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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


WAIT A MINUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!





my public speakinggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omgggg!!!!!!!!!! is it on mondayyyy??? omgggg.. dahla.. i barely have time to studyyy.. and now??? the stupid speech which is postponed for almost a month.. is like next week.. i'm not even sure whether its next week or not.. everytime i practice, then dun have.. waste all my effort..


i hate this mann.. i'm already so damn stressed and now have to practice for this stupid thing.. ohmygodddd.. could it be anymore worse??? pls larhhh... i feel like dyingggggggggggggggggggg.... goddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!

wat the hell am i suppose to heaven do???

oh god,
oh heaven,
oh earth,
oh hell,
oh die.
oh shit,
oh urea,

OH NOoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


There can be miracle,

when you believe,

the hope is frail,

it's hard to kill,

who knows what miracle you can achieve?

when you believe,

somehow you will,

you will achieve,

when you believe.


i know a lot of us is having a really hard time.. i think i know why am i so stressed and frustrated.. because everytime i study, i always thought it would be impossible for me to score straight A's and in the end, i will lost hope.. and then, it makes me worst..

so now, actually, the first thing is, we have to believe we can do it, in order to get what we want



Haha.. wahliao.. I have been sms-ing Jia Jun since like 1.45pm until like now.. my goddd.. like, almost 4 hours… hahaXDD but I can tell you, he can really talk MANNNNN!! Haha.. lagi know how to ambil hati his future pet-sis in lawww.. he arr.. mmg terukk wannn.. u seriously cant believe how much crap he can crap and how much he can talk.. as in REALLYYY talk.. haha XDD

Oh, and he says he is VERY MATURE.. not like other ppl.. haha.. and he said that I am GOOD, KIND, NICE.. wahliao.. and so many sweet words JUST so that I wont kill him.. hahaXDDD dun worry, jia jun.. I’m a super nice person… righttttt??? And jia jun.. dun forget to taggg arrr… and dun forget what you promiseeeeee~~~ if not,…. You tau padahnya larhhh…

And then.. somehow, I called Jarrett.. ahahaha.. but it wasn’t a good time.. cause his sis was punishing him for not memorising sejarah.. have to do like dunno how many push ups.. haha.. of course larhh.. his sister is an athlete.. kesiannnn.. hahahahXDDD but I agree with his sister.. so he was like… “NOooooo!!!!!!!” hahaXD

Hmm.. I talked to pinky like almost 35 minutess just nowww.. and she is like… the hottest and smartest girl in school.. in an annual prefect dinner, everyone was so surprise she let down her hair and wore skirt.. normal to us, but not to the ppl in her school.. so everyone was chasing her with the camera, like the click five-catch your wave music video.. haha.. and she was running away from them.. hahaha..XDDD

Anyway.. she promise she will come down and teach me some sejarah stuff and she will bring adeline’s twin sister here.. haha.. cause she have a friend.. who.. walks like Adeline, eats like Adeline, fingers short as Adeline, as slow as Adeline, everything like adeline.. hahaha..

You know what.. I dunno why.. really dunno why, that everyone is talking to me, but appearing offline.. very fun is it??? Crazy ppl…

Oh, and just now I phoned sheau hwa,. She didn’t wanna talk to me ady…cause she say 30 percent of my depression is going through the phone.. which makes her depressed.. haha.. I got the power mannn~~ haha..XD

imagine.. it will always be just an imagination..

i'm so.. feeling so.. *sigh*.. the worst feeling i have ever had in my life.. i have never felt so.. i never thought, SANDRA will have stress, and worst thing is.. i dun have anyone to open up to other than my blog(which is everyone).. but.. its..just.. different la.. *sigh*.. but actually i call almost everyone.. but.. it still doesnt make me better.. =( sobss.. its like NOTHING in this world could make me feel better.. i think.. only my mom's advice which is "dont get straight A's nevermind la... dun be so stressed" will make me feeel better.. but.. ya noe?? she's not hereeee~~~ haizzzz.. somemore she is staying like one more freaking month...

i realise.. that.. IF i get 7A's.. u know me.. i would be screaming and hugging everyone, trust me..

i was imagining.. when i get the result slip, and run through how many A's i got..

imagine.. its A'ssss all the way.. how grreatt would it be??=)

imagine, how happy i, myself will be and thought that all this suffer i am having now is worth it, so that's why i got to be patient..=)

imagine, how happy my parents would be.. =)

imagine, kor will keep his promise.. =)

imagine, how proud would my brothers be..

imagine, how alex got to bow to me.. XD eventhough.. he look like as if he dont care, but i know, cause my mom told me once.. that.. he actually care.. so that's why.. he is willing to teach me.. eventhough he teach like a lorry driver teaching a blind man driving.. but it still helps..

and imagine, i could buy anything in the world i want...=)

yeah.. imagine THAT...

but all of it.. is IF's and IMAGINE... *sigh* i know, some of you will go,.. wth?? its just PMR.. not the end of the world.. but.. i'm not ashame to say that.. it is really important to me..

"like duhh??? who say's is not important, if not ppl wont be studying and worrying..."

but still, yeah..

all i can is..

imagine... =(

wrong, wrong, totally wrong..

you know whatttt??? i counted wrongly.. so wrongggg.. i sleep like, more than 7 hours.. alost 8 hours.. but what about my afternoon naps.. i sure cannot tahan wan, and raya open houses?? ='(



ohmy.. i shouldnt have sleep so longgg.. must cut down my sleeping time ady.. aihhh.. siewjin said.. everything is okayyy.. dun worry about it.. eventhough, you left one freaking day, its still not too late, dont be so worrryyyyy...

buttt,, i cant help it... ='( sobssss...
omgg.. i have to stop blogging bout all these sad, frustrated, depressing, pathetic stuff ady.. i have already wasted one litre of tears on it... *sigh*... PMR is really stressing EVERYONE out.. except.. ppl like.. tabitha? kean loong? sam? and all the smarty pants.. and LOW TOO!!!!

keanloong saysss.. he havent finish any reading subject yet.. which makes me feel better.. haha so i asked him..

science? no
geo? no
KH? no
sejarah? no

but the last answer he gave me is "but i am ready..."

WOW>.FREAKING WOW!!!! this SO DOESNT MAKE ME BETTER>>>>>aih.. smarty pants.. obviously larhhh.. for those who got straight A's for trials.. sure get straight A's in PMR ady.. its like a piece of cake to them.. except for out class, those who got B or C for English, tak kira larhh.... cause... ... ... ... .. . . . . . to be continued... ... .. .. . . . . .

Monday, September 29, 2008


hm... i was so crazy this morning until like afternoon.. then i cannot tahan, i scared if i continue studying without anything going in, i will get a knife and stab myself.. so i just took a nap.. i was sleeping soundly when emily's messaged me.. -_-" i thought it was something important or anything~~ guess wat she messaged me..


wat is that suppose to meannnn??? and i replied her, but she never replied me =.=" god knows how weird she is.. hahaXDD

and then.. i cannot go back to sleep.. so i studied.. it just stopped raining, so i collected my form2 sejarah book and my pencil box and went out to the garden and studied... luckily my doggieeee was in the porch, if not, my sejarah book, gone case larhh...

and then.. i came in when it was getting dark.. then i called siewjin to ask her bout dato' kelana stuff.. then i told her how frustrated i was.. and bla bla bla.. and she keep telling me positive stuff.. but i still reply her with negative stuff, in the end.. she said " i'm trying to make you not to feel bad, but what you said, actually, made me feel worst..."


and then.. i asked alex to explain the electricity chapter.. he was like teaching me so manyyy thingsss... but i think, if you are in my house, you will think we are fighting.. cause we were like talking so darn loud.. he will go "OHMYGODDD.. like that also dunno.. bla bla bla.. no need to take PMR lo... 6 x 1 1/2 also dunno.."

dammit larhh.. i just took a longerrrr wayyy.. yishhhh.. and then he was like.. okay... V= I/R.. i'm like.. "err.. isnt it.. V= I x R???? "

then he stared at me, i stared at him... then he said " you suree ka???"

then i replied, "err.. yeahhh???"

then i flip flip flip the book and show him.. then he was like "ahhh.. yalayala... V= I x R"

then i stared at him.. " u sure u can teach me arhh???"

then he said, "wat larh!! your table is so messy.. its makes my eyes so pain, ur room is so hot, the table is too near.. ... ... .. .. ~~~"

"wateverr mannn.... -_-" "

then if got questions both of us not sure, then he will think think think.. and then " yishhh.. let me get my physics book.. kacau larh you!!!"

"o.o... where gottt???"

omg.. u cant imagine how many sweets he took from me just to teach me.. he said.. must pay wann.. so he took all my sweetss.. yishhh -_-" but he say he's gonna buy me stuff tomorrow... hahaXD.. i just laugh.. cause i always learn my lesson.. which is never believe him.. ;/ he always cheat wan.. everytime, he will ask me to do stuff.. then he say, as reward, will buy me this and that, and then when i asked him where's my reward.. he will say.. "nooo~~ you also didnt do for me~~ bla bla bla"

yishhh.. kena tipu lagi.. ;/

i was like o.o.. when my dad told me.. that my mom should stay in australia for another ONE FREAKING MONTH!!!! she was suppose to come back at 10 oct 2008.. cause she want to be here when i'm having my PMR.. but my dad say, she should stay longer to help my brother out.... but.. but.. i was telling my dad..

"YOU ARR.. leave me alone at home.. alex go college, you go to work, no one take care of me.. i hungry also, no food.. leave me alone.. so lonely, you know! and and the freaking maid keep asking me to eat eat eat.. so bisinggg.. yishhh.. eat wat?? she keep asking me to eat, but there is nothing to eat.. yishhh" (my maid is a little bit sot wan.. if you dun believe, ask ppl like adeline, puiyi and stuff.. hahaXD)

my dad, seeing me so stressed, brought me to Tesco to walk around.. hahaXDD.. so i ambil kesempatan, buy this and that.. ask him to buy expensive stuff that he would never buyy.. haha.. and then ask him to buy bird nest and this and that.. =PPPP haha...

till this extend, i cant not admit that i am spoilt by my dad... ahahaXDDD

what do we have?? we dont even have TIME!!!!

i counted.. we have exactly TWO freaking weeks before PMR... which is 14 days.. which is a fortnight.. which is 336 hours.. and anddddd

lets say if,

we take 3 hours a day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner, x14 days... which is
= 42 hours

we sleep 7 hours a day, x14.. which is
=112 hours

we bathe 30 minutes a day.. let's say we kurangkan our bathing times.. bathe only one time a day.. x14, which is
=5 hours

and add my tuition for this two weeks its..
= 15 hours and 30 minutes..

add all together.. and minus, which is

336h- 42h- 112h- 5h- 15h 30 min
= about 162 hours

now, its already 1 o' clock in the afternoon.. so, minus 13 hours...

162hours - 13hours
= 148 hours.. = 8880 MINUTES...




omggg.. i talked to yuen ping for like exactly 48 minutes and 21 secondss.. my dad will kill me for the phone bill.. we were talking about sejarah sejarah and sejarah.. i say one thing bout a topic.. she can like tell me every single thing bout it and the year and datesss.. omGGGGG!!!! omfgggggg.. btw, omFg.. stands for ohmyfreakinggod.. not ohmy*ahem*god..

and emily is like so damn good in science.. i wonder how long it takes to be like them.. they are like super crazy ppl.. mygodddddd... i am so blur in like every single freaking thinggg.. i wish i could be born like in the dinosour years.. so that i can do not need to learn bout all this stupid history politics stufff.. its driving me crazyyy...

sobsss... ~~

and the freaking fleming left hand rule and the right-hand grip rule is driving me nutssss~~~ ugh!!!!

oh, and erm, ade, siewjin, low and sheau hwa, if you wanna know ur BM marks, call the freaking me.. i got it.. dun sms arhhh!!! i slap you, waste my credit.. if u wanna know, call me..!! >.<



i hate myself man.. i cannot understand some science stuffffff.. i woke up like 8.30.. study study until now, also nothing going in.. i am so freaking annoyed and frustrated with myself.. PLUS.. my neighbour's babiesssss all shouting here, screaming there, crying here, begging there.. my gawdddddddddddd!!!!!!!

i feel like tearing their heads off mannnn... *sigh*...



kor, i think i cannot keep my promise la... i dun think i can score.. seeing my keadaan like that.. *sigh*

help me, please... i'm begging the SHIT out of you..
please??? =(
pleaseee????? o.o
i told you i will blog.. i cannot tahan abandoning my blog... or should i say.. how i feel.. =(

Sunday, September 28, 2008


okayyy.. i've been chatting to kean loong a.k.a. my kor kor for like almost 2 hours di.. haha.. i chatted with jia jun also.. he added me.. i think u will never imagine our conversation.. it goes something like this..

sandra: hi

jiajun: hi

sandra: can you talk more??

jiajun: haha

sandra: haha

jiajun: haha

sandra: ??? msn also only can laugh arr???

jiajun: nola

sandra: then?? talk more can or nott??

jiajun: hi, how are you??


jiajun: haha

sandra: haha

jiajun: haha

sandra: our whole conversation is haha.. haha and haha..

jiajun: hehe

sandra: GODDDD!!!!!!

(omgggg mannn.. so damn funnyyy?? hahhahaha)

and then.. i talk to sally.. and i tell you..

<<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:
talking to my pet bro maaaaa

Sallyy says:

Sallyy says:
ooooooooooh i see xD

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:
u know righttt??

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:
or maybe no..

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:

Sallyy says:

Sallyy says:
er nope

Sallyy says:

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:

Sallyy says:

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:
as in wat nope??

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:
u know who is kl rightttt???????????

Sallyy says:
nope, i don't know who's your brother.

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:

Sallyy says:

Sallyy says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:

Sallyy says:
Kean Loong?

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:

Sallyy says:

Sallyy says:

Sallyy says:

Sallyy says:

Sallyy says:
he's your brother?

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::.. --> In the loving memory of, HYPERNESS.. <3 imagine 5 sandras... hahaXD says:
chill chill..



okayy.. for some reasonsssss.. i am going to gurantee myself that i will get 7A's.. i hope i can get.. so.. i am afraid, i wont be blogging so much, kayh??? sorry ppl.. after PMR.. i will blog like every single freaking day with like 5 posts a day?? kay kayyy?? cause i promise someone.. and *ahem* must keep ITS promise too.. kay kay kay??? kayyy... bye~~


(i'll probably come online and blog tomorrow.. hahhaha)


Scattered about are seven purple stars
Thoughts are brought together by each, crushing our cry out for love
Unable to escape from it, we cling to our dreams
We won't lose anymore to the everyday trickery

Wake up right now
Soon we seem to be surrounded
By the REAL world choking us
Your important who?
In the luxury world, shards of eternity are appearing and disappearing
Touch and seize it, now let's precisely walk this way

"Without regret" we advanced to our destination
Will we laugh? Will we cry? Will we be happy? Will we be unhappy?
After all now, yet I still don't understand
In the future you start to change; don't falter
That's life's essence

We're living just barely, we sent our answer
Even if it's different, and gives the wrong impression
But it's a powerful hope
Until that day you become the real thing
In this cruel world, love's bud will probably be smashed
Touch and seize it, we now we engrave it firmly

In order to smile in the end, we now walk precisely this way


just came back from the seminarr.. i was like suffering from gastric.. cause i didnt eat in the morning.. cause i was rushing... the subjects today were all taught by strict teacherss.. not fun alssssoooo~~~ hmm... vivian was scaryyyy.. she JUST cant stop winking at me... and later on, puiyi learnt her stupid lesbian tricks.. and she was winking at me too.. but come on, pui yi.. u suck at winking larhhh.. haha.. and you are not suitable enough to be a lesbiannn~~ XD

after seminar... alex and my dad were waiting for me.. they parked the car like 800 metres from kasturi.. but we went for brunch??? ate heavenly stuff.. but me and alex were disgusted by the place there.. haha.. XDD.. we were like almost holding on to each other.. haha.. and then we went to some supermarket nearby.. walk aroundd.. and me and alex were jacoon-ing.. suddenly he was translating a kiddie song.. from english to chinese.. he was like "1,2,3,4,5.. one i caught a fish aliveee.. then then?? sandra?? thennn???"

"erm... one, two , three, four, five.. once i caught a fish alive;
six, seven, eight, nine, ten, then i let it go againn???? "

then we were translating it to chinese.. and then suddenly he said... "er.. why are we even singing this songgg???"

then i said "yeahhhh... why arrrr??? hahahhahah"

hahaXDDD. then we walked past a police station.. where the car park was full of crashed, burnt cars... and then suddenly alex asked... "i wonder how it feels to be burnt alive or exploded in the car???"

wth.. hahaXDDDD

okaii.. gtg for pianooo~~~ mygawddd, i'm so tiredddd.. aihhhh.. k la k la.. gtg.. bye...

OH!!! and i am gonna kill kean loong for saying that i am his friend's girlfriend.. come on larhhh.. i dun even know his NAME!!!!


Saturday, September 27, 2008


just came back from pavillion.. had ichiban boshi.. again~~ for the i dunno how many times.. hahaXDDD.. and then shopped around with my friendddd and familiess~~

before that, i told emily that i went to pavillion.. she was like "yerhhhh... not fairr..." and i was eating dinner, when she sms-ed me and told me she was going to pavillion tooo -_-"

hahaXDD.. so after dinner, i went to forever 21.. and then i wanted to meet emily who was having dinner in Kampachi.. but her dad want to go home straight away after dinner.. but then.. we were directing each other to see each other.. i kept asking her to go to the bridge where i can see her but she didnt.. so in the end.. we didnt see each other.. we were on the phone when she suddenly laugh and said she saw alex.. she didnt see me because he was walking with my fren's bro.. NOT BECAUSE I"M SHORT!!!! arghhh... so sad mannn..

so, i just continue to walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk and walk??? haha.. too much of the BM essay thing adyyy.. hahaXDD

oh! and then i saw my fren's shirt which says


it was so cool.. i know he meant the sentence to his sister which practically meant ME!!! haha.. XDDDD darn funnehhhh!!! and alex was like.. i think.. its SHORT, not HOT... hmph! >.<


the day a girl name sandra gone crazy and mad =D and hyperrr...~~

today.. got the seminar thingyyyyy... laughed seriously like shitttt!!!! oh.. during sejarah time.. there's this 2 girls kept talking talking talking.. and she is like so tall.. i cant even see the teacher... i was so damn *ugh*... dunno how to explain.. i really felt like banging their head together until it bleeds.. sorry for my violent-ness.. but if you dont believe, ask siewjin.. its seriously so DAMN annoying.. i feel like facing them and pretend to talk to siew jin.. "siewjin, can you ask the two girls in front of me to shut up???" but.. thank god.. i didnt do that.. INSTEAD, during 5 minutes break, they went to toilet.. then i quickly tore a piece of paper and wrote

"can you please stop talking when teacher is talking?? we cant concentrate. THANK YOU" (that thank you is suppose to be so sacarstic)

and i put on top of their table, then i told the girl who sit beside them to not tell that i put it there.. but kantoi.. that, when i go explain how annoying they were to the girl, and i didnt notice they were like coming ady.. like 1 step before they sit.. then i think their fren saw.. and then she told them that i wrote it.. and then.. they shut-ted up for the next 2 hours.. =)

but during BM.. i think i laughed the loudest, according to kean loong.. hahahaXDDD.. emily also was like "watthehell" cause i laughed like so crazy.. hahaXDD.. and you know what?? vivian can never stop winking at me.. and when i tell emily.. vivian will say "where got??, emily, actually she is the one who wink at me..." and she kept denying.. so annoyinggggg~~~

then there's one time.. i found her staring at me.. then i look up, she winked at me again.. *ugh* then i was saying so loud... "pls stop looking at me and wink at me like i'm the hottest girl in the whole world.. thank you, but i already know that.. so there's no need to wink at me.." then emily and vivian was like "wat the..."

then, there's another time.. vivian kept denying.. and emily dunno who to believe.. then one time, vivian wink at me then emily turn at her at the same time.. then i was laughing like shit!! caughtt yaaaaa!!!!" and laugh laugh laugh.. and everyone was like looking at me.. especially the 2 girls i asked to shut up.. hahaXDDD..

=DDD kean loong.. is my new pet-bro... because we have something in common.. which we called it "lame-ness".. haha our middle name is lame.. told ya we're lame.. i mean me.. haha.. but who cares???? hahaXDDD.. i know you have wondered why i need so many pet siblings while i already have two brothers... kean loong asked me that too.. so i told him.. one bro is in australia.. so not counted, then he asked.. how bout alex?? then i said its not counted also.. he is crazy.. and real bro's are for fun.. pet bro's are for me to tell stuff.. cause i cant imagine opening up to alex.. he must think i'm crazy.. but watever.. still... i rather open to my pet bros.. cause they can give BETTER comments.. haha.. XD

fuyh.. just put down the phone with my darling sweetheart~~ =)) talked bout two faces ppl.. yeah.. mmg.. they have two face.. i agreeee!!!!! but who cares mannn... they suck but i dont =) so dun give a shit to them.. ~~ kay kay?? i know you agree with it too =P

today.. i'm happehhh~~ like duhhh~~~ you can see by how i post.. hahaXDDDDDDDDD lalala~~~~~~ far far away from emo~~~~ why am i using so much "~~~"??

who cares~~~


-sandra rule-

ps: told ya i'm lame?? so whaat??? too bad... deal with it ;)

told ya she ruled!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


okay.. i'm seriously gonna go mad ady.. cause like.. i had english tuition for 5 hours straight.. aihh.. so tiredddd.. why is no one tagging my chatbox.. oh welll, nevermindddd...

tomorrow, we are going for the Kasturi seminar againnnn... darn tireddd~~~ but pay ady, so still have to go~~~

righttt.. i'm kinda blur right now... adeeee~~ how to download the thingyyy.. why so mafan wannn???


todayyy, adeee didnt come.. yishhh.. she was having feverrr~~ kesiannnnn.. hahaXDD she didnt come, thereforeeeee, sheau hwa have to ganti her tempat.. so she was being annoyed like crazy by me, syara and kok weng.. haha.. ESPECIALLY ME~~~ hahaXDD.. damn funny larh wei..

oh.. when school ended.. i just loiter around the school.. going around wishing ppl "selamat hari raya..." then waited for alexx.. and and.. kean loong, vyvyan, simmarjit and jia jun was there.. so we talked, talked and talked..

then suddenly.. cheng ken come, then vyvyan ask whether he liked vivian.. then

chengken was like "nolarh!! is kean loong!!"
vyvyan: how can?? its his cousin larhhh!!
chengken, sandra: nolarh!! you believe him arhh?? why you so smart wann???

kean loong.. with all his might and bravery shouted.. "YOU DONT BELIEVE THEN YOU GO AND ASK VIVIAN'S MOTHER LARH!!!!"

and then all of us is like o.o.. ok.. ok.. chill.. chilll.. dun angry...

then vivian came.. she asked her mom to wait for awhile cause cik Lee ask her to do something.. so i popped up beside her and then when she finished talking to her mom, i asked "aunty, aunty.. is kean loong, vivian's cousin???"

answer... is not to be revealed..later kl is gonna kill me.. haha.. but i was seriously laughing like shit.. and i mean shit as in really S>H>I>T...

then... after that.. me and vyvyan starting telling kean loong the truth.. that.. actually.. he is not handsome, that, we are hotter.. that actually he is not cute AT ALL.. then he just kept queit and nod, nod and nod.. so.. as a good friend, i tole vyvyan not to say, cause later he go back, hide in the toilet and cry.. so we were like.. "okoklaaaa.. you very handsome larhh.. we wont tell you the truth for your best.. haha.."

then, vyvyan asked me why i always critisized kean loong.. then i was like "where gotttt???, i didnt critisize him alsoooo...."

then simmarjit said.. " saying that he is handsome, means you are critisizing him ady..."

*laughhhsssss* hahaXDD... kesiannn kean loongg..

u notice i typed so much.. but i type almost nothing about wat jia jun sayy?? because.. my gawdddd.. he can tahan not talking.. i dunno how he does it... hahaXDDD...


just now, puan jugdeep's class was damn funny... cause we were learning the word "heir"- ppl who inherit their parents' property or something like that.. so she asked..

"who is sultan perak's heir??"
its (i forgot..) raja something something...

then she asked...

"who is queen elizebeth's heir??"
prince charles...

"who is prince charles heir??"
prince william...

then she turned to me... " who is your father's heir??"

me: my brothers???
puan jugdeep: who is the eldest?? what's his name??
me: william???

*she thought i was bullshitting cause just now she told us prince charles's heir is prince william.. then she gave me a stern look..*


"you have a brother name william??"

hahaXDD.. anyway..gtg for tuition nowww.. babaiiiiiii~~~ =DDD

Thursday, September 25, 2008


today, i was super tired during the morning.. cause yesterday slept quitee late.. like in the midnight.. cause waiting for smart alex to come back... i was a lil' confused about something today... SHE agreed with me too.. cool..~~ righttt..

sheau hwa didnt come to school AGAIN!!!

we had geo and before that we had maths.. so lazyy to do all the worksheet.. so i was reading 21 proms after doing all the questions.. then i was talking to ade about proms.. then, she said .. if *ahem* and emily go.. it would be so lovelyyy.. i totally agree with it.. hahaXDD...

then, came back, had lunch.. wanted to sleep cause gonna have 2 tuitions.. so i try to sleep.. then everytime i want to go to my dreamland, ade messaged.. it goes on for 15 minutes.. at last, we stop sms-ing.. then tak sampai 5 minutes.. sheau hwa called.. SHE ALWAYS CALL WHEN I SLEEPPPP!!!! then u tell me how to sleep?? she was talking and chanting to my ears for 50 minutes.. then i didnt get to sleep.. darn tired weyh...

then no choice, got up and get ready for tuition.. during mr roy tuition.. we saw josie and arianna there.. arianna cut her hair.. almost like mine.. but coloured.. haha...XDD.. i was super hyper just now.. ade was so kesiannn~~ cause i disturb her like there's no tomorrow.. emily also.. she was so damn annoyed.. everytime i disturb ade... she would say ," i should be annoyed at this point.. why am i not annoyed???" and then i will say "harhhh lorhhh???" and give her a stupid face.. and then we laugh laugh laugh like shit.. haha.. i, duhh.. laughed the loudest.. so, everyone kept turning around and look at me.. so proud weyh... -______-"""

all day i kept saying "harhhh lorhhh??" and speaking like syaraa~~ lol.. it must be the mentos which contain hyper and laughing gas~~ haha.. XDD

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

kesan of boring-ness =P

OKAYY.. so this is what me and ade did during english time.. we were like.. whoever who cant continue the drawing lose.. i think u can imagine how bored we were.. haha XDDD

drawings were by me and adeee~~

captions were by mostly me and a bit of syaraa~~~ ade captioned one only.. the ariff is hot partt.. obviously, i captioned the "ewh!" haha XDDD

ade is so violent.. look what see wrote on the umbrella.. haha..

err.. hellooo??? u dun spell armpit, umpit.. its ARMPIT.. hahaXDDD

simmarjit's janggut... -syara's caption.. hahaXDDD

sentral?? central??

okai okai.. i'm a lil' blurrr now.. cause just now, lunch, i ordered this dragon fruit juice.. mana tau its wine.. so i terpaksa minum jugak.. i gave my mom more.. haha.. then her whole face was red.. and we were like a bit pening.. haha.. she's got a plane to catch.. i make her drink somemore.. haha XDDD..

just now i went to sentral or central.. or watever you call it.. to send my mom to the sentral.. haha XDD.. alex was like so evil.. so tak patience.. he was like so happy after she go.. evilnyaaaa~~~

before she go, we were talking to my elder bro on the phone.. i was like.. BUY ME A PHONEE!!! i dont ask for much.. just give me a phone, with memory, high megapixel camera, cable, handsfree and the phone.. haha..XDD he was like okay okayy.. then my mom was like,"why you force your brother to use money??"

well, at least i'm not like alex.. want MORE than a phone.. haha.. iphone pulak tu.. crazzyy.. before my mom left, in the departure gate.. me and alex was like..

"bring us back phone, sweets, chocolates, dark chocolates, the air there.. (put it in a bottle and bring back), the stuff there.. etc.."

then we were laughing like shit.. hahaXDDD rightt.. i dont think you understand.. =)


she's gone for three weeks.. actually i dont want her to come back..cause.. its like.. she's coming back on the 10th of october.. which is 3 days before PMR.. if she comes back, means, i have to be super ready for PMR.. which i dont think i am.. i still suck =) as usuallll...~~~ counting the days to PMR is counting the days of my funeral.. okay.. maybe i shouldnt say that.. wadevaaa~~~

=) --> =( ???

today.. was fun?? why is everyday fun?? hahaXDDD.. kept hanging out with syara and kok weng.. damn funnyyy.. we laugh non-stop.. but one thing for sure.. aaron and him is like dirty?? ugh!! me and syara were like.. ewh.. shut up.. they were talking bout tien soong.. ewh.. disgusting.. that he dont zip his pants after he pee.. he wash his hands, then only zip.. such a disgusting person.. there's more but i dont think its suitable for my beautiful innocent blog.. haha.. XDDD...

solliii soli.. i keep talking and crapping with syara and kok weng until i abandon adeline.. she seem so.. sad?? today... aihh... cheer up mannn.. maybe because i abandon her.. i know she loves me A LOTTTTT~~~

but kok weng was right.. why do i always stare at ppl.. and when they look at me back, i would be rolling my eyes.. yeah!! i realise that too.. cool~~ haha.. XDD

my mom is going to australia in a few hours timeeee~~~ my elder bro kesian larhh.. there, alone.. tsk..tsk.. =) right.. i'm starting to crap?? yeah.. i thought so too.. haha..

ade ade!! where's the paper when we were drawing during english time???? s..send to me~~~~ kk???

oh, and one thing for sure.. I DO NOT ANTI-ARIFF KAYH!?! just.. dunno?? i just.. dun anti him~~ hooww caann yoouuu saayy thattt... *sigh*

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


woohooooo~~~ I conquer the three songs ade gave me yesterday.. better in time, tear drops on my guitar and bleeding love.. oh.. and not forgetting invisible-taylor swift.. =)bleeding love cacat a bit.. but the other two okay ady.. yeah! i was playing just now alex was like.. "sandra???" "erm.. can stop?? very noisy larhh..."


kesian.. haha...


you know wat??? i cant find a reason NOT to love my brother.. i mean.. the elder one.. -_-" alex tak payah harap.. and his girlfriend..


they bought this for me... =DDD i love it like so so much.. duhhh~~ if not i wont take a picture of it and post it somemore.. haha.. XDD

as for alex... i just love them for another reason.. they purposely buy... a bottle... haha.. at first.. i took the bottle and see.. and it was so nice.. until i turn it around.. i was in disgust.. haha.. cause... they bought a very nice....

superman bottle.. for alex... ahhahahahha.. purposely... hahah.. XDDD... kesian.. me and my mom were like laughing like shit.. hahahhaha.. supermannnn... haha.. XDDDD


that day my niece and cousin cameee~~ then she was like so darn cuteee.. haha.. she took over my piano... =( i was playing it and she took over.. haha...

we took photos.. but she didnt smile.. so i ask her to smile...

she smiled, but she didnt look at the camera... -_-"""

and my cousin.. gawdd.. he is so pale.. mesti stress UPSR ni.. haha.. he dont study wan.. cause he's god.. haha..


today.. school.. was.. funny?? not really larhhh.. sejarah time.. i was like almost sleeping.. sleeping every 5 seconds apart.. haha.. sheau hwa and siewjin got 100% for sejarah and i got 92%... unbelievable.. haha.. i will never get 92% in the real exam.. dey, open book exam larhhh.. haha.. XDDD...

during recesssss.. by emily and vivian.. sobs... i not gonna talk to kean loong ady.. tak sangka they all like that also jealous.. sobsssss.... nola.. JK... hahhaha.. emily.. pls dun kill me again.. right.. they were like spraying water with vivian's stupid nike pinkish bottle... arghhh... i was asking ade to protect me and she was busy talking to sh.. so i ran round and round her but she dont noticeee.. is she like.. dumb?? haha.. yish.. they chased me until bilik serbaguna.. and sprayed me again without me noticing.. and then i screamed.. cik tengku noor was in the bilik.. and then everyone turned around and look at me.. my eyes was like o.o... shit!!!!! emily and vivian cepat cepat cabut lari larhh.. everyone was staring at me.. LUCKILY>....... god helped me.. cik tengku didnt notice it was me if not.. KANTOI AGAINNNN!!!!... emily.. oklarhh..i dont talk to him anymore.. dun bully me.. soli soli, jie jie... i dont know the consequances of talking to my pet-sis future erm.. .... pet sis's future FRIENDDDDD.....

during Maths time.. we got back our maths paper.. it was an absolute letdown.. for me.. not for ade.. she got so darn high.. 85%.. fuyh.. i open my paper and check.. and i have so much silly mistakes like,

56-1 = 57...

stop laughing.. i know i know.. dammit larhhhh... ugh!

during science.. was damn fun.. puan jeyanthi teached us.. damn nice weyh.. haha.. i hope she can be our science teacher mannnn~~ haha.. XDDD

and then i stayed back like 20 minutes to hang out with Niro.. mana tau dia akan tinggalkan saya seorang....?? dan pergi bersama.. itu.. ituuuuu... budak kecik... yishhh...

ohoh.. my friend.. from another school suddenly ask me who was kean loong.. then i was like "huh?? how you know who is he??"

he: got larhh..who is he??

sandra: harh?? err.. my friend??

he: you like him??

sandra: NO...

he: its okay wan.. be open to me.. i wont tell anyone.. you like him righttt??

sandra: -_______-""""" NOOOOOO....... o.o... how you know himm??

(then i told ade about it.. and she was like.. how he know arh?? oh.. YOUR PM!!)

omggg.. yeahhh...

sandra: MY PM, rightttt????

he: yeah.. hahahhahahah.. you like him right???

sandra: -_________-"""" pls larhh.. he like my pet sis larhh..

he: just say larhhh.. i know you like him..

sandra: -_______-" (helpppp...) NO!!! my gawdddddd.. can you stop saying i like him??? i just told him everything is possible cause he said everything is impossible.. that's all. fullstop.

he: really arr??? fuyh...

sandra: wth...-_-""

crazyyy mann.. he just so darn .. ugh!


Monday, September 22, 2008

super tired..

ohmygoddd.. can i go die now??

today.. i was KINDA hyper in the morning.. actually.. i dont remember about my crazy-ness today.. i think.. i wasnt hyper.. i was emo.. cause of the sadness that we got to the second batch for that thingy.. but i'm not really sure..

i only remember i was super hyper when KH subject started and was emo when KH subject ended.. *sigh*.. and then went for Science and Maths.. it was fun though..

went back at like 3.30 cause of the class tambahan.. it really helped a lot.. then suddenly i got headache.. dammmitttt.. and then.. i asked my mom to bring me to cut my hair.. before she go to aus.. if not later disturb my dad to bring me..

so, i came home about 4.30.. and then.. i was resting.. then i was like "ohshit!!" i thought i dont have my piano anymore.. then it turns out to be there's still class.. and i force myself to bathe.. i was so tired and was having a bad headache.. then after that, i practice.. and then i fell asleep... CAN YOU IMAGINEE?? i'm practicing my piano and i fell asleep.. that shows how tired am i.. *sigh*.. then.. i didnt know my teacher reached my house.. while she was like walking up the stairs only i quickly wake up.. phew! closee.. and then while i was playing songs for her to listen, while she was sms-ing.. my eyes were closed.. so darn sleepy.. shitty ass la.. still having headache..

apa laaa yang telah berlaku???
sialll nyaa~~ aihh..

idiotic headache...

Sunday, September 21, 2008

harh lorh??

TAKE NOTE, PEOPLEEE~~ siew jin is beside me and she want me to post that.. SHE IS HAWT~~ haha..

today.. seriously.. kean loong is like superr lame with him super lame MBS friend.. godd.. and then kean loong's clone teached us KH.. ahahaha..

we were super crazy.. emily is jealous.. ahahahhaha.. i know she is super gonna kill me but is her fault first.. because vivian and her said that yesterday, i sms kean loong to wear black colour shirt so that i can padan with him.. i was like watthehelllll~~~ gawwwwddd....

the BI teacher was damn hamsap.. we were learning past tense.. and~~

1) she observed him looking IN the valley..
2) after her blouse was torn, she laughed hysterically..
3) the man shot his bird~~

i tell you.. when the teacher is explaining it.. i was telling siew jin that this woman is most probably sheau hwa's sifu.. ahhahah..XDDD wat the hellll~~ ahahaha...

siew jin is kinda crazy.. she's lying on the bed and i tell you.. she is trying to seduce me... but sorry siewjin, i like guyss.. ahahahahahhaXDDDDDDDDDD nola.. joking... DONT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY!! i kesian arjun cause he is in a different class and he is FORCED to sit beside samantha... ahahahhaha...

the maths teacher was funny alsoooo~~ as wat niro blogged.. the lines and angles.. about the F U C K thing.. niro, he knows larhhh.. gawddddd.. u think he is stupid arr?? but his style is seriously so usefullllll.. and so chun-ted.. ahahhahaha...

ewh ewh.. siewjin.. how many times i gotta tell you that I LIKE GUYS!!! I'M NOT LES... she is so darn scarrryyy... she just wrote sandra <3 siewjin.. and then,.. she said wat if you blog about it.. then i gave her a look.. then she said.. dont gimme that innocent look.. but actually.. THE look meant..

"i'm actually blogging it.. while you say that..."

ahahhaahXDDDDD she damn rajin weyh.. took my sejarah book and read.. ahahhahaha XDDDD.. righttt...

NIRO!!!! AT LAST I FORMED MY OWN NOTES FOR THE TAYLOR SWIFT- INVISIBLE SONG.. the starting is in construction.. but the chorus i let you listen adyyyy.y...hahahahah....

just now me and siewjin kept playing and playing and playing pianoooo~~~.. ahhahahaha...

OHMYGODDD.. CAN YOU LIKE BELIEVE IT??? like NO ONE is onlineeee~~ pergi bercinta larh tuu~~ not like me..~~ stay at home and study.. bullshit.. XD

Friday, September 19, 2008


ohmy freaking godddd... i want leona lewis and taylor swift's piano score book or wateverrrr~~ you call that.. niro is like helping me find on the internet.. but all is like need money.. so is like almost the same as buying it at Kinokuniya.. but is damn freaking expensive.. like.. RM 85 a book.. my gawwwddddddd~~~ *sigh*...

sakit hati larhh,. stupid ade not replying me.. aihh.. too busy replying OTHER ppl.. yishhh.. o.o...

Because I told you,
you would live to regret it
Now I don't wanna make you feel bad
But when it comes to me just forget it
I'll be the best you never had
You put me through so many emotions
Now baby it's your turn for that
Cause in your empty heart I have left a mark
The best you never had..


omgg.. i keep on visiting my own blog.. and was like.. "why no new post or anything??" then i realise.. its cause i didnt post anything.. i know it sounds stupidd.. i'm kinda crazy... tired from the kasturi seminar... that me, siewjin, adeline, emily, puiyi, vivian, kean loong and two more ppl went.. went for science, sejarah and BM.. it was.. O.K.. larr.. the BM teacher damn hamsap mannn.. puiyi sukaa... i bet she will go wth -_-" when she reads this.. haha..

when we want to go back, we saw arjun-aaa~~, niro, carmen, and lots of sbu-ians... uhuh..

siewjin just went back.. we went for lunch at Royal Selangor Club.. darn full.. ~~ okayyy.. i dunno wat to post anymore.. i'm so darn tired....


OHWAIT!!!!! congrats.. jaretttt and my new sista-in-lawwwwww =)))))) ahahaha.. condolence, vyvan and my ex brother-in-law.. i feel ssooo.. wat mannn.. everyone around me is.... ... not single?? ahahha.. even my pet- brothers and sisters are not singlleeee.. ahahhaha.. righttttt... nevermindddd.. as long i am hyper and happy... hehe =D EVENTHOUGH I AM A KIDDDDDD!! cause it seems hyper ppl are kidsss.. ugh!

siew jin say she will die alone.. she wont have a life partner.. i was like wthhhhhhh~~~ stupiddd laaaa... haiyooo.. dun think of se-tu-pid things can or not??? ishhh... u feel bored of that person is because u dont really love him.. that's why... if you really love him, everytime you see him, he will be like.. light up your day.. and you are dying to see him every single second.. so.. if you dont feel that... you're not in love.. but i gurantee you that you will feel that.. ONE DAY...

okayy.. now is the real tata~~


OMGGGG!! PPL!! have i ever tell you that talking to ********* and emily in the same conver is like one of the most fun-est thing on earth!?

there is like 2 funnesttt thing on earth...

1) be in between the conversation of ariff and adeline

2) be in between the conversation of ********* and emilyyy...



one thing..

i really kesian themm like shit.. cause i ejek them like shit.. and they both blush like shit... or maybe not.. but i tell you.. its fun LIKE SHIT!!

i really enjoyyyy ittttt.. not as fun as ariff and ade''s cause they all punya is already superrrrr yuckyyy.. whereelseeee... THE OTHER TWO... is likes superrr funnyyy.. you should see emily-the-sacarstic-in-action.. ahhahaha.. wakaka..

damn evill mannn.. hahahahahah.. kesiann.. THAT person.. ahhahaha.. =PPP and is so fun making him jealous when me and emily is likeeee.. so closeee.. when he is asked to get lost.. ahhahah...

he dont want me to reveal his super beautiful name,.. so.. aiyah!! you all kknowww one larhhh
ahahhahaha XDD

another =) day!

ohmygoddd.. i tell you.. i typed like almost a thousand words.. then suddenly my comp hang like shit.. then when i check again.. NOTHING was saved.. arghh.. now have to retype againnnn... 0.0

okay.. today.. as usual.. i'm hyper.. i'm always hyperrr.. forgive me, i think i hit my head too hard when i was reincarnatingggg.. ahaha.. i kept annoy alesha by calling her ALISA~~ omggg.. it was so damn funny.. then the whole class started calling her Alisa.. ahahahaXDD.. i pengaruh kuat.. ahahaha..

maths.. today.. kena from her againnn.. aihhh~~... u know, after kena-ing from her.. i was so shocked.. cause i was day dreaming.. i cant believe it... (not about my boyfriend, i forgot what was it about..)... and then.. suddenly cik tengku noor said.. no, shout, no.. asked.. me.. suddenly..

"CHEAH!! why must x2 for this question???!!"

KANTOIIIIII!!!!!!!! then i was like standing sambil asking siewjin wat was the answer.. but i didnt think she heard.. so i was like standing in confidence....

(i quickly scan through the question and find the NUMBER 2.. and then, BINGO! found it..)

"BECAUSE IT HAS TWO HOURS.." (pheww... savedddddd... i was sweating like shit ady...) then i was concentrating like every word she say.. ahaha...

what can i say?? sandraaaa~~... ahahaXDD... ;)

then later, BM was.. fun?? haha.. then when after school.. the all-time-emo..errr..err..

ALL-TIME-EMO-OVER-PROTECTIVE-CRAPPISH-LOSER-STALKER came to our class.. ahahha.. he ADMIT he is onee.. yeahhhhhhhhhh~~ anywayyy.. he came then he and ade walk together, so me, val, Low and siewjin.. when super craazzzyyy.. i mean.. ME... was super hyper.. i was practically laughing like i own the whole school..


you cant see how big my eyes were when i saw my mom waiting outside the school.. if you could notice,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
my perangai change so fast.. from super stupid, hyper, idiotic, crazy.. to superrrr good girlll... ahahhaha...

omgg.. i really LOVEEE my mom mannnn.. she brought me to shop todayyyy.. and she bought like.. A FEW TUBS OF HAAAGGEEENNN DAAZZZ???? wow~~ super sensation.. i cant find a reason why i dont loveeeee~~ herrr... ahahha... she bought and said that she scared i get bored of study study study, so she bought to take away my boringness when she is in australiaaa~~ for my bro's graduation... you would probably wonder why my whole family is not going.. well, 3 letters.. P>M>R... well... welll.. i would just have to wait for my bro's master's graduation..

my gawdddd.. i am so darn tired.. my hand is gonna break.. holding so many things.. i bought like so many thingsss.. fooodddd~~, clothes~~.. its been so long i went for a shopping spree, grabbing WATEVERRR I WANT... my mom say.. its like a ganjaran for studyinggg hardd.. i was like "holy! shitttt...."

if my mom was emily's mom.. i think my mom would probably bought the whole pavillion for her.. haha...

i'm blooddyyy tired.. just now.. came back from shopping, then puan jugdeep, then blogged.. but then everything deleted.. so i went to tuition.. then came back.. and BLOG EVERYTHING OVER AGAIN.. but neverminddd.. i have my haagen daaz to boost my energy..hahaha..




Thursday, September 18, 2008


got this tag from val's blog...

First Name : Sandra

Nicknames : san_ra,santwa (sh's weird callings), and sandyyyy (jessy's)

Name You Wish You Had : Sandra -_-" or maybe leona lewis, or taylor swift.. ahaha

What Do People Normally Mistake Your Name As : erm, i dont think anyone mistaken it before.. cause they may be retard, if they cant even understand the word S-A-N-D-R-A...

Birth Date : 17 December 1993 (remember it!!)fyi, its not over yet, so think of what to buy for meee~~ =P

Birth Place : kay hell??

Time of Birth : erm.. if i'm not mistaken.. its 11... something?? who cares??-_-"

Single or Taken : erm, saying i'm single sound so desperate, saying i'm taken, sound even more desperate cause i'm not.. so.. erm.. can i dont answer this question?? ahahaXDD

Zodiac Sign : Sagittarius

Your Appearance
How Tall Are You : 162cm
Do You Wish You Were Taller : yes.. a bit moree...
Short or Long Hair : Long, but now shortttt... ahahaXDD (not funny oso!)
Ever Dye Your Hair A Bizarre Color : Nahh.. i prefer naturalll.. ahahaa
Last Time You Did Something Dramatic With Your Hair : CUT MY HAIR SHORT, STRAIGHTEN IT, BLOW IT, STEAM IT.. EVERYTHINGGG~~
Glasses or Contacts : both =)
Do You Wear Make Up : sometimess?? SERIOUSLY sometimes.. like when big big stuff is on.. duhh..
Ever Had Hair Extensions : No. never want to.. my hair can grow super fast..
Paint Your Nail : yeap.. not now, siewjin is gonna kill me.. ahaha,..

The opposite sex
Shy or Outgoing : a bit here, a bit there...
Looks or Personality : Both
Sexy or Cute : Both
Older or Younger Than You : Preferable older
A Turn On : sweeeett, DONT GET ANGRY FAST, can joke... etc..
A Turn Off : idiotic shitty ppl... ;)

Flowers or Chocolates : both ;)
Pepsi or Coke : Pepsi
Rap or Rock : Both
Relationships or One Night Stands :ewh! duh, relationship.. i know ade want the other one.. ahahhaha.. jk kayh!
School or Work : None.. :)
Love or Money : Both
Country or City : Both
Friends or Family : BOTHHH!

Have you ever...
Lied : yeapp.. duhh.. white liess.. ahaha.. (i'm lying adyy)
Stole Something : erm.. does stealing someone's gf counts?? cause i did that to ariff.. ahahaXDDD
Smoked : No. Dont want to..
Hurt Someone Close To You : yes, adeeee~~ and so many other closeee ppl...
Broke Someone's Heart : i dont think so.. did i??
Wish You Were A Prince / Princess : erm.. not really.. sometimes, being normal ppl are better.. =) its not THAT difficult...
Shaved Your Head : NO! NEVER! i dun wanna be like britney spears.. ahaha
Been In Love : I GUESSSSSS SO.. BEEN! means BEFORE.. not now.. ;)maybe a lil' with my sejarah book.. ;)
Used Chopsticks : Duh..
Sang In The Mirror To Yourself : duh... practice mannn.. concerts, exams.. ugh!
Cried Over Someone : yes.. like a zillion times... but, more to friends.. i dont think i cried over guys, as in GUYS.. not friend guys..

Color : i like colourful stuff.. =) look at my blogg.. then you'll know =)
Movie : its gonna fill my whole blog.. well.. i will say some.. step up 1 and 2, hancock, the click, madagascar and moreeee~~
Word/Phrase : shit..., wat the hell?!, who the heck?!, ohmygodddddd!!!!
Location : wherever my family and friends would be.. =)

8 Random Facts
- laughing to myself
- Talking to myself
- i love leona lewis and taylor swift
- i love my friendsss...
- i LOVE to bloggg..
- ariff is an all time emo over protective crappish loser stalker..
- me, ade and niro conquered ariff's chatbox
- we love pinkyyyy =)

I tag
- niro
- ariff
- wei mae
- yuen ping
- anyone who wants to do this taggg..


i so love this songg mann.. the song which is playing.. (duhhhhh).. but i PRACTICALLY meant ALL of it...

but it doesnt mean me okayh! -_-"" i JUST like it.. taylor swift and leona lewis seriously are the best ppl in the world other than my friends.. =)) and my family??

erm.. today.. i didnt go to school.. not really "I".. cause ppl like, ade, sheau hwa, siew jin, Low, yuen ping, emily, puiyi, jacky... and i dunno who didnt go to school too... school skippers.. good onesss~~ ahahahaXDDD

its the first time i felt skipping school is NOT useless.. it WAS, before.. cause i wont do anything but now.. i'm starting to demam PMR.. so, its DARNNN useful skipping school so that can studyyy at homeee than gossip-ing, talking, laughing like shit.. and bla bla bla in school... but.. .. i still talk and laugh like shit at home.. myself.. i know it sounds weird.. and CRAZY... but.. .. i really do.. and i will laugh suddenly when i'm alone causeee.. i imbas kembali the stupid stuff we talked about and do.. aahahaha.. i know, i know.. just deal with it.. ;)

shit larhhh.. righttt.. i'm gonna die soon.. =/ PMR is like less than.. than.. erm.. erm.. 25 dayss??? or something like THATTT...

oh, ariff... i swear if i hear them saying those stupid stuff myself.. i'm gonna bang their head on the wall several times, no.. few hundred times, pull their heads off from their stupid neck, skin their face, slice their mouth until blood squirt out all over my face, cut their nose, separate their eyes from their eye socket and cut their head, take their brain out, put them into hot oil... fried it, and eat it.. (mmhmmm, yummehh!) i know its so much worst than happy treeee friendssss... =P

but adeline DOES flirt, according to her, she flirts with her sejarah book BUT.. too bad, the sejarah book doesnt wanna flirt with her, that's why she still cant memorise everything in it.. =PPPP

adeline, its so disgusting that your all-time-emo-over protective-crappish-loser-stalker says that you like to flirt with him.. come on la.. its so "ewhhhh..." at least, i'm hotter.. not like him.. so disgustingly over protectiveee...=PPPP but its a good thing, ya noe?? cause you're OVER PROTECTED by the ALL-TIME-EMO-OVER-PROTECTIVE-CRAPPISH-LOSER-STALKER...

oh, btw, smack him for saying hyper ppl are kids..... wat are emo ppl?? babiesss??? i thought so tooooo~~

to you, bluek!! >.<>

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

true.. true.. very trueee~~

i'm forwarding adeline's mail through my blog.. rather than forwarding it in my mail.. ahahaha..

It's not the fault of student if
he/she fails because the year ONLY
has 365 days...
typical academic year for a student:

1. Sundays - 52 Sundays in a year, you know Sundays are for rest.
Days left 313.

2. Summer holidays - 50 where weather is very hot and difficult to study.
Days left 263.

3. 8 hours daily sleep - 130 days GONE.
Days left 141.

4. 1 hour for daily playing- (good for health) means 15 days.
Days left 126.

5. 2 hours daily for food & other delicacies (chewing properly & swallowing) - means 30 days.
Days left 96.

6. 1 hour for talking (man is a social animal) - means 15 days.
Days left 81.

7. Exam days - per year at least 35 days.
Days left 46.

8. Quarterly, half yearly and festival (holidays) - 40 days.
Days left 6.

9. For sickness - at least 3 days.
Days left 3.

10. Movies and functions- at least 2 days.
1 day left.

11. That 1 day is your birthday.
How can you study on that day ?!?!?!?!?!

Balance = 0
' How can a student pass ?????'

*Please pass this on and you will have good luck for your
examinations through out your life studying =)

hyperness hits back!

today.. not only i'm hyper... everyone was hyper...

sheau hwa, ade, Low, and Niro.. we were all hyper except siew jinn..but in the end she was hyper too.. hahaha.. seriously.. we were laughing at nothing funny.. but we were laughing like shit.. the whole class was annoyed...

Low, she open the poster val gave her and she kept saying.. "i see junsu (or however you spell that, hahaha)".. so stupiddd...

sheau hwa, "you want me to understand or not??"

ade,"you look like a mutan..." ade is like so crazy.. aihh.. ahaha...
sandra,"have you seen one??"

niro pulak keep copying wat i say.. mother laa... stupiddddd...

ahaha.. right.. u guys wont understand.. but it was seriously damn funny.. today is almost the happiest day we ever had in this year IN SCHOOL.. its like.. all of us hyper.. cause usually.. its only me.. hahhaha.. but now, its like ALL of usss... cool mann.. ahaha

but its like i'm the only normal ppl among them.. right right?? ahahahhaaXDDDD

oh, and siewwiieee.. get well =))) i think you are well ady.. ahahahah...

right.. mind my hypernesssss.. haha..XDD

ps: love you guys!! muahx! <3

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

say cheeessseee!!

random pic i took yesterdayyyy~~

the band ppl???

woohooooo~~~~ cheng ken and cheng kuan!! woo hoo~~ they perform good like SHIT!!!

performance by SBS ppl..

4 science gamma.. kesian they all larhh.. aihhh...

SBS teacherrssss~~

lala pose! dillll~~ wat if *ahem* saw this.. hahahaha.. so lalalalalalala~~ haha

yerrr.. chengken and keanloong look like gay partnerss.. ewhhh..

blur case sally..

this picture reminds me of exactly something i'm thinking.. hahahah... nao ne ka te li ke ren, richard.. ahahaha

she's writing something emooo..~~ not my fault, niro.. all your friends were bekerjasama-ing with me to take your emo picsss.. hahaha ... soli.. haha

i was taking a pic of the emo note she is writing behind her.. michelle, alesha, steffi, somemore who arr?? oh. and sharifah.. were pretending like nothing happen.. hahaha..

then suddenlyyy!! she wrote this.. means she knew i was behind her.. haha.. but dont believe the smiley beneath my name.. she didnt meant it.. cause her face showed.. this --> =(((

rajin-ted puiyi.. hahaXDD she's so gonna killl meee~~

ch-chak! gotcha!!!

rock-a-my-baby-on-the-tree topppp~~


the cradle will fall...~~
niro.. niro.. thinking of who arr, niroo?? emo-ing bout who arr??~~ =P

look at ade's face.. and then look her hand.. hahahahahXDD

=DDDDDDDDD pet-sissssssssss...
smileeeeee =)

so cutee mann.. no wonder~~ i better keep my mouth shut.. hahaha..

hehe.. 3 cute ppl.. ahaha.. emilyyy, meee, and one pig (yuen pinggg)

puiyi is showing her backside because she dont want us
siewwwiiieee the genieeee!! smiles =))

say cheeeeessseee!!

peace mann!!

me and bi-ah! hahaXDD

me and shaaaa~~~

niro! niro! niro! from the look, you can see one hyper, and the other emo, trying to be hyper.. like muahhh!! hahaXDD.. try harderrrr, nirooo!!

cute lil' monkehh!

yerrr.... you see at kean loong's ham sap look.. like stalker onlyy... you know what is he looking?? emily's carr... ewhh.. in his thought, he is like.. "when i get to drive her home instead of her brother??" hahahaXDD.. emily is gonna kill, skin, slaughter, murder, cook me.. hahaXDD

my husbanddddd!! alesha really believed.. hahahahahahXDDD

why must she be tallllerr than meeee???~~

salllyy bellyyy!!

me and my babyyy jaretttt~~

mr.loyyyy.. hahaXD

look at the third line.. it says.. --> free class for consultation..
we probably have some mental problem to mend.. haha.. XD

stupid adeee look taller than me...

pei ann and emiliar~~ lipase, protease, amylase... ahahaXD