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Friday, August 29, 2008

a celebration with some pervert stuff add-on

today, our school had the Merdeka celebration... stupid Low and Sheau Hwa didnt come which left me and Adeline.. pui yi also didnt come.. ishhhh.... and then.. after half of the day... Adeline went and sit with her.loved.ONE. and left me alone with the Form 3 guys.. and Kimberly..

siew jin and dil they all was busy doing P.A..
emily was with Vivian all the time..

and the form 3 guys...i tell you... i really cannot tahan them already.. so damn pervert like shit.. especially Derrick and Tien Soong.. my gawdddddd... seriously cannot tahan them... they were seriously so much worst than Sheau Hwa.. haha.. XD

they were like teasing Thambi "niro likes you, niro likes you, niro likes you..." so darn annoying mann.. and they were like talking so so darn disgusting dirty stuff.. all me, Tat Tsun, Renny and Sin Zhao, *the innocent ones* is go ohmygod.. and ohmygod... and keep asking them to shut the hell up..

so annoying mannn.. i seriously didnt think they could be THAT dirty... righttttt... i was like wat on earth, heaven and hell....

and then.. after school, Alex fetched me... he was teasing me... on how i dressed.. and i was so totally annoyed, dahla derrick kept teasing just now, so u just punched his stomach... and he was like "oww... how can you punch that hard??"

"serve you right.. who ask you to disturb me???"

then, he brought me to Mc Donalds... and we take away.. then he brought me to eat cendol... on the way home...

actually i posted a longer post, but stupid alex go and off the internet connection and then everything was deleted.. kanasai... so this post wont be that interesting..

Thursday, August 28, 2008

wat a lame day... a lame FUN day..

today, my goddd... early in the morning, i was so hyper and lame.. and i started crapping and crapping.. i was seriously lame.. i was laughing at my own lame jokies while all of them were like -_-"" purposely make them annoyed.. but unfortunately, dunno why everyone was so gloomy... and they got extra-ed annoyed by me.. especially sheau hwa.. i was like changing the wake up-hilary duff, london bridge-the children version, summertime- new kids on the block lyrics and kept annoying her.. haha.. then after recess, you should have seen adeline, Low and Sheau hwa.. ohmygoddd.. cannoot tahan them.. so much lamer and hyper-er... siew jin also.. crazy wan, they all.. sot jorr...

one of the lame thingSSSS they said was when i was sleeping, they were knocking pens on the table.. so, i can feel the vibration, i got annoyed by the sound, so i moved the table apart from ade's table.. then Low was like.. why she suddenly move the table?? then ade was like.. dunno.. maybe she dreaming of earthquake.. and they laugh and laugh and laugh.. i was like wth.... godd.. save these lameos..

and today was a very pervert day cause sheau hwa is getting perverter and perverter.. be careful, ppl!! hahaXD... she's so disgusting mann,.. keep on.. *ahem**ahem*.. dunno was we were talking something bout... neverminddd... its disgusting.. stupid sheau hwa larhhh.. blame her for all the pervert things.. she teach wan.. hahahahahaXDDDD...

siew jin's gonna wear the punjabi suit tomorrow.. haha.. wonder how she will look like.. hehe^^.. wonder wat adeline's gonna wear.. say gonna call me and tell.. but didnt pulak.. ugh!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


i spent 4 hours in my aunt's saloon, making my hair... and then.. waited and waited for my mom to finish her knitting in a shop opposite my aunt's saloon.... in that 4 hours.. i was like reading breaking dawn... while doing my hair.. then i got soooo tired cause today got PJ ma... so i was like sleeping.. hahaXD... look at the picsss....

me and my aunt...

hehe.. ^.^ so cutee.. like me..

the saloon~~

another angle of the saloon???

cam whoring in my aunt's saloon.. hahaXD


rightt.. this pic is so scaryy..

my eyes is like..
my aunt and baby emily.. =)

hehe ^^...vincenttt..... hahaXD.. play play play... everyday also ont he computer... kanasai...

my Grandma was trying to hide from the camera.. haha..XD

bijibiji Emilyyyy~~~


journey back home~~

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a sleepy tuesday..

right... me and ade is like totally crazy over the 'summertime' song... i listened like a hundred times today... even during dinner, i was singing it.. and alex went --______________--"" and he was begging me to stop.. then,! suddenly, the restaurant played that song.. he was like ohhh..mmmyyy.. goddddddd........ haha XD

then i told him i have my dad's singing genes cause last time my dad played in a band called milky way... it reminds me of the chocolate.. haha... then alex say, no... you have his fat genes... i was like... dad is not fat... and he said.. that's why! get it???

and he was laughing like shit himself.. i was like.. wth...-_-"""

today, in school.. i was so darn sleepyyyy... before assembly, i was sleeping and then i even slept during assembly, and Sally woke me up.. haha.. when assembly was over... i cant even concentrate during the science diagnostik test... it was so easy but i wasnt using my brain, so its like, i dunno how to answer everything...

got many exam results today... its and absolute let down... i am so pissed with myself... arghhhhh.... the only A i got today was for maths... and and, i cnat believe i didnt got A for Sivic... i got 74%... yes yes.. sivic exam was a piece of cake for you guys... but AT LEAST you guys read.. i didnt even have the book, cause i didnt bring it back, cause i was sick for 3 freaking days... which made me didnt come to school in total of 5 days... *sigh*.... and i only read sivic like 5 minutes before exam.. wth.... haizz...

oh oh! and today, after my mr. roy's tuition... i called my mom to pick me up.. and then.. she told me she was doing facial in Jusco, and ask me wheather i can ask someone to fetch me there.. who else can fetch me?? A.D.E.L.I.N.E. AGAINNN....

so, i got into the car, and ade showed the way to Jusco to Richard.. and then.. i wanted to get down in the middle of the road, caus eif i ask him to U turn.. it would be very very troubling for them.. but then, Richard insisted... then he made an illegal U turn.. so ALL the cars were like waiting.. i felt guilty as hell.. i was like shit.. shit.. shit... then i look at adeline with that.. shitty face... goddd... anyway.. i was like sorry to trouble you.. thanks richard.. bye alex, bye ade... then only get down the car.. seriously.. god.. and richard was like.. "in the future, when you drive, dont follow me..." haha XD

to ade: thanks anyway.. say thank you again to Richard.. haha =)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Summertime lyrics =DDD

i love this song too much.. ade tooo... so i decided to post the lyrics for funnnn~~!!! seriously.. i LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! i am soo crazyyy over this songgggg =DDDD

red one, red one....
its the summertime!
its the summertime!
its the summertime!
in the sunshine,

its the summertime!
its the summertime!
its the summertime!
in the sunshine,

Do you remember,
Or should I rewind,
To that summer when you caught my eye,
I played it cool,
The weather was hot,
You had the beauty and the beach on lock.

With your flip flops, half shirt, short shorts, mini skirt,
Walkin' on the beach, so pretty,
You wasn't lookin' for a man,
When you saw me in the sand,
But you fell for the boy from the city.

I was like, "hey, girl, can I get your number?"
I remember what you told me too,
"Don't call after ten"
But you know that I did,
'Cause I couldn't stop thinkin' 'bout you.

I think about you in the summertime,
(Oh oh)
And all the good times we had, baby,
Been a few years and I can't deny,
(Oh oh)
The thought of you still makes me crazy,
I think about you in the summertime,
(Oh oh)
I'm sittin' here in the sun with you on my mind.
You're my, my summertime.

Do you remember,
I'll never forget,
Touchin' your body all soakin' wet,
The water was cool,
The feelin' was hot,
Kissin' on you while the ocean rocked.

In your strapless sundress,
Kickin' back, no stress,
As long as we was together,
'Cause we were feelin' young love,
And we couldn't get enough.
Baby, I could reminisce forever.

And now I'm like,
Hey, girl, don't you know I miss it,
And I wonder if you miss it too,
Never thought it would end 'til it did,
Now, I'm here and I can't stop thinkin' 'bout you.

I think about you in the summertime,
(Oh oh)
And all the good times we had, baby,
Been a few years and I can't deny,
(Oh oh)
The thought of you still makes me crazy,
I think about you in the summertime,
(Oh oh)
I'm sittin' here in the sun with you on my mind.
You're my, my summertime.

Spoken: Break it down.

Summer ended,
Winter started,
It got colder,
When we parted ways,
(Spoken: I like this part.)
As the seasons change.
(Spoken: Bring it forward, bring it back)
Winter melted,
Spring I felt it,
Summertime will never be the same,
(Without you. My summertime.)
My summertime.

I think about you in the summertime,
I think about you
(Oh oh)
And all the good times we had, baby,
We had baby
It's been a few years and I can't deny,
I can't deny
(Oh oh)
The thought of you still makes me crazy,
Makes me crazy
I think about you in the summertime,
(Oh oh)
I'm sittin' here in the sun with you on my mind.
On my mind,
My summertime.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, oh yeah.


okaiii... i'm happehhhh todayyyy.... cause i didnt get scolded by the piano teacher THIS time... damn proud weyh.. haha.. i know, i know -_-", right????

kay... currently checking flights to go to Gold Coast, booking for next year's mid term holiday flight... its not too early, kayh... trying my best... hope adeline can tag along.. IF her parents allow.. its so far anyway...

oh.. and these are the pics=))) of me and piggehhh... =P

somekind of mutan in the restaurant... X.X

take 1# Pinky and her mom without flash.. too yellow.. so..

take 2# nicerrr righttt????

ps: pinky... u better show this to ur mom, if not she will kill me for not sending you to photo...

guess whoooo???

i'm still talllerrrrr, shortieeeeeee~~~~ =PPP

she's always so blurrrr.. and that's why WE LOVE HER.. =)

the abaloneeeeesssss~~~ haha XD

sea cucumber which pinky kept thinking dirty... i was like -_____-"" seriously... she was laughing every single millisecond when she saw it... goddd...

inside the restaurant...

the *ahem* MR Chung and pretty Mrs Chung.. haha..

pinky... dun showw the caption to ur dad.. haha XDDD

send here, send there... tsk..tsk.. teruknyaaa~~~

this was the place we ate.. its practically a mansion... looks like a white house...

this is another part of the restaurant.. not another angle of the restaurant.. that explains how bigggg is it...

shit larhh.. i can never get a shot of her... argh.. dammit..*.*.... righttt...

okay.. mind us.. we were acting stupiddd.. haha.. i mean.. we are stupid.. haha XDDD

righttt.. its blurred...

oh.. ade, sh, siew jin, Low.. this was the tree i was telling you guyssss.. haha XDD the phototropism treee... hahaha.. XDDDD..

we had a realllyyyy goood timeeee... hahaXDD

luv ya, pigggsss =D

Sunday, August 24, 2008

last day of hols

kay.. i'm typing a bit slower today.. my muscle is damn painn.. seriously... i cant even get up from my bed... my hands are pain, my arm, my legs, my abdomen, my back.. practically the whole body!

Low is going to have some problems... or whoever who is going to be with me... cause i'm seriously gonna have problem going down the stairs.. may god bless me... amen.. mind me, i'm not even a christian... a buddhist, or maybe more on a free thinker... i dun go to temples... =P

okay, i went for dinner with Pinky somewhere in Nilai.. it was darn far... take like almost an hour to reach.. but it was so darn fun.... when i reach there, i saw pinky coming through the door.. so, i turn my back on her... cause i know she wont recognize my hair, and when she came in.. she glanced at me.. but she didnt know it was me... haha XD... so i turn..

she was shocked, stunned for a minute.. with her seriously big scary eyes... and she was like... "o...oh..ohmygodd.... SANDRA!! you look so cute!!!! ohmygodddd..."

i was like -______________________________-"""""""""""

and she started messing my hair and touch it like i'm her dog... ugh! and she told me, she seriously couldnt recognize me at first... haha XDDDDDDD.. good luck ppl! haha.. =)

i reallllyyy wanna post the pictures... but if i post, u will see me... nevermindddd.. i will post it tomorrow.. IF i have ttime... and if ALEX THE GREAT allow it...

its the last day of hols... eventhough i'm looking forward to go to school.. but i'm also looking forward to the next holidays... its getting near PMR day by day.... i will try my best to study.. and sit the damn exam.. and get shitty results, and get scolded by my parents.. and life goes on...

righttt... i'm getting out of topic..

i'm gonna die.. i havent finish my maths... shit..shit..shit.. wat shall i doooo???? i dunno how to start it... well, i should get an IDEA to start it... kay... and and dun forget to tag my chatbox... PLEASEEEEEEE!!!.. its so quiet there.. unless no one is reading my blog... and that's why is so queit... rightt.. wadevaaa...

oh! one more thing.. i expect the worst from her tomorrow... i know how she would try to act... ugh! it disgusts me... fine.. wadeva.. i'll just deal with watever i have to deal... good luck on her man, sandra... *sigh*

Saturday, August 23, 2008

hell training..

righttt.. today training.. is more like hell.. stupid adeline didnt come for training.. arghhhh.... so, today derek and wei shen and me were the only ones who were in training... i tell u... they wanna compete in EVERYTHING... my goddd... when they were playing badminton.. they were like hitting the shuttle... its more on whacking the shuttle...

first hit: the feathers came off
second hit: more feathers came off
third hit: they seriously need to change the shuttlecock

when it was my turn... i was like stunned, speechless, shocked.... cause everywhere around me were feathers.. make me look like i'm in a chicken coop.... gawdddd... when we were ask to run... they were competing like shit.. i was like running.. and saying...'w..w...waittt... l...larhhh....!!!!" we need to run for 30 times kay! i was like shitting in my pants... both of them were runners... really good runners.. all wakil sekolah wann... ugh! bencinyaaaa..... and then, when we were ask to do frog jump and duck walk... derek selamba sajeee..... he everything also wanna go first.. me and wei shen knows the pain if we go fast.. so we were doing so slowww...

then, coach ask us to do push-up for 100 times... derek was like..." ohh.. so easssyyyy larrrhhhhh.." then i was like rolling my eyes... and in the end.. wei shen and derek couldnt do 100 times.... both of them were like almost crying ady... wei shen only manage to do 60 times.. and derek only manage to do 30 times... me? 100 times~~~!!!

so proud... cause that's the only thing i can win them.. haha.. shitty asss larhhhh.. my muscle is gonna ache like shit tomorrow.. somebodehhhhh helppp meH!!!!!! didnt put deep heat somemore.. mana tahu coach ask us to do physical training today...

and stupid wei shen keep on making fun of my hair... and and i discovered something.. MBS like to use money as punishment... here's the conver between me and derek...:

me : eh, derek! you know who is *****??
derek: yeah, why??
me: you close to him arr??
derek: nooo...
me: whyyyy???
derek: cause he is a prefectttt....
me: why?? isnt it a good thing??
derek: stupid larhhh... speak chinese also need to be punished RM5... blodddy hellll.....

* i was like laughing like shit...* kesiannn.. i know it doesnt seem funny but if u heard how he said it, you will laugh like shit.... haha XD

oh, oh.. and one more thing... derek was teasing me about edbert.. so annoyed by him.. then i was like I DONT LIKE HIM LARH!!! then he say.. then?? who u like?? i replied.. I LIKE YOU... then he was like spitting.. hhahahhahah XDDDD
okay.. now i'm tired like SHIT... shittu asss.... gtg rest... byezzzz!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008


barely anything happen today.. except i'm going deaf because of Alex's singing... which was more on screaming... i was forced to go lunch and everywhere with him cause my parents werent at home.. i tell you.. i sooo wanted to open the door and get out of the car... he was sooooo noisy.. gawwwwddd.. and he was like trying to tell me things.. which sound more like mumbling to me... so annoying... try being his sister for one day and i bet u will rather suicide...

currently, still reading breaking dawn.. i know, i know,... i'm mmg a slow reader... most of you, i think u guys finished it already... right right??

i'm so bored... i dun dare to sms anyone cause like my credit, its like rising and rising, day by day...

adeline pulak is at putrajaya
low, i dunno wat happen to her
sheau hwa, dun dare to contact her, afraid she wud kill me cause of the posting pictures thingy..
pinky, ah.. who cares?? gonna meet her on saturday alsooo...
siew jin, dunno how is she.. didnt call her since... since... a few days ago... areee you okay adyyy?? bao beiii???

others, i dunno go die where ady... actualllyyyy, i'm not really THAT bored... my THAT bored moments that i could always remember is the day i skipped school.. that was,.. awful.. feel like killing myself.... i was really bored until.. like... B.O.R.E.D.............

oh, oh, my niece.... i mean my cousin sister's daughter... the EMILY girl.. she was soooo cute.... so so so so cuteeeee... she's about 4 months old... and, i'm glad to see she really bring so much happiness to my grandmother and my aunties and family... at least, my grandma wont be so bored ady... haha.. XD... right, now i sound so grandmother-ish...

rightttt.. went to Puan jugdeep's tuition just now... all of them were staring at my hair.. so annnnoooyyyiiinnggg mannnn... and there was this girll, i like to disturb her a lot... emily's tablemate at mr.roy's.... her name was Loo Pei Ann.. so i was like writing on her paper...:


and i was like... end products!

haha.. she was like staring at me, and so wanted to kill me... then su zanne was like.."good arr.. can remember better.."


gtg! chaozzzz ;D

Thursday, August 21, 2008


today.. i cant believe it... i woke up at 12.30.... my goddd.. so late.. and yesterday.. i slept at 9pm... so its like.. 15 hours... it's been a longgggggggg time since i slept for so many hours..

and u know wat?? i dreamt about u guys punya reaction when u see my hairrr... haha... let me see wheather it tallies with your real reaction on Monday.. haha.. good luck... ;D

rightttt.. greattttt... my hp credit rose up to RM 106.. i dun dare to sms anyone adyyy.... butttt... =(((... so gonna die.. the last time i was so happy that it went down to RM85.. now.. my gawddd.. so gonna die... shit larhhh... yishhhh....

a bunch of jacoons....

these are the pics before they leave my houseeeeee.... forgot to post yesterday, or shud i say, i wasnt at home to post, or shud i say, i didnt have my camera with me... ah! watever larhhh.... just take a look...

Adeline trying to show us how skill-ful is she....

ok.. this is a random piccc....

"i can do it!!!"
"gambate, pinky!"
"she will fall down wan larrrr...."

wow... so geng.. until cannot see the rollerblade...

sheau hwa's new rollerblade... notice that its both the same side?? both of the shoes are left sided.. bought wrong wann.. haha... XD


"chillll, sheau hwa, chillllllll..."

amalan tolong- menolong seperti ini patutlah dipraktikkan oleh semua lapisan masyarakat zaman ini...

pinky trying to act cool...

see?! i told you she's trying to act cool.... now she's posing to act cool.. trying to make me jealous of how thin she is.. haha XD its okay, pinky.. i know u're hot... very hot indeed.. FOR KCC..

okay... we are a bunch of jacoons... IHABOLC!!! hahaha XD

IF you know wat we're trying to meannnn.... we're not being la-la, kay!

two aliens with antennas, a human with with a *ahem* sign and a normal one which is me....

i dunno wat is so funny, piggehhhh!!

awww.. so lovely...


btw.. this is the last time i take picture with my this hair.. haha... wonder how long it will take to be the same again.. haha.. XD

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

a hairdo make over..

i went to my aunt's saloon andddddddddddddddddddddd
it seriously made me so darn different...

my badminton coach(jennifer)'s shop was just a few doors away from my aunt's saloon in subang... and when i went in.. another coach(Rick) that coached me before was there.. but my coach wasnt there... and he saw me and said...

rick: hi... (like welcoming a customer)
sandra: hi! coach!

he blurrrlyyy sees me and seee and seee and see...

rick: errr.. y..yoo..yyoouu.. are arrr??
sandra: yup! long time no see..
rick: wah.. u so thin and tall ady arrrr....

sandra: -_____________-""""" huh?? nola.. where got....?? where's jennifer??
rick: oh.. she went for lunch...

*then jennifer comes in,.....*

sandra: hi!

*she blurrrrllllyyy sees meee.. and seee.. and kept looking.. coming nearer.. but still keep looking with that.. eyes....*

rick: you recognize her arr??

*she still looks and looookkkksss and loookksss at me*

jennifer: it s...s...sandraaa???
sandra: yeah....*nods*
jennifer: ohmygodddd.. wat did u do to ur hairrrrr??!!????
sandra:.... I... cut it?????
jennifer:oh... u look niceeee...come, lets go for a drink...
sandra: okai!

so we went to a nearby thingggg to yam cha.,.. then we went to 7-E... and she send me back to my aunt's saloon..

everyone didnt recognize me.. except my aunt who cut my hair, obviously....
even my mom didnt really recognize me.. my cousin... and like almost everyone.. haha XD...
i wont post my pic.. wanna shock u guys on monday.. hhahahahah XD =PP

before and now...


i have been always wondering...

wat is so difficult saying that 3 words??? well, of course its not difficult saying to siew jin
wat is so difficult confessing to someone??
why ppl dun dare to admit they like someone when they already LOVE that person??
why ppl go crazy because of love??
wat is wrong with all these ppl??

why cant they just SAY IT...??


i understand

its is so difficult just to utter that 3 words...
its super difficult to confess to someone...
its extremely difficult to admit it..
its damn difficult NOT to go crazy...

seriously.. my gawwwdddd..... no question please...

Day 2 =))

ade got emo after me and pinky were discussing bout THE THING...

see??? the study group sleepover end up to.. single person studying.. cause they all... WERE...

how do u expect us to study??

this one pulak go play gunzzz...

and me... studying... BY MYSELF.. i was sick of begging them to study.. so i took up ALL my things and study MYSELF...