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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dinosaurs =D

puiyi.. hahahahahahXDDD

you ask me to see the star newspaper.. this morning only i sawww.. stupid laa youu.. hahahahahaXDDD

u might probably see Barney around.. hahahahaXD

so THIS is what happen to me two days ago.. some dinosaur went into my body.. and started chanting.. I AM A PURPLE DINOSAUR.. probably Barney's soul.. hahahahahaXDD

xw and wg

i'm in xinwei's house now.. blogging.. weigin and xinwei's bdae muahahhahahXDDD everyone is crazy.. especially keanloong, hoilai, and chee wei.. crazy ppl.. stupid ppl..

weimae'x crazy.. and keanloong and hoilai just spammed zunzen's blog with cheewei's name.. ahhahahahahhXDDD

tata.. they want us to play game.. buh bye!

i love myself.
i love him.
i love you.

Crap. LOTS.

yesterday, was studying sejarah like until 2am? Coffee SERIOUSLY doesnt help me in anything.. it makes me sleepier.. haha.. why this year, i like cannot tahan until morning wan.. 2am, i also like dying ady.. last year.. i remember.. sheau hwa, Low and all of us study until like 4 or 5am also like nothing.. blardyyy hell laaaa... how to finish studying all the subjects like this??

i'm worry about Bio and Sejarah.. Bio, our teacher didnt even teach anything, cause there isnt any teacher =.=" Sejarah pulak.. okla.. but i suck in sejarah.. so its a different case..

i just notice something.. when i'm reading the sejarah textbook, it also test my BM mengesan kesalahan skills.. the sentences are like wrong in the textbook?? hahahahXDD exampleee...

"Epik ini juga menceritakan tentang pemerintahan, percintaan, kehidupan yang kekal abadi dan kesaktian.."

dei, sudah ada KAN, tak payah tentang larh.. its either bercerita tentang or menceritakan.. the author desperately need Cik Rahayu's help.. hahaXD

then today, pagi-pagi, while i was studying, suddenly got sms from keanloong.. i was like thinking, that fatttt pigg wake up so early wan mehh?? then later, he said zunzen ask me to go die cause i'm studying.. >.<

zunzen.. so evill laaa you.. ppl studying also ask ppl go die.. what kind of fwend la you.. ishh.. so heartbroken ady.. but i was askin KL, how zunzen know? then he say, zunzen is beside him.. then i remember.. sure chinese society meeting.. no WONDER he wake up so early laaaa.. hahahahhahaXDDD

then, halfway studying, my parents keep asking me to go out and eat.. go have a break.. i didnt want lo.. but they were like forcing me.. fine LO.. >.<

then, my parents were so funny.. cause i was like telling them Alex forcing me to study.. so that i will get into UM.. and study in local universities, so that my elder brother and him can stay in overseas longerr.. and yada yada yada.. then my dad was like, "whoah! he plan for you already arh??" hahahahhaXDD

sandra: gosh.. ur son arrr..
dad: why nott?? can wert.. then i buy you Fairlady to drive to college..
mom: ya.. if you take medicine, we would be very happy..
sandra: =.=" no way.. tell that to your fourth child..
dad: so, i buy you fairlady okay??
sandra: =.=" hot wheels wan arh??
dad: no.. real one laa.. not that expensive wan wert.. but can only sit 2 person worr..
sandra: then good lah! my boyfriend and I sit enough ady..
dad: then ask your boyfren to buy larh!
sandra: dun wan.. he buy one, i buy one..
dad: then? he fetch his mom, and you fetch ur mom arh?? then, me?? I sit bus...

hahahhahahahhahahXDD my mom and i were like laughing like shit.. then i say, "noo.. not gonna fetch anyone.. only my boyfriend and I.. he buy black.. then i buy white.. then one day sit black.. one day sit white like that.. okok???

then he replied, ahhh.. okaylarh.. you like laa..


buying Fairlady for me??
not sure.
one thing for sure,

my family loves to crap. LOTS.

Friday, February 27, 2009

SS= Stupid Spammers.

Their reaction towards the SS ppl..

yuen ping L. says:
hahahaha..x))) woah..

٭ Ķεп Иǒ ٭ - MAXE says:
٭ Ķεп Иǒ ٭ - MAXE says:

<<...xX_*♪* - {Zun Zen} - *♪*_Xx..>> I ♥♪ says:
<<...xX_*♪* - {Zun Zen} - *♪*_Xx..>> I ♥♪ says:
<<...xX_*♪* - {Zun Zen} - *♪*_Xx..>> I ♥♪ says:
who the hell is that?

sorry ppl.. i DONT THE HELL KNOW WHO THE HECK SPAM MY BLOODY BLOG WITH BLOODY STUPID WORDS AND SENTENCES... and to yuenping and stupid star a.k.a weixing.. NOT FUNNY KAYH! T.T first time kena spam though.. first time then already so terukkk.. kanasai betul... ... crappy ppl! ppl..

okok.. i'm chilled... i'm chilled.. cause i just freaking ban them.. eh.. idiots.. you think you use different name, different email.. then i dunno you are actually the same person issit?? can check wan lar.. use your brains larrrr...

stop spamming ppl's blog like a desperate child la.. *rolls eyes*

and btw, life's good. GET ONE.

thanks darling.

Stupid Barney.

btw, SOMEBODY's got a better version for Barney's song.. here it goes...

٭ Ķεп Иǒ ٭ - MAXE says:
oh btw
٭ Ķεп Иǒ ٭ - MAXE says:
i got a better version of the barney songggg
٭ Ķεп Иǒ ٭ - MAXE says:
٭ Ķεп Иǒ ٭ - MAXE says:
٭ Ķεп Иǒ ٭ - MAXE says:
٭ Ķεп Иǒ ٭ - MAXE says:
٭ Ķεп Иǒ ٭ - MAXE says:
٭ Ķεп Иǒ ٭ - MAXE says:

*rolls eyes* why everyone Barney here and there noww?? harh?! copy cat la you all..

wtheck.. stupid Ng Tien Soong..

V i c says:
u wanna know what cas***ted means?
..: S@NDR@ :.--> My love for you =D says:
i dont know!
..: S@NDR@ :.--> My love for you =D says:
i already said it my blog
V i c says:
V i c says:
V i c says:
like someone who had his testicles removed
V i c says:
a guy
V i c says:
..: S@NDR@ :.--> My love for you =D says:
..: S@NDR@ :.--> My love for you =D says:
you dont need to tell me.
..: S@NDR@ :.--> My love for you =D says:
.cause do i LOOK LIKE i want to know?!
..: S@NDR@ :.--> My love for you =D says:
V i c says:
im just making conversation...
V i c says:
..: S@NDR@ :.--> My love for you =D says:
u dun make a conversation like THAT..
..: S@NDR@ :.--> My love for you =D says:
by telling me stupid stufffff..
V i c says:
ok ok... my bad... i want to go study bio
..: S@NDR@ :.--> My love for you =D says:

ewh.. pls okayh! i am pure and innocent.. in thes sense of dirty stuff like THAT.. so, dont tell me.. cause i dun wanna know..


btw, YEAN SHEAU HWA! damn hamsap arh you! what kind of perverted song is that?! its suppose to be a song telling children we LOVE EACH OTHER.. not.. i dunno what you call it.. ugh.. ewh. ewh ewh.

eh.. and sheau.. can i stop calling you b*tch?? dun wan to call you that ady laa.. make ppl think i am so.. ... .... ... dunno how to say.. i let you call me slut.. but i call you other names kay?? dun wan to call you b*tch..

so now,
i got a darling,
a darlingling,
a darlinglingling,
and a darlinglinglingling.

and niro's my darlinglinglingling.. ahhahahaXD


°Vinz aka Night° says:
dun wan choi u d

°Vinz aka Night° says:
why dun u ask me next yr?

omggg.. SORRY VINCENT GOR GOR.. i forgot your bdaeeeee... >.<

to my closest cousin brotha,

who is elder than me 4 years,
who is a computer game freak,
who loves mee a lot since i was a lil' tineyy wineyyy kiddo..
who takes care of me whenever i needed you..
who purposely take stupid photos to make siewjin, pinky, sh they all think stupid things..


dun get angryyy!! sorry LO!!!!!!




Barney AGAIN.

pui yi. says:
purplehh dinasor! =D

pui yi. says:
go read today's the sun

pui yi. says:

go read ppl.. its stupid though.

daniel says:
ur not a dinosaur la

oh.. and thanks, sheau hwa and zunzen for dedicating this evil song to me.. thanks for wasting you time to compose this song to me when you're bored during sejarah.. when the TEACHER IS TEACHING... . .. . . >.<

in case you cant read, it says..

sheau hwa's version: Barney is a dinosaur that's SF. he harassed a woman and gets himself cas***ted.. <--- i dunno what does this mean.. sorry.. too innocent.. according to zunzen.. its the pervert version of Barney's theme song..

zunzen's version of "I LOVE YOU" song..

I love you, you love me,

lets all go kill Barney, <-- should put "lets all go and kill Barney"

with a shotgun on his head,

Barney's on the floor,

NO MORE purple dinoSOUR.. hahahahhaXD

Dedicated, of course,

to ME.


and Tien Soong was disturbing with the stupid purple dinosaur.. then Siewjin was also disturbing me with "I am a purple dinosaur.. I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur.."

then you know la.. mood tak baik.. i was like, "SHUT UP LARH! what purple dinosaur!? not such thing okayh! so childish.. ..

then the whole class started laughing.. wtheckkk.. fine. pfftttt...

ps: siew pau.. you guys make a good pair in teasing ppl... >.< color="#ff0000" size="5"> DID NOT JUST say that..


My day started when i reached school, with a bloody sleepy moody mood... but i was trying to be patient.. i dunno for what reason i was moody.. probably cause i didnt get enough sleep.. >.<>

then later, we had sivic.. laughed A BIT.. cause compare to other classes.. this class, i did my own work.. didnt really listen to the teacher.. then during Maths, it was SO OBVIOUS i was procrastinating.. and my stomach hurts like shit again.. and teacher was using the the.. the.. projector to teach.. so, she switched off the lights.. and in the end, all i did was laying my head on yuenping's lap..

During Bio, its the shittiest time of my life.. cause.. my level of being patient dropped like hell.. and everyone was like so moody.. a little bit then scold each other.. especially me.. Ng Tien Soong was seriously pissing me off.. talking nonsense.. then ask me want to fight or not.. bla bla bla.. i look straight into his eyes and say,"you better shut up before i slap you, i tell you.." i was seriously damn stressed up.. and so damn moody.. its like, if i tell you something, i expect you to understand it in 5 seconds, and after 5 seconds you dont understand, i will box you till you understand..

you have NO idea how moody was i.. i mean, of course you do.. i mean, ppl who are in the same school, everyone keep asking who pissed me off.. or what happened.. well, should i be proud to say that no one and nothing pissed me off..

then our ex BM teacher was so kind to come in and teach us what the new teacher left out.. she is like, so cool.. that stupid BM teacher pulak scolded her for not telling her earlier and bla bla bla.. and its coming out for exams.. then my ex BM teacher say, then you better go teach now.. and the current BM teacher say cannot.. cause she got class.. ended up, my ex BM teacher came in to our class and teach us EVENTHOUGH SHE HAS A CLASS TOO.. she's the best man..

moral, teacher was talking how to do the essays and stuff.. oh, and 4 Beta students, in case you dunno.. 1 essay, 3 structure questions, 12 nilai.. and 12 KATA KUNCI.. not 36 KATA KUNCI, puiyi.. alpha students told me.. cause their teacher set the questions..

then after school, keanloong waited for me.. then go to sickbay.. he was like.. walking walking walking.. then he asked,"what happen to him??"

sandra: huh?
keanloong: what happen to him?
sandra: what happen to him??
keanloong: yala.. what happen to him??
sandra: what do you mean what happen to him?!!?!?!?!
keanloong: what larh!
sandra: what you talking about?? nothing??
keanloong: okok.. then what happen to you?
sandra: what happen to me??
keanloong: why you like this wan??
sandra: like what?
keanloong: like that la.. why so moody..?
sandra: nothing.. just exams..
keanloong: HAIYORHHH!! its JUST penilaian larh!!
sandra: what do you mean JUST??
keanloong: no one study also larhh.. i think i also gonna fail all..
sandra: *looks at him*
keanloong: except, i think i can get A1 for maths.. and add maths.. and then i think i wont fail bio, moral, sejarah, sivic, Bm, and Bi.. and he listed all the subjects =.="
sandra: i know you DAMN smart..
keanloong: you better not fail add maths.. or you dont call me gor..
sandra: *sigh* *inside me saying "u said that for PMR too.."*

and in the sickbay.. i was studying while waiting for the meeting to start.. and i looked like a dead.. dead.. dead.. corpse.. corpse is already dead. bbutt. its DEAD CORPSE.. so yeah.. karman was like, "are you okay arh??" and all of them were like reading breaking dawn and stuff.. i was like, wtheck?! no need to study wan arh?! then they were like, haiyorhhh.. penilaian only ma.. i was like, =.="

and i kept asking all of them, "why do i always look like this on Fridays??" T.T and they laughed.. =.=" not funny for me.. i didnt even laugh much today.. all i remembered was, i had a poker face the whole day.. and i read literature.. in the girl's changing room which was just beside the girls' toilet while waiting for Low in the toilet.. it was quite stupid.. cause we were on our way to the toilet, and when we pass each classes, then we invite ppl to go to toilet.. hahahahahXD

it was stupid though.. and when they came out from the toilet they were like, "OHMYGOD.. sandra.. what are you doing?? why you read there??"

okay.. stupid.. i just sms-ed the wrong person.. T.T so damn embarassing.. i was suppose to sms xinwei.. "eh! i was just outside ur house.." then she replied, "really?! omggg..."

sandra: i saw ur dad..
suppose to be xinwei: er,, you sure? he hasnt come back yet. u sure its the right house?
sandra: oh.. THINK its your dad. i think it is.. 92/94, jalan midah barat right??
suppose to be xinwei: you sure you sms the correct person arh??
sandra: errr.. no.. who are you??
suppose to be xinwei: i'm your DADDY LARH!
sandra: shit.. xinyi.. wtf.. i cant help but to say wtf.. its the first time i'm saying it though..
xinyi: haha! you so damn cute larh! muaxhh!

>.< gosh.. so embarrassing.. i save the wrong number.. later, only i sms xinwei.. then she was like, who are you?? wtheckkk...

not the first time i sms the wrong person.. cause, yesterday someone message me.. are you going to xinwei's house? i was like, yeapp most probably.. then i see the contact is Michelle Cheong.. i was like, how the heck Michelle know about it?? she lives in Taman Midah.. most probably xinwei invited taman midah ppl.. so i said, whoah.. she inviting the whole taman midah issit?! then Michelle replied.. not jordan.. hahaXD hope you can come!

wonders.. how she even know JORDAN!

then, today, in class..

sandra: Michelle! how you know Jordan arh?
michelle: which jordan? what jordan?
sandra: nehh.. yesterday you sms me wan arr...
michelle: since when i sms you??

*thinks.. look at her.. Thinks again*

sandra: OH SHIT! its not you..

its the form 5 Michelle.. blardyyy hellll..... . . .. . .

enough for today,
i want to die already,
so many things to study..
feel like killing myself.


sorry for being bloody rude today.
I'm bloody stressed.

bloody love you.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Purple Dinosaur.

i aint no crazy! muahahahahah!!!!

Barney is a loveable purple dinosaur like me.. except i'm hotter.. who comes to life through children's and teenager's imaginations. Barney's dinosaur friends, Baby Bop, siewjin, Low, puiyi, emily, Niren, Yuenping, ZunZen and her big brother BJ, and his playmates solve problems and discover the world around them. but it turns to a bad guy.. and start to kill everyone around it.. now baby bop and BJ is dead.. CRY ppl, CRY!!!!

sorry for being evil okayh! but but.. i dunno what wrong with Barney and I.. we were once twins.. but somehow i grew up to be human.. and he still stay as a purple dinosaur.. so we started making plans to kill each other.. he's dead now. that's why i keep chanting I AM A PURPLE DINOSAUR as a coverline..

one more thing is, its true that he is dead.. cause u wont see him anymore.. except on tapes and cds.. that is those last minutes before i kill him..
ps: check out Niren's blog.. hahahahhaXD purpleeee dinosaurrr!! =DDDD

- screw that. what wrong with me?-

sorry.. i'm a little desperate here.. desperate for BARNEY!


ignore me.

what's happening to me??

I am a purple dinosaur ;)

went to school, and puiyi kept asking, "DID YOU POST? DID YOU POST?" i know she wanted to read about the St.John thingy.. then i said, yah.. posted a lot.. then she ask Yuenping then yuenping say no.. so, i started to argue with Yuenping.. we were like ,"yes!" "no!" "yes!" "no!" then just now, while i was browsing throught my bloggg... blooddyyy hell larrrr... i posted A LOT... and somehow.. i dunno how.. nothing about St. John and Bio was there.. T.T it was so damn interesting.. hahahahaXD


pfft. fine.

let's talk about today.. EARLY MORNING, had BM.. and yeah.. T.T our faces were like that.. she was explaining the pantun.. then she said, "dalam rangkap 3.. cakap ttg sebenarnya kita sekala-kalanya pun ada.. ada.. macam.. bad luck.."


"dan rangkap seterusnya ialah.. cakap tentang.. kalau nak baik.. buatlah yang terbaik.. kalau buruk, buatlah main-main saja?"

i bet everyone was like what the crap is she talking about.. T.T then she asked, "faham????" then we go, "fa~~~~hammmmmm" then she said.. "sekarang cakap faham saja.. nanti pulak.. cakap saya tak ajar.. malu bertanya sesat jalan.."

i was like, ask you also no use right?? not like you know anything =.="

you know why??? cause she keep asking for gaya bahasa.. then we tell her.. she need to refer the reference book.. then look at us blurly and ask, "betul tak??" then if we say betul, she will say, ya.. if we say tak.. then she will say, tak kan???

she is like following whatever we say =.=" and i seriously what the crap she talking about..

"saya tak mau, saya bagi dan telan,
suap dan kunyah,
tak nak kamu hanya selak dan baca,

walao.. direct translate from something call "spoon feed" =.=" and i tell you, she is freaking seriously wasting time.. i counted.. its like every 7 seconds, she say one sentence.., after that, pause for another 7 seconds before saying another sentence..

i mean, MACHA! time is precious larh! can talk faster a bit arh?! goshh.. T.T

and her writing.. i'm TELLING you, only god knows how to read it.. i wish i could take a picture of it and post it man..

then after that, she asked one of my classmates to read out the sajak.. after that, she read it out.. then suddenly out of pitch.. then everyone started smile then chuckle.. then laugh out in the end.. cause it was tooooo funnnyyyy.. hahahahahhaXDD then she said, "kenapa kamu ketawa?! kerana kamu kelas Beta dan Omega.."

we were like, "huh?? whaaatttt?? nothing berkaitan also =.=" then she keep saying, lagi? lagi? lagi? lagi?? i am SO NOT SURPRISE if one day, she start to sing britney spear's "gimme more" song.. EVERYTIME also lagi? lagi? lagi?? arghhhh.. she is so annnoyingggg...

then in the end of the classs, she asked, "ada apa-apa nak tanya??"

then everyone was shaking their head.. then she said, "kalau tak ada apa-apa nak tanya.. saya ada apa-apa kerja untuk kamu.."

i was like.. =.=" does she expect us to laugh ??? =.="""

and then! she gave us karangan! cerita somemore! wtheck! where got SPM cerita wan.. anyway.. she asked to do the karangan TIDAK MELEBIHI daripada 360 patah perkataan.. then we were like, cikgu.. ialah MELEBIHI 350 patah perkataan.. then she said, "bukan.. ialah tidak melebihi.." then i say la, "cikgu.. bukan.. ialah MELEBIHI 350 patah perkataan.." then everyone was like agreeing with me.. and in the end, you know what she say?!

"ah.. suka kamu lah!"

we were like, wtheck...

enough of that stupid teacher...

actually before that, we had PJ.. then i quickly change la.. but then, smartie pants Low, siewjin, puiyi, emily,vivian, yuenping all didnt change... all nerds.. wanna study.. dun wanna PJ.. so, fine LO... i was changed back to my school uniform.. ishh.. Stupid ppl.. change, and then nerd with them.. but i ended up flooding Yuenping's mind about my stuff.. hahahahahXD

during Sejarah.. stupid Siewjin and Low keep wanna pull my skirt up.. i dunno what's wrong with them.. stupid ppl.. and then start harassing me! gosh! prefects harassing me in and out.. T.T what happen to "JANGAN MEMBULI?!" especially siewjin.. stupid baobei.. i was like, screaming and stuff.. but they still continue.. SO CHAM OKAYH!!!! T.T no one help me.. i was like,

"STOP LARHH... T.T dont harass me.. dont rape me! i still got my mother and father to take care!! dont!! pls..!! dont!!!"

then the whole class started laughing.. hahahahahahhahXDD

and then and then, we had IP.. free period.. so, Puan Rohana came in, and asked if we wanna learn a few easy tips for add maths.. of course we wanted.. so, she showed us.. and wow. it was really easy.. to find the inverse function.. so cool man.. just in seconds can find ady.. so she promised us.. each time she come to our class, she would show tell us another secret.. so yeah.. cant wait =)

during English.. *ahem* yeah.. the whole class were bloody annoyed with me.. hahahXD and teacher was like, "can someone send her to the sickbay?"

ya ya.., i need STATECOMP members!! i mean, MEMBER.. not plural pls.. hahahhaXD she said that cause i started crapping.. and mixing up Ajitpal's name and Fun Kit Yung's name.. i was like,

"once upon a time, where the skies are blue, and where the fields are green.. there were 3 good friends.. name A, the second one, Jit, and the third one is Pal.. A, jit, and Pal go to the market together.. and then, there, they saw their 3 enemy which are Fun, Kit, and Yung.. then Jit and Kit started fighting.. and then, in the end, Kit came into A and Pal's group, and vice versa.. so, they ended up with a group name A,Kit, Pal and Fun Jit Yung.. after that.. . .. . .. .. . . . . *you dun wanna know what i crap.. its super long that it lasted for a period..*

then, after that story, i started ANOTHER story.. god knows when i'll stop.. so, i was like ,"there's one day.. a farmer, who went to the farm.. and rare lambs, cows, chickens and goats.. and then, the chicken was use to roast and became Siew Kai.. a.k.a siewjin.. *cause Fun Kit Yung keep calling her siew kai.. siew pau siew this.. and siew that.. * and yeah.. i didnt stop crapping..

the worst thing was, i was crapping while hugging my Darlingling.. then everyone was like, "Lesbian errrr......" i was so sleepy and crazy, so i went to them, "SO?! cannot issit?! got problem issit???" then i ask Low, "Low low.. would you be minee???" then she took out the paper from her pencil box saying, "whatever.."

and i was laughing like shit.. you may ask, how teacher tolerate this, well.. she was doing aural with other groups.. so, after all those great great inside out great grandmother stories, i started saying,

"I am a purple dinosaur.. I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur..I am a purple dinosaur.."

non stop.. and Aaron was like, sandra.. are you like okay?? then Fun Kit Yung was like, "OBVIOUSLY she's not.." then teacher heard.. then she was like, "ohmygod.. someone send her to the sickbay.." cause most of the ppl.. were like thinking, how long i can say it.. so, after 10 minutes, they were like,.."she's gonna stop.."

well, 40 minutes passed, and i still havent stop.. so they were like, worried?? after school end, i still didnt stop.. even when i go to the toilet to wash my hands, i still didnt stop.. so, ppl who are not from my class were like staring at me.. then, suddenly one of the cubical toilet door flew open, "CAN YOU STOP IT?!" hahahahahhaXD then i started laughing.. it was vivian with her braces! hahahahahahaXD

then, after that, i still didnt stop.. then, Yuenping followed me.. "She is a purple dinosaur.. she is a purple dinosaur.." then, we went to the skylite.. the juniors were like asking Low, "she ok or not?? what happen to her??" then niren was like, "WHO started with the purple dinosaur.. tell me where is their house.. i'm gonna kill them.."

after that, i STILL didnt stop.. we staybacked for volleyball, so, Low and I went to makan at the condo.. then after 50 minutes of saying I AM A PURPLE DINOSAUR.. i still didnt stop.. then Low was like begging me to stop.. then, on the way to condo, a bunch of juniors were passing by.. including vyvyan.. tricia, and jasmine.. all of them.. then i was still purple dinosauring.. so, from far.. they were waving.. i didnt give them any facial expression. so when they passed me, all of them say hi.. but then, all i say was,


then all of them started laughing.. after an hour, Low did a countdown for me.. she ask me to stop.. fine.. to satisfy her, i did.. after 60 freaking minutes.. then she was like yay! its 2pm ady.. you can stop.. then i was like, okai!

then i started going, "Barney! Barney! Barney! Barney! Barney! Barney! Barney!" she was like, sandraaaaaaaa T.T plsssss..

fine fine.. i stopped at lastttt.. for YOUR sake, then when we eat, we were talking about our stuff.. family and stuff.. cool.. first time i eat ONLY with my Darlingling..

wait wait! you knw why i call Low Low darlingling??
cause darling is for another person..
bao bei is for another person,
then Baby also for another person.. t
hen zhikitai baby is also for another person.. muahahahhaXDD

ahahaXD back to the topic.. went back to school.. talked to Niren.. and he was making lame jokes.. =.=" but i was telling him about our BM teacher.. he was like, "tomorrow you wont be seeing your BM teacher.. i will be the teacher.. hahahahahXD" swt.. but then i was so happy cause got volleyball practice.. AT LAST!! but then, omg.. it started raining heavily..


the first thing i was worry about was, "SHIT.. its raining so heavily.. is siewjinz gonna be ookayy?? sure fall sick again.."

second thing was, volleyball practice was cancelled.. GREATTTT... what are we gonna do from 3pm till 4?? so, Low, Val and I went to School Cafe and did our homework.. and along the way, the form 5's were asking where we were going.. then we say.. go do our homework.. then they were like,"whoah! so rajin.." then i say la, "SPM ARH! studyyy laaa..... . . ." then they say, "dun wan." the next thing we knew, they were walking at the back of us.. ahahhahahahahaXDD

so, yeah.. that was practically my day.

ps: STUPID SH! didnt come to school! ishhh!!!!

pps: puiyi, mac hine.. ahahahhaXD

ppps: 9121522521, darling!

pppps: stupid bao bei siewjin!

ppppps: Low low! my darlingling.. when's our next date??? hahahahahahahXDD

pppppps: vivian, you look damn cute with braces.. hahahahaXD

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I hate it when guys shed tears.. it makes me feel so bad.. cause usually i reallllllyy dont know what to do.. >.<

guys feel afraid when girls cry..
but do you know, that..
girls are two times afraid when a guy cries..

it was a debate with Hao Cherng, and obviously i won..


its okay, my dear..
cheer up =)
just imagine if i were you, and you were me..
and what will you say if i were you..
what will you say if i am sad..
what will you say if i'm crying..

yeah.. so, think about it..
do whatever you wanted me to do when i was down.
it's okayyyy =)

we all face problems,
so dont get too sad over it,
let time cure everything okayy??

=) smile =D

*hugs* brotha!

ps: i just realised that.. there's really MANY ppl who reads my blog.. because today, in class, everyone was talking about the Dragon lady post.. ahhahahahaXD

pps: i'm beginning to hate dares.. >.<>

and also, to ppl like emily, puiyi and vivian.. stop shouting dares right through my ears.. >.<>

Earth As A Sphere

What I've learnt today.

- for what happened this morning, i learnt to be braver (so obvious! hahaXD)

- for the recruits who were under me, i learnt to be more patient.

- for being a squad leader, i learnt that screaming your lungs out doesnt help you. It can only make ppl deaf and in the end, none of them can or will listen to you.


for the competition held, i learnt,

to lose ;)


Mr Roy's tuition was stupid.. he was like.. "ladies and gentleman, and those who are in between.." then he was explaining how australia said that they must respect the gays and lesbiang and stuff.. so after his explaining his maths, he said, "like that, ladies and gentlemans, we have finished chapter 4.."

then i said, "teacher.. you forgot the THOSE WHO ARE IN BETWEENS..." and he replied, "thank you sandra for reminding me about yourself.." i was like, i aint no lesbian okayh! hahahahXD

Mr Roy is seriously very lame larr... he was like, "where the equation?? where?? where?? not underwear arh.." valerie and I were like looking at each other giving each other the =.= look.. and then, when he was explaining add maths.. he go and say,

" u must ask questions if you dont know.. dont be afraid that if ppl laugh at you saying that you're stupid.. you musn't care.. who you are, where you're from, what you do, as long as you know add maths.." then ir sounded so familiar then i started laughing like shit.. and everyone was staring at me.. because they DONT NOTICE THAT, its a lyrics by backstreet boys..

"i dont care,
who you areee,
where you're from..
what you do~~
as longgg as you loveee meee??"

so stupid man.. hahaaXDD anyway, chaoz.. wanna finish my work.. =D

loving and missing you like hell.

I salute you, Chu.

6 something, early in the morning, everyone sibuk wanna go to our teacher's room to hantar our BM books.. cause according to that teacher, we must hantar "SEBELUM TEPAT TUJUH SETENGAH!" so.. yeah..

I saw puiyi and Low went to the Bilik Serba there looking for emily.. to get her books and pass up for her. "oh, shit!" i thought.. i left my book in the locker.. so, being such GOOD friends.. puiyi, Low and additional one GOOD fren, Chu Tat Tsun and I hiked all the way to fourth floor to get my book.. and.. damn.. it was darn dark..

when we reached 4th floor, some of the hallway lights were on.. some weren't. So, I tried the switches and i ter-off all the lights.. then Chu Tat Tsun.. the "super" man guy.. started screaming.. i jumped out.. and quickly on all the lights again..

all of us were like, first, i went, "WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM LARH CHU!?"

then puiyi, "Scream like a girl only man! so high pitch!"

then Low, "Even WE are not screaming.. =.="


Then, after all the commotions.. we went down to the third floor.. the teacher's room is at the right wing of the third floor.. and COINCIDENCELY, the whole right wing of third floor blackout.. then puiyi was like, "nobody's there.. let's go down larrr.."

"nolah! i heard got sound.. i think there's someone in the room," i replied.

so, BRAVELY, i went in front of the teacher's room.. but everyone stayed at the stairway.. preparing to run down IF i were to scream.. i bet.. if i scream, all of them would run down.. and leave me alone there T.T

anyway! i was like, =.=" why you guys so scared?? =.=" then, in the teacher's room.. we saw a shadow.. all of us wanted to run.. but UNFORTUNATELY, i dropped vivian's pen cover! so i was like.. bending down and meraba-raba the lantai to find the pen.. then while touching touching.. suddenly touched a leg.. my eyes were like kosong dot kosong = o.o

a voice said, "apa kamu sedang buat???"

i was like !@#$%^&*() and freaking out.. then i was saying to myself, "jah! screw the pen cover!" we wanted to run.. but then, we HEARD the voice again..

*with a very girlish voice* "siaaapaaa tu???????"

after recalling who's voice is that.. finally, phewww.. "oh! its my ex-BM teacher's voice," i thought.. then Chu heard the voice.. but he dunno who the heck is that.. so he started screaming his lungs out like a girl with a superrr high pitch voice.. and then puiyi and Low started screaming cause Chu screamed.. and laughing cause Chu screamed =.="

i was like, "BLARDY HELL.. SHUT UP! I'm trying to talk to teacher!!!" cause.. we see, NOTHING.. everything was black.. as if we were blind.. or.. as if we were blindfolded.. then, i was like talking to teacher.. she was laughing cause Chu was STILL screaming like nobody's business.. =.="

teacher: saya tak nampak kau lah.. hahaXD
sandra: Cikgu, saya ialah Sandra. Saya datang kerana guru BM yang baru itu mengada-gada, mau kita hantar tepat pada 7.30 pagi.. * its like talking "i come for peace" =.= and Chu still screaming at the background.. puiyi and Low, laughing and screaming at the same time.. i took dunno HOW long to tell teacher what i wanted to say..*
teacher: ohhh.. rupa-rupanya begitu..
Chu: yerrrrrr.. who you talking tooo?? *with that accent*

*the 3 musketeers havent stop screaming and laughing.. then i also hesitated.. i took two steps back from the shadow and asked the teacher, "cikgu! cikgu ni cikgu ke "cikgu"??

teacher: arh?? apa??

*they STILL havent stop screaming.. =.= ESPECIALLY CHU TAT TSUN.. and i was starting to get annoyed with it.. =.="*

then i JUST wanted to pass the books up.. and stuff my shoe into Chu's mouth after that to stop him from screaming like a girll... GOSH! he can sing higher pitch than Celine Dion man! T.T

sandra: *still cannot see anything* cikgu.. mana meja guru BM baru itu??
cikgu: sana..
sandra: *walks to a table* sini?
cikgu: bukan.. sana..
sandra: *walks to a table* sini?
cikgu: bukann... saya tunjuk SANA..
sandra: *walks to a table* sini?
*err.. wthell?? she point also no use right?? not like i can see anything also.. i also main jalan only.. so scared that i would fall down right on my face and crack my cracked skull..*

finally, i go to another table, "sini??"
and she said, "YA YA!!!"

of course its that table larr.. =.= its the last table i didnt go wert.. =.="

and then while i had the difficult conversation with teacher.. i thanked her and go off.. Chu was still screaming his head off for i dont know what reason =.=" then later puiyi told me that he saw this little kid.. a small girl.. facing the wall.. not moving.. doing nothing.. straight away the rumours about Bio lab.. ground floor.. fourth floor.. all the scary stories struck me.. but then.. wthell.. it's probably the lab assistant's daughter.. you know why??

cause when Chu was screaming like a deperate lady who just lost her boyfriend, the little girl actually TURNED to him and said, "OHMYGOD! who is that??" hahahhahhahaXDD

PLEASE lar, Chu.. why you scream until like THAT wan?? GOSH!! among 4 of us! you scream the most and the loudest.. AND THE LONGEST!dont have to scream until like THAT right?? even WE, the girls are not screaming.. T.T gosh.. i wonder how you gonna protect your girlfriend next time.. you will scream right through her ears during a scary movie.. and make everyone in the cinema deaf.. T.T

even i, SANDRA didnt even scream.. u see, i have a special case.. i scream when i dont need to scream.. and i dont scream when i need to scream.. and THAT"s WHY you always see me screaming in class, eventhough i'm talking to the person beside me.. hahahahahahhaXDD

and whoah! all of a sudden, i realise..

... ... ...

that i am actually brave.. hahahahhahahahahahahhahahaXDDDDD

and during Maths, i realised, whoever i sit next to during any subject, that someone cant study.. cause I'M BESIDE them.. second thoughts, KESIAN YUENPING.. hahahaXD

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

sh, apa share share?!

la la la la~~
lack of art skills..

zunzen~~ someone thinking about you all the time.. i'm SO JEALOUS.. ahahahhahahaXD

sheau hwa darlingg.. i mean.. no.. darling is for another person.. i mean.. sheau hwa.. my personal b**** =) thanks for the cupcakes..
wait! i should have scold you! apa share share?! go die okayhhh!! like THAT laaa.. got NEW friends forget OLD friends already larrrrr.. hmph!

=))))))))))))))))))))))))))) cant stop smiling =DDDDD
DARN CUTE rightt?? =)
ps: i just realised my blog counter.. is set on 24 November 2008 =P means since THAT time.. 4000 over ppl visited my blog =D

I turn my head to the east… I don’t see nobody by my side
I turn my head to the west… still nobody in sight
So I turn my head to the north, swallow that pill that they call pride
The old me is dead and gone, the new me will be alright

Whoah! Dragon!

okay okay.. i'm gonna post this realllllyyy fast.. because i overslept.. and its like 6.50pm now.. and i'm gonna have tuition.. >.<

4 beta-ians already KNOW what i'm gonna post today.. in fact, most of you REQUESTED about it.. =P

so, its about this woman.. who came in during BM period.. and started being an annoying woman.. ended up being a shitty woman..

who issit??

I couldnt resist.. but to say its our new BM teacher. =x

she came in and said.. ARROGANTLY..

"saya... ada... beberapa... peraturan... *very slowly..* dalam kelas saya.. saya.. tidak membenarkan anda.. untuk bertutur dalam bahasa cina ke.. Inggeris ke.. German ke.. Prancis.. *its Perancis.. but she pronounce as PRRRAANcis.. all of us were like looking down, laughing our shits of..* kamu hanya.. dibenarkan untuk.. bertutur dalam Bahasa Melayu. Kalau tak suka.. boleh GET.OUT.OF.MY.CLASS."

we were like.. wtheck.. you're using ENGLISH, dude =.="

then she continued..

"saya.. tak.. sama dengan cilgu kamu yang sebelum ini.. dalam kelas dia boleh main main.. tapi.. kalau mahu main dengan saya.. NO WAY.

kalau.. mahu saya.. jadi kawan kamu.. *nobody wants to be her friend =x* saya boleh jadi sebaik-baiknya.. kalau mahu jadi lawan.. Its fine."

then she added, "kalau mahu saya jadi naga, TRY ME"

wthelll.. i was laughing like shit.. SILENTLY.. i mean.. try her?? like the toys in toys-r-us issit?? "barneyyyy.. TRY ME" hahahhahahahhahXDD

"dan kerja-kerja saya.. mesti ON TIME."

fine, we thought.. since she have SO bloody SO many rules.. let's she what she got..

teacher: saya mahu kamu buat watak dan perwatakan watak utama.. Othman kan?? Othman atau Osman??
whole class: Othman..
teacher: Oth.. Oth..
one studenti: tetapi.. cikgu.. watak utama ialah HASSAN..
teacher: ya ya.. Hassan..


teacher: okay! saya mahu tanya.. apakah... PERSONAfikasi??
teacher: *reads from namelist* LIM YUEN PING! apakah personafikasi..
yuenping: *she crapped out what's that correctly..*
teacher: betulkah apa YUEN kata??

*we were laughing like shit.. * then she wrote.. on the board.. PERSONAFIKASI.. everyone dared me to go correct the teacher.."

sandra: CIKGU! ialah persoNIfikasi.. bukan persoNAfikasi..
teacher: oh. ya ke?
teacher: macam mana dengan *writes on the board* asoNASI??

*another dare AGAIN.. why issit have to be me?! T.T but i just love dare =D"

sandra: CIKGU! ialah asoNANSI.. bukan asoNASI.. *whispered to yuenping, "ask her go balik makan nasi.. like that also dunno.."*

then she explained..

teacher: ezzati.. apakah personafikasi.. *tell her its PERSONIFIKASI.. she keep persona persona =.="
ezzati: objek yang bersifat manusia..
teacher: salah.. personafikasi ialah perkataan yang mempunyai abstrak dan konkrit..

we were like WHAT THE HELL?! that is METAFORA!!! then she continued,

"saya tak suka.. apabila saya tanya tentang gaya bahasa.. kamu semua bengke.."

then vivian whispered to me.. "what's bengke??" then i started laughing then somehow she heard.. then she said..

"bengke ialah BLUR!"

yaya, we thought.. we are the one who is BLUR.. when she doesnt even know what's personifikasi =.="

then once she STEPPED OUT Of the class.. the whole class were like making fun of her... no offends.. ESPECIALLY ME... i keep immitating her.. and a little bit of IMPROVISING *smiles evilyyyyyy*

"kalau mahu saya jadi naga... TRY ME. *immitate pushing a TRY ME button* ttitttt!"
"kalau mahu saya jadi anjing.. TRY ME. *push the button again* ruff! ruff!
"kalau mahu saya jadi tahi.. TRY ME.. *pushes button* then come out one shit.. finally she got the correct transformation..

i.. respect teachers.. but.. DEFINITELY not her.. if you ENCOUNTER HER.. you'll know..

i really cannot tahan her lo.. i was like, shouting to the whole classs... "WHO LIKES HER???!?!??!?!" no one hands up.. >.<>

so, yeah.. we are SO GONNA COMPLAIN to the heads.. i mean, wthell.. got quality, then you arrogant nevermind la.. now NO quality.. bising bising.. ish..

i told my mom about it.. and she was laughing like shit also.. gosh man.. may god bless her..

k.. anyway.. gtg! chaoz!

Monday, February 23, 2009


and PPL!! stop scolding me for ignoring siewjinz.. i AM NOT ALREADY OKAYH.. stupid ppl.. make me feel damnnnnnnn baddd.. and weixing alsoo.. dan zunzen and keanloong.. especially keanloong.. sendiri buat malu only... ahahhahahahXDD

and teh kean loong! what's with sports day is the last day of school for you and moving to singapore or something like that?? full of crap larh youuu..

and zunzen, i know we DAMMNNNNNN cuteeeeeeee.. hahahahahaXD

and jarrett!! so you siding him larh now?! want to fight larh nowwwwww??????? fineeeeee!! so called "guys stuff" larrhh!!! FINE~~~~~............................... >.<

blek! =P

ps: i love you =D that period must have been hell for you..>.<

Ikeaaaa~~ =D

Today, i woke up looking like a desperate child.. desperate to sms, or to call or to contact someone.. i had badddd nightmaresss mannn T.T i didnt know how was i gonna live through today but then but then.. my mom ajak me to go out for shopping.. so, the thought of dying and studying the whole day flew somewhere else.. hahahahaXD

but then.. my dad wanted to bring me to the bank.. so yeah.. i went.. after that my mom and i went and fetch derek's mom and his sister, dana..

and on the way.. i dunno why.. Dana said that her friends saw my class photos in the yearbook.. and she said her friends said that i look like Barney.. i was like ... ?!??!?!??! i aint no purple dinosaur!!! hahahahhahaXDD

wait.. *looks at my photo*... HELL NO! i dont look like any purple dinosaur okayh! hmph!

so yeah, let the photos tell you what i did.. i took 113 photos today.. ahhahahhaXD

start from here =D

fuyhhh.. damn cool punya look.. hahahhahaXD

i cant deny that we are fat piglets =D
la la la~~ desperately browsing through my sms-es... JOKING! its not even my phoneee.. hahahahhahaXD

stop eating larh, pigggg,...

okay.. this is stupidly funny.. i took it.. then i was like, "so cuteeeeeee!!!!" then dana took it.. and then suddenly throw it away.. i was like o.o and she said, "ewh! its sickening!!! its like ostrich plus somekind of thinggg... " and i started laughing like shitt...
okay.. THIS is NOT sickening okayyy?? hahahahXD
and this is SUPER cuteeee~~ =D
my love for you =D
this crocodile is not a good role model.. its eating its young! hahahhaXD

look like siewjin..siewjin R.. not siewjinZ.. hahahahahahhaXD
boo! =D
always fail to take a NICE picture to her =D
ahahahhahahahXDD suits her.. =D
and then, we went to the lightings section =DDD
the pictures you see.. may contain immature and crazy contents.. see at your own risks..

heck.. i dunno what i was doing.. hahahahahahaXD
pretty lights.. WHY ON EARTH must she always look like she's suffering with me?? hahahahahahXD

okay.. THIS was the immature content.. becauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...

its actually a lamp... ahhahahahahahahahhXDD
and MORE lampsss =DDDD
la la la~~ random pictureee!! =DDD
paper bag lamps =DDDD
sorry.. the paper bag lamps were too attractive.. ahhahahahXD
sorry i am not as thin as the rod okayh! hahahahhaXD
la la la~~ i find these lamps damn nice..
i dunno....
what i was doingg... =D
i wonder who will buy these lampss.. hahahahhahaXD
just another pic of me being a jakun =D
carpettt sectionsss =DDDD
whatever you see is NOT the truth okayh! i WASNT strangling her!! >.<
i was darn bored.. and then.. suddenly.. Dana came and on the computer.. i was like, "WHAT YOU DOING?! its the worker's place larh!!!" then she said,"eh?? got internet wan wor!! lets see.." i was like, "cannot wan larrrrrr..."
muahahhahahahhaXDDD then we go blog surfing with the worker's computer.. hahahhahaXD
first, to zhengkang's blog..
then to Derek's bloggg...
next to zunzen's bloggg...
lepas itu, ke yuenping's blogg..
then Niren... =D
to Hao Cherng's....
and lastly to delete the history... ...
and off the computer =DDDD hahahahahhahahahXDD
then then.. this stupid girll.. ask me to touch the door mat.. and then smell it.. i was like.. ewh.. heck no..
i wasnt inhaling it.. just for the pic =P
but she so smart go and do it.. and she started jumping around.. cause it smelled so bad... ahahhahahahahahahXDDD
and she was actually cleaning her hands on another carpet.. hahahahahhaahaXDD goshhh... aihhh.. what kind of human is thisss... ...

and then, we went to the deco cornerrr... =DDDDD
i feel this is a emo pictureee.. =D
i wonder who will hang this on their wall.. ahahahhahahahahXDD
i feel its very nicee =D
the picture look.. so.. like.. lonely... hahahahahhaXDD
and then, to the mirror's section!! =DDDDDDDDDD
i was like, "mirror mirror.. on the wall.. who's the hottest.. of them all???"
then dunno why came out this picture.. ahhahahahahhaahaXDDD

lalallalalalal~~~ jakun-ing =D
cacat ppl =D
dun ask me what i was doing =DD
Dana said the thing look like a toilet brush.. hahahahXD =.="

whoah! so touched..

for me =D
the the.. the.. i forgot whaat you call it.. hahahahXD
we were so bored... so, we sat down at some cafeteria.. and wait for our mothers... we were damn rajin okayh!!! form 1 science..
DEREK CHAN! what you teach ur sister wan?! circle everything! expect her to memorise everything arh?!
we were darn bored alreadyyyy...
we calle our moms..... but NONE of them pick up the phone.. =.=
while we were bored.. we were talking about Derek.. then i was drinking my soft drink and then asked Dana.. "so.. which friend of derek you know??"
immediately, i spat my drink out.. and started laughing laughing laughing...
sandra: how you know him?!
dana: cause he use to call Derek everytime..
sandra: hahahhahahahahhahahahahahXDD
dana: why you laughing??
sandra: no....haha..thing.. nothing.. hahahahahahXDD
dana: who is he??
sandra: who is he??
dana: who is he laaa??
sandra: heeee... isss..... wait.. how i know who is he?? your brother's friend right??
dana: *thinks thinks thinks* ya hor..

hahahhahahahahahahXDDD damn funny mann...

dana: next time, when derek's friend call.. i want to tell them they call the wrong number.. he EVERYDAY also got phone calls..
sandra: guy or girl??
dana: OF COURSE guy larrr...
sandra: then next time you should tell them, that you are his gf.. and ask them dun disturb him.. dana: hahaha..
after a longgg crappy talk..

went to the car.. put our things..
close the boot..
and headed to the Curve =DDD
the two ladies that we've been waiting for like dunno how many hours.. T.T

and then.. we had ICE CREAM!! =DD pinky!! AT LAST!! AFTER dunno how many years.. talking about the shop.. i FINALLY found it..
as you can see.. i'm enjoying the ice cream like crazy.. i dun care if you call me fat.. ahhahahaXD
on the way home.. and find this SUPER CUTEEEE... heart shaped plant..
lovess for someoneee =DDDDDDDDDDDD
looks like babana ya??? hahahhahaXDD
too bored... =D nothing to do.. dun blame me..
took an HOUR to come home.. and then..
disturb my dogggg...

cause i'm still in a camwhoring mood =D

hahahhahaXDD that's all for today.. =DDDD

btw.. DEREK CHAN CHEONG KEI... u owe me.. A LOT.. watch out arrrrrrrrr... she'll know one day.. and keep your promise.. >.<>