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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cliff dive and die.

“ Oh gosh! We are so going to try this! Here’s to the dare devils of the century!”
“Yes! Imagine flying through the air. I mean, flying without wings!”

As Siew Jin and Niro jumped for joy, as their adrenaline rush was pumped up within their bodies, I just stood there, watching the consequences flashing at the back of my mind.

“ I think we should just head back and catch a movie instead? I’ll get popcorn! With extra caramel butter, and a bunch of movies. Horror movies? Soppy love stories? Let go!” I said, tugging the both of them to come along with me.

“Boring.” the both of them said as they gave me the long stare. As the early morning, of ominous bank of dark clouds, and thick icy air fills, surrounding the spaces in the sky, Siew Jin and Niro was already all ready and set to go. The three of us reached the peak of the cliff after a few minutes. Siew Jin and Niro stood close to the brink of the cliff and as they looked down, they were fascinated and awed by the breathtaking view and how not many people would want to attempt to try or to make this daring stunt a hobby.

When they were all set again at the peak of the cliff, they jumped. I could hear Siew Jin and Niro screaming with joy as they were in the middle of diving, and their screams were finally drowned by the sound of the splashing of water as they landed at the very bottom of the cliff. Being the cautious coward person I am that day, I felt as if my conscience was trying to tell me that I was right all along. From the far view above the peak of the cliff above, I did not see them resurface from the water. It was just me standing at the peak of the cliff all alone, in the dark morning as the dead silence surrounded me. I should have known better.


The clock strikes 10.10am. The hammer of our electric school bell was attracted towards the electromagnet to hit the bell and it rang instantly.

“Thank you, teacher,” our class monitor said as the whole class echoed. The second the teacher walked out of the class, I dashed out of the class and looked for my two best friends from the opposite class.

“Niro! Niro! Siao Jun! Guess what? Guess what?” I called out for them with excitement. They turned to look at me with their raised eyebrows, looking as cool as ever.

“What?” Siew Jin asked with a monotonous voice.
“My parents are going out of town tonight!” I squeaked.
“Oh my god! Are you serious? Mine too!” Siew Jin replied.
“You both wouldn’t believe this cause my parents are too!” Niro interrupted.

After the bell rang for the second time, indicating it was the end of recess, Niro suggested that we should skip the last few periods of school to watch the latest movie, namely, Inception. Everyone in school had watched it except us, so we sneaked out from school and drove to out favourite hangout place, The Pavilion. After the movie, we headed to the arcade and enjoyed ourselves.

“Girls, are you sure it’s okay for us to wear our school uniform and roam around the city?” I trembled.

“ Oh gosh, Sandra! Stop being a coward, who do you think in the entire world, cares?” Niro teased. As we walked out the mall, Siew Jin suggested that we should have a sleepover at Niro’s house and we all agreed.

Siew Jin stepped on her car brake as we reach Niro’s mansion. Once we stepped into her house, Siew Jin and I ran straight to her fridge and took all the food. We brought into her room to eat them and by midnight, her room looked like a dumpsite. Chunks of cookies were across her bed, chocolate sauce was smeared all over her carpet, sweet wrappers covered her table but she did not mind. We surfed the internet and went on youtube to watch some videos. Niro scrolled down the page while saying, “Nope! Nope! Nope!” and then she stopped at a thumbnail video about cliff diving,” Perfect!” she exclaimed while clicking on it with her mouse.

Three of us were excited and thrilled when we watched a video about a group of teenagers who went on a dare to cliff dive. They recorded it down and it seemed so fun, so we wanted to do the same thing to gain popularity and view. Then, we were set. Set to take on the daring challenge. We googled about our town and found a perfect cliff diving site. We hit the sack as soon as we found the exact location of Rocky Beach. It was said to be the best but most dangerous cliff diving site. However, we were not afraid at all but excited for it.

to be continued.... .. .