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Friday, July 31, 2009

I'm fine, ppl, I AM FINE.
Mark my words.

But I cant help to stop wondering,
what if today was my last day?
what if, after the clock strikes 12am,
I'm gone,

Then our relationship would remain unknown.
Just exactly, like now.

but one thing I'm for sure,
Puiyi will regret for not calling my mom or brother,
saying that i'm coughing blood.

but, its nothing la..
little bit only..

*sigh* ppl,

I hope nothing will happen between us.
Why does everyone freaked out
when I said I coughed blood?

Squad On Duteh! =P

Yuenping and I created the game.. where, our members will have to compete.. by duck walking to stations.. the first station contained, eggs.. RAW eggs.. then, they have to dip their faces into sugar.. and after that, paint their face with chocolate sauce and lastly, dip their faces into a bowl of flour.. =P

run to the field.. and play the ha-ha game that weixing suggested =P

well, it took me a LONGGGGGGGGGGG time to prepare EVERY SINGLE THING!!!! and i tell you, i was running around like a mad woman cause the newspapers were flying EVERYWHERE! and no one could help me.. cause everyone fall in.. except the mock committee, which includes me.. so.. yeah.. i was running around.. to the meeting place.. and the game place.. acting serious at the meeting place, and acting like a jakun in the game place.. hahahahaXD

it was SO DIFFICULT to explain to them! and SMART KAH WAI couldnt UNDERSTAND instructions.. =.= I counted, "1, 2, 3" so that they would shut up.. but kah wai thought i counted to START.. so, she run all the way, and painted her face with egg.. WITHOUT knowing NO ONE WAS MOVING.. syok sendiri.. =.= GEK SEI NGORRR!!!! everyone was laughing at her.. then i was like, "STOPPP!!!! STOPPP!!!!!" and she was like, "NOT FAIR NOT FAIR!!" =.= swt larhh!!!

i was screaming and shouting like shit.. cause everyone kept asking questions and EVERYONE was making noise.. and there's one part where it really reach my limit, so i scream, "KEEP QUIET AND LISTEN TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and everyone was like O.o.. and my stupid friends like adeline and the others were like laughing so hard, quietly at the back.. cause i was so sick.. and i scream.. and they say the way i talk was funny.. SO EVERYONE LAUGHED... walao.. i feel like smacking their faces man! hahahahahXD but nolaa.. no hardie feelings.. as long as EVERYONE had fun! =DDD

so, yeah.. I THINK they had a fun time.. AHAHAHHAHA! although they feel like killing me! =P

there wasnt enough time.. so, i kacau the egg, with my finger. yeah.. "EWH!"

kesian them.. dipping their faces into the bowl of flour!

awwwww.. chengken! he was like, "ngor ka ka tei dou hai advisor for AGM! lei kam yong lei kau ngor!" damn funny mann! hahahahahXD

KAH WAI!!!! hahahahahahah! others keep hiding from the camera! hahahahahXD
eugene! =D peace man!
run! ppl! run!
ha, ha-ha, ha-ha-ha~~~~~ chengken! hahahaXD eelin.. and sheauhwa's face! hahahahahahahhaXD
chengkuan and simmarjit.. they didnt play.. for idunnowhatreasons.. i forced them to eat the whole jar of peanut butter! hahahahahXD
ra-bitch-ta painting ade-line's face with egg!!
their faces after eating bread with peanut butter AND WASABI! they seem happy! hahahahaXD audrey's face! ahahhahaXD
simmarjit! says he cant play cause of his condition.. *points at his beard* NOT AN EXCUSE MAN!
MYGOSH! puiyi! constipated! AHHAHAHAHAHAH!
blur ppl.. eating the bread..
keanloong giving his oh-so-grand speech.. the MIC operation for the week!
adeline licked the chocolate! I CANT BELIEVE IT! EWHHH!!!

sin zhao.. malu malu buat apaaa??

puiyi was so depressed, she kept eating, and eating, AND EATING.. AND EATING non stop! and look at her dirty shirt.. she was the dirtiest.. and i dun understand why! you guys are not suppose to dirty your shirt! hahahahahXD

Derrick, teaching.. MIC training for the day =) he's good laaa.. oklaaa.. =) proud of him!

Dana answering questions...

I dunno why keanloong said, "what the hell are you doing?" for... shessh keanloong!

This is when the thing ends.. look at their pretty faces.. and GOSH! the toilet smell like.. SHIT MAN!!!! i mean, full of raw egg smell.. and it smells PRETTY BADDD.. i can VOMIT MAN!!! i can vomit last week's food out!

ps: i love being CVSC for the week! damn funny! i made the members do pumping! and and.. as for jiajun! that BOY SMS-ED ME THE NIGHT BEFORE TO ASK ME TO DONT SCOLD HIM UNTIL SO TERUK.. just ask me to let him DOWN 1o... well, i DOWN him 20! hahahahaXD anyway, chaoz! got to go kajang.. to see the place where emily is gonna have her ballet concert! chaoz! love ya ppl!

pps: the leftover wasabi with peanut butter crackers, i cant believe it, my maid LOVED IT! hahahahahahXD she finished it up! hahahaXD

Party every-day-day! partay everyday~~!

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Princess Peanut! =D says:

emily says:
i also la

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Princess Peanut! =D says:
feel like dying man

emily says:
i also

emily says:

emily says:
i stab u den u stab me la

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Princess Peanut! =D says:

so, that's how we ended our life. Just like that. Started with boredom, and then, ended up by killing each other by stabbing each other. =)


anyway, here are some pics we took on Monday in Pavillion, in conjunction with Low's bdae.. =D

oh look! she's gonna blow the cupcake! see the candle?? we put in lots of effort to get the cupcake.. and the candle lighted.. AHAHHA.. it was damn funny mannn!

me and the birthday girl, Low, the Cow! actually, her bdae is on Sunday.. but due to exams.. we celebrated earlier! =D
Valerie's food larh.. make me wanna puke larh weyh... T.T
us! see the cute girl holding the box of cute jelly made animals???
we puke after eating all of these.. AHHAHAHAXD
damn cute right??? ade swallowed the giraffe, siewjin killed the hourse, valerie ate half of the elephant, i finished up the chick and Low ate the COW! hahahahahahahaXD and the sheep was abandoned! =D
watermelon.. salmon! keanloong gor's favourite! =D
say chesssseeee IS FATTENING!!!!!
fat ppl alert! fat ppl alert!
ewh.. valerie.. could you be ANYMORE disgusting?? ewh ewh ewh!
eating my salmon! =D yummmmehh!
what's with that face, a-lubang?
look at the cute chick of mine! =D look how violent is siewjin! *shivers*
crazy girl!

damn kesian the horse mann.. sobsss.. T.T i'll mourn for it..
ewh.. the half eaten green elephant. .. . . low look so happy with the cow! hahahahaXD
told ya, she's CRAZY! =.=
u just lurveeeee her! =D
see usss?? it's Low, me, and siewjin! =D outside Esprit.. hahahahaXD
muackssssssssss! goodbye kiss before she leave for camp.. mana tau after one day, she came back =.= hahahahaXD
*huggiesssss* babyyyy!!!

okay.. i can differenciate who's fingers are whose very fast. the cacated one, is Val's one.. the fairest one, is siewjin's the shortest one, is adeline's. the one with the smallest "V" is Low's and mine is the fattest one! done! =D

MY mushroom headed val! =D
i was looking at her like that, cause she looked short.. oh.. she IS short.. hahahaXD nola.. joking.. actually.. .. . no, NOT joking.. ahhahaXD but she doesnt mind! hahahaXD my gosh.. she looks so fatt hau.. ahahahhahhaXD

the ugly car.. zkang's favourite colour! hahahaXD nola, jk!

now, try to differeciate it yourself! well, dun neeed la.. we're all the same. Humans. Girls. Friends. =)
the one with the white watch is mine, the one with the metal watch is val's the one with the blue watch, is siewjin's the one with the biggest one, is Low's one.. and the one shortest and without.. U GUESS YOURSELF LAAA.. ahahhahahahXD
the bdae girll!!!! the strawberry that ade gave her! =DDD

we got into the car..
and jakun-ed around.. =D
all of us.. and,
emo ade.. =P

give the "righttttttttttttttttt" look to val.. =.=
WHAT U WANT LA, Hen Sue Tyng?! shessh!
emo siewjin hugging low... awww...
they fetched me back.. and try to see their faces in there.. so jakun wan larh..

our bill.. can cry mannn.. T.T

take a look at this video.. it's really funny.. we're all so jakun man! the guy that we were TRYING to video was the guy from MBS, the one that Valerie like.. ahhahahahahah! =P erm.. we're crazy ppl.. no can do, ya?? =P