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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Are you kidding me?!

Greetings, loved ones!


yes, this is on my repeat button :D 
you CANT NOT dance along to the song :P

heh. BACK TO BUSINESS, I reached uni super early today because we had to hand in assignments anddddd, I was suppose to revise some Music Tech and MIDI system notes BUT, I ended up chatting away with Shereen because she is SO INTERESTED in my past =.= haha.. So, you know, girls :D

Had Music Tech class and I was just like, QUESTION MARK ALL OVER MY FACE. Music is NOT as easy as you think, peepies! :D

So, we had lunch and my girls and I were just laughing away at everything :D Next, we had Music Theory class and I almost fall asleep. LIKE REALLY. I was yawning away because we were singing scales and everything. AND I discovered alot of things I didn't know about solfege. Haha, people who are not musically-inclined will think I'm talking Korean.


I said that to my dad and he was like,"why was sai lo(small brother) and not dai lo(big brother)?"

he's just lame -.- BUT I LOVE HIM :D

ANYWAYYYYY, after Music Theory I had Private Instruction. Private Instruction is like, a private. instruction. hahaha.. My private tutor is really pretty :D yes, she's a fine lady who just came back from US after living more than half of her life there. Anyway, before PI, I went to a random practice room to practice my piano.. There's like a floor in ICOM which is divided into like.. 40 practice rooms? I think.. There are special rooms for piano students, guitar students, violin students, bass, drums, vocal and etc.

So, PI is kinda scary cause my lecturer teaches me both Music Theory and Private Instruction but today she seems not so strict :P heh.

In between class, some of my classmates were singing this Lion King song without noticing that I was recording them and it was SUPER FUNNY! Watch it! :D 

To be honest, they are really good but they were just fooling around. hahaha.. I can keep watching and laugh over it again and again. AND AGAIN. HAHAHAHA.

They're cool :D

After class, I called my mom and ask her where she is. She told me she was in Pavilion doing facial. And i was like, whaaaaat. And she ask me to take a taxi to Pavilion. AND SO, I DID.

I walked like 300m, cross over a pedestrian bridge under the scorching sun with my super heavy laptop bag carried over my shoulders, files on my right hand and a paper bag on my left, TO THE TAXI STAND. AND THERE WAS NO DAMN TAXI WHO WAS GONNA STOP FOR ME.


After like 10 thousand years, a taxi finally stopped and damn, it was jam =.= Seriously, my uni should be just 10- 15 minutes away from Pavilion and I was charged 10 bucks because of the jam.

and boy oh boy, I walked around the WHOLE DAMN PAVILION to find the mac store so that I can get a cover for my MacBook but when i found it, they only had one colour =.=

I REFUSEEED to buy :P hehe.

OH, and talking about the parking, my mom parked at the idunnowhere and shealsodunnowhere. We were at ground floor but because she dont know where exactly she parked, she went up to 5th floor where she came from and WALKED THE WHOLE PAVILION to find the elevator she took =.=

Aiyoooo, Im sooooo tired BUT happy because one of my classes tomorrow is cancelled. YAY! BUT sad because its one of my favourite class which is Performance Lab and we usually just jam before the lecturer comes :P hehe.

Neways, till tomorrow! BYE :D

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Makes no sense.

Hell-o! :)

Just got back from uni. Nyeh. Stupid assignments :( It's like, never ending D:

I'm actually suppose to stay outside, which is nearer to my uni but like, my dad is making a big fuss out of it saying that its not safe and all but like, I really wanna try to stay myself and you know, learn to be independent. BUT, its like they are so worried about me. I was actually ready to move in to my new apartment when suddenly my housemate said she wanna stop her course and go back to Singapore (cause she's from Singapore) and so, we all moved out because the rent was super expensive. The apartment was about Rm2400 which is ALOT. Although it is fully furnished but, its not like we're staying there everyday and so, we were thinking, if she move out, we can't really afford it so all of us moved out. Now, we found a new apartment and my parents is like.. meh. Better not. 

WHICH, makes me a little unhappy because I really hate travelling through the indescribable jam ALTHOUGH its not that far. Btw, my uni is in Sentul. Yes, I know, its near but its SUPER JAMMM and it makes me headache everytime I come back from uni.

AND, to prove that, I AM having a headache now :(

This was just now's lunch. It looks good. It actually tastes good but my mom asked me not to eat it after having a bite because she said the burger wasn't so fresh and it could hurt my kidney D:


Anyways, I didn't really do much yesterday. I brought my colleague to the warehouse sale but it was the last day so the clothes was sorta just mehhhhh. In case, if you dont know what is "meh.".. I.. actually dont really know too. But like, it just means somethinggggggg. Like, "lol." Eventhough "lol" means laugh out loud, but some people said "lol" like an "oh." 

But anyway, this is me and colleague having brunch in a Japanese restaurant in Old Klang Road. I don't know what is the name of the restaurant but it seems really famous cause it was FULLHOUSE and people were lining up for it.. I didn't take notice of the name because I wasn't in a good mood D:

 This is some prawn roll with fish roe :)

The salmon teriyaki. Just by eating the salmon, I was bloated cause there were 2 LARGE sized salmon fillet. Barely ate any rice. Plus, I didn't really have appetite which is kindaaaaa rare.

Random picture.

Say HI to this pretty lady :)

Well, you can already notice that my smile isn't really a smile.

Like, whaaaaat? I don't understand why they must SPECIALIZE in pomeranians.

Oh, this was when I was talking to Thush, my high school senior and it was like, pot calling kettle black. HE CALLED ME FAT D: until I told him why I suddenly gained so much weight because of my health problems then he was apologising :P


 Okay, this is just a dumb picture that I wanted to see how much I can smile yesterday. Oh well, no one can understand what this means except one specific person.

This is just a random picture the view outside my house. Took the picture from my window. It's just weird how things can be so beautiful yet ugly.

Oh well, I'm not making any sense right now.

Heh. Sorry. I sorta lost my senses :)

Neways, tata!

ps: I miss Alex D:

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Twirl of Happiness.

Good afternoon, happy people! :D

Sorry for not blogging in sucha long time. Heeee, I mean TWO DAYS is a long time :P 

BUTTTT I have an explanation for it :P I was super busy this 2 days. On friday, had class and after class, I rushed home cause we had to send Alex to the airport D:

HEHE this is him in the airport but I kept disturbing him so he was threatening to throw the bottle at me :P Oh well, nonetheless, I miss my brother :) Can't wait for him to be back in July. Although he's annoying MOST OF THE TIME but he makes me happpppieeee :D And I definitely enjoy disturbing him :D

And yesterday, I was SUPER DUPER TIRED because I was teaching music from 9-12.30pm. Then by the time I got home, I need to rush for my drum class, and after drum class, I had vocal class followed by piano class D: Saturdays. I literally CRASHED when I got home.

I was sleeping on the sofa when I heard some noise and thought who was it. And it turns out to be my brother's friends from Australia. I was like OH SHITTTTT. Cause I was in such a mess. My hair is messy. My attire is lame (cause I was working). My face looks so sleepy (cause I WAS STILL SLEEPYY). I peeked through the window and saw his friends waving and me. My face was literally going O.O.. I RANNNNN up as fast as I could and washed my face, tidy my hair and change in 3 minutes :P

and came down to greet them :D

So, we went to pasar malam and I love the CNY atmosphere where EVERYTHING is red and people keep selling new year cookies :D yums yums. 

Then, I was doing my assignments until 4am :( while chatting with my friends on Facebook, of course :P


This morning, I wanted to have breakfast in KL so that I can go to Low Yat plaza to buy my MacBook Pro cover but then I realised the clothes I bought during the warehouse sale still has the sensors on it =.=

Well, I'm a person who can laugh at the same thing again and again, cry over the same thing again and again. So going through the WHOLE warehouse sale process with the exact same restaurant we went and exact same frozen yogurt is a VERY FUN THING TO DO FOR ME :D

HEEEEEE! SO, I WENT ALL THE WAY BACK TO PEARL POINT, to ask them to take the sensor out.


The counters were empty. The place was quite empty too :) Things were more organised. Most of them  were according to size instead of design of clothes WHICH I find it more easier for customers to choose their clothes. Like everyone just go to their specific size section.

Look at those Zara belts which only cost RM 1.00. I mean, like WHY NOT? :D

And these SUPER CUTE polka dot shoes was originally RM200 from Pull&Bear and guess how much I got it for? :DDDD I got more stuff which is super cheap, I mean, there are stuff which are DIRT cheap but there are stuff which are expensively cheap. :) ... does that even make sense?

OH WELL, shopaholics, you get what I mean :D

Also, I passed the Zara Kids' section and I was tempted to buy this reversible water resistant jacket for 2-3 year old toddlers. So, I was thinking, WHY NOT? I'll just buy it for my future kids.



I bought it for my piano teacher's daughter <3 p="">

And hello everyone, meet my daddy! :D he's a really awesome man and I wouldn't ask for more! Cause he already reached the maximum of being the best father :) no doubt.

Hee! My beef soup thingy. Bi..smtg gol? Yeah. I'm lazy to google the name. ITS SO GOOD!

Having the time of my life eating the frozen yogurt. Sorry, about the photo, I was TOO LAZY to get the cable and all to upload.. so, whatever! :D

What I call the "Twirl of Happiness". 
I know its lame. 
But being lame makes me happy :D

Sometimes, I really think I'm a person who can be satisfied easily. But I don't know why you think that I'm a very complicated person to deal with. I hope things can be as simple as possible. 

but NO, life gives you shits.

Oh well, I'm contented with my hauls, korean food and my twirl of happiness.

See ya! :D

hmm.. I can foresee tomorrow is going to be a depressing day. :)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Warehouse Madness!!

 So yesterday, I slept at almost 3am but once I heard the alarm clock rang, I jump up in happiness :D

My mom and I met up with my brother's gf and her sister and we did "A LITTLE" shopping :D

We went to the the Zara, Pull & Bear, Bershka and Massimo Dutti Warehouse Sale! I did actually spend alot but for the amount of things I bought, it was SUPER WORTH IT :D

The original price for the things I bought SHOULD cost around RM1500 but I bought the clothes and accessories and yada yada for only RM 370 :D 

Like c'mon, one piece of clothing in Massimo Dutti and Zara will already cost RM 300 =.= So yeah, I was SOOOOOO HAPPY :D

oh, and guys, trust me, its not a girl thing. You WILL L.O.V.E it :D

I bought more stuff for my brother than myself =.=

We reached around 9.40am and it was empty! They had Adidas, Nike and Puma sale too! 
But everyone was head over heels for the Zara Sale thingy so it was kinda empty :D

This was after 10 minutes, at 9.50am.

Yeap! It's located at the 2nd floor of Pearl Point Event Mall and the sale is till 28th of January! :D

My brother's girlfriend's sister was fast asleep while standing because she was too tired. Poor Samantha :(

My brother's girlfriend :D Amanda :DDDDDDD Love love love her!!!

Besides the Sports Warehouse Sale and Zara Sale, they have kids wear sale too! 

Yes, I know =.= So many sale. It's all warehouse sale so its SUPER DUPER CHEAP!

Was too excited while queuing! hehe..

After lining up for 45 minutes, our tummy was grumbling cause the sale was suppose to start at 10 am but they changed to 11am =.= So we were too hungry and grabbed some Subway sandwiches for breakfast! 

Oh, this was 10.00 am :) So you could imagine at 11am how was the line D:

Grabbing clothes and trying it out at the corner of the hall :D

Inconsiderate people is inconsiderate. They just left all the clothes and hangers on the floor =.=

This was the hall :) It was actually very organised and the queue for the cashier isn't that bad and by around 1something, there were less and less people :D

Peace! :D Awesome sale is awesome! :DDDDDD

The place, again :)

They even sell lightings =.=

Pile of clothes EVERYWHERE D:

Yes, green man?

Dresses from Massimo Dutti, if i'm not mistaken.

Some chinese lady just put her kid on the rack.. haha.. while choosing clothes.


*quickly puts the hat aside* 

The queue to the cashier is separated by this blue thingy and on the way to the cashier, people start to realise they dont really want those clothes and hang all around there =.=

After the sale, we went to have Korean food in Pearl Point. For a economical korean food, I have to say its GOOD :D maybe I'm hungry but anyway, I really liked it :D and its only around Rm15++ per set :D 

These are all the dishes that we had :D


 Beef soup!

Stir-fry korean beef!

More soup!



And of course, the frozen yogurt there is DAMN GOOOOD. It is located right opposite 
Poh Kongg Jewellery store..
I'm having vanilla and green tea frozen yogurt for only RM 4.80 for that HUGEEEE CUP :D

Oh, and I'm gonna show you my favourite buy! :D

 This SUPER CUTE PAIR OF sweat leather boots is so pretttty :D

The prints inside the boots is SO CUTE! :D

Also, the other day, I was watching a Youtube video from Wonderland Wardrobe and she was making this DIY layered boots.. Imma so gonna turn this boots into THIS!


Absolutely in loveeeee with this :DD

A little camwhoring to sum up the day! :D

Till then,

The not-so-little shopholic ;)