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Monday, May 30, 2011

Im a confused child.

Okay, so this is the matter, everytime there's something bugging me, I would turn to my blog. Its like a place to vent out my frustration. Not really frustration.. just, something tht bothers me.

I feel like, no. I realised that you cant get everything you want. Maybe that's it.. life isnt perfect. Well, that's true. You cant have everything you want. hm, I dont really know what im talking about. I just want to express something that is bugging me.

Sometimes in life, we JUST NEED to be alone for awhile. To calm down and think of everything. Like, to clear everything up in your mind.

Well, I cant deny I have a good life. Human beings are just like that eyh? They want more and more. And like, there's never enough.

I honestly think that I should be satisfied with my life. Convince me to.