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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Quick Update :P

Hello! Just a quick update :D

to say im not dead :P

Sorry for not blogging for so many days because I've been so busy enjoying Chinese New Year holidays :D I feel so happy but errr.. yeah :D and tired :]

oh well, there's gonna be lotsa updates coming in but for now, I GOTTA GO PRACTICE MY PIANO T.T gahh. It's like that being in a music college D:



anyways, toodles! :) see you guys in a bit :DD

ps: ignore my previous emo post below :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013



3 things that I will never believe in anymore.

Why every single time I trust someone, they have to let me down? I felt used. Again. 

I felt like as if I don't worth anything.

How could you people be so mean?
How could you people stand lying to someone who trust you without a doubt?
Someone who is ALWAYS the first to help you in anything and lift you up whenever you're down.
Someone for you to open up to whenever you have problems.
Someone who doesn't even THINK whether to be there for you or not.

And you can just crushed that person's heart as if only your heart matters the most.

It's like, you people think I don't have feelings. 


Every single one of you are the cause of my misery.

Worst of all, you're not sorry.

Happy now?

Monday, February 4, 2013

CNY Annual Company Dinner.

Sorry for not updating for a few days. I was lazy and busy at the same time.
Weekends are the busiest time of the week for me :(
Not cool.

I'll just blog about one event today and I shall blog about other stuff that I did during the weekend  another day because this post is going to be kinda long.

Plus, I'm really tired and not in the mood these days. 

So many things to do, so little time :( 

And everything is just against what I want it to be.
Yes, I know. You want to say,"that's life, isnt it? Just try harder?"

But how many times will it take for me to get things right?

ugh. Forgive me. I'm just.. bleh. D:


Anyways, back to the main topic, I had my family's company dinner last night and we had it in Oriental Viva which is located in Viva Home Mall and the dinner was marvellous! :D IT WAS SOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD! Like, each and every dish was beyond awesome :D You guys should really go and CEKIDAUTTTTTTTT (check it out). Well, thanks to Digi for introducing me this word =.=

So, the first dish, as always, YEE SANGGGGG!!!

 Doesn't it look good? Most importantly, their salmon is freshhhhh! :D

Yee Sang is where everyone mix the strips of vegetables together and make wishes and toasts :)
 And when everyone is just shouting out their wishes, I quietly whispered,"I wish for a happy cheerful life :) " Cause it seems its a difficult to be happy nowadays D:

So, I presume you know who this is? :D

Mandy Mandaaaa! :D

Some braised soup :)

Individual abalones on tofu with broccoli and fungus!
yummmm to the meh!

everyone was busy taking photos before eating.. HAHAHAH!

Just a random picture of my niece playing with my Ipad which is catered for children =.=

Fried fish with orange and thai sauce and stuff like that.. Not sure what is it but its awesome!

My cousie and her boyfie :D
Awesome couple! :D

HEHE. Love my twin brother! ;)


Vegetables served on dragonfruit shells. 
Makes me wonder where is the dragon fruit :P

I'm so jelly cause she's so pretty :(

My aunt, cousie and I. My aunt kept convincing us that she is as young as us.. ahahhaha :P
So cute of her :3

Women camwhoring :P

Poor piggie :(
I'm only interested with the glutinous rice under it :P HAHAHA

see what I mean? :D

My cutie eldest brother :D

And its the maximum he can smile :P

Mama and Dada :D

The best man I've ever met in my entire life, daddy :)

my niece :D shoo adorable! I forced her to smile :P

ahhh, dessert :)

My "cool" cousin =.= I barely see him smile =.=

My cousin sisters said they felt like a lamp post in a couple's picture XD HAHAHA

My cousin sister and I :D

And I felt like Andy and I were the lamp post instead of them! AHHAHAHA..

Isn't my twin brother sweet? haha :P

Cousin sister and my brother :D

They were acting cute! HAHAHA :P

My brother and his gf :3

Oh well, I tried to summarise the event already.. Haha..
Hope you enjoy reading, readers :)
Just ignore my tiny weeny bit of emoness at the start of the post :)


Ps: I was forced to publish this post urgently D:


Saturday, February 2, 2013

Just a little reminiscence.

Morning, lovelies!
(its 12.13am.. So yeah, morning!)

Sorry for not blogging yesterday.. I had headache for the whole day and I wasn't feeling very well :(
All cause of me walking under the sun.
I'm not giving the princess attitude but if I walk under the sun, I WILL get a very very bad headache. It actually runs in my genes cause my mom and brother encounter this very often too :(

And the headache prolongs till the next day D:

Anyway, there was nothing much that happened yesterday cause I was like, 

THIS, the whole day D:

But anyways, today was not a productive day either because I was still having the headache. AND I went for a full body massage :P where they seriously concentrated on my head because they say they could feel the headache, apparently. And they said like there's lotsa wind in my head which I was wondering where I got the wind from.

AND of course, my aunt and mom was nagging me about not drying my SUPERDUPERLONG hair properly all the time :P


and I had to just get my bubble milk tea without the pearls which makes it a regular milk tea =.= 

I'm abit over the moon about myself so just ignore :D
A chipmunk version of me. HAHAHA.

Share Tea is actually not bad :D

1st of February really reminds me alot of things. Really.
A lot of high school memories.
10 hours of St. John Ambulance's duty and all.
It feels like it was just yesterday we saw those people cutting a HUGE net filled with balloons and we were just staring at the balloons like it represents our hopes.

The smile.. .. hmm.

Anyways, last but not least, I had been living with this quote at the back of my head.

:) Love ya'll!