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Thursday, September 2, 2010


In a blink of an eye, 8 months just went *poof*.. So, what happened today?

Well, I skipped school.. Not exactly skip.. I was too sick to go to school.. Sneezing all day and coughing.. ugh, it sucks when period pain comes along.. Anyway, im happy that i lost more than 2 kg in a day just cuz im sick..

Hopefully, his GOOD friends would stop teasing about me.. haha.. okay.. that's random.. Oh well, I WATCHED STEP UP 3 and its SOOOOOOO aweshomeeeeeee!

You know, I've been visiting ppl's blog these days.. and i start to wonder.. and compare how often I blog last time and now.. I used to blog like 6 times a day.. and now.. one month once? Well, I guess, things REALLY change..

The things I used to blog last time is like so different from now.. i dont know why but everytime I see her in the hallway or walked pass me, I feel like, very very upset.. LIKE ALL OF A SUDDEN, all the memories just hit me.. the good and the bad. Oh well, like Siew Jin said.. *see, i SPACED your name, SIEW JIN..* Life's full of changes, LIVE WITH IT, girl!


im shoooooo happeh for idunnowad reasons.. Well well, trials coming.. and i gotta work my butt off.. SPM, lagi larh! why la.. why la i get sick now.. ish.. well, at least not during trials =D


I cant wait for prom! :D It'll be such an aweshomeeeee day for me.. prom + birthday = best day of my life! :D nahhhhh.. dun think it'll be the best day of my LIFE.. HOW ABOUT MY MARRIDGE?! haha.. maybe most unforgetttttttttable birthday laaaaa.. =)

oh well, here are some random pictures :)

I miss 4 Beta :(

and i miss this moment too (L)

and definitely miss this piggg too! oink oink!

and lastly, this

tatazzz! =D