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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What does SPM results really mean?

people, you must really watch this video. It is such an inspiring video. I love it so much. Keep replaying it. Eventhough i dont know what he's rapping in chinese, but i can feel his emotions and ofc, the subtitles helped alot :)

so, tomorrow, SPM results will be released. Can you believe it? The previous post, i was just posting about my SPM that had just ended. In just a blink of an eye, 3 months passed. So fast.

In this 3 months, eventhough it is just a short time, but I learned alot of things. I met many new friends, and they are all great :)

After watching the video I realised something, that SPM results is not everything. Listening to that song really makes me wanna cry. It made me realise that there are many people out there who are 1000000x worse than us. What? SPM RESULTS? Does it really matter? Yes, to your future, but its nothing.

Looking forward, well, you can do better next time. Yes, maybe u might be scared disappointing your parents. Just like me. But, what can you do? What is done, is done. Not like you can change anything. Obviously you would be damn sad if its bad. But, what you can do is do better for what is ahead and not look at the past. Cause doing that is really useless.

Okay, i know what i post may not really help. Maybe to me also cause I might just burst out crying if i really get REALLY BAD results. But i think im gonna be fine after that. I promise.

And i will always keep my promise.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Twist and Turn Of Life.

It has been a bloody long time since I blogged. Like the last time I blogged was last year. In a blink of an eye, im in college. Choosing what to wear everyday is a problem. It’s like everywhere you go, you practically see someone who has the exact same thing as you do. Hmm.

And I thought college would be a more relaxing enviroment sorta thing. NO. I was wrong. College is hell. To be exact, its more stressful than I thought. Really. No joke. You really have to constantly study and do your 10 tonnes of homework everyday. Since I started college, I had never been stop being sick.

This year, eventhough barely 3 months passed, I went through a lot of things. I got to meet new friends, and went through a lot of medication, walking in and out of the hospital. Hm, I wonder how are my friends doing. Its been a really long time since I speak to them. I miss them. Really. Reading my past posts in my blog made me emo. But what is life? Everyone goes through ups and downs. And im sorry if I had made anyone upset in whatever I have posted. I solemnly apologize.

Two zero one one has been a great year. Not really, but at least I got a bunch of girlfriends im close to. And im lucky to have my best friend to be in the same class with me. Im happy that I get to meet my seniors all the time. I actually realised I spend time a lot with my friends but not from my formal school. Cause I thought they would be too busy for me and.. .. nvm.

Anyway, Im glad that I have someone supporting me through out all these times. SPM results are really coming out soon. To be honest, I don’t have much confidence in myself. I know I did badly. Well, even the results are not out yet, the moment you put down your pen when the invigilator asks you to stop writing, you practically forecast your results already. And mine, hmm.. I personally think tht I did a really bad job.

I actually think that I have a lot of things to catch up with apart from my studies. I miss my faithful juniors and my awesome high school teachers. Northern Start High School. What a perfect translated name =P

At some point, I really want to turn back time. I don’t know why but now I feel kinda unhappy. Well, maybe cause im sleepy and reading my blog brings me a few years back in time.

But I know, this is life. Its full of changes and we just gotta go through it. Everyone needs to go through all these things. So do I.

Well, I guess I just wanted to voice a little here, in my blog. I hope, wish and pray that everyone is doing well :)

Till then,
Flammable Junior