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Friday, January 30, 2009

Bonafide sugar rushing life =D

came back from Nilai.. ate dinner there, in a very chun-ted restauranttt... gosh.. my brothers.. are SO LAMEEEE!! its like, I'M THE ONLY NORMAL PERSON in the familehhh.. so, imagine my BROTHERS! and i mean, SERIOUSLY... the whole night, i've been saying repeatedly,

"gor.. pls.. CONTROL UR LAMENESS! you're like 22 years old! pls!!!"

gosh.. and during the dinner, my cousin and I were talking that, we should wish for boyfriends instead of prosperity and health during Chinese New Year.. hahaXD >.<

anyway, all of us had loads of fun during the dinner, especially our table.. laughing non stop.. from the 40 minutes journey there, before dinner, during dinner, after dinner, and 40 minutes back to home.. yeah.. we laughed THAT much..

bottom line: my famileh is crazehhh! hahaXD

oh! and alex was talking about MBS guys.. and to MBS ppl, you guys DONT WANNA know what he say.. hahaXD if not, tomorrow, there will be a pergaduhan besar in my housee.. hahahaXD well, all i answered alex was, "pffftt! they are not!... fine, maybe a little.. hahaXD"

ps: let's get the parteh on tomorrow, babiessssss! =D

pps: to someone, I still love yaaaaaaaa!!! =D and get fatter! =DD

ppps: sheau hwa a.k.a chi hua hua.. what is the surprise, babeh???

pppps: bao bei ah!!!! siewjin, come earlier kayh!? i loveeee youuuuuuu =DDDDD

ppppps: have fun tomorrow, peeps! =DD

there's so many smileys and ppppppppppppppppppppppps-esssss... anyway, goodnight ppl.. adrenaline rushing all over my body like shit.. hahaXDD

"bonafide sugar-rushing life ;) "

love you ppl! =D

oh god, i'm hyperrrrr..... .... ... hahaXD

Sorry, darlingg..

I'm so sorry,
If I say anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

All I want is just,
you being happy.

Hearing your sad voice,
its like,


I'm sorry.
I don't know what you're going through,
I don't know what happen to you,
I don't know how you feel.

I really want to know,
so that I can cheer you up.
so that you can be happy.

I really don't have anymore ideas to cheer you up,
I'm sorry I'm such a dumbass.
really sorry..
I wish I could do the right thing.

pls cheer up,
at least, do it for me??
I don't know why,
all of a sudden,
I wish I have a sister.


yesterday, when i came back from Times Square,

I.can.barely.breathe! >.<

my cousin was like, torturing me.. he keep riding the SAME ride.. and i was DYING.. T.T keep turning, and turning and turning, spinning and spinning and spinning.. I ALMOST VOMIT OKAYH! i feel SO DAMN SICK!

and like, my cousin.. was laughing and laughing AND laughing while sitting on the ride.. and then his saliva was like flying all around.. all i can do was like SHOUTING AT HIM, asking him to turn away... and he thinks its so funny.. so he keep doing it.. GOSH!!

I WAS LIKE, OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-KAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY.................. you have NO idea how "GOOD" i was, and how QUIET i was! its like, this is the FIRST time i HATED THEMEPARKS T.T

its like, gosh! i also dunno how to explain.. ITS LIKE GOING TO A THEMEPARK alone.. T.T and sitting the same bloody ride that spin spin spin spin spin and spin.. my cousin sat like 5 times,.. and in the end.. no one wanted to sit that bloody ride anymore.. and the WHOLE ride. it.was.just.him.. T.T

gosh!! i LOOK at him, also i dizzy adyyy... walao........................ he was like killing me.. keep calling me fat pig, fat.. like EACH AND EVERY SENTENCE, have the "FAT" word.. all i did, was just giving a VERY sarcastic smile.. he was like,

you try to jump down from the building and see.. see can die or not...


i throw the thing, then you catch.. then you jump down, and die and seeee...


you try to drop down from the roller coaster.. see whether you diee or nottt...

and he will ask stupid questions, like, what if someone drop between the machines..

so, i answered him like how sheau hwa answer my questions..

"you see, if you drop into those holes, you will be stuck there forever, and when the ride starts, your body will be cut into a million pieces, bloody will splattered all around, everyone will scream, and you die, and then the ambulance come, but cannot find your body already.. cause its like blended .. like strawberry ice blended... and then the whole Times Square got your blood all around.."

and he was laughing his shit off.. =.=" this kind of ppl.. GOSH! i came back only, STRAIGHT away headed to my bed.. SO TIRED! but then, i was waiting for someone's sms.. so, i sleep first.. then suddenly SO MANY ppl sms and call me.. but none of it, was the sms or call i was waiting for.. like 1 something, only got THAT particular sms.. but i was asleep.. but i put my ringtone the LOUDEST.. then, got a call after that.. until like 2 something.. only hung up.. then cannot sleep ady.. >.<>

then, woke up at 6 something.. late ady lo.. usually its like 5 something.. dunno why, i always wake up that time.. EVENTHOUGH its hol-i-dayy... after that, waited for my mom and brothers to wake up.. but wait wait wait, also tak bangun.. so, i headed to my bed and sleep again.. then, when my brother wake up, i didnt wanna wake up, so he was like, hitting me with the pillow like 49 times.......?? it was SO PAIN okayH! but i was still asleep.. then he started to take every pillow away from my bed.. and pulling me out of bed.. but i was still showing the no-expression look.. so, he took the pillow and hit my head.. hahahahhaaXDD that time, i was REALLY awake ady.. cause it was so funny.. stupid ass.. so pain okayh!

then, went for breakfast, after i came bacck... i started baking cookies MYSELF okayh! without my mom's help! i mean, got larrr.. but she help me for 5 minutes only! then her friends came, and she was entertaining her, i didn everything ALL BY MYSELF OKAYH!

(so, if you guys get stomachache.. dun come and find me...)

hahahahahaXD joking larh! wont die wan larrrr.. =D it was HARDWORK okayh! sitting on that chair for a FEW hours, shaping the cookies ONE BY ONE.. putting the chocolate chips ONE BY ONE.. so tiringggg...

eh! eh! emilyyy... gosh.. why the heck he added US in facebook.. so damn annoying rightt??? HIGH FIVE! tell him we got boyfren.. then he wont disturb us with stupid questions anymore.. he is DEFINITELY CRAPPING like CRAP! he is getting on our LAST NERVE... hhahahahhaXDD LUCKILY he doesnt know i HAVE a blogg.. if not, kantoi.. actually, WHO CARES laarrr.. haiyorhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... ... ... . swtttttt!!!! what facebook? what me and so many boys pictures??

gosh! its like SOOOOOOOOOOOo stupid.. i dun even have a PICTURE with SO MANY GUYS around.. =.=" and then, he say, it wasnt me.. OHGOD! feel like strangling him.. T.T


T.T my cookiesssss!! my maid burnt them!!!!!!!!!!! so saddddd!!!!!!!!!! my hardworkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T.T i'm crying invisible blood.. T.T

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I'm such a GOOD cousin sister.

I'm gonna be somekind of good cousin sister who takes care of her 10 year old cousin brother in like, a few minutes time..

cause my aunt wants me to go "play" with my cousin brother in Times Square.. rightttttt...... =.=" so, its just ME and HIM; HIM and ME >.<

goshh.. i hope he dont run around and fall down, and cry and scream like nobody's business.. fine. i sedang hiperbola-ing.. my cousin is NOT like that.. hahahahahaXDD well, I'm much more crazy than him.. nola.. its just that.. .. .. a 16 year old teenage girl.. wont have THAT much fun with a 10 year old KID. anyway, nevermind laa.. just do my aunt a favour.. anyway, she's going back to China to work for the Hong Leong Bank thingy.. so, its just like, once in a blue moon, she comes back.. so.. yalo........................ ........................... ..........................

just now, I was post-mortem-ing about the dinner yesterday with my mom.. i remembered, my grandmother was like so funny, crapping so much.. then i was like asking my mom.. "mom, how did you teach YOUR mom??" hahhahahhaXDD

dei, my grandma rocks larh... hahaXD

kla, i got to go get dressed before my aunt comes and pick me up to T.T, Times Square. chaoz, humans.. T.T

wait wait wait.. still got one more thing.., just now, pinky told me, there's this REALLY freaky website that can answer your questions like, CORRECTLY.. anyway, its not a good website also.. how do we know that how THEY got the answers.. oh! and i hope she can come larrrrrr... i love herrrrrr!! its been a LONGGGGGGGGGGG time since we met that pig..

ps: i'm not lesbian okayh! i love her, doesnt mean i am a lesbian.. wait, who DOESNT love pinky?? she's is such a "lovely" girl.. that RARELY visits my blogggg.. ahhahhahahXDD talk bad about her also nevermind.. hahahahaXDD

kla.. chaoz! =D

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Prosperity, Health and Boyfriend! hahaXD

naaaaaa-------------------NEVERMINDDDDD.. promise sheau hwa not to say that word in my blog ady..but i still say it to puiyi...

at lasttt!! i finish scaning that stupid physics book for herrr!!!! goshh!! 9 pages.. i know its not THAT much, but helooo?? my comp is so sucky.. that it takes almost 5 minutes, PER COPY okayh! and it was like hanging like puiyi's shit.. gosh!

i cant do anything, but to tapping my 3 in 1 printer ALL THE TIME with my fingers.. waiting for it to scan one by one is like waiting to ask my dog to talk.. or like, waiting for money to fall from the sky or waiting for my teachers NOT to give homework.. T.T

can you feel my sadnessssS?!?!?!?!??!?!?!


can dun sms me anymore arh.........???
i would very much appreciate that if you dun disturb me by asking SE-TU-PIK questions ANYMOREEEE!!!!
i gave you a chance before..
you didnt appreciate it..
so, its NOT MY FAULT..
later my darling, baby, and bao bei,
3 person come and kill you arrr...
not my fault also okayhhh???



just now, before dinner, Julian came to my house to go out with my bro.. then my aunties and uncles and those big big enormous tall cousins were there too.. so, when Julian came in, I was like saying hi to him, then ALLL me relatives was like, "teng.. your boyfren arh??" I was like, laughing SO SARCASTICALLY, going ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, "him?! my boyfren?!" and then give them a =.=" look.. all them were like laughing like shit.. and during dinner, all of us went to a restaurant nearby my house and eat.. then we had yee sang.. it was SO FUNNY OKAYH!!! hahaXD ppl were like wishing for prosperity and health and stuff..

then i was saying,"yay!! wish I have a boyfren and he love me more and moreeee!!" then everyone started laughing again.. gosh.. whatever i say during dinner, everyone was laughing like no one's business.. cause like, whatever i say, i was so perasanted.. so they were laughing larrr.. hahaXD

kla, humanz! got to go!! chaozz babeh! =D

your's your's and your's. >.<


you know what?? I feel like killling myself ady you know.. X.X

you see, here's the problem.. at first, my brothers.. all damn sombong.. say dun wan to invite friends to our house.. wan to go out.. not so lame, come to our house and eat and gamble and play and play and sleepover...

so, fine LOR... i invite more lorh.. about 40 ppl...

then, suddenly.. BOTH of my brothers.. want to invite their friends.. i was like o.o... then i ask them how many.. alex say.. MINUMUM, 30 ppl.. and my elder brother say, about 30 ppl also..

eh! helo! 30 x 3 + 10= ??? 100 ppl okayh!!! OKAYH!!!

YOU THINK MY HOUSE SO BIG CAN FIT 100 PPL ARH?!!?!? walao.. T.T i think, seriously, some ppl would have to join my dog in the dog cage.. GOSH... sakit kepala okayh!


just now pulak, i JUST came back from my cousin's new house.. it was like a CNY open house plus housewarming plus birthday celebration.. so, yeah.. i have 2 cousins getting married really soon.. and muahahhaXD i MUST bug my mom to buy me dresses again.. muahahhahaXDD i have enough of that banana dress.. besides, i cant fit into it anymore.. it would drop down.. its too oversized for me.. ;)

anyway, i was so tired.. i was practically sleeping on the couch ady.. but then, we were about to go.. just when i wanna reach my house gate, i got a call. A CALL from my maternal's side family members.. a call that, snatch my sleeping time away.. well, ALL OF THEM ARE COMING like, NOW?!?!?!?


may god save me.

oi.. xiauwei.. you say want to call me since morning?? i cant even sense the line coming from your brains that you're going to call.. ahhahahahaXDD

okay.. i shall control my crazyness.. eventhough the CNY homework are driving me crazy.. and emily! dont SWEAR OKAYH! what does omgwtfbbqdvdvcd means?! harh?! dun simply swear okayh!

i was laughing non stop when i saw that.. hahahahhahXD crazy girl larr you.. i think its the homework righttt??? hahahhaXD yala yala.. baby emily.. i'm YOURS okayh...=.=" 100% yours okayH! haiyorh.., this girl..

omgwtHbbqdvdvcd! puiyi another crazy girl.. want me to scan the physics book from pg 2-11 for her.. T.T *sigh* aih.. suan le ba.. scan la scan la.. she help me so much in school.. okla okla.. terpaksa i scarifice my energy to walk up another 2 floors, sit on the chair, on the computer, wait for like a lifetime till everything loads, open the printer, scan one by one, and open msn messenger, and send one by one to you.. okayyy??? sorry ya? i have to say everything one by one.. cause i am imagining i am doing it.. cause i'm too lazy to do it now.. of course, you have to understand my percentage of fatness.. its like, one.hundred.per.cent. okayhh??

okay.. i got to chaoz.. the whole village of humans of my maternal side family members are here already.. T.T

jah! I'm EVERYONE's one larh! bising lar you all.. you're mine! you're mine! you're mine! you want me to cut out my body parts and separate it one by one??? use a chainsaw massacre and cut okayh?? dig out my eyeballs and give it to sheauhwa.. she would definitely appreciate my beautiful eyes.. =), right?? but too bad.. someone stole my heart ady.. so, take every part except my heart larh okayh?? who wants my kidney??

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bising punya niece. >.<

righttt.. I really tabik my niece.. can talk talk talk talk talk, disturb disturb disturb disturb me..>.<>

mind you, she's ONLY 2..

actually, no one was sleeping soundly like me.. all my aunties and uncles will play cards.. then, my cousins, will play my PS2.. then some, will watch chinese drama.. alex would play the comp.. my elder brother would be out with his gf, and I would be in my room, sitting on my bed, staring at my handphone, keep on repeatedly listening to japanese songs, like a dumb person in those uncomfortable chinese traditional clothes.


I was really sleepy.. but i can only take a nap for half an hour.. wow.. i just realised its like, 8pm.. just now, I just realised too.. that i didnt even eat anything since yesterday afternoon.. err.. not my fault.. i kinda forgot to eat.. >.<

stupid larr xiau wei, selalu cakap yang bukan-bukan.. wait till i spank her when i see her.. tengoklarrrhh, I will get you wan.. dun worrehh.. be happeh! =D

gosh.. my niece is seriously.. WOW.. i talk to her like i talk to you guys.. and not like i'm talking to a 2 year old girl.. she would ask about my friends.. ask me everythingg.. which. i dunno how to tell her sometimes.. and then, she would tell me about her friends.. GOSH.. old. and when alex tegur me, she would be like, "he scold u arr??" and then i will nod, giving her a SAD SAD faceee.. to let her kesian me..

hahaXD so pathetic larr.. but too bad larr.. cause no one kesian me marhh.. so, i have to ambil kesempatan of a 2 year old girl to kesian me lor...

at my cousin's house just now, i gambled a bit.. cause i was REALLY BORED... so, i took out 8 bucks.. lost everything.. then i gained back everything.. then untung 2 bucks back.. and then lost another 3 bucks.. SO PATHETIC OKAYH! shaddap.. i know..

I am SO BLUR in gambling.. actually no, its not my fault.. hahaXD anyway, everyone is going for dinner.. so, i also go larrr.. eventhough i am DAMN FULL now.. just go make jokes and laugh larh.. chaoz, humans of the earth!

I'm feeling very bored.
I need youu..

busy busy busy.


busy busy busy..

SO UNFAIR! my cousins all were like, we are your guests worr.. didnt take drinks for us arr?? walao! bully me until.. YESTERDAY I GO YOUR HOUSE, you didnt even take things for me also!! aih.. they all elder.. just do lorh.. buat muka muka only.. hahahahhaXDD

so many things to do, need to take this take that, up and down, right and left.. T.T keep going up and down, and while i am busy taking things, my cousin brother ask stupid question like, "did ppl say you look like ur mom, or, how did you get so thin??, or, did you on diet, or, teach me how to on diet.." i was like WTHELLL.. i'm running up and down the house.. you ask all these question... but, due to respect to them, i was like shouting my answers.. like,

"YES!! A LOT..."


tambahan pula, I didnt even get good sleep yesterday.. cause like, i was ACTUALLY very sleepy.. i was half sleeping while watching tv ady.. then, suddenly something keep my eyes WIDE OPEN.. then cannot sleep at all.. tambahan pula, my aunt and grandma sleep on my bed, then i sleep on the floor.. and they on the air con like SUPER COLD.. and i dun have blanket.. WALAO!!! i was freezing, waking up EVERY HOUR, and pray that is going to be morning, BUT! eveytime i look at my hp clock, only half and hour passed.. GERAMNYAAAA... then when my grandma wanna go toilet.. she felt so guilty cause she need to walk pass my mattress, then make me wake up.. actually, most of the time, i wasnt sleeping.. its not that she woke me up.. this morning pulak, woke up ady, then followed my parents and my aunt to buy groceriessss.. only my dad and I was superr hyperrr.. keep crapppppingggg..

yishhh.. anyway, kla kla.. got to go..

you are the only one that is keeping me energetic..

Monday, January 26, 2009


Aku tak tau what has gotten into me, tetapi, i find the quotes really nicee =P

where gotttt..... ... =P

How is your first day of chinese new year??!?!?! hahahahhaXDD

Well, I just came back from dinner.. i was in subang, THE WHOLE DAY, with my 2 year old niece KEEP BUGGING ME like there's no tomorrow.. want to emo also cannot.. SO BISINGGG... hahahahaXDD

i message ppl, then she will so kpo and see my messages.. then she keep snatching my handphone and camwhore herself.. walao.. SO ACTIVE.. i look at her also tired ady.. I didnt gamble.. see?? so good rightt??? everyone gamble but me.. cause i busy sms-ing so many ppl.. siewjin larrr.. val larr.. flammable mother larr.. hot gor larr.. and who and who larrr.. banyak orang miss me.. val and siewjin larh! keep asking me angpow.. oi! budak! go ask from sin zhao.. not me.. i give him the packet.. he fill in money only.. he promise, each and you will get 100 bucks... so, get from him... dun ask me.. >.< hahaXD

eh! wait.. they dun reply much wan.. but i keep spaming them.. hahaXD okay.. as you see, I'm totally hyperrrrrr~~~~~!! visited so many ppl.. first, went to Cheras, then go Bukit Kiara, then to Subang.. walao.. SO TIREDDD...

stupid xiau wei larrr.. bising betul.. everyday also bising bising bising like there's no tomorrow.. hahaXDD

what larh! what kind of stupid solar eclipse.. waited the WHOLE evening also tak ada.. you know everyone was gambling, and I sat outside the house and waited for SO LONG OKAYH! from rain to shine, and from shine to rain again, i still standing with my high heels that hurts me SO MUCH.. but tak ada whatever solar eclipse.. ish! waste my energy.. i was actually damn sleepy.. i was sleeping.. then my alarm woke me up.. just because of the solar eclipse.. >.<

muahahah! I'm so hyperrr nowww... my grandma, and my aunt,.. and my cousin brother is sleeping overr..=D can disturb them.. especially my cousin brother.. muahahahXDD he's like form 1, but then, he is still a forever small boy to meee.. hahaXD just now during family dinner, everyone was like laughing like shit cause i was SSS-ing.. saying myself triple hot.. my auntie was like, you see Teng Teng.. say herself hot.. want to cover her embarrassment.. hahaXD no.. because everyone say my mom was hot and i am not as hot as her when she was young marh... so, i say.. my grandma is hot.. then my mom, double hot.. and me, TRIPLE HOT! hahahahaXD

ps: I'm NOT a lesbian okayh! hahaXD

see?? I'm still THAT crappy.. in front of my friends, in front of my family, in front of my teachers.. in front of everyone.. hahahahhaXDD oh! and during dinner i was like, I am so full until I cannot recognize my mother.. (direct translate from cantonese) then my cousin brother was pointing at my mom, then ask me, "then who is she??"

sandra: fine.. then i say, I am too full until i cannot recognize my cousin..
cousin: who am i??
sandra: yalarh! who are you??!?! why you sit beside me?? go awayyy...
cousin: yalorh.. i also dunno who am i..
sandra: eh! next time, we should say, "I am too full until i cannot recognize my girlfren.."
cousin: you got girlfren meh??
sandra: i where gottt??? YOU got maaa.. I not as free as you.. SO MANY girlfren..
cousin: where gotttt...... ....... .... ... you also larh!
sandra: where gottt... .... .... ...

then we were like laughing like shit.. hahaXD so crazy larrhh.. hahahahhaXDD owh! tomorrow have to wake up early to prepare the food for the famileh gathering in mwah houseee=DDDDD

kla, chaoz humanz! =D

I'm your only one,
you're mine too.
you keep me awake =)

I dont want that.

I feel so stupid.
its like, ALL THESE WHILE,
coupling with someone,
is a stupid idea for me.

It still is for me..
around me, would always come around me,
and ask me for comments and stuff..
I mean, its okay to couple,
but not until the extend that you will die NOT seeing him or her.

I know how you guys feel,
but then,
i dunno how to say larr..
It's like,
you KNOW you wont last,
so, why do you want to couple?

you KNOW you will get hurt in the end.
if you're NOT ready,
why start it?

unless you're sure that you WONT get hurt in the end.
is kind of impossible for high school love..

well, i mean,
but, the chances are really slim.

whadaya think about it?

I dont know,
but its kinda stated in the Sandra's Rule Book.
I will,
break the rule for you,
I can even break the whole world's rule for you.
the question is,
is it worth it?

I can only leave it as a question mark.
cause i dunno what to do.

we shall leave it JUST like that.
I dont know.
I'm not sure.
Prove it to me that its worth breaking the rule.

Love is worth waiting,
if you really love me,
you will wait and prove it to me.
If we're meant to be together,
we WILL be together.

If you cant wait,
I'm just a puppet to you,
another girl for you to joke and flirt around.

no, I dont want that.


Sleepless Nights.

I cant get good sleep..

Today, its the first day of chinese new year, and i woke up early, everyone was still sleeping soundly.. so, i was like, writing 6 pages on my diary. everything about what happened.

so, yeah..

went to my uncle's house, ate vegetarian.. hmm.. played with the puppy, get some angpows and stuff.. i dressed like, Chun Li from Marvel VS Capcom game.. wtheck right??

yeah.. T.T

bunned neat gel-ed hair, 3 quarter chinese cheongsam, long tights and high heels.. >.<

my auntie is gonna come to my house with the tools to make my hair later.. and I'm having a family gathering tomorrow.. no, a few family gatheringssss.. then, on wednesday, i dunno go where.. but on thursday, we have some company dinner, fifth day, i think, i will rot at home.. and on the sixth day, let the party began. =)

I asked if you are serious?
you say yes.
I asked how many percent,
you said 99%
I said its too little,
and you said 100%,
I said its still too little,
you said INFINITY.

I was sweetened by your words,
I asked you to put down the phone and entertain YOUR girls,
and you said okay,
and hung up.

leaving me dumbfounded.

i'm really confused..
i'm really scared..
what will happen to us..
in a 12 minutes call, you have like 6 messages..
every 2 minutes,
you have a message from another girl.
how do you expect me,
to feel safe,
locked around your opened arms??

I wonder,
am I as important to you as you are to me.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Famileh reunion =D

I'm in Subang right now.. my mom's sister house.. a.k.a my auntie's house.. just now, went to my uncle's house.. my dad's side.. i feel so guilty... everyone at home was like cooking, washing the car, decorating the house.. and etc...but all I did was, woke up at 11.30, eat, do homework, listen to songs, sleep, wake up, bathe, eat. eat. eat. and eat.


sorry.. not my fault okay. i was doing my homework.. so much.. T.T

just now, keep playing with my cousin's daughther.. SO DAMN CUTE... awww.. she loves me.. you know what? i love family reunions, i get to joke and hyper with my aunties, cousin and grandmother.. my grandma rocks okayh! i talk to her like how i talk to all of you.. haha.. XD and she will laugh laugh laugh.. hahahahXDD

kla.. chaoz! wait, i dunno why puiyi is so hyper.. she is really crazy.. suddenly message me and say *immitating a parrot* sandwa! sandwa! =D i was like, wtheck?! and she keep sms me crap.. like, wtheck square! goshhh.. cannot tahan her hyperness.. worst than me..

i think i still love you..

Yuen PIngie! =D

I was so touched when i saw Yuen ping's post about me.. awww! i love her LOTS!!

Here is it, sandra ;)

1) A girl who sat on my left side in class.
2) The girl who sang so loudly her voice rings in my ear.
3) A girl who always bully me into putting her books into her locker =p
4) A girl who always helps me to scan and save stuff.
5) A girl who always declare stupid things in class.
6) A girl who brings life to dull lessons.
7) A girl who laughs like she never laugh before.
8) A girl who shouts a lot.
9) A girl who declares herself hott.
10)A girl who goes hyper for almost every single day.

11)Always laugh at things which are not even funny.
12)Always laugh so loud that the whole class heard us.
13)Always help each other in our homeworks.
14)Scold each other for being such idiot in maths and add maths. =p
15)Always go silly in the english period.
16)Always talk crap.
17)Laughed at century eggs.
18)Always disturb each other.
19)Always go online at night.
20)Always borrow each other's stationary and accidentally bring it home. x)

1) I'll sing louder than you, one day.
2) I'll bully you into putting my books into the locker for me if there's a chance.
3) I'll remember all the silly things we said and did.
4) I'll never fail to laugh you're there.
5) I'll always smile when i see you.
6) I'll improve my maths so that i can scold you more =p.
7) I'll sing and shout with you.
8) I'll declare something about you, one day x)
9) I'll always be there when you're down.
10)I'll always cherish our friendship. :)


OMG! its like.. awwwwwww... and laughing like shit at the same time.. hahahahXDD anyway,

today, aku bangun pada pukul 7pagi.. tak ada apa apa nak buat.. so start sms-ing.. it seems everyone is awake ady.. on the way to balik kampungggg... so, yeah..

i'm happy and scared and sad at the same time..
cause i got to know something,
that shocked my WHOLE LIFE!

anyway who cares?? i slept like 2 times today, and also, i did most of my homework! actually.. not really.. i still got a little bit of novel sipnosis, Bio, Physics, PJK, and Sejarah! not much right?? hahahhaXDD joking!! its like SO MUCH T.T

anyway, i got to go for the family reunion thingy! love you guys a lot! especially Yuenping! and Yuen ping and emily! and puiyi! and my hot gor! and my COOL GOR too! =D

bye, humans!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dil Chill Bill Kill Hill

just came back from dil's parteh.. danced non-stop.. shaking my ass non-stop...nola.. joking.. hahaXD but it's hard to resist to dance.. cause like, i was kinda crying when i was talking to siewjin.. then everyone start hugging me.. HOW TO STOP?! you tell me!!

there was like, surround sound system.. disco lights.. loud music.. who wouldnt dance.. that moment, i SO WANTED my hot gor to be there.. he sure gila gila again.. even keanloong was also dancing his FAMOUS CHICKEN DANCE.. ;) hahaXD

ps: shhh.. he actually dance WORST than weixing.. hahaXD he says he dunno how to dance.. hahaXD but we still force him to 'low low low low" with us.. hahahhaXD

so many things happen.. I really had fun there.. keanloong went back quite early.. it was so funny.. shengrei try to keep burning his watch with the candles around.. hahaXD

anyway, it was a realllyyy good party.. we even slow danced.. i was like, enjoying that romantic moment with Tharine.. hahaXD like ONLY 2 couple danced.. hahaXD me and my bao bei was like so crazy... keep screaminggg.. siewjin!!! i lovee you!!! =DDDD hahaXDD

anyway again, i will post up the pics later.. =) haha.. i really had lots of fun.. thanks dil! minus the part where i suddenly broke down.. screw that.. keanloong's face was like so scared ady.. hahaXD nevermindd laa.. biasa ady..

k, ppl, chaoz! i gtg bathe.. sweat like shit there.. =DDD

he told me everything,
and i am relieved.
it was JUST ME,
thinking too much stupid things..
I'm gonna tell myself,
I am the one thinking stupid.

Deep Shit.

It's a sad case that Chu can't come to my open house.. cause if not, i can introduce him to my fellow HOT AND COLD gors.. so sad.. he say he have to go shopping with his sister and friends.

that explains everything.
hahaXD i was like o.o when i saw the message too..

haha.. puiyi will sure go whathehelll....

I'm so scared,
Cause the feeling is coming back,

I'm so scared,
Afraid of not controlling my feelings.

I'm living in deep shit.

I want and dont want and the same time.

hate myself.

Chinese New Year Excitement.

i THINK i'm ready for chinese new year.. haha

cause my room is cleaned! and everything is arranged in order.. actually, not really.. its just the BEST i could do.. what do you expect?? its not my fault.. my room is like so small.. dun blame me.. blame the contractor who built my house 16 years ago.. >.<>

my brothers and I were like decorating the whole house the whole morning.. omg.. wait.. its already 2.30pm.. greatttttt.. i belum makan.. since i woke up.. busy cleaning up stuff and playing with my homework..

have to keep myself busy.. if not, i will remember stupid things AGAIN.. which sucks.. cause i just wanna be happy during Chinese New Year.. oh gosh! i forgot! i have a birthday party to attend tonight.. whoopsieee..

anyway,.. yeah.. i am SO GONNA enjoy this holiday.., PROVIDED i finish my homework.. hahaXDD i cant wait till 31st! muahahahaXD i'm gonna stuff you guys food till a ROUND ball.. tomorrow ada banyak reunion dinner.. ahahahhaXD who doesnt?? excluding non-chinese ppl.. hahaXD

i'm so happeh now.. actually.. not THAT happy.. but okay, i guess.. wait.. omg.. i invited like so many ppl.. later.. my house tak muat then die.. hahaXDD some ppl stay in the toilet, some ppl stay in my dog house.. some ppl stay in my maid's room larh.. okayyy?? ppl like emily and vivian, AND PUIYI.. sure would LOVE to stay in my dog's house.. okayyy?? hahahhahXD

kla.. chaoz ppl! love ya!

Friday, January 23, 2009

If I could just..

it was just.........
another step until i reach the top,
but i missed a step,
and fell down.
I lost the chance.
I thought I got over it.

EVERYTHING seems to remind me of it.
its like a everyday routine everyone remind me of not getting straight A's.
no one fails to remind me of it.

IF i just could get straight A's,
I can answer vivian's question about whether my mom going to the YPC ceremony..

IF i just could get straight A's,
I wouldnt be alone in 4th floor, looking down, crying during the YPC thing.

IF i just could get straight A's,
I wouldnt have been so blur about the farewell thing.

IF i just could get straight A's
I would have get that stupid voucher,
and i could have join you guys to d' Tandoor in KL tower.
IF i could just get straight A's,
Keanloong would have take his first step.
IF i could just get straight A's,
I wouldnt have failed my friends and family.
IF i could just get straight A's,
I wouldnt have to tell ppl repeatedly that i didnt get it.

IF i could just get straight A's,
I wouldnt be like that right NOW.

i hate myself.

no, ppl.. its not that I am not over it or what.. i was.. i WAS living in the future.. but somehow, someone just dragged me back to the past. i'm telling you..


When A Girl..

This is nice =) got it in my email.. =D they ask to forward, i malas to forward.. so i post in my blog instead.. its still the same =) hahaaXDD

When a GIRL is quiet ... millions of things are running in her mind.

When a GIRL is not arguing ... she is thinking deeply.

When a GIRL looks at u with eyes full of questions ... she is wondering how
long you will be around.

When a GIRL answers ' I'm fine ' after a few seconds ... she is not at all

When a GIRL stares at you she is wondering why you are lying.

When a GIRL lays on your chest .. she is wishing for you to be hers forever.

When a GIRL wants to see you everyday... she wants to be pampered.

When a GIRL says ' I love you ' .. she means it.

When a GIRL says ' I miss you ' .... no one in this world can miss you more than

Life only comes around once make sure u spend it with the right person ....

Find a guy .. who calls you beautiful instead of hot.

who calls you back when you hang up on him.

who will stay awake just to watch you sleep. Wait for the guy who ... kisses
your forehead.

Who wants to show you off to the world when you are in your sweats.

Who holds your hand in front of his friends.

Who is constantly reminding you of how much he cares about you and how lucky he
is to have you.

Who turns to his friends and says, ' That's her!!



yeapp.. that was what i have been chanting for almost 4 minutes.. THANKS TO ALEX =.=" cause of that stupid Akon-You're beautiful song larrr.. and then i was trying to annoy him by covering Akon's voice with my beau-ti-ful..beau-ti-ful..beau-ti-ful..beau-ti-ful..beau-ti-ful..beau-ti-ful..beau-ti-ful..beau-ti-ful..beau-ti-ful..beau-ti-ful..beau-ti-ful..beau-ti-ful..beau-ti-ful..beau-ti-ful..

it didnt work. T.T.

Anyway, today is so far.. the best day of school for NOW... cause.. during PJ.. we studied a bit.. then, we did our own work.. the guys went for play football.. i think.. gosh.. they.smell..T.T and they sprayed SO MUCH DEODORANT.. until they choke us to death.. T.T outside the class also can smell.. I was like, do you notice, you are killing us?! then they were like, its SO NICE SMELL.. you guys dunno how to smell only.. and they were sniffing their shirt.. wtheck man..

Then, we had Bio.. tak ada apa-apa.. teacher didnt come.. so we did our own work.. during recess, all of us were in Alfa class, celebrating for Thambyyy... we will miss him.. T.T RMC sucks! come back to SBU! and then we sang Happy Birthday song to Sam in English, Bm, chinese and Tamil.. hahahaXDD like only Thamby, Simmarjit and Arjun were singing.. all of us were laughingg.. hahahhahaXDD

then later, the cake for Thamby's farewell arrived.. and.. yeah.. there were exchange of cherries between Thamby and Niro, and another couple.. Arjun and Diane.. hahahahaXDD omg.. they are SO GONNA kill me if they see this.. hahaXD nolaa.. sporting maaa.. then after that, teacher ask Thamby to express his feelings.. he was like, "i will definitely miss you guys.." then ALL of us were like, AWWWWWWWW!!! hahahahhaXDD

then, we ask him to take the cherry with his mouth.. when his head was down, all of us push his face INTO the cake.. hahahhahahahahXD and Arjun was like, taking his finger, swip the whipped cream from Thamby's face and eat it.. SO DISGUSTING OKAYH! hahahahaXD

all of us got him so many cards.. and presents.. Then during Add Maths, only we went to ponteng class to go to canteen and eat.. actually, its not ponteng lorh.. cause like, ALL of them are prefects.. like, only FEW of us are NOT prefects.. hahaXD so, when teacher see, also she dun mind.. hahaXD prefects are like the pas for EVERYTHING.. hahaXD

during Add maths, did some work.. emo a bit.. sad a bit.. i wanted to continue to emo.. but our DEAR SEJARAH TEACHER would NEVER fail to make us laugh like shit.. eh.., ppl.. bangang sampai tahap apa again??? i dunno what she said... hahaXDD

after school, when simmarjit and the crazy ppl were not in class.. all of us were wishing Thamby farewell, then i was like hugging him.. we will SO MISS him man.. then Niro cannot tahan also.. and hugged him too.. luckily there's no those stupid boys in there.. it not, nama baik Niro sure tercemar.. hahaXD i nevermind larrh.. i hug almost everyone.. hahaXD guys, girls, mixed.. campuran.. everything... hahaXD cause u know laa.., i open minded maaa.. not like.. niro.. sure kena gossip.. if suddenly hug Thambehhhhh! hahaXD

haiyorh.. i cannot attend the farewell party in the condo for Thambyyyyy... they were going to smack him with raw eggs and throw him into the swimming pool and stuff.. ishh.. i SO WANT to see it.. hahaXD


going home time, my brother was like standing at the highest level at the amphitheater.. like he very "yeng" like that.. gosh.. weigin was like, is that alexxx??? ugh *rolls eyes* like DUH... i hate is hair.. its like.. GIRL only! like those kuan cheng hair girls.. short for girls, but long for guys..

dunno why.. we putus wayar yang mana.. we keep argueing about crappy stuff.. like me taking taxi home.. blarh bla blaaaaa... wtv.. i win, he lose! everyone in school was like, whatt theee.. when they saw us talking and shouting non stop.. well, the only one who can tahan my screaming.. is ALEX.. none of my friends.. including zhengkang who kena tortured by my screams during ICC can tahan.. but, if i scream right through Alex ears, its like nothing for him.. cause, I'VE BEEN SCREAMING IN THE CAR, bugging him to tell me the stupid title of one song.. it's in the blood ppl.. we are meant to train our voices to..

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I can't believe I am like that.
I hate myself.
I disgust myself.
why did it all have to happen..?

Dead crazy.

ppl ppl.. humans of the earth.. you know why my chat box is so queit?? cause NOBODY come back from school yet.. cause EVERYONE.. i mean, ALMOST everyone.. everyone i am close to.., is hadir-ing the YPC thing.. for getting straight A's.. so sad case man..

My class.. like ONLY 13 ppl didnt get straight A's... Niro, Sin Zhao and Ajitpal pulak didnt go for physics class.. others at the skylite getting money for getting straight A's.. so, the whole physics lab.. there's only 10 ppl.. 9 malay girls.. and me.


so saddeningg..='(

but, in the physics lab, i was crapping with teacher.. Puan Rashidah was crapping with me also.. hmm.. its like.. me talking to hao cherng.., hahaXD before recess, yuenping, zunzen, sheau hwa, vyvyan and I.. helped Puan Angela to do the koko board.. but then.. our DEAR principal shoo-ed us.. ugh!

practically, wait.. OHMYGOD.. 4 sc beta-ians!!! did you guys JUST REALISED THAT.. miracle just happened?!??!?! THERE"S NOT HOMEWORK TODAY!!!! wait.. let me comfirm.. errr.. no.. sorreh ppl! we have BM.. and for the other 35-10=25 ppl, you guys have PHYSICS HOMEWORK!! muahahhahahaXDDD siapa suruh kamu semua dapat straight A??? hahaXDD

today, i just run around the school with vyvyan.. talking about everythinggg... u know what ppl?? i am SO looking forward to Chinese New Year.. (who dont??) and i forgot that we are suppose to get ang pauS!!! hahaXD maybe cause like, i'm married?? hahahhahaXDD sin zhao, ppl!! rememberrrr???????????? hahahahhahahXDD

well, tricia kept asking me for ang pau.. gosh.. tak tau malu.. hahaXD u dun ask angpau from ppl just like THAT.. dun tell me you ask ur parents, "WHERE"S MY ANGPAU HARH?! you married ady right?!"

i think, you will get a slap instead of an angpau.. hahaXD during Moral, keanloong apologised for the 101time today.. okay.. that's too hiperbola.. but then, when he apologise.. he keep laughing laughing laughing.. i dun even know what the hell is he laughing aboutt.. -.-" he say, when he see my face, he sure will laugh.. lagi larh =.="

niro was like,"gosh!! keanloong!! stop laughing!" then he close his mouth.. look at me, and then turn back and laugh non-stop.. =.=!!!!!! wtheck! and at the end of the day, when everyone see ME ONLY walking out of the school, i dunno what the heck is keanloong and su zanne was doing while i was talking to Sheng Rei.. su zanne keep pulling my hand.. and keanloong was kicking my plastic bag.. i was like what the.. then i ask them what they want.. they look at me blankly..=.=!!!! and say nothing.. =.=!!! then keanloong trying to do the Shrek's cat face.. and say sorry.. i was like, DONT LOOK AT ME WITH YOUR INNOCENT FACE OKAYH!!! ugh! then i started turning away and smiling.. then he go tell yuenping.. "she keep smiling.. how to say sorry?!" (in mandarin) what-e-ver keanloong.. ugh..

oh shit! i forgot! Thambi's card!!! ohmygod.. i am SO GONNA MISS THAMBI!!! ='( i love him.. why is he leaving us.. T.T he is the only person who talk sense in crap and talk crap in sense other than me.. i am sooo gonnaaa missss him!!!! who doesnt?? he is the joker of the form.. i mean.. the NERD joker of the form.. sheng rei told me he is going to the something something C.. i was like, where is that?? then he say, sungai besi.. then i said, where's sungai besi?? everyone was like double =.=" then he was like explaining.. after the cheras tol and bla bla bla.. i wasnt actually listening to what he say.. hahahahhahhahahXDDD cause it was too complicated for me.. hahaXD all i know is just Pavillion, Mid valley, KLCC and Isetan.. AND starhill.. see?? i know okayh! and oversea restaurant too! =D hahaXD anyway, i will just make the card larh.. more meaningful.. BUT UNLIKE SOMEONE WHO DOESNT APPRECIATE WHAT I DID FOR HIM.. keanloong is our FRIEND,.. so we shall not say the name OUT LOUD..

during EST, Low and I AND puiyi.. puiyi was like asking Chu tat tsun.. "er.. Chu.. why you are like THAT wan arh?? ur sister very man wan issit??"

then as usual, he gave THAT "what the hell are you trying to say" face.. then puiyi say, i mean.. seriously.. why arhh???

then again, i shall say, we ask him so many questions.. then after that.. i was screaming at Nanthienie.. cause she go and took the pill that i wanted to throw.. accidentally took out.. so i wanted to throw.. and she go open it.. i was like.. OI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh!! what are you doing!?!?! like super loud..

then Faizul was like, "SANDRA! jangan jerit larh! semua telinga kita sakit! kamu PMS arh?!"

"ur head larh! i know you datang period.. jangan bising okayh! itu Nanthienie larh! buat benda bodoh.."

FYI, Faizul is a GUY.. hahaXDD and FYI number 2, the guys in our class.. are not GUYS.. hahaXD teacher was like, "the girls are louder than the guys arhh..." then i told her.. teacher.. this class.. the girls are like guys.. and the guys are like girls.. except me larh.. i am very polite.. and soft spoken..

then everyone was giving that glare.. hahahhahahahhahahahXDDD cause i was practically screaming and shouting the whole day to everyone.. i think the guys are also fed up to ask me to shut up ady.. hahahhahaXDD wait a minute! they didnt even ask me to shut up.. it was Nanthienie and puiyi only.. the others.. just let me scream and shout.. perhaps.. they are immune to my beautiful voice.. =D

kla chaoz! sorrry larr ppl. i was really very hyper today.. i know i was like a dead rat yesterday.. that was being flatted by a car tyre.. it MUST be the coffee.. cause before i drank my coffee yesterday, i was still closing my eyes.. ah duh!!.. i was sleeping.. =.=" yesterday i didnt drink coffee..

so, in conclusion.. coffee makes me hyper.. that's why you see me so crazy everyday.. so, all i can say is..


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday! =D

eventhough, you cant bear to look at my pretty face,
eventhough you are a bit cacated...
buttt... dun try to avoid mee...
cause I KNOW YOU LOVE ME!!!!



Happy Birthday, gor! =D big ady arhh.. 22 or 23 ady arh?? heheXD i know, eventhough you dun read my blog, but at least larh harrhh.. okayy?? =DDD love ya!~

and Hapy birthday to this ass.. for lying to me with his eyes wide open.. but i tak sanggup.. NOT to wish him.. so, HAPPY birthday, TEOH JOEH MENG..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHENG to the KEN! =DDDDD you've been a reallllyyy good fwend.. =) and a really good present share-r.. hahaXDD love ya too! =D happy sweet 16, ONG CHENG KEN!! =D
THIS girl.. aku sudah kenal dia sejak aku pun lupa.. hahaXD standard 4?? hahaXD i know you love me,. and i love you too!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!!! i mean, HOT GIRL! hahaXD
love ya! Dilhany Jayawardenaaaaaa~~ happy sweet 16!

Life sux!

today.. was a seriously.. idunnowhattosay... some part of the day was fun and funny.. but some parts of the day, i was dead angry and serious.. its so shitty... this morning, everything looks like shit to me, well.. the first thing i did was wishing chengken and dil happy birthday.. i couldnt find vyvyan yet that time.. then, after that.. during Bio.. it was the first time in THIS year, i slept in class.., but there was no teacher larrr.. and its only 30 minutes.. its all because of THE chu Tat Tsun took my chemistry procedure paper and i cannot do it.. so, i slept.. i was darn sleepy..

and that's one of the reason why i didnt blog yesterday, fellow loyal readers.. sorreh.. so, yeah..i was so mooody in the morning.. then, during sejarah ok A BIT.. then, during recess, some aliens named TEH KEAN LOONG really made me so angry.. that he knew i'm gonna slap him, so he was covering his face ady.. i was so close from slapping him and he was like, "dun play larrr... so many ppl here.." i was so.not.playing.

keanloong, seriously larr..
you really pissed me off..
imagine i said that okayy..
what would you feel??
I was practically crying ady..
somethings cannot be joked around okayh?
you are SMART enough to understand that.
pls care about ppl's feelings..
you're not the only one who has feelings.

and after that, we had english.. it was okay.. but before that, had chemistry.. and AGAIN, i found out that i didnt bring my locker key.. DAMN FRUSTRATED okayh! i was like shouting at everyone.. sorry ppl.. i was SO ANGRY...

and then, during st.john meeting, i mean, AFTER meeting, we celebrated chengken and vyvyan's bdae.. at first.. it was just for the comittee ppl.. but i was there, so, i just celebrate with them lorh.. and we were doing facial for chengken and vyvyan with WHIPPED CREAM.. and we were taking out ALL the whipped cream and stuff into their mouth.. gosh.. god knows how fattening was that.. and then, when we were eating the cake without cutting it.. like, digging it out with fork.. while we were eating..

keanloong suddenly say, "see?! you all so good to chengken.. got girls buy him cake and celebrate for him somemore.. i also dun have.." sambil giving the SAD SAD look.. when i heard that.. i straight away threw the fork down and say," NO ONE BUY FOR YOU?? NO GIRLS BUY FOR YOU?!" and walked away.. and sheau hwa was like running to catch me up.. everyone was like, "err.. oooooooo.... keanloongggggg............." and that was when Low have to thank god.. cause while i was walking away angrily.. i found her watch.. she didnt take it home.. so, thank god i took it for her.. and found it.. actually, you should thank keanloong.. cause if it wasnt HIM that say those things, i wont throw the fork and walk to that particular place..

keanloong.. you very lebih lorh.. dahlarh already made me so angry saying those stupid idiotic freaking annoying words.. and then you say like that somemore.. go and die okayh!

and then, meeting finished at 3.15.. and house practice started at 3.30.. until 5.. so, yeah.. sheau hwa and i trained the ppl footdrill.. and then, at 5.15 i had tuition.. have to rush to tuition.. and it was like raining so heavily.. with everyone bugging me to forgive keanloong.. walao.. two words can describe everything.

and i reached home at like almost 9pm with my school clothes still on.. cause it was really jam.. gosh.. and now, i lagi teruk.. cannot do my as-tall-as-mount-everest homework.. because.. i leave my bag in the car.. to go for tuition.. and my bro went out with THAT car.. and i think he will come back VERY SUPER late.. cause its his birthday.. T.T..

for now, everything i could say is..

life sucks.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

brain brain brain

emily here yooo!

okay.. sandra here again.. she get to blog that 3 words cause we aree in se-kooolll noww... muahahhaaXD blogging right here, right nowww... hahaXD

siewjin wants to blog now..

wtheck.. righttttt... today, today.. oh! puiyi is sick.. but emily is sicker.. hahahhhaXDD i am the ONLY healthy one.. hahaXD kesiannn puiyi.. kesian emilyyy.. ='(

and then and then, this morning, after add maths.. and during Pengawasan.. i was screaming and shouting and singing.. and singing songs by songs from kiddy songs to like, NOT kiddy songs.. hahaXD yuenping and jo ee couldnt stop laughing.. hahaXD but i think the WHOLE class was annoyed.. hahaXD

shitty ass laa.. i very sad now.. T.T dunno what to buy for vyvyan for her bdae.. gosh.. like 5 ppl was borned on the same day.. my pet sis, my elder brother, chengken, dilly and joeh meng.. wthelll laaa..need to use SO MUCH money.. hahhahhaXD i'm broke ady...

now now puiyi's group is presenting their stuff about THEIR brains.. hahaXD why they didnt say how ppl putus wayar wan... aww.. emily is so cute.. wait.. btw, i am not lesbian.. cause she IS CUTE.. but i am cuter.. muahahhahahXD

oh oh! and xiau wei spelled zhengkang's name wrongly.. muahahhahaXD zhengkang.., you can give her a piece of your mind.. your aunty also dunno how to spell ur name.. hahaXD

oh! now puiyi the thin ass is presenting.. and now, vivian.. she is talking about the brain damage.. hahaXD i think like, vivian and emily all including my hot gor and I got a bit of brain damage.. hahaXD that's why we are LIKE THAT.. hahahhahaXD

oh gosh.. later still need to stayback until 5pm.. aih.. so much homeworkkkk.. T.T i'm crying INVISIBLE BLOOD again.. hahaXD okok.. now is my group's turn.. buh-bye! our group is doing about the heart. =D

kla.. bbyyyeee.. =DD dun miss mwah so muchhh.. hahahahXDD

out of randomdity.. i know this word doesnt exist.. but.. out of it...
i will say.. i miss my HOT HOT HOT GOR... hahahhahahXD and help me smack that person okayyy?? the birthday smack =D

ouch larr.. my arms is aching like shit.. hahaXD cause of that stupid pushup challenge.. hahaXD oh oh! now is junior recess time!! and i can see my cutie annoying but funny but all-time-bully-me-juniors.. hahaXD

Homieworkie so muchie.

oh look!
people! humans! and aliens!
It's like 1 am..
Just finish my homieworkie..
actually, not done yet..
I just stopped cause i am THIS close to breaking my fingers for writing non-stop.
stupid laaarr.. still got so many notes to do.. T.T
omg! i just remember my bio notes!
not done yet!
oh the no!!!!
its so "early"
see laa.. i will sleep in class wan..
nolaa.. jokingg..
I will have a freshly brewed coffee and I will be wide awake..
but one thing,
I was just joking about the freshly brewed thingy..
where got so good..
just Nescafe Regular 3 in 1 larh!
but, one more thing,
one VERY important thing..
coffee DOESNT work on me..
THAT's a problem.
I will still sleep soundly like 2 minutes after i gulped down a cup of coffee..

and and..
my sejarah.. belum habis.. T.T
gosh! like there's no ONE day, there's no homework..
this is like the first time,
in my life,
my school life is SO BUSY with homework..

Form 1 was okay..
Form 2 was like, everyday is free.. no hw wan.. like one week, a bit only.
Form 3, got.. but not as much as

omg! T.T
I'm dying, ppl.. .. .. .
Starting to crying invisible blood ady..
and somemore tomorrow got to stayback..

everyday also stayback until 5, then got tuition after that, THEN got so much homework.
i hate form 4..

ps: wat kind of song am I listening to?? its making me double sleepyyy.. "when will i see youu againnnnnn~~~" it's making me sleepy and going to be sleepy square, sleepy cube, sleepy to the power of 4 and the list goes on to SLEEPY INFINITY.. T.T

okay, chaoz, aliens =D

okay.. now the bass hunter songs are making my hyper.. bye again anyway..