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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Blue Floms..

I feel much much better now.

Thanks to Mr. Roy's INSPIRING words.. wakakaka!! well, the whole tuition.. yes.. we did maths for 1 hour.. but the other 1 hour and 15 minutes.. he gave us a as expected.... and.. it was great =)

then after that, vivian followed me back.. and we dropped by at Baskin Robins in Jusco to buy ice cream.. as today was the 31st.. so got discount maaaa~~~ and my dad bought 4 bottles of ice wine.. so cool! i love ice wine.. you guys should SERIOUSLY try it ;) and went back..

hmm.. about an hour later, i'm going out to celebrate New Year in Dataran Merdeka.. there's gonna be fireworks there.. but i am so not gonna join the ppl OUT there.. i'm gonna stay in the clubhouse beside there.. hahaXD got air con.. got drinks.. got food.. and no human traffic jam.. hahaXD

kla.. chaoz!


Tease all you want.

Where's the happy sandra??
Where's the hyper sandra??
Where goes the sandra that laugh everyday??

yea la.. junbin.. i problem la.. when hyper so damn hyper, when sad, so damn sad.. i would like to thank junbin for teaching me ways to die.. burn charcoal in my room.. but then, there's no charcoal.. so, i will just jump from my house.. but i wont die.. so, how? any suggestions??

my result ... I am Robert Pattinson a.k.a Edward Cullen ... It's ok if you don't love me ... just tell me ... says:
i always laugh.. that's me =)

renny stole my line.. i mean.. that WAS my line.. but not for now... i dun always laugh.. =.= always cry.. not laugh.. i'm hating renny man.. he already knows my results... and he ask again, wat dissapointment.. if he is right in front of me, i would have slapped him.. ask stupid question.. get 7A's, i thought you smart enough to NOT ask stupid questions.. argh.

gosh. nevermind.

i dun feel like going for add maths tuition later. but then, second thought, i must work harder right? so dun skip tuition la.. i dun wan to go.. but i have to go.. cause i know that teacher will sure tease me wan.. not really tease.. tease INDIRECTLY... ya noe??

gosh! i seriously want to kill renny..

7A's ppl got get money arh??
got wartawan arhh??
got photography session for 7A's ppl a not??

pls okayh!!! i know you get 7A's.. and i didnt! and i dun the hell know okayh!! if you wana ask, ask other ppl who GOT 7 stupid A's! arghhhh!!! and dun call me "dear"! stupid arseholeee... sorry ppl.. i'm too................


after telling him that i dunno.. and stop asking.. he go, "so.. got photography session and wartawan or not???" what the !@#$%^&*() arghhhhhhhhh!!! and i say, dun ask me. i dunno anything okayh?!?! then he said, blur ppl maa.. what the ahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! arghhh!!! stupid idiot larh!!!

expect the unexpected

I feel so down.
Have you tried bathing cold water in the middle of the night,
and cry till you sleep??
try it.. its nice..
and saddening.

I'm feeling like weixing..

"kill me"

goshhhhh... i know you guys wasted a lot of energy and made and effort to type out words to comfort me.. like,

-it doesnt matter..
-its nothing..
-its okay..
-try harder next time..
-prove it during SPM..
-its alrightt..
-at least you can go to science stream..
-sejarah sucks..
-i hate sejarah too..
-dun need to worry...

i know i keep going "haizz.." this and that.. until you guys are like speechless.. dunno how to cheer me ady.. out of ideas.. i know laaa.. i know what you guys are trying to mean.. if i have a fren like ME.. also i will say the same thing.. but.. i mean, come on laa.. its SANDRAAA okayy.. its difficult for me to accept facts like this..

so many ppl got straight A's.. 89 ppl in my school.. its like so high percentage.. and yet.. i'm not one of them.. its just a very big dissapointment to me.. and gosh.. ITS SEJARAH.. yeah.. i dunno fail sejarah for how many times.. and i dunno how many times i got like 40/100... and so, that's why i tried so hard for sejarah that i abandon my other subjects.. and at last, my sejarah did improve.. but my other subject marks deteriorate.. but i didnt really care.. like .. all i care is SEJARAH.. and yeah..

no use..

i still got a B for it.. expect, the unexpected.. but i actually expected it.. may god blast me.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

When the results haunts you..

Yesterday, guess what time i slept?? 2am.. what was i doing?? NOT rolling around the bed, but jumping here and there like a monkey who lost its tail.. seriously.. i TURN on the radio so loud that the music was blaring right through my ears.. and only god knows how hyper i was.. dance dance dance and sing sing sing.. i wonder how alex sleep.. i was so noisy yesterday.. i left the radio on the whole night.. and.. i actually woke up a few times... cause.. i know.. i had a feeling i wont get straight A's.. i WILL get B for my sejarah.. i knew it earlier.. perhaps god peeked at the results and told me.. hmm.. and then, the next morning, i woke up damn early.. but i was too tired.. so i slept again... and, i reached school like 10 something.. i wanted to be there at like 9.30am.. but i was too tired.. so, when i reached school... ... .. ..

.. ... ... .. ....

.... ... .... ... . .. ... ..
i saw.. my class teacher.. arranging the filesssss....

and i forced emily to take a picture with me.. here, i smiled.. but i tell you, its DAMN FAKE! and it may be the last time you see me smile.. T.T

and again, all of us were so nervous...

the A class ppl.. or rounding up their class teachers.. god..

everyone who look totally.. DAMN NERVOUS>> as you can seee...

happyy ppl who got straight A's.. simmarjit even threw his result paper.. he saw he got straight A's then he went, "cheh" and threw it.. his mom was like, "nono..." =.=

Emily's turn to get her results.. i dunno why the hell she cried before getting.. and gosh.. it makes the atmosphere worst.. everyone thought she didnt get straight A's cause she was crying.. but wth.. she is always first in the class okayh! its IMPOSSIBLE for her NOT to get.. =.="

her hands were trembling like shit.. gosh!

AND>> MY TURNNNNNN..........

get my certificates..... ... . ..

sign the papers... .. .. .. like my last will oni.. my hands were shaking like shit...
took the results.. like after 10 minutes then only i slowly open it.. and i saw it.. i was like, "oh." and emily asked how was it,. and i just hugged her and like go.. "wa wa wa.. i didnt get~~~ i told you my sejarah wont get..." i didnt even cry. yet. and then.. i went in, and called weigin..but the line was cut.. and then when siewjin came.. i straight away hugged her and cried like shit.. and then she was like.."its ok.. its ok..." then my mom was like, "oi oi.. what happen? how issit??" then i was like, "told you my sejarah didnt get A.." and she was like.. its okay la... but then i just hugged her and cry.. and she was like,"dun cry larrhhh.. so malu mannnnn.. dun cry..."

all my friends were like, wth... want to laugh, but see my condition, if they laugh, they kena slapped.. so they just go wth in their hearts.. i know them.. can see from their wth face...

and then, i went back.. and then so many sms-es started to come in.. so many phone calls.. and all, i have to type the same old T.T... to show that how dissapointed i am.. and then my mom's fren call.. we wanted to go for lunch.. but we stopped by at my school again.. to pass something to adeline's mom.. and so i went to see Cik Rahayu with chengken, emily and puiyi.. i was whining and cursing the whole journey.. and all of them were like, "its okay larh!! haiyorhh!!" chengken was like,"you're not gonna die!" and he punched me.. i was like o.o.. DAMN PAIN OKAYH!!!

Actually, I was suppose to go out with them.. but I told chengken,”I don’t think I wanna go out. I got no mood at all.. then he said,” aih.. ok.. I understand also.. so, I didn’t follow them out to Pavillion.. but then, later, when I went to have lunch with my mom’s friend.. I had near Pavillion.. so, Emily called.. and then my mom allowed me to go.. so I just went.. and I was like KINDA okay.. I guessed.. but still.. its darn saddening.. VERY SADDENING INDEED.. sad until can die.. but.. aih.. I go out with them also I shouldn’t show my sadness la.. they are all so happy.. takkan you want me to go there and kill the happy enviroment meh.. well, I went.. and I pulled my mom’s fren’s son along.. and my mom’s friend son’s FRIEND was there too.. I knew them.. but from different schools.. MBS.. and then they were a whole bunch of them.. a bunch of MBS ppl, PESS ppl, CBN ppl, and SBU ppl.. yeah.. so I went to watch “AUSTRALIA” with Emily, chengken and puiyi while I abandon the others alone..
nolaa.. they got their own plans also..

And later, I went back with my fren.. to his house..then, later, we decided to have dinner in PAVILLION AGAIN!!!! Wth.. so we went there AGAIN.. oh, btw, the movie.. was MARVELOUS… and we saw Yung Sen there AGAIN… this time, he was watching the same movie as us.. “Australia” is a MUST WATCH MOVIE.. its like 3 hours .. and its damn nice.. seriously.. you DON’T WANNA MISS IT…

“I put the no good bloody big bull all into the no good bloody metal ship…”

its seriously DAMN NICE.. and DAMN FUNNY.. at some parts…

and this is Emily, yang sedang paiseh-ing...

the cute breads~~~

owh, i took this pic in the cinema.. >.<
okay.. this is just a random pic...

cool.. so many badges.. i wonder what he does with it.. eat it?

spot HAO CHERNG!!!! 5th from the right side.. 2nd row!!!

jah! just for the fun of it.. cause i was too bored and emo..

yeah.. kneel...

for some reasons.. he got to kneel to me..
its not my fault... i deserve that.. but i was just joking when i said, "kneel down!" and i didnt know he will really do that.. wahaha! "kneel down for three seconds to let me take a photo.." muahhahahhaaXDDDDD i DESERVE IT OKAYH!! ask him what i HELPED HIM!!!
so, back to the sad sad cases..
yes, i didnt get straight A's.
yes, i got only 6 A's..
yes, i am not happy..
yes, i WILL be okay..
yes, i maybe dead..
thank you ppl.. who asked and cared about me and comforted me like nobody's business.. condolences to whoever who are not satisfy in their results.. i know how you feel..
thank you to ppl like,
- melvin
- xiauwei
-shin er
and others who dont dare to ask me, after seeing me crying like nobody's business.. i know you guys want to talk to me.. but dun dare.. in case i get crazier and sadder..
well, its okay.. i'm already crying like shit.. so it doesnt really matters anymore.. another tear.. wont hurt that much.. my tear ducts are already out of tears anyway.. so, i'm practically crying blood right now.. anyway, eventhough i'm dying.. its okay.. nevermind.. i will reincarnate and become hyper..
i will JUST say that for now.. cause i'm stil in a not good mood.. a.k.a. dying a.k.a. totally lifeless.. i know you guys tried your best to comfort me telling me its ok.. this and that.. yea.. whatever it is.. thanks.. but..
i'm just too dissapointed.. eventhough i ALREADY expected the results.. but still.. cause if i didnt expect it.. i will be stabbing myself a few million times.. but this time, i expected it..
i would like to take this chance to say thank you AGAIN.. and i would like to tell you that i really appreciate what you guys said... thank you okay?? =)
love ya!
the dying sandra ='(

ps: thanks junbin, cause you are the first person who support me to go and die.. thank you! i appreciate your support.. =)


i just want to tell you that,
whatever happens,
i love you okayh??
dont miss me so much.
Whatever it is,
I love you..

jarrett: DONT talk like you're gonna die! you're not gonna die!!!

sandra: but i am!!!! T.T

Monday, December 29, 2008

when KARMA strikes back! ahhh!!!


I'm gonna cry ady.. FEEL like crying.. shitty ass man.. tomorrow.. T.T exactly 11 more hours.. nabei.. T.T

not my fault.. its not that i am scaring myself.. but like wth!!! my brother.. ALEX and my dad keep scaring me..

while eating, alex said,
"Eat fuller.. so that you wont be a hungry ghost.."

while watching tv, i laugh also.. my dad says..
"Laugh more first.. later tomorrow you cannot laugh ady.."

and during dinner time, i broke my keychain!!!! sobssss!!! and i didnt think of anything until alex said..

"oh shit! its a bad signn~~~~~ oops! your resultsss~~~" i gave him a look and he said,"or maybe you could look on the bright side.. you broke it to menolak bala.. so you will get good result.."

i was like wth?!?!?!?!?! can you like shut up?!?!?

and yesterday my elder bro, William keep asking, how many A's?? then after 5 minutes.. "how many A's??" then after another 5 minutes, "how many A's??"


i tell you.. gosh!!!! T.T... sure cannot sleep tonight.. gosh!! my palms are sweating.. my feet is sweating, my WHOLE BODY is sweating larh.. gosh! i am imagining if i get straight A's how would i cry, and imagine if i DONT get straight A's how would i cry..

i tell you, if i get straight A's, prepare to get some popcorn to stuck inside your ear.. trust me.

but.. its like.. HOPE i CAN scream.. i dun wanna kill myself.. i dun wanna be the first to jump down from KLCC... i wasnt THIS nervous until like EVERYONE started reminding me.. ESPECIALLY LIM YUEN PING!! gosh!!!

KARMA!!!! i was using the computer.. then alex keep shoo-ing me away.. cause he wanna use!! not fair!!! then he keep making fun of me!!! ja ja ja!!!!!!! then FINE.. i use the laptop.. but when i on it.. suddenly everything went blank! and hang like shit.. wtheck is that suppose to mean?!?!!??!?! ahhhhhhhh!!!! issit a bad sign?!?!?!?!? ahhhhhh!!!!! weigin says i am a straight A's materials.. yeah.. straight ASS materials.. my head is gonna be stuffed into my ass.. like Hancock.. T.T!!!!

HELP ME!! s.o.s me.. someone help me!! ja ja ja!!!

great! now everyone is hurting themselves!! =D zhengkang is banging his head on the table, and i am banging and punching the wall =DDD cool!!

[c=51] ٭ Ķεп Иǒ ٭ - Untouched - XOXO - >.< - [/c=39] says: go and sleep...wake up...go to school...take ur result...thank the teacher...dont look at it first...find a place where ur alone....then see it thank you weixing for your advice =) OKAYH PPL!!! I AM DAMN THE HYPER!!! WOOHOOO~~ STARSTRUCK, BABY COULD YOU BLOW MY HEART UP~~~ UsELesS NiCkLaUs says: c how u overcome it whether u wanna face it with joy or fear...sorrow or anxiety u still had to go through y not face it with joy forget the worries...anxious zhengkang, make sure you mean it man.. to YOURSELF>....

lalala~~ ppl!! i'm hot, i'm cute!!! i'm every good thing on earth!!! woohooo~~~ i know self praise, true disgrace but..

WHO CARES?!?!???!?

its result's EVE!!!! come on!! let's cheer mann~~~~ lalalala~~

we are the c-o-o-k-e
and the c-h-a-m-p,
so we s-t-r-i-v-e-
for the b-e-s-t, best,
so we ra-ra-ra


*CHEERSSSS!! woohooooo!!!*

you DO NOT wanna hear me scream RIGHT NOW.. your eardrums will shattered into a million pieces that you will never be able to hear me anymoreeeee

and btw, PIZZA HUT sucks! I am SO IN THE MOOD like during ICC campfire night!!! i wanna dance with keelin and my hot gor!! whose cap smells like shit.. ><>run the showwwww~~~~
are you readdyyy readdy readdyy??
are you readdyyy readdy readdyy??
100 hundred per cent!

no!! T.T its like only 0.0001 percent!!!!!


What Do You Think of the results?

lingesh says:
7F sasaran kami kita boleh!

[c=39]:: JeSsY :: I MiSs U[/c=37] says:
no feeling

yuen ping L. 评 says:
it's just a ticket to see where you landed in form 4?
yuen ping L. 评 says:
which is rather important

他帅呆了!! says:
他帅呆了!! says:
他帅呆了!! says:
duno wor
他帅呆了!! says:
wat u wan me to say?
他帅呆了!! says:
他帅呆了!! says:
i dreamt wat i got..

hahaXD we are all nervous about our results.. dammit laaaa... its like.. 6 more hours and 50 minutes and the time is movingg.. T.T... gosh.. well, ppl asked me back.. about MY opinion.. well, I.. I..

*breaks down*

I really dunno... haizzzzz ppl ask what do you expect?? i cant say straight A's.. cause kalau tak dapat.. malu like shit.. i will probably say 6 A's... T.T.. haizzzz.. damn "fan" man... i shouldnt have sleep my afternoon nap.. if not, tonight, i wont be able to sleep.. gosh! T.T

DAMN NERVOUS WEYH!!!!!!!!!! T.T ja ja ja!!!

Cartoon-ed tong yuen

DAMN CUTE RIGHT?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

gosh!!! its tong yuen.. and emily variate it with some emoticons.. damn cute right?!?!?! goshh!!!! oh! you guys.. its TM okay??? trademark by emily.. hahaXDD

gosh mann.. all so cute.. look like ME.. *blushes* hahahahhahaXDD

Post Mortem 2008

I'm not in a good mood,
as usual.. get screwed by my piano teacher >.<

anyway, that's not my point.. i got screwed for so many times ady.. so, another time, wouldnt bother me so much.. what bothers me now is.. that problem.. haizz.. since today is the 29th.. and tomorrow we are gonna get our results.. and if i dun get good results.. i dun think i will be able to online and blog that often anymore..

so, today, I will do some post mortem about this year, 2008.

at the start of the year,
I still remember, how happy i were.. when i get to stay with my friends in the same class.. I still remember that i was screaming for joy for getting into that class.. Overall, I was the noisiest in that class.. I bring joy AND annoying-ness to all of them.. hahaXD I enjoy classes.. and i didnt anti any teacher. yet.

exams started to pour in the month of February or March, i think. And, in the first few exams, i studied a lot with my all my might.. but when exams started to come in EVERY TWO WEEKS, i couldnt be bothered about it anymore.. =.= All i know, its just another stack of papers for you to circle a few answers. Who really cares about it anyway? not to say that all the teachers will give you back the papers. They dont even bother to mark our papers.. well, i think we have like 8 or 10 exams throughout the year.. and like, we only got like 2 or 3 papers back from the teachers for english?? yea..

and i still remembered the BAD times during exam.. where SOME teachers.. i dunno what the hell is wrong with her. cause, it seems, if you sleep or do nothing during the exam, you will get it from her EVEN IF YOU'RE DAMN SICK LIKE A SICK CAT. well, i remember sleeping during exam. i was EXTREMELY SICK that i didnt even sleep the whole night, so, when i got the paper, stared at it for a few seconds, answer a few, and try my best to sleep, cause it was EXCRUCIATING PAINFUL.. well, THANK GOD i slept, but thanks to that PARTICULAR TEACHER who SLAPPED me until i wake up, i really really REALLY REALLY REALLYY wanted and is THISSSS close to slap back the shit out of her. but sadly, she teaches form 4 and form 5's.. so, i would just shut up, in case she teaches me NEXT year..

well, about this teacher, i didnt hate her.. i always hear rumours about how ARGHHH is she.. but then, i didnt really believe cause from the OUTSIDE, she look like a sweet demure polite teacher but in THE INSIDE.. fuyh! you WISHED you were never borned when she is teaching you.. i told my mom about her, and guess what my mom said, "issit you that disturbs her??"


gosh! moms.. i tell you..!

well, enough about her.. argh! anyway, yea.. i had good friendships.. i loved my friends.. i remember crushing on this guy like bloody hell deep.. and stupid siewjin always tease me =.=" but then, as usual, gosh! dunno how to explain.. i just let him go.. and i did =D and i remember playing volleyball like, so crazy.. it was so fun.. that it is unexplainableeee...

in the middle of the year, highlights were Kursus Peningkatan UBS and the St.John dinner in Kuan Cheng.. hmm.. i think i DID enjoy Kursus Peningkatan as the place we went was new, we are the one who tolong mereka buka the plastic of the beds.. and new bedsheets.. hahaXD but i remember i was SO SLEEPY when they give seminars.. gosh! i almost fell asleep like EVERYTIME?? and then during st.john dinner.. *poofs*

BIG FIGHTS man... i remember Low and Sheau Hwa were fighting cause of the dinner thingy.. well, remembered that Sheau Hwa paid and stuff, bought a dress.. yada yada yada.. and in the end, she didnt want to go.. cause she feels the dress is inapropriate..=.=" low and I were like "WHAT THE?!" and Low strongly disagree with her, cause she is suppose to go with Sheau hwa to the dinner TOGETHER by sheau hwa's car.. and now that sheau hwa IS NOT GOING.. how is Low going to the dinner again??

yea.. that was the commotion.. sheau hwa wanted to ask her dad to fetch low to the dinner..=.=" and how would Low feel? of course BAD lar.. takkan she feels good asking PEOPLE's father to purposely fetch her for dinner..

and then, life goes on.. I fetched Low to the dinner and Low and I enjoyed the dinner. hmm.. and then PMR trials were really bad for me.. cause i was SUPER sick.. fever, flu, cough, sorethroat.. everything came.. "thank" god.. and i almost didnt get to sit for it.. cause i was absent for 5 freaking days.. and the teacher didnt let me sit for the trials.. so, i went to see the principal and explained my condition to her.. and lastly, for her helpful-ness, i get to sit for it.. but my results were like shit, i guess.. i THINK... forgot ady..

and then, PMR was reallly realllyy near.. and I started skipping school like emily to study at home.. cause in school, its KINDA useless.. cause the teacher dont teach anyway.. so, there's no use going to school.. well, i am not that type who likes to skip school, in fact, i HATE it.. but no choice, i have to finish up everything.. so, i stayed at home.. and study..

PMR came, and.. gosh! i remembered how nervous was EVERYONEEEE!!!!! i so wanted to take a picture mann.. its like a ONCE in a lifetime thingy.. you know what sheau hwa said,"enjoy PMR cause you are gonna sit it only ONCE in your lifetime.. so enjoy it =D"

gosh! so.damn.positive. the most negative person throughout the whole year has become positive all of a sudden! miracle!

then, after PMR, things started to change very quickly.. Friends and stuff.. we had so much seminars about form 4.. and i skipped it like everytime. cause its so the darn boring.. and i will help our die-rec-tor, Kean loong for the form 5 concert.. haha, Keanloong singing made me laughed like shit.. but then, i laugh even shittier when he went up the stage and sing.. hahahhaahXDDDDD really cannot tahann mannn.. hahahXDD

then, we had so much fun activities after PMR, we had like volleyball competitions.. which we would care about the word, "compete".. we would just play and laugh laugh laugh.. and go crazy.. and i would trash into other ppl's classes.. especially form 2's!! and go crazy with themm... stayback for nothinggg.. and go see the form 2 band practice.. and trash into their practices.. take their guitar and simply play.. hahaXDD

hmm.. good days.. but i started to mix more with zunzen, chengken and keanloong they all, and with dil they all, instead of sheau hwa they all.. cause sheau hwa and low ALWAYS dun come to school...

and thanked god that we had so much fun after PMR.. i didnt even miss a DAY of school after PMR.. its like the most fun time of the whole school life.. cause even if you loiter, its like.. you wont get caught.. caught also, its nothing.. the teachers dont mind anymore..

well, that's practically the story of me through out this year..

i learn that true friendships aren't that true...
i learn that things will definitely change...
i learn that if you dun live happy, you may not have anymore chance to do it..
i learn that WE SHOULD F SO MUCH *hints junbin and THE gang..*

suan le ba..

as i say, things will change.. just leave it as it is.. and leave out all the rest.. just live our life..

tata~ i've said enough..

Sunday, December 28, 2008


I know i've said that i hate tags.. but.. aih,.. you know la.. just.. i dunno also.. hahahXD

Y is yes.
blank is no.

in 2008 i've..

[] broken a promise *in 2008, no.. i dun quite think so..*
[Y] made a new friend *like hundreds and thousands of it!*
[Y] fell in love *in 2008, yes..*
[Y] fell out of love *uhuh.. cause i DONT want to fall IN*
[] done something you swore never to do *i dun think so, i'm quite discipline.. {discipline my shit la.. hahaXD} but i hold on to my principles.. =)*
[Y] lied *totallyyyy.. hahahXD*
[ ] stole *never*
[ ] went behind your parents back *dun think so*
[Y] cried over a broken heart *not really broken la.. just a crack ;)*
[Y] disappointed someone close *DEFINITELY, very, in fact..*
[Y] hidden a secret *like DUH!*
[Y] pretended to be happy *everytime*
[ ] got arrested *NEVER.. wtheck?? i am NOT a rule breaker.. haha*
[ ] kissed in the rain *not the right time larh.. how old oh..*
[Y ] slept under the stars *everyday ;)*
[Y] gotten in a fight *totally.. but not in a physical one, of course!*
[Y ] kept your new years resolution 8definitely*
[] forgot your new years resolution *nope*
[Y] met someone who changed your life *definitely.. wait.. who again? *scratches head* someone gua.. i not sure who worh.. let me think first.. hahaXD actually.. nolorhh.. eh! wait! got!! hao cherng! cause my life actually no EXTRA bro wan ma.. and NO hot bro.. now GOT ADY!=D
[ ] met one of your idols
[Y] changed your outlook on life *definitely i did..*
[Y] sat home all day doing nothing *like everyday??*
[] pretended to be sick *nope.. never done that before*
[ Y] left the country *like duh.. =.=*
[Y] almost died *to be precise, died.. not almost*
[ ] drank yourself retarded *i dunno what it means*
[Y] lost someone close to you *definitely..*
[Y] been to the hospital *yes.. and i almost died.. serious!*
[Y] closer to someone *yeappp, xiauwei! and my mama weigin.. hahahXD*
[ ] streaked
[ ] gotten
[Y] cried over someone *yes.. like.. everytime?*
[] broken up with a gf or bf *wakaka! the funniest question i have ever seen..dun ask why*
[Y] given up something important to you *YES!*
[Y] talked on the phone all night *of course..hahaXD like everynight with different different ppl?? hahahha*
[Y] learned something new about yourself *that true friendship isnt true afterall..*
[Y] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it *ohyesss!! ice wine!*
[Y] made a change in your life *gone slimmer.. hahahXD*
[Y] found out who your true friends were *should be found out who WASNT my true friends*
[Y] made a total fool of yourself *totallyyy! wait.. when? let me think again =P*
[Y] met great people *in ICC, D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y-!!!*
[Y]fell in love with someone impossible to get *total yes.. but.. its okai! =DD*


hahahaaXD just came back from dinner, with my cousin and uncle and auntie.. my cousin is like damn funnyy.. he is.. i think.. 9 or 10.. hahaXD its the cousin who lived with me last year.. he and alex went crazy.. hahaXD gosh.. alex is like. almost 19?? and he can mix with all ages.. hahaXD well, this is like their conver..

alex: one thousand got how many zero?
edmund: how i know?!


edmund: erm, 4 ??
alex: where got?! 3 larh!
edmund: oh..
alex: how bout one hundred??
edmund: *confidently said* ONE LARH!

*laughs like shit*

me: one LARH! ur head LARH!
edmund: eh, eh.. no.. two.. TWO!!!!!
alex: one million??
edmund: er.. six..
alex: not bad arh..
edmund: my turn to ask you..
alex: ask larh..
edmund: one zero got how many zero??

*laughs even shittier..*

edmund: eh! eh! no no.. one zillion..

hahahahahahXDDD damn funny larh.. and then he was like acting like my the other auntie and copied how she walks.. DAMN FUNNYY!!

edmund: neh.. neh.. she oh.. go and oh.. take the hand bag and walk like this..


edmund: funny horh??
alex: we laugh cause of you.. not cause of her.. XD

and the whole journey through.. he just kept laughing himself.. gosh! its like.. ME!! hahahahXDD and during dinner, i took out my HOT GOR'S drinking some washing hands water incident.. and everyone was laughing like shitt!! hahahahXDD and wth.. my dad keep scaring me with the results thingyyy... gosh!

dad: oklarh.. if you get straight A's, i buy you a new watch..
me: *in a wtheck tone* who wants a stupid watch?? i got like tons of it ady.. (my brother knows what i am talking about and laughs with me) erm.. oh! i know ady.. if i get straight A's.. i tell mom.. how many times i can go out in a year.. or a month..
dad: then? how bout money??
me: no need larh..
dad: no money how to go out?? your boyfriend pay arh?
me: *looks at him with the =.=" look* no boyfriend larh! stupid wan...
dad: then???
me: i bring you along..
dad: that means use my money larh!
me: like DUH!!! hahahhaXDD

the whole dinner, i was like laughing like shit.. gosh!!! its just DAMN FUNNY.. and this conversation makes me laugh like shit..

♠έmílỵ says:
hi baby

♠έmílỵ says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> Cause you know I'll be there for you. =) says:

♠έmílỵ says:

♠έmílỵ says:

stupid larh.. emily.. hahahaXDDD i know you love me so much.. until ur heart melts.. but i tell you arh.. i got a lot of darling.. you are JUST one of it.. wakakakkakaka!!!! nolarhhh.. jokingg.. hahahhahahaXDDD


GOSH!!! i laughed like... like.. like... like... some monkey was botak-ed.. walking into emily's house.. and say "hi, sis.. long time no see.." hahahhahahahhaXDDDDD

right, i laughed cause i read my HOT GOR"S BLOG!!!! walao.. i KNOW he's hot.. but i didnt know.. his BRAINS wasnt.. hahahhahahahahahXDDDDD

he said he went to a Malay wedding.. and then.. the parents went in to congratulate the ppl.. while he sat.. and......... ... .. .. (got it from his blog)

then here comes the funneh part:

every table has a teapot-like pot..(what the... =.='') inside was purely water... beneath the pot is a basement which had holes to let the overflowed water to stay inside... I poured some water into a glass and drank some of it.... then , Then, THEN!! a malay woman sat opposite laughed and told me that:

"hey dik... hahaha... tau tak? u tak pernah datang ke kenduri ke? air dlm pot tu bukan utk minum tau? untuk ini macam la dik... haha...***poured some water onto her palms as if she was washing her hands***s'karang tau? air ni utk cuci tangan tau?"

TRIPLE G!! ^#%@*%*@$%@#*%@*$!%$*@^#$T@*&$%#$*&#$&(@$^#(&%^#(*%#^%(&%@($^(*%#^(&^(&@%^#&%*#(%&%(#&%(*)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOI!! B*B*!! KAU S'KARANG BARU BAGI TAU SAYA ADAKAH LAMBAT S'KIT SUDAH ARHHH?! she was like laughing at me IM NOT CLOWN OKAYH?! SO WHAT?! YEA I DUNNO U MALAYS USE WATER ON A TABLE , IN A POT TO FREAKING WASH UR HANDS OKAYH?! yea i jus drank some of it... NOT SOME!! ALMOST THE WHOLE GLASS!!OMG!! i felt like asking "air ni bersih tak? beta mmg tak tau air ni utk cuci tangan larhhhh>.<" but for FACE, i jus din ask that...

PS from Sandra: aih!!! SPEECHLESS LARH!!! and yizen, stop bugging me for that song.. =P

There For You =)

lalala~ last night, i was banging on a few keys on the piano.. and without noticing, i composed a song.. well, after that, i wrote out the lyrics.. and add in more notes.. and do some variation.. and ta-da~ i composed a song! and the title is There For You. i did it like until midnight, so darn sleepy..

then just now, after breakfast, we went to Petaling Street for fun.. to see got those Chinese New Year stuff.. and then.. there were like so many "ladies" standing along the streets.. well, the last time i went to Petaling Street was i think during State Competition.. and during that time, i still remember sheau hwa and I got lost there.. and there were so many those jampi jampi stuff around that scared the shit out of us.. we couldnt find our way out that time.. so darn scaryy.. hahaXDD

but, Petaling Street still hasnt change.. well, mainly the PEOPLE there.. so damn disgusting, spitting all along the roadd.. like EWHHHHH!!!!!!!! grosssss!!!!

hmm, i'm missing xiauwei.. and my flammable mother.. both of them are in st. john duty now.. in Stadium Bukit Kiara, i think.. until 6pm.. walaoo.. kesiann.. hahaXDD but so good la.. got about like 10 hours to talk to each other.. hahahahXDD

okay.. practically, that was my day.. and I'm starting to get worried for my PMR results.. its likee.. one more freaking day before my death day.. goshh.. anyway, chaoz!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I was reading my past posts.. and.. wow! i can actually get REALLY EMO last time.. so shockeddd!!! but mostly, i am hyper la.. but.. WOW.. seriously.. i didnt know i was that type of EMO person last time.. COOL! lastly, i would like to dedicate this to someone.. who is unhappy all the time and i have no ideas how to cheer that person up anymore..

Life is too short,
Grudges are a waste of perfect happiness.
Laugh when you can,
Apologize when you should,
and let go of what you can't change.

Love deeply,
and forgive quickly,
Take chances,
Give everything,
and have NO regrets.

Life's too short to be unhappy.
You have to take good with the Bad smile when you're sad.
Love what you got
.. and always remember what you had.

Always forgive.
Never forget.
Learn from your mistakes,
but never regret.

dunno LARH..

hmm.. i'm UN-hyper today.. but my "hot" gor DEMAND me to post up somethinggg... well, i dunno what to post.. except telling zhengkang not to pollute my hot gor's mind by sending such violent videos to him.. hahaXD weigin, this is for you..

诚 says:
诚 says:
诚 says:
诚 says:
诚 says:
诚 says:
诚 says:
诚 says:

L.M.A.O.. hahaXD wah.. it's 12.30pm.. i online so late today.. well, i woke up at 10am.. and i was force to go for breakfast outside.. kena scolding from alex for not finishing food, sitting like a guy, and not finishing my drink.. dunno when i step on his tail.. so panas baran.. suddenly only scold me that i sit like guy.. then i said, "HOW GIRLS SIT?? how you want me to sit?!"

alex: cross ur legs larh! see like mummy!
sandra: =.=
my mom: actually its not good to cross ur legs..
sandra: YA YA!! not good okayhh!

gosh! he got SO MANY comments wan =.= okayy.. i'm addicted to this song call T-shirt by Shontelle.. thanks to MY BRO AGAIN!! goshh.. he purposely get me addicted into it..

"with nothing but your T-shirt on~~~"

GOSHHH!! i got so many things to do... these days online so much.. abandon my studies adyyy.. and i meant my PIANO okayh! not REAL studies.. but.. emilyyy!! i'm so lost in the addmaths adyy.. gosh.. T.T help! emilyyy!! HELPP!!!

and Jessy, i know you are reading my blogg.. just want to tell you, that i DONT LIKE anyone RIGHT NOW.. this minute.. LIKED not LIKE.. okayy? I wont betray my principle of life. cheh.. sounds so serious. BUT, i dunno what will happen in the future.. but.. whoever i like, i will just TRY my best.. to just keep it as JUST FRIENDS. haiyah... i dunno la.. i just.. NAHHH~~ neverminddd.. its difficult to explain.. ppl like ME.. is just.. LIKE ME.. i dunno how to tell larh.. I just.. dunno.. maybe its call P>H>O>B>I>A>.. seeing ppl SO hurt everytime they breakup.. feeling lifeless.. especially during high schools.. according to keelin, its like a "trend" of coupling and breaking up.. maybe cause i dun wan that.. i dun wan to JUST for the sake of coupling.. I dont want puppy love.. dunno larh.. suan le ba.. you wont understand.. or maybe you do..

Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy End of Jun Bin's Hyperness Day! =D

its 12 am!!! ping pangg boom~~~ boom~~ (fireworks,.. i know its lame, but i'm born to be lame ;) and i am proud to be lame! hahahahXD)

Happy End of JunBin hyperness day!!!!

we countdown together.. ahhahahahaXDDD junbin straight away sleep ady.. ahahhaXDD wtheck? chocolates, junbin?? stop eating larh! gosh! woohoo~~ i'm chatting with both of my "dads" xiau wei and suilun... i got one more dad.. which is obama.. but i dunno how to contact him.. wakakaka~~

LunSui de Waterwheel - Stupid stomachache.....><><><><>

weigin, someone talking about you.. ahhahaahXDDD and i actually told him the truth.. about the phone call we made to him.. and he thought adeline was weigin.. wakaka.. and weigin was someone elsee.. i still cant stop laughing, thinking of that.. ahahahXD

gosh, facebook is as lag as xiau wei's brainssss~~~ wakakkaka!!! right.. i'm laughing like nobody's business myself in my room.. ahhahahXDD reading what my "daddy" typing about what my flammable mom is sayingg.. ahahahhahaXDDD

okayyhh.. i'm crapping more and moree!! but i'm so happehh!!! causee causee.. so many ppl visit my cool blog.. ahhahaXDD i mean, HOT blog.. ahhahaXD its only been a month.. and 2121 ppl visited my blog.. and today.. 101 ppl visited my blogg.. wow!!! i really that famous arh?? but, permintaan yang amat berhormat honorary chairman RH2ESSCI telah meminta adinda mempromosikan blog baginda.. so, you guys MUST visit his blog when you visit my blog.. cause he updates as much as ME!! he got my genes!!! hahahahhaXDD

go to

ok ok?? do me a favour.. pls.. and make my hot gor happy... =DD

Mission Impossible

looking at this pic makes me laugh like shit all of a sudden.. cause the girls are all sitting in the same position.. and perhaps junbin wanted to follow us.. hahahahXDD oh! NOW only i spot hao cherng.. no, actually i didnt spot him.. he told me,

"you didnt see me meh? you blind arh? i'm in the orange shirt.."

only i knew.. ahahhaXDD

today is the 26the December.. there's like 5 more days till 2009.. form 4..

mission 2009:
-stay hyper
-be more feminine (that's SO IMPOSSIBLE.. i'm already feminine.. wakaka! bullshit.. damn funneh! wait.. i dun think i need to change lor.. just be who i am! its fun!! try being yourself! common la.. i mean, its SANDRAAAAA!!!!! if sandra's not hyper, means its end of the world larh! *winks* my brother says, "look at you larh! no one will like you wan.. you so like that.." so what mann? if a person likes me, they have to like my personality, if you dun like, then dun like LORRR.. i got other frens maa.. and if OTHER frens also dun like me, i still have my best buddies like plants and animals! ;) it's not the end of the world! =D )
- listen to what teacher is teaching
- never miss club meetings
- enjoy st.john meetings more
- play volleyball till my hands break
- dsiturb emily AND xiauwei more ;)

oh shitty gosh!!! i just realise that sheauhwa is in Japan. I thought i wished her goodbye.. oh, that was when i was dreaming.. i didnt wish her.. =.="

no one's online and my hyperness is deteriorating.. i and get sugar rush! and get hyperrrr!! nahh.. i think i need to sleep MORE.. hahaXD

as you know, my blog is full of crap, so whatever shitty mission i said, its SO crappyyy.. but it MIGHT be true!!! wakaka!!!


=D hyperrr!!!!

Do you ever feel like breaking down?
Do you ever feel out of place?
Like somehow you just don't belong
And no one understands you
Do you ever wanna run away?
Do you lock yourself in your room?
With the radio on turned up so loud
That no one hears you screaming.

well, dont worry, I'll be here for ya! =D

Life HAS to go on,
What doesnt kill you makes you stronger! =D
you cant turn time and do whatever you like,
so, why dont you just,
Face it like a MAN!
like me!! hahaXD

i just wanna be hyper and happy,
therefore, i wont give a damn about them.

and i hate ppl who force me.
who does?
but you see, i ALREADY dont give a damn,
i will just go normally to eat,
and i will just shut up the whole time.

it's gonna be hell shuddap for a few hours..
hate it..

anyway, who cares?
I'm so the damn hyper,
thanks to junbin..
I'm so the damn sleepy..

but i am hyper-er!

Cool Guy

okayy.. i was FORCED to bathe my dog.. so, i bathe him. no. correction. i bathe myself too.. cause i was TOTALLY WET!!! gosh!! god knows how hyper my dog IS!!!! EXTREMELY 100000000times hyper-er than junbin and hao cherng.. gosh!!
This is the story of my dogg.. you can call him Gordon, Golden or you can just call him "oi.." he will still look at you.. hahaXDD
My life.. was very miserable.. because I had an owner like Sandra.. all she does is just blogging. She never cares about me. Whenever she goes out, she just call, "goldennn~~" and then go out.. and leave me in the dark again. and so, i realise, i shouldnt be emo, i should be hyper at all times!
so, i started HYPER-inggg!! jump jump jump~! i got the hyperness from my owner. cause somehow, she's just crazy. I dunno what got into her..
jah jah jah~~!!! i hate towels!! woohooo!! i can shred them into tiny winey pieces.. if sandra doesnt entertain me, i shall entertain myself!!
you cant see meee~~ I'm blinded by sandra's BEAUTIFUL HOT hand.. can you see me meltingg???

ahhhh~~ my life should just be as cool as me~~
haha XD

Happy Jun Bin Hyperness Day!

you see, a very extraodinary thing happened this morning. Ppl, how OFTEN do you see LIEW JUN BIN hyperr?? and how OFTEN do you see SANDRA going =.= when PPL's hyper??

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
i'm hyper today...

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
i wanna go out on the streets n jump around...

.: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> Face it like a man! XD says:
go larh

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
got cars...

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
so now i'm trying to hit my ceiling...

.: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> Face it like a man! XD says:
what theeee

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
i got take marker pen...

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> Face it like a man! XD says:
why dun try to get hit by cars?

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
draw on the ceiling...

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
i'm the hot ghost...

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
ur hot gor gor le

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
still sleeping

.: S@NDR@ :..--> The Flammable.. says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Flammable.. says:
i shall ask him..

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
wake him up...

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
make him hyper..

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
eating ice cream summore..

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
veli veli high..

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Flammable.. says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Flammable.. says:
still morning lehhh

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Flammable.. says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Flammable.. says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
sot sot dy...

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
bring keyboard round the house...

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
typing summore....

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
u not hyper

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
get hyper!!!!!!!!!!!!

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
i need sugah....

c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
fridge got chocolate

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:
triple G

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:
dont take it!!!!!!!!!!

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
*opens mouth*

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:
noooooooooooooooooo !!!!

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
*eats the chocolate togther wif the wrapper*

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
*spits out wrapper*

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:
what the!!

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:
what theee!!!

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:
so gonna post this in my blog

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
so lame oso wanna post...

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
dun la..

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:
my blog,

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:
is ALL about lameness

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
ice cream no more dy!!!

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
still got chocolate...

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
but i need more...

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
*takes out a pack of sugar*

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
*starts eating sugar like popcorn*

..: S@NDR@ :..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
wat u doing
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
simply type one....
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
need to release some of the energy...

..:S@NDR@:..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:
got so much energy, go and try to like my hot gor
..:S@NDR@:..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:
not like weixing!! XD
..:S@NDR@:..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:
badan bangku

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
dun wan
..:S@NDR@:..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:
cause you cant !!
..:S@NDR@:..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
dance wun release so much energy
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
go run around malaysia...
..:S@NDR@:..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:
go larh!

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
go penang say hi to cecilia then come back
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
i will be hyper whole day...
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
i'm special
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
wats the date 2day
..:S@NDR@:..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:
..:S@NDR@:..--> The Hyper Lil' Kid--> The Flammable.. says:

[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
26th rite
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
i shal name 2day as the day after christmas...
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
JUNBIN hyperness day
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:
HAppy junbin hyperness day!!!
[c=12]--...junbin_liew...-- [/c=22] says:

isn't it disgusting!?!?!?!? ewh! okayy.. there's SO MUCH more.. but i so malas to post ady.. =.= gor, got someone wanna compete with ur hotness ady.. you must make him vanish.. if not, like the coal black story.. hahaXDDD I'm so in a zzz mood.. and junbin is hyper.. gosh.. he needs medical attention!! cause he is L.O.A.. lack of attention.. sedang SSS-ing... ya noe? i shall announce that, Jun Bin's new name is FLAMINGO the bird ghost!

and he just sign me his signature.. according to him, i am lucky.. cause i got his signature on HIS hyperness day.=.=.. wow.. i'm so happy.. i cant sleep.. =.=

Thursday, December 25, 2008



just now while having dinner with my dad's friends, we found out that, my dad's friend godson was from MBS.. then i was like MBS?!

sandra: alex alex.. that guy is from MBS lehh..
alex: uhuh.. so?

sandra: why so??
alex: i dun really like MBS guys..
sandra: whyy?!??!
alex: they seem to come out a bit weird..
sandra: as in?? example??
alex: example _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _..
sandra: *laughs like shit* okayh!! totally agree with you!!! ahhahahahXDD
sandra: i wanna ask him if he knows my hot gor..
alex: if he knows, what are you gonna do? if he dunno, what are you gonna do?
sandra: so? i just want to know larh! you know a not.. how HOT is my gor! unlike YOU okayh!!! he is SO SUPER DAMN HOT like ME!!!
alex: oh god.. then i can find ppl AS HOT AS YOU in the zoo..
sandra: go die =.="

gor! you can just shoot my brother on the spot too.. i dun mind.. =D but practically, alex AND I (its still annoying, weixing..) hahaXD are laughing like mad pigs during dinner.. imagine TWO sandra.. and one more WORST one.. and that's my brother.. hahaXDD actually, my whole family is like ME.. hahaXDD including my parents... they crap a lot.. LIKE ME!! so imagine that.. and NOW you know why i'm so crazy.. my FAMILY is crazyy.. hahahahahXDD

btw, Hao Cherng got my genes!! posting like EVERYTIME he onlinee.. hahahaaXDDD

anyway, chaozzzz!!

and btw, weigin, you can kill junbin.. he got many kill him for calling you a pig.. he say cause you got so many children.. hahaXD

Busy busy christmas

yo! ppl!!

just came back from shopping.. saw Melissa there! hahaXD sorry lar, guys.. i dunno i can go to the gathering a not.. depends on my results larh harr.. if its good, i will definitely be there, if its not, i shall just stay under the coconut shell and cry.. okai???

gosh! what a busy christmas.. thanks to the traffic, after shopping, we have to walk like 2 km to the car.. 2 km okayh!! i mean, its normal for ppl who are fit, but not normal to ppl who are FAT like me.. hahaXDD after this, have to go and have dinner with my dad's friend's family.. i must open my eyes bigger and see got leng zhai or not.. and let go electric.. like what my flammable "mom" teach me.. cause her definition of flirt is:

you tease a person a lot, and you want it more! hahhahahahhaXDDD

i told alex about it, and we keep laughing like shit.. i always tease alex.. that he flirt a lot.. and i ask him, do you tease a person a lot, and you want it more?? hahaXDDD

thanks so much for the ajaran sesat for flirting larh, weigin.. hahaXD eh! and ppl, i was joking about the looking out for leng zhai part okayh! dun say until i so play girl like that.. i say myself wan..XD i wont do that larh.. pls.. you guys know me.. hahaXD

erm, ppl, you HAVE to visit this person's blog... cause it's

诚 says:

and you know, since.. my blog SO famous.. so i help to promote a bit larhhh... have to do something up to my hot gor.. cause according to HIM, i trash him aside.. JUST BECAUSE I WENT SHOPPING AND DIDNT ONLINE!

not fair okayh! yesterday the whole day you're having fun in Sunway while i rot at home.. u didnt even bring back the water from sunway lagoon pool for me!

anyway, i will grant his wish.. since.. you know larr. i very good rightt?? so, you guys MUST go to..

must go! and must leave a comment in his chatbox! MUST!! and also, ppl, who got blog.. pls be my follower.. My blog got like SO MANY posts a day.. so, of course, must follow larrr.. hahaXD

okay!! i done ady, gor.. DONE!! okayy??? read read.. hahaXD


why must you force me?


oh gosh! once the clock strike 12am.. EVERYONE start to wish me in MSN and SMS.. and a sudden.. a VERY sudden thing came alongg.. and

JUNBIN SPOILT MY FUTURE~!!!!!!! hao cherng gor.. PLEASE! kill junbin for me!! plsss!! NABEII!!!! LIEW JUN BIN!!!!! you jaga arh you!!!! i am gonna MURDER THE SHIT out of you!!!

J03H M3&G says:
he says he loves u so much
J03H M3&G says:
until at nite stil thinking bout u
J03H M3&G says:
let u vigrously attracted him

goshh!! junbin!! what the hell you say to him!?!? and what the hell he say to you!!??!? GOSH... TRIPLE G!! seriouslyy TRIPLE G!!!! wait! junbin didnt say that! wthelll!!! gosh!!

STUPID!!!!!!!! AHH!!!!!



CAN YOU SENSE MY !@#$%^&*()(*&^%$#@!-NESS??? GOSH!!


walao!! my Christmas started like this?! a havoc! got so many ppl F me ady!!! first, emily.. then, joehmeng,.. then, junbin!! ahhhhhhhhh!!! fine fine! all my fault okayh!

i am so going madddd~~

anyway, before i go any madder..


okok.. you win i lose okayh!! i dun wan to argue anymore!! i will end up in Tanjung Rambutan if i say anymore!! ugh!!


O.O.. IN CONCLUSION! everyone in MBS sot wan.. except my hot gor gor!! actually, he also a bit sot.. but he sot until HOT.. but they dont.. gosh!!! T.T.. i can die of heart attack.. T.T.. they type the same thing..they SAY the same thing.. they THINK the same way! goshh!! may god BLAST them.. ta-ta!!! argh!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why does every happy occasion will turn into sad one?

Why does all hyper things go emo?

Why does all good things come to an end?

Tell me why.

Its 20 minutes to 25th December and all of a sudden, everyone is emo.. I need Hao Cherng gor gor.. like SUPER NEED.. SUPER DUPER MADLY IN NEED!! his hyperness is needed SO MUCH here..

Christmas Eve

well, today, when i was on the way to Pavillion, emily suddenly say she cannot go.. i was like.. O.O.. then fine lorr.. so i wanted to drag Derek the crazy person along with me to Pavillion.. i was too bored.. hahaXD but he was busy, unfortunately.. or his MOM was busy.. hahaXDD

then later, emily say.. okok..i going again.. then fine again LOR.. hahaXD so i met her there.. and we went to Tony Roma's and eatttt... and then, we went shopping.. and saw Santa Claus.. emily dared me to go to the Santa Claus and tell him, can you please stop ringing the god damn bell?? hahahhahahXDDD I didnt! of course.. hahaXD we saw SO many SBU-ians there.. well, not me.. EMILY is the one who saw them.. i didnt even notice them walk pass me.. hahaXDD

emily: do you know realise who just walk pass us?
sandra: arh??? who?? *turns back*
sandra: whooooo???
emily: Farah.. i think that's the boyfren.
sandra: oh..
emily: how come you didnt see?!
sandra: we come here to see THINGS.. not PEOPLE..
emiy: wtheck..
sandra: TRUE OKAYH!!

in Times, we saw Yung Sen, our school formal head prefect! hahahhaXDD wtheck! i didnt know it was him.. he keep looking back to me.. but i didnt notice.. to INTO reader's digest ady.. hahahahXDD later, i told emily.. *runs to emily*

sandra: i THINK i saw Yung Sen??
emily: harh?! where?!
sandra: thereeeee....
*emily peeks*, *emily gasps*
sandra: go say hi larh!
emily: no!!! *runs away*

wtheck!! emily is a prefect, also scared of ur head prefect.. kanasai larh you... what's so difficult of just saying hi? well, i went over to say hi.. hahaXD

then, we shopped about 4 hours.. Then her dad come and fetch her, and she sms-ed me and told me that she's gonna have dinner with her family in Pavillion.. wtheck.. hahaXD after she went back, i went to join Sally's gang.. got Ihmran, Ihdzan, Fassler, Sally, Yuki, Wei Ann and another girl.. i forgot her name.. oh! and Faisal, the gay.. I dunno why he was staring at me like somekind of freak when he saw me.. ish! then, after that, they want to go Times Square.. I didnt follow them, instead, I join Zunzen's group pulak after that.. hahahhaXDD cheewei, Han Jie, Wai Kian, Hoi Lai, Ming Zhao and i dunno who somemore.. were there.. hahaXDD

cheewei wore until SO FORMAL! long sleeve shirt.. and pants.. walao! like going to work onlyyy.. hahahahaXDDD anyway, pics timeee~~~

The Roma burger.. i left it like that.. i only ate a quarter.. emily helped me finish the fries.. hahahaXDD

the shrimp pasta!!! so damn nice.. but again, we left it like that.. too big portion.. hahahahXDD

smileeeee~~~Fassler, Ihmran they all~~~~ hahaXD in Nando's..

I dunno where this gay guy suddenly appear.. and started tearing tissue, roll it into small balls, and started throwing it to me.. gosh!! so annoyinggg!!!

He says he miss my brother.. btw, he's my sister-in-law.. Faisal, i TOLD you i would put it in my blogggg!! wakaka!!

Ming Zhao, Chee wei they alllllll~~~~~~

Some sesat-ed girlsss~~~

Zun Zen and I...

okayyy.. I'm so exhausted.. goodnight ppl,



it's the first time i feel so desperateee!!!

At last, suddenly my mom agree to bring me out.. but the problem was WHO WAS GOING WITH ME!!!! T.T

at first, XIAU WEI was suppose to go with me.. then suddenly her mom say cannot..

so i ask emily, then she dun think her mom let her go...

so i ask zunzen, she's in times square with the form 5 guys..

so i ask puiyi, she is in her grandma's house and she's going back to subangg!!! and she thought i was in trouble!! cause i was like.. sounding like I'm in trouble.. well, yes i was!! cause i dunno who to go out with!!! GOSH!!!!

so i ask keanloong, he is in fitness first with chengnam

hao cherng and zhengkang pulak in Sunway with Cecilia..

so i ask sally, cannot get her...

so i ask sheau hwa, didnt pick up the phone and she's going to Japan tomorrow

then sally call... and say she's at pavillion!!

I SAW THE LIGHT!!! but she's with ppl i dunno.. GOSH!!!! i dunno what to do!!! jajaja~~!! help!!!!! sobssss!!! T.T

weigin, in Cambodia
yizen, go bali.
family fren, go London
cat, go.. singapore
low, SURE with her family
dil they all, dunno pergi mana..

walao!! and others.. i dunno where they fly adyy.... so..

SOBS!!! T.T..

tata... i wanna go hide back in my coconut shell... T.T

OH WAITTT!!! EMILY COULD GO!!! say bye bye to lonely christmas EVE!!! woohooo!!!! byeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Two Lost Souls

wah.. so fast reach 45o posts.. right.. my brother really went REALLLYYY hyper today.. gosh! i can never beat his stupidity.. and great.. xiau wei.. we got a new gelaran.. named,


why?? cause me and xiau wei are desperate to go out.. but we got nowhere to go.. so, we're the HOT two lost souls.. but HOT where got use?? we are still lost... gosh!!! my brother says, he will bring me out next year.. not this year.. so i need to wait for another exactly 365 days.. for him to bring me out!! gosh!!! T.T

oh! shit! triple G!! its ONE month!! cool! hahaXDD anyway, i told alex about the triple G.. and he say.. its not Gosh! God! Gasps! its should be Gold, Glow, Glam.. he said it was one of the theme in a party.. wat the hell.. and he say.. S.F.U suits me.. what does it stand for??


arghhh!!! stupid fat pig.. keep calling me fat.. ishh!! i tell you, he is too hyper that you can never beat his sacarsm.. he say today is the day he will seriously make everyone speechless.. seriously.. I AM ALSO speechless ady... and when i say, where did you put ur brains?? you lost it issit??

he said, well, at least, i dun have brains stuck between fatty acids and glycerol.. and what do you call it?? FATTTT!!!!

goshh!!! i cant tahan him mann!!! ahhhhhhhh!! I'm so gonna smack the shit out of him.. !!!! not fairrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! he is going to some bar.. which is like.. freezing cold.. 1 degreee.. i think.. wthell!!!!!! ahhhh!!!! so unfairrrr!!!!

want to go out also cannot....

yizen- go Bali
sheauhwa- go Japan
weigin- go Cambodia
Low- sure have to be with her family
Siewjin- Go Guilin, China
pinky- L.I.H.. lost in heaven...

that's why only left xiauwei.. ahahhahaahhXDD

fine, i'll just accept whatever loneliness i have in christmas, as long as i am hyper, i will entertain myself by stabbing myself a few times..