i.. actually brought my camera.. but i was lazy to take pictures =) anyway, neverminddd.. just take a look =)

eh! they took our picture! hahaXD see?? coincidently, all of us were standing together..XD told you the chicken was nice.. look at me, i was 'enjoying' sooo muchhh!!!! look at vyvyan, she is so scared to eat the food there.. XD

The MBS guys doing the barbeque thingy.. kesian them.. DO so longggg but let us eat ALL their food.. kesian themmmm=/ feel so guilty.. the other MBS juniors were given strict orders NOT to eat.. but LUCKILY, me and vyvyan manage to persuade Wei Xing to let them eat =)

RIGHTTT!! and NOW, the "GAME" which made all the girls so paiseh! @.@

RIGHTTTTT!!! i was saying THIS guy! zhengkang, i think.. ugh! but too bad, i made him laugh and he got punishment =)
see! see! see! the stupid gay CC Nam go purposely make Xiau Wei.. haha!!

and see! see! see! Xiau wei tahan like shit ady.. it was so funny! he was going nearer and nearer.. who wouldn't laugh, you tell me.. tskk..tsk.. haha! go xiau wei!

NOW you know what i mean.. hahaXDD ;)

We purposely ask Sam to sit the other side so that.. Xiau Wei and *ahem* junbin.. can sit together happily ever after! hahaahaXDD you can see junbin being a LITTLE bit shy shy cause everyone were teasing them =)
oh! and look.. LOOK at the gays behind me!
ugh! ewh! disgusting shit!


and before we go, one of the seniors shouted "Take cover!" we were like.. o.o "whaat??"
then all of them died..
just like that..
how sad..
joking larh! duhh... hahahhahaXDDD
its their punya somekind of command...

Memories =)

okayy.. just came back from the Yamaha practice.. and i am total blur for the dance.. shit la.. and i was sms-ing while playing the pieces.. damn pro right>??? hahahaXDDD sms-ing siewjin and dil larh! hahaXDD

anyway, after practice, well, Louisa and her sister Clarissa played some duet songs.. which can make you drop on the spot cause its so the damn nice... =)

I dont feel like dying anymore..
looking forward to saturday =)

oh! and one more thing!

today's is a very special day.. because it is someone's bdae.. that very someone, is very the veli special to meeee.. because I've known her for EXACTLY 10 freaking years,

she goes crazy with me,
she goes hyper with me,
but she's a very shy girl,
she never dare to social with MY friends,
and only I AM the one who social with HER friends..
and together, this 10 years,
there are SO many sweet memories of us together.. that I'll never forget..

from 5 years old, we went to SSG kindergarden but during standard 1, i shifted to BBGS.. and she continued in SSG.. but we still meet each other a lot, there's one time, she even lived opposite my house.. and, we still go for tuition together..

she's an emo freak,
jah! i dont really know her problems,
but, here and there, i know a little..
but still..
cause we are from different schools..
so that's why..
i share almost every single thing with her.. =)

but she's one of the most craziest person
and loves dogs so much,
till she can put.. a..
ROTTWEILER! dahla in her house
in her room!!!
sleeping beside her!
imagine!! the kind of rottweiler who use to terpapar pada dada-dada akhbar, for killing humans..o.o..

it's been 10 years..
and we still love each other =)
how many places we've been together,
and how many memories we had..
kept in my heart..
I'll never forget the day i met you.

From being cute little small kids to grown ups..
sadly.. this is the only pic we have took together..
cause she is the super shy type..
unlike me =)
well, anyway, just,

love ya lots!!! <3

(she's much more prettier and cuter and hotter now. trust me.)

love you with ALL MY heart and soul =D

hope you enjoy ur holidays!!!!



[01] Name:Cheah Mei Teng
[02] Nickname: Sandra, Sandddd~~~, Sandyy~-.-
[03] Married: No -.-"
[04] Zodiac Sign:Sagittarius
[05] Gender: Female
[06] Age:14++ 21 days to 15.. how sad.. =(
[07] High School: Sekolah Menegah Kebangsaan Seri Bintang Utara
[08] College: I'M 15 larh!! i mean, 14++
[09] Height: 157cm
[10] Weight: 52kg
[11] Do you like yourself: no, i LOVE myself..
[12] Piercings: yeapp =)
[13] Right or left: right handed
[14] Are you a freak : Not sure.. depends.. sometimes..
[15] Hair: PURE black..
[16] Skin: Dark, for a chinese..
[17] Allergic: none
[18] What are you doing now: DUH!!! this tagg!!!!
[19] What will you do 1 hour later: Go for Yamaha Concert practice..
[20] What will you do 10 years later: 10 years later means, when i'm 25.. probably still studying?


[21] Live with : Bro, Mum, Dad
[22] Siblings(included you): 3
[23] Eldest: My elder brother larrr..-.-
[24] Youngest: ME! =D
[25] Love/hate your family: What kind of question is this? oh, well, LOVE..

T H E L O V E <--- Can i skip this part?? [26] You found your another half: too early larr..

[27] If yes, who is he/she: i already say too early lorh.. =.="
[28] If no, who you want he/she to be: I ALREADY SAY TOO EARLY!!!!
[29] Time(s) you in relationship: CANT YOU SEE, ITS TOO EARLY!!, for me.
[30] Ever woo boy/girl(0-100000): no. never. dunno.

[31] Anyone woo you before(0-100000): duh!!! many many times, including siewjin! hahaXDD
[32] Did anything wrong to your other half: nabei.. already say dun have somemore ask.. =.="
[33] What was/were the wrong you had done: =.=""""""""""
[34] Ever argue with your other half: my the other half?
[35] You with your other half since: before i was born =.="
[36] Are you straight/Gay: the answer i'm finding isnt here.. i'm a lesbian =) *rolls eyes*
[37] Reasons you love your other half: BECAUSE! love who larh! myself is it?!
[38] You and your other half in which stage: the last stage.. after marridge, life for 60 years, and now gonna die ady..
[39] You woo he/she or he/she woo you: we dun woo each other =.="
[40] Ever think of marry he/she: yeah! sure.. marrying the air.. yeah.. why not =.=""""


[41] Your first best friend: Jessy
[42] Your first enemy: Sheng rei XD but not now lar..
[43] The friend you love the most: look at my header..
[44] The enemy you hate the most(1only): dun have larh..

[45] Your most beautiful girl friend: myself.. hahahahXDD beautiful arh? dun have.. all of them are beautiful inside out..
[46] Your most handsome guy friend: i shall name all my guy friends...
[47] The kind of girl you hate the most: definitely bitchy ones..

[48] The kind of boy you hate the most: who says A LOT of vulgar words
[49] You fall in love with your close friend before: if i was not mistaken, it was siewjin =)
[50] Your best friend is your ex-lover: yeah.. before this was.. who arh? su zanne!
[51] If your friend backstabbing you: ask him/her go and die
[52] If your friend betray you: tell him/her, that he/she is not gonna live long life..

[53] If your friend woo your lover : walao! ask her go die larh! cheap betul.. hahhahahXDDD
[54] If your friend fall in love with you: depends...
[55] If you fall in love with your best friend:errr.. dunno.. as i say, eventhough i fall in love also, i dun wanna be in a relationship.. yet.


[56] Are you a good student:depends on WHICH teacher..

[57] You always done your homeworks/assignments: homeworks.. yes.. assignments, DEFINITELY YES!
[58] The teacher/tutor you love the most: En. Marodzi and Cik Rahayu and Puan Shiamala and Puan Sareah(sk one) and many more..
[59] Always late to school/college:Never..
[60] Your class: 3B
[61] You love your seniors: YES!
[62] Senior who you love the most: let's see.. weigin? xiau wei? faisal? not sure.
[63] Your classmates good/bad: dei, i'm in 3B.. and i'm the worst =) so, guess it..
[64] Excellent result classmate: EMILY! Joee! yuenping! puiyi!

[65] Laziest classmate: me? nolarr.. i not that lazy.. dunno..


[66] Smart people : Emily
[67] Stupid people : Me =)
[68] Good looking people: Melvin
[69] Ugly people: no one's ugly.. oh! alex! hahaXD
[70] Funny people: Pui yi cause she laughs for NO reason..
[71] Cute people: Vyvyan
[72] Bad people: Siewjin
[73] Honest people: Jarrett
[74] Acting people: SOME ppl..
[75] You are what kind of people: crazy and hyper and mad. =)


[76] Lip or eyes: not gonna answer it.. =.="
[77] Hugs or kisses: BOTH!
[78] Shorter or taller:TALLER lar.. i'm already short, somemore want shorter wan..T.T
[79] hesitant or spontaneous: spontaneous
[80] Nice stomach or nice arms: mad arh? this question?? the only person who cares about it ABOUT ME is ALEX! ugh! feel like killing him!

[81] Listener or talker: talker
[82] Romantic or rich: romantic
[83] Good husband or Good Father: BOTH!


[84] Age to get marry: bu zher tao
[85] Number of Kid (s) : 2,4?? dunno??
[86] Career: dunno. yet.
[87] Salary: dunno la. as much as possible
[88] Retirement age: 40?? like my mom! haha!
[89] properties value: millons and billions!
[90] Wishes: Everything goes well..

- Trishala
- Vivian
- Zun zen
- Louisa =)

When disaster strucks,

He's right.
Things change.
No matter what you wnt it to be like,
It's a matter of luck.
you get what you want.
you don't.
Behind the walls,
There are people out there,
who lie to you,
with innocent eyes.
Thinking, that you'll never know the truth.
and when you get to know it somehow,
you confront that person,
they will lie to you once more,
giving some sort of stupid reason.
Thinking you still dont know the truth,
Thinking that it's gonna be a white lie,
Thinking it won't hurt at all,
Thinking that it won't affect you,
Thinking that,
you're dumb.
Things DO change,
from good,
to bad..
and from bad,
to worst.
You will never imagine people who you love,
who you really trust,
who you really believe in,
lie to you.
What hurts the most..
is when they keep things away from you.
Thinking that you're not the right person to go to,
Thinking that you can't be trusted,
Thinking that you will never understand when..
you go to that particular person EVERY SINGLE TIME you're in need,
he or she is the best living thing to talk to,
the best person to go to,
the most trusted person,
and most importantly,
a person who doesn't know how to even spell the word.
what a big dissapointment..
But, hey!
Being dissapointed IS part of life,
yeah, i thought so too,
just didnt think I would be dissapointed by ppl who i love most.
In fact,
I never thought of it.
Everything seem to be so perfect at a moment,
and the next thing you know,
THAT everything has turn into,
a disaster.

I hate constructions!


my house is in constuction..
and i'm not feeling well..
AND there's no peace and quiet..
feeel like dying mann..

well, my mom did check on me to see whether im dead.
i'm not.

one thing about this is,
due to the construction,
my mom's linedancing friends have to play mahjong,
where i use to hide, which is the computer place,
instead of the living room..
my mom gave me permission to go out WHEREVER I WANT..
once in a lifetime permission!

BUT! as i say.. i'm not feeling well,
so, go to heaven also no use..
NABEI... i should get sick earlier right??
so that i can enjoy now..



Tuesday, November 25, 2008

If I were a boy,

I got "inspired" by Beyonce's new song! ;)

If i were a boy,

-I can go swimming, just wearing an underwear when i forget to bring my swimming suit and no one cares. Whaat?? i'm telling the truth.. try to go swimming wearing ONLY bra and panties, NOT bikinis.. you see ppl look at you or not.. =.="

-I can flirt with hot girls without saying I'm a lesbian(omg!! so funny! as if i really like girls! hahaXD)

-I have more strength to kick ppl's butt which i need it a lot...

- I wont have "monthly" excruciating pain which kills me and revives me after that.. ugh!

- I will be more open-minded.. not like me now, so "xiu hei"

- I will have slimer chance getting breast cancer.. i know guys get breast cancer too.. but, i meant SLIMER chance!

- I wont get ovary cancer.. it's true! I'm being scientific.. but, wait, is there something call testicles cancer?

- I wont have to bare the giving birth pain.. ITS TRUE!

- I wont have to be pregnant for 9months to have a baby, just let my wife get the burden, not me..

- I can mix with guys, without ppl gossiping behind my back..


I can read,

emily's expression now going, "watthehell???" with that disgusted face..
puiyi's "what the hell man, sandra.." with THAT accent..
siewjin's "what the?!"
niro's "what the.. o.o"
sheauhwa's "what the hell larh, sandra.."

i know keanloong will go shaking his head, thinking what kind of pet-sis he has.. thinking that i'm crazy.. but i'm NOT! its the truth okayh!

Try to think from another point of view, whatever i said, actually.. DOES make sense..


But you're just a boy
You don't understand
And you don't understand, ohhhh
How it feels to love a girl
Someday you wish you were a better man
You don't listen to her
You don't care how it hurts
Until you lose the one you wanted
Cause you're taking her for granted
And everything you had got destroyed

But you're just a boy...

My dear senior, Xiau Wei =)

I dont feel so good.. ='( ouch...
i feel good after booking Twilight tickets for xiau wei and jun bin.. ahahhaXDDD dun forget the ticket booking number xiau wei!!!
go xiau wei! i know you can do it.. =DDD the next time i see you, then you guys hold hands ady.. hhahhaXDDD anyway, i shall stop with those stupid crap..

my stomach is pain!!! is it the bbq-ed chicken wing yesterdayyyy?!?!!?! nah.. i dun think so.. dun THINK so... okay fine, i gtg to mr roy's.. okay.. byeee... ='(

More and MORE tagss

1. Put Your iTunes, Windows Media Player, ETC on Shuffle.
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name.
5.Put this on your journal.

1. If someone says, " Is this okay? "You Say?
Fergie- Fergalicious (feat Will-i-am)
*is it even a word which exist in the dictionary?? hahaXD*

2.How would you describe yourself?
Fort Minor- Believe Me
*yeah, believe me*

3.What do you like in a guy?
Bass Hunter - Dota
*I dont like ppl who ALWAYS dota larhh*

4.How do you feel today?
Girl's Aloud- Dont want you back
*err, my bro's songs.. but yeah, the title suits a little ;)*

5. What is your life's purpose?
Jay-Z, Linkin Park- Numb/Encore
*what the hell are you waiting forr??*

6.What is your motto?
Cascada- Bad Boy
*watthehell.. luckily the title is not Bad Girl..XD*

7. What do your friends think of you?
Aaron Carter- Do You remember??
*nice leh... hahaXD*

8.What do you think of your parents?
Guang Liang- Tong Hua
*watthe! hahaXD but luckily is not a bad song.. haha*

9.What do you think about very often?
Fort Minor- Dedicated
*yeah, words DEDICATED to someone*

10.What is 2 + 2?
My Love will get you home.
*wakaka! wht the!*

11.What do you think of your best friend?
Jay Chou- Simple Love
*nice answer man!*

12.What do you think of the person you like?
Cascada- Everytime we touch
*ewh.. hahaXD*

13.What is your life story?
Nelly Furtado- All good things come to an end
*oh my freaking god!! it suits so much!!*

14.What do you want to be when you grow up?
Josh Rouse- Sad Eyes
*tiba-tiba emo song pulakk*

15.What do you think of when you see the person you like?
Jojo- Baby Its you (Remix)
*hahaXD.. mygod!! hahaXD*

16.What will you dance to at your wedding?
Colbie Cailat- Realize
*hahahaXDD slow song to dance to.. hahaXD*

17.What will they play at your funeral?
Delta Goodrem- God Laughs
*wth! god laughs during my funeral?!*

18.What is your hobby/interest?
Flo Rida feat T-Pain- Low
*DEFINITELY NO!!! not Low*

19.What is your biggest fear?
Lil' Wayne- Got money
*wth... got money is my biggest fear?*

20.What is your biggest secret?
Snow Patrol -Chasing cars
*grey's soundtrack.. wat so secretive about chasing cars? hahaXD*

21.What do you think of your friends ?
GooGooDolls- Here is Gone
*hmm.. suitable..*

22.What will you post this as?
Man bai- Kau Ilhamku
*nabei.. THIS THING call ilham?!*

I tag:
Whoever who want to do this THINGY LARH.. its fun though.. hahaXD

MBS St.John Campfire =D


last night, went to MBS st john campfire.. it was the most.. i dunno how to say..hahahhaXDD i was KIND of late cause the thing start at 7.30pm.. and i bathe at like 7.00pm and the traffic so DARN freaking heavy.. so yeah, stupid.

when i reached there.. there was ONLY me, xiau wei, keanloong, sam and jiajun.. i was like, O.O.. ONLY US?! then later on, weigin came.. after a VERYYYYYYYY long time... then only vyvyan came..

after that, the guys served us barbequed chicken wing.. erm,, yeah.. its the "BEST" chicken wing that i have tasted.. T.T... hahahahXDD some are not even cooked.. hahaXD but nevermind lar.. they really work really hard to cook us that particular chicken wing and sausages.. we were like,

"xiau wei, you didnt tell us, to bring one of the survivor kit for this event which is SOYA SAUCE.."

hahaXDD the best dish.. was.. potato! hahaXDD you know how it taste like.. go to your kitchen, boil ur potato.. and eat it.. just plain boil.. but watever larh.. it was nniceeee alsoooooooo~~... nice until xiau wei and vyvyan didnt dare to eat the food...

then, we asked sir,

"how was the food, sir??"
"erm.. oklarh.. bearable.."

hhahahahhaXDDDD then they entertain us with a "drama" entitled.. coal black.. another version of snow white.. damn funny like shit.. hahahaXDD then! the games part.. OMG! it's the most.. MYGOD game that i have ver played.. called.. "BABY, I LOVE YOU.."

its like, we have to pass the torchlight.. when the music stops, and the torchlight is with you, you have to go to a opposite gender and say, "Baby, I love you, can you smile?"

then the opposite gender must say WITHOUT laughing, "Baby, I love you, but i can't smile" for 3 freaking times.. so yeah, the first one who kena was a boy.. he asked vyvyan.. ahahhaXDD cause there is only5 girls! which is so my god!! cause there is more than 25 boys.. so unfair mann.. its like they all "pok mong" only.. ish! anyway.. vyvyan was seriously damn funny.. she manage to say it without laughing.. good =) but then she went back VERY early, so only left 4 girls!! wth!!!

and then suddenly.. when i was playing the game while reading one of the stuff larh! then i kena-ed.. FIRST GIRL WHO KENA-ed.. NABEII.... i also dunno which to choose.. all also.. aih.. not as handsome as i thought.. ahahahXDDD well, i asked the host, weixing to choose for me.. and "thank" god.. he chose Zheng Kang which is one of Keanloong's gay partner.. nabei.. feel like slapping him man.. so yeah, i went to him, and said,

"oi! eye contact larh!" XDDDD
then he was like, "wait wait wait" (can't stop laughing) then he went, "ok.. start.."

"Baby, I love you, can you smileee??" with the lovey dovey expression somemore, i feel so watthehellsasshole mann.. godddd!!!!!!

then he wanted to say ady, but he couldnt... so he started laughing like shit.. Nabei! if i could just get my hands land on his face... ugh! then, he kena punished.. he had to sing a love song to the host.. and all of us were laughing like shit.. ahahhahahaXDDD

then, xiau wei kena.. hahahahaXDD and she went to CC Nam.. ohmygod!! damn hilarious.. it went something like..

"Baby, i love you, can you smile for me?"
"for you arh??"
"ah.. ya.."
"why must smile for you leh?? give me one reason.."

wahliao! too much! xiau wei merajuk ady.. and went back to her place.. wakkakakak!!!! but then the CC Nam also kena punished cause he didnt say the words which he was suppose to say.. then he was asked to admit he is a gay.. and he had to hug EVERY SINGLE GUY in the game.. hahahahXDD some form 1's beside me was almost crying ady.. they didnt want to be hugged by CCNam.. ahahhaXDDD damn disgusting.. aih... gays..

then, junbin, the head of stjohn MBS kena, then he went to xiau wei.. and say, "Baby i love you, can you smile?"

cause none of the girls get punishment before.. so, they purposely want to make xiau wei laugh.. so he puporsely say it with a really yukky tone.. then obviously xiau wei laugh lar,, who wouldnt? everyone was laughing ady.. but then.. aih.. kesian lor.. the punishment for her.. she must finish the sausage.. as in, junbin, one side of the sausage, and xiau wei must eat the other side.. till the sausage finish.. ahahaha XDD kesian..

then weigin kena a lot of times also.. but sam didnt kena before.. my godd!! i telll you.. the guys beside me.. those small small form 1 guys.. nabei... so childish.. well, nevermind.. they are JUST form 1.. hahahahXDD

then, we played other games also.. and then took some photo.. later on, EVERYONE in SBU/cc went back.. and left ME ALONE!!! nabeiiiiI!!!!!!!!!! then junbin ask zhengkang to jaga me.. i was like.. wth.. "no need la.." with that smile... then LUCKILY at last, junbin changed his mind and say, "em, okayla.. i also scared HE do something to you.."

=.=" swt.. but then i got scolded from my mom for being the last to go home.. T.T.. tak pasal-pasal kena scolding again.. T.T

Monday, November 24, 2008

Another TAGG!!!

Instructions : Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. At what age do you wish to marry?
Dunno.. less than 27?? dunno larh! ish..

2. If you have the chance, what would you probably say to your beloved one?
I just want to tell you that I love you VERY much.. and I wanna be with you forever..

3. If you were to be stranded on a desert island, who are the 3 buddies you would take with you?
wait, if I am stranded, why would i wanna pull my friends to get stranded with me?? well, but if that's the real question, i would take.. .. ... .. .. .. ... .. ... ... ... .. ..

i.. dont..really know... .. i would take everyone you see in my blog header...

4. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
Around the world!

5. If you can have 1 dream to come true, what would it be?
As i say in my last tags, i would like to have a super power to look at ppl through my mind.. and see what are they thinking exactly..

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
Kind of. not sure.. maybe.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
Everyone around me.. no, EVERY SINGLE SOUL around me..

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do?
1 million is NOT a lot.. i will buy stuff for myself, and also for ppl's bdae.. and i meant, NICE STUFF.. and if extra, i will go on a holiday, if STILL got extra, i will keep it for my future..

9. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
If i meet someone that i love, no.. i won't.. i'm not THAT desperate.. but, i will just.. sit. and look.

10. List 3 horrible habits that you have.
-I talk too much crap that i annoy ppl in the end
-I cant live without going out.
-I love to eat =) seriously.. but according to alex.. i'm superr!! fat.. so, sobss.. ='(

11. What am I doing now?
Doing this tag, listening to songs, and thinking why the heck things is going the VERY WRONG WAY...

12. Which type of person do you hate the most?
People who backstab you, who says they love you, but actually they hate you.. ppl who always be angry for NO freaking reasons at a innocent person like ME who doesnt even know the stupid reason.. and ppl who is SO selfish.. not to tell other ppl what they actually want.. and make EVERY SINGLE SOUL around them DAMN MISERABLE.. mind me, i'm getting TOO emotional.. ugh@!!!!!!

13. What is your ambition?
Don't ask me this question.. i dont quite know yet.

14. What is the thing that will make you think he/she is bad?
one word, 2 syllable, 8 letters.


15. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Being with ppl who i love..

16. Are you a shopaholic or not?
Hell yes!

17. What do you see when you look into a mirror?
the reflection larh! duh! but fine fine, i know what you mean, a girl, with broken hopes and filled with broken promises, surrounded ppl who SHE LOVE, but are dissapointed with THEIR acts..

18. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
right now.. not really anyone.. maybe.. siewjin? actually.. not really larh.. my problems.. is SHARED wide around with everyone..cause its ALWAYS in my blog...

19. Who plays the important roles in your life? Why?
my pet-siblings- i need them as much as they need me..

my friends- without them, i dun think i have a life.

my family- who jokes like there's no tomorrow and makes me laugh my ass off!

my dog- who gives me the innocent innocent face.. and the sad sad face cause i never play with him.. =.=" i hate it... it makes me feel so guilty...

20. What animals do I love and why?
i love all the animals.. i mean ANIMALS.. not insect or those slimy slimy stuff.. i love them, cause i respect them, cause they too, have feelings.. rightt.. i'm talking like i can feel what they feel.. but i'm STILL telling the truth..

I tag:
-my b**ch

no need to notify in you guys punya chatbox larh! you guys visit my blog everytime, also know ady larhh... hahahhaXDD okay fine, straight to the point, i am lazy.

SHIT!@!!@#$%^&*() i am late for the campfire!!! okok, chaoz chaoz!!!

Siewjin arrrrrrr....

right.. i am SUPERLY happy right now.. cause my piano teacher DIDNT complaint!!!! *woots* that makes me get to go out to ANOTHER outing!! hahaXDD in fact, she complimented me! thank god! my hardwork wasnt worthless!!!


okay.. now..things are getting sad.. REALLLY REALLLYY sad.. extremely sad! so many things happen and so many bloody stuff happen so sudden.. right.. and.. what's the cause?? blardy hell.. so many things happen!!!! siewjin!!! i need your blardy help!! hahaXDD

come earlier on sat, so we can go buy THAT thing earlier.. and we have more time to play with it!! okok??? hahahahhaXDD

right.. i thought things were getting sadder.. rightt!!! haiyorh!!! why suddenly all this shit happen wann??? goddd!!!! help!!!

save THEIR soul man!

as I HAVE my own problems ady.. then now.. KANASAI LARH!!!! eh.. the word "kanasai" pops out in my mind.. weird.. it should be "nabeii.." right, who cares?? wth..


anyway, wahliao! i just put the website counter NOT long ago.. a few hours only lehh.. and already 23 ppl visit my blog?! wow! okok.. i know you guys adore me so much.. ahhahaXDD wait! righttt.. i'm not suppose to be laughing.. =.=" omg~! less than a minute, another 2 person view my blog!! wahliao!!! if i put this website thingy earlier arh.h.. i tell you.. the numbers cannot fit into the thingy ady.. ahahhahahXDD.. wait,, NOT SUPPOSE TO BE LAUGHINGGG!!!!


More tagss..

I was too boring.. so i visited EVERYONE'S blogg.. and found this in Jasmine's blog.. =D and i am so free, so i just do it =)

A – Aaron
B - Beverly
C – Cupid (Low)
D – Dil
E – Emily
F - Fatin

G – Gaik Xuang
H - Hen (val) *i'm out of ideas*

I – Ivan
J – Jarrett
K - Kean Loong
L – Lim siew jin
M - Melvin
N – Niro
O – Octopus (i have no fren's name start with O)
P – Pui Yi
Q – Q (neither with Q)
R - Ryan
S – Sheau Hwa
T - Trishala
U - Ung jo yi
V - VyVyan
W – William!!
X – Xin Yi
Y - Yuen Ping
Z - Zun Zen

1.What does A sms you about?
Aaron.. i think, the last time i sms him was last year..

2. How many siblings does B have?
Beverly has another sibling, Li Lok, the dirty minder.. hahaXD

3. What is C's nickname?

4. How do you get to know D?
wah.. i knew Dil since.. standard.. i dunno.. 3 or 4? she rocks!

5. How desperate is E?
Emily? yeah, she's desperate to go for MORE tuitions!

6. How much is F older/younger then you?
Same age

7. Name of G's best friend?
Dil? Sally? Siewjin? one of them.. hahaXD

8. Does H knows I?
i dont think valerie know who the heck is Ivan.. hahaXD

9. What happens if J becomes your enemy?
IT'S the END OF THE WORLD!!!! NEVERRR!! i loveee him!!

10. Under what conditions will K & L get married?
OHMYGOD! i laughed like SHIT!!! keanloong with siewjin?!!!! NEVER! i dun think so!!! under NO conditions!! siewjin LOVES ME! hahaXDDD

11.How many ppl do you know wif M's initial?
Everyone know's the super famous Melvin larr.. =D

12. Do you enjoy talking on the phone wif N?
Niro? yeapp! at times!!!

13. Do you think O knows P?
i dunno who the heck is O... so if i dunno, how puiyi gonna know lehh??

14. How geeky is Q?
woots! i was thinking who was Q and thinking how am i gonna answer this question.. but when i scroll up, noone! hahaXD LUCKY!!!

15. Is R very popular?
err.. dunno.. he just became my partner for my parent's fren's marridge thingg.. so, i dunno.. T.T

16. What happens if S likes you?
Jah! i LOVE her too!! hahaXDD

17. Is T a very random person?
Trishala.. random? but seriously damn cute! hahaXDD and crazy..

18. How are U and V related?
I dun think they are related at all! hahaXDD

19. Do you take W as anything else other than a friend?
yes, i do.. my brother! hahaXDDD

20. When is the last time u met up with X?
Before school ends?? hahaXDD

21. Are Y & Z enemies?
not at all!! both of them are crazy ppl who only laughs like shit when i'm there.. hahahahXDD

22. Of everyone from A - Z, who do you love the most?
if i put "everyone"(which is true), its gonna be boring.. so, i'm putting my brother, William.. =)

23. Will you betray any of them?
the word "betray" doesnt exist in my dictionary, but if i do, i HAVE good reason.. well, yes.. i betrayed siewjin and find another baobei.. which is my bijibiji emily.. hahaXD

24. Have you confessed to anyone from A - Z?
well well, let me see.. confessing means saying I LOVE YOU right?? so yeah, i confessed to Cupid (Low) before, emily, valerie, jarrett, siewjin, melvin, puiyi, sheau hwa, vyvyan, and zun zen BEFORE.. =)

25. Pass it to the peeps from A- Z who have blogs.
Pass it yourself larh! if your name is up there, and you have a blog, just freaking do this tag.. hahahahXDDD chaoz!


i just found.. like the WHOLE book of mika's songs piano sheets!
seriously! the whole book.. but erm.. i dunno how to print 93 pages...h

PLUS, my stupid printer no ink! ishhh.. dammitt..
wakaka.. stilll!! its the WHOLE BOOK!!!! wakakaka!!!

i'm so excitedddd!!!!!
i dunno.. but i found the WHOLE BOOK!!!

ohoh! and i just put a new web site counter.. hahaXDD lols.. =.="

Seriously pissed!

before i sleep, i talked to Low on the phone.. to persuade her to go for the campfire.. then.. when Jarrett called my handphone, i asked Low to go die... then, after a few minutes.. i hanged up.. and siewjin finally return my call.. yeah.. and we talk...

and talk..

and talk..

until it was 12.18pm.. hahaXD

then i continue reading Louisa's story.. remember the form 1 girl i always tell you guys? yeah.. she KINDA wrote a book.. which contain 100 over pages of a story.. and it was SUPER niceee!! seriously.. i finished it.. and it was like 1 something ady.. it was too nice for me to stop..

anyway.. this morning i woke up at 9am.. saw some sms-es.. and got really angry! but i was too tired.. so, i slept again.. NOW only i woke up.. its 12pm now.. yeah.. well,

you see larrh...
wait for the show..
NOW i know what he feels mann,
i truly understand what he feels,
i should've understand it EARLIER,
too bad,
its over..
things changed.