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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

If I would just keep my hands away from the laptop,

just random with the title.. MUAHAHAHHA!
=D I love myself! and YOU of course! =DDDD

If I would just do my BM lisan without on-9ing,
If I would just NOT go to facebook,
If I would just ignore all the stuff,
If I would just not open my bloody mouth and ask,
If I would have no hands, I wouldn't have typed,
If I could just stab my arms off,
so that I couldnt type.
If I would have use my brains,
None of this would happen.
If I would just keep my hands off of other ppl's business,

None of this would have happen.

I hate myself.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hey, Darling,

I'm not unhappy.
I don't care.

As long as you're with me.


so, promise me that you dont blame yourself anymore,
it hurts.

I just want you to know,
If you feel bad for me,
I feel worst for you.

I'm perfectly fine =D

such bullshit like this post should never be told.. ;( *sigh*

I'm gonna breathe slow.

We can go through this together, can't we?
All we need is each other's support.
And please don't anyhow blame yourself,
because it is not your fault.
It's SOME ppl who can't see properly,
and simply create some super interesting stories that made us get innocent scoldings.
It's not even true.


jia jun,
chee enn,

what am I gonna do?

I'm running out of patience because I don't believe what the hell am I hearing,
and speaking of hell, you dont compare to this eternite feeling,
I love you too much,
it shows all my emotions go out of control,
good for you, bad for me,
when I can hardly see from the tears that flow..
Can't forget to breathe sloww..
I'm gonna breathe slow.

Friday, June 26, 2009



be-lar-dyyy heaven.. *glares*.. i was doing the post slowly so it looks nicer.. but.. UNFORTUNATELY... i got.. THIS!

niroo: mana aku punya post ah HAH HAH HAH? i knew you didnt love me as much D:

To a girl who are so-called PRO in cutting papaya.. *which actually sucked =X* nolarr.. jk =)

hehe! we totalleh rocked the camp! =D


I want to tell u..

to stop emo-ing..
and write emo letterss... cause.. u know.. I will be behind you.. watching what the roundabout are you writing..
till u notice i was ACTUALLY BEHIND, and you turned the paper and wrote.. yeah.. wtv stated up there.. (>.<)
and girl, u HAVE to stop snoring in classss.. HAHAHAHAXD and not mentioning, STOP lesbian-ing with adeline's hand.. HAHAHHAXD

u KNOW i love you, eventhough u THINK i dont... grr..

omgggg... the ICC camp thingy brought me back so many good memoriesss... =X

yo! we ARE the hottest mann!!! but.. .. . look at dil.. Fatt hau... HAHAHHAXD

and, lastly,
Girl, i love ya.. thanks for everything..
thanks for being there for me everytime i need you,
thanks for letting me bully you,
thanks for letting you smack u,
thanks for letting me tease you..
nolarr.. i WHERE GOT that bad...
haha.. u know, i know larrrr... =P


NIRORO a.k.a




nahh... it's..


darn.. ur name is damn long..

OPEN dayyy~ =P

I'm gonna breathe sloww..

Percentage of happiness - 90%
Percentage of embarrassment- 100%
Percentage of love- 101%
Percentage of tiredness-

Today, early in the morning, YES, i was late for roll call again. I got into my car at 6.45am. IT IS BECAUSE, I slept at 11.30pm yesterday. Yes, I know its called "early" for all of you. It is for me too. But i dont know why yesterday i was extremely tired. Maybe I used too much of my brains by doing 5 hours of work non-stop (>.<) Yeah.. and again, all of them, ESPECIALLY SUM PUI YI, said, "WHOAH! sandra.. SO "EARLYYYY" arrr.." shesshhh.. and then, i ignored her and was like, "MICHAEL JACKSON DIEDDDDDDDDDDD!!! =( "

I heard it in the radio. I dont know why I'm a lil' upset about it. Maybe because he is a legend. Eventhough with his weird acts, he is like widely know across the whole world. Diane says, "yeah, it's so sad. i thought he's like some immortal kind of person. A person who dies after I die.." okay, Diane, that's too much. hahaXD so, i kinda started my day well. I was complaining to Nanthienie about the girl I said in my previous post cause she didnt clip her fringe up again. Then, Nanthienie was like, "JUST sell her the clip and ask her to clip it up right now.." well, after getting myself ready for insults or any vulgar words OR any unpleasant look, looking brave, I took a deep breathe and went to her, and said,"erm, excuse me, can you pls clip your fringe up?"

To my surprise, she didnt insult, utter any vulgar words or give any unpleasant look. Instead, I think she said, "okay!" with a pleasant look, WITH a smile. I was like smiling to her and said,"Thank you.." I was happy. Really happy =) I hope she knows that I dont purposely scold her all the time or thinks i have a grudge on her. Well, practically the whole form 2G & 2H is like fine with me now, I think. They were darn annoyed with me at the first place. Last week, since I dutied with Nan, Viv and Priya.

But i think they know now that if they do what we ask them to do daily, they know that if they follow the school rules, we, as the probates and prefects would just shut up. AND, we are ACTUALLY friendly.. =P anyway, after assembly, there's this few girls who wore PJ clothes to school. Just because it was open day doesnt mean they can wear it. So, all the prefects and probates were fussing around and brought them to the disciplinary room where they gave us reasons like, "takda baju..." or.. "baju tak kering.." =.= obviously those were lies. BLACK lies.

then, went to class, first thing, Kar Man gave me the st. john stickers. I saw jiajun, and pulled him to walk around the school with me. omg! SO TIRING MANNN.. and our hardwork is NOT paid off because there were recruits who dont join st. john anymore, and we didnt know, so we divided the stickers wrongly. Some get 12, some get 13, some get 15, my squad assistant got 16 and finally, I got my favourite number. 17

T.T who ask me to be the squad leader? But i definitely have to thank Dana for helping me last minute. See her face also know she is like.. "zzzzz... harrrrr??? why give me moree???" thanks anyway, but she sold all of it today.. =.= shessh.. so that's why i asked her to help me sell it too.. hahaXD


then, had choral speaking. I'm just very tired. So, everytime, when we rest for 5 minutes, I fell asleep.. So, after practicing, our open day started. Parents start to pour in into the school compound and after recess, all the prefects and probates were like assisting the parents to the classes they wanna go. I was eating like a pig, stuffing everything into my mouth because I was late ady.. cause we celebrated Niro's Birthday.. hahaXD

then, when I got out of the canteen, I was walking towards the lift where all the other prefects were doing their duty.. while looking at my watch.. i was like, "owh.. still early.. mummy wont be here yet.. usually she come late.. " then I saw this lady.. I was like, "whoah.. the shirt so nice wan.. her skin so fair.. and the hair also nice.. " ofc.. i didnt say it out larh.. then, siewjin and all of them were like, "SAN~~~ your mom... *points*"

i was like so shocked.. but i didnt show the shocked face.. it was the lady I was looking at.

I didnt recognize my mom =.=" I RE-comfirmed it was SURELY her when she was like, "RICHARDDDDD!!!!!!" when she saw adeline's elder brother, Richard.. =.=" DEFINITELY HER.. T.T

So, she took the lift with other parents, while adeline, Richard and i hiked up all the way to fourth floor.. my mom was already in my classroom.. when I reached my class.. and when i went to her.. everyone was like, "sandra.. your mom arh??" Chu was damn funny mann. I introduced everyone to my mom.. then, she started talking with Richard non stop.. so, like.. i also went for my duty since it wasnt my turn yet.. and bla bla bla..

My mom was OKAYYY with my results.. surprisingly.. and heaven i love our class teacher, Puan Noor Suziana.. saying I'm okay.. and stuff... and they were talking.. and teacher asked, "anak bongsu? manja tak??" and my mom said,"yaaa.. manjaaaaa laaa..." and i was like... O.o.. T.T i'm NOT MANJAAA.. like HELLLOOOOOOOOOO??? T.T

then, i brought my mom to meet Puan Angela.. then puan angela was like praising me.. very happy go lucky.. crack jokes and bring joy to the class, and then..

me: teacher.. i thought you said you wanna give me zero for english??
teacher: *smirks* I can't do so..
mom: she was just jokinggg with u laaa...
me: whyyy?
teacher: cause your story is so touching that it made me cry..
mom: owh.. what did you write about??
me: my father died, my mother died, both of my brothers died, and finally my boyfriend died.
mom: *puts hand to cover her mouth.. with the "OH, NO" expression*

hahahaXD funnyyy laa.. then i sent my mom to the skylite and said bye to her.. cause i need to stayback for choralspeaking.. then niren came to me and said "Jarrett brought her baby sister.." i was like so excited.. then, before that, from far, i introduce melvin and niren to my mom.. i was like, "mom.. these are the two juniors who LOVE to bully me and look down on me.." and, look down as in.. REALLY LOOKING DOWN... cause i know larr.. they are like SO DAMN TALLL.. especially niren.. grr..

after that, i was like telling adeline..

me: MY GOSH!! adeline! my mom arh! keep saying "I DONT MIND RICHARD BEING MY SON IN LAW.. he's such a good guy.. but nolarr.. u will hurt him.. you're so bad.."

i keep saying saying saying.. then. .. .

adeline: my brother is just there *points*
me: OH SHIT! *chengken was blocking my view, he was actually JUST 1metre away from me.. somemore i shouted SO LOUD.. * T.T
adeline: richard.. did you heard what she said?
richard: *smiling* yeah...
me: SHIT!!! T.T
puiyi: WHOAH sandraa.. why ur cheeks so red ady arhhhh???
keanloong: puiyi.. we have something to tell SOMEONE..
me: damn u all.. T.T

then everyone was laughing at me.. be-lar-dy hellll... T.T

then, I went to Jarrett's class.. and the first thing i said was,"OHMYGODDD!!!! SO CUTEEE!!!" and then i was like so excited to see jarrett's baby sister, elizabeth.. =D and then, vyvyan said she wanna show it to her mom.. then, I carried Elizabeth to ground floor.. and she was like.. SOOOO cute.. so guai mannn... then everyone who passed me was like.. "SO CUTEEE..." and stupid sheng rei go and ask jarrett..

shengrei: how old is the baby??
jarrett: 3 monthss..
shengrei: and you let THIS kind of ppl to handle it?? *points at me*

i was like.. OFC! i handle babies well okayhh!!!! they are SO CUTE.. JUST.LIKE.ME.. hahahahXD niren was like, "I THOUGHT you are hot??" and i replied.. "AND.. cute.. =P" hahahahaXD he was like =.=" already..

after spending time with Jarrett, Niren and Jarrett's sis.. I went to see Dana's mom.. hahaXD chat awhile then i went to look for my junior to do the sickbay duty.. DAMN mann.. the sickbay was SO DIRTY.. it LOOKS clean.. but behind the cupboards all got spider webs already.. I was like pushing all the cupboards out and wipe it.. (>.<) damn dirty man.. so much dust.. i felt like cinderella.. wiping the floor without a mop.. with a piece of cloth and stuff.. but i feel its cleaner like that.. mygod.. i clean until.. my sweat can fill up one bucket already..

before that, puiyi and keanloong were like asking me to join them to papparich.. and i was like, "do u think i can go?" then they just tapau food for me.. they ask what i want.. i tell them I want a cold drink and some food.. and they were like, "NO! NO COLD DRINKS..." keanloong was the first to say NO.. at the same time puiyi was like.. "but u just recovered.." but of keanloong wasnt there, i can convince puiyi to buy it for me.. but kl was SO. . .. . . strict?? hahahahaXD he was like, "NO WAY.. u are going for duty this sunday.. i dun wan u to get sick.." then i was like.. I AM NOT SICK ALSOOOOO.. but they still insist to NOT let me drink.. T.T i was like, "SHESSH! u guys are worst than my mom.." after finishing, keanloong and puiyi came back.. such a perfect time.. then we all practice choral speaking.. and i was SO DARNN SLEEPIE..

that, we had break for 10 mins, and i slept soundly on the bench.. i was seriously sleeping already.. almost dreaming already.. and they ALL had difficulty in waking my up.. because i was seriously darn tired and sleepy.. and in the end.. i was WIDE AWAKE.. because they all were like calling me.. but i was still sleeping.. xuang woke me up.. i sat up.. but still with my eyes closed.. then sheng rei shouted RIGHT THROUGHT my ears.. no.. SINGING plus shouting.. "when i see you smile~~~ *something something*" they thought it would wake me up.. but instead, i lie down on the bench and slept again.. and to my horror, all the guys were lifting the bench up.. and i was like, "O.O WTHECK! PUT ME DOWN!!!" cause i almost fell down.. MYGOSH.. then, we practice choral speaking by standing in a circle.. first, we were sitting in a circle.. then it didnt work.. so we stand in a circle.. hahaXD

so, after choralspeaking, my mom fetched me.. and she was like,"two hours only wor... u can sleep meh?" cause i was gonna have tuition at 5pm and i came back at 3pm.. i was like.."DUHH... i can sleep RIGHT nowww??" i came home, but i was like so dirty.. cause clean the sickbay and everything.. all the sweat and dust.. but i was really sleepieee.. so what i did? I took a pillow, and slept on the floor.. i was dirty but i couldnt resist hugging my bear.. whoah.. luckily i woke up without back pain.. i slept so soundly.. i didnt wanna wake up AT ALL.. (>.<) then, went for tuition.. and Puan Jugdeep told us about her son getting swine flu.. what happened and stuff.. case number 24.. hahaXD then ok ady.. so yeah.. i was complaining to my mom how hungry was i.. since 6.30pm.. cause i ate so lil for lunch then at 7pm, dinner was ready.. but until NOW also i havent eat yet.. keep blogging and chatting.. kays laa.. bye!

and puiyi, NUR SANDARIA BIN JACKSON! =D hahahaXD and YES, i was married to Michael Jackson.. read this and you'll understand..

pui yi. says:

pui yi. says:
leave you?

pui yi. says:
who are you

pui yi. says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:
his wifee

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:
i was married to him three hundred and forty years ago

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:
dun tell anyone

pui yi. says:
you're the wife of MICHAEL JACKSON

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:

pui yi. says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:

pui yi. says:

pui yi. says:

pui yi. says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:
and i converted to muslim

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:
because he did

pui yi. says:

pui yi. says:

pui yi. says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:
so my name is Nur Syadaria

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:

pui yi. says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:

pui yi. says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:

pui yi. says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:
not syadaria

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other says:

pui yi. says:

oklaaaaa... i got to go la.. chaoz..! =D

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy like Bill Gates

I'm going mad,
and my brother is happily dancing with ppl.
one word.
Prom. in Sunway.


anyway, today, I've been a bit crazy. Because there was tonnes of homework. And I felt like killing myself. and one more thing...

today, was the first time of this year, I walked to school in the morning. no, CORRECTION.. not walk. I was late. VERY LATE for roll call. So, i just asked my dad to stop at the roadside and I got down and was walking to school.. then I saw waikei (idunnoifispellcorrectly) running.. then, I just join her running. But she was running after her fren =.=" but not for ME! i was running cause i was late for ROLL CALL!!!!! I was like, "SHIT SHIT SHIT.." and i'm TELLING YOU i can GURANTEE u, if i am in a race, i already won it.. because i was running like crazy man.. everyone was like STARING at me.. like, why the hell am i running? not that i am late.. well, i THINK they missed the tag which wrote, "PROBATE" which was pinned onto the left upper side of my uniform which is above the school badge.. I ran WITH my life.. and I finally, i reached, Bilik Serba.. and puiyi came out.. "WOW! sandra!! you're SO EARLYYYY... NOW only you came.. roll call has JUST "STARTED"... and i was catching my breathe and knealing down the floor already.. because i can barely breathe.. then, i went into the room.. and catherine was like,"SANDRA.. SO EARLY HUH??" i was like, sorrryyyy!!!!! it's because i yadayadayayda.. 100 pages long.. and finally she was like,"okokok..gogogo do ur duty,."

then, went to sheau hwa, low and zunzen.. and there were like,"whoah! what happen to u, sandra??" and AGAIN, i explained why the heck was i late for school.. T.T and i caught valerie staring at me from far.. and i was like,"SEE WHAT SEE?! VERY NICE TO SEE ISSIT??" then she was like laughing non stop.. shesshhh..

Yesterday, after choral speaking competition, mostly, everyone went to celebrate in Times Square and Jusco and other places.. which, i dont really know, but few of us, being SUPER dedicated and responsible, we went for St. John meeting, then later, adeline and I went straight for tuition after that until 7 something.

Smelly, and still in school uniform, after a tiring happy day, my dad fetched me and say we were gonna have dinner with Jessy's family. and.. OMG.. it's been so long since i see that lil best friend of mine! =D owh.. she got hotter! hahahhahahXD but i didnt wish to see her in my school uniform.. T.T but i was forced to. .. .=( so.. yeah..

we chatted.. i told her SO MANY THINGSSSS.. and asked about her new school life in Taman Desa since she shifted there from Sri Garden. Haha.. her school won for the Zon Bangsar thingy.. anyway, yeah.. we chatted and talked about guys...

wait! the sentence is not finished yet.....!!! GUYS... AND DOTA!! we were like.. some grandmother complaning about why the fish sold in the market werent fresh.. hahahahahXD omgg.. i dun wanna say.. later SOMEONE dun wannna play ady.. hahaXD

so yeah... after the dinner, I reached home about 9 something or 10pm? and I DIDNT KNOW IT WAS SO LATE ALREADY! by the time i bathe, it was 10.30pm.. and I look through my personal planner book.. and the first reaction was, "SHIT! so much homework!!!" T.T so, i started doing.. maths first.. and i got really frustrated cause i couldnt get the stupid answer.. so, i just went to sleep angrily.. the next morning, I tried to do the question again.. and I found my mistake.. which was.. . .. ..

7 + 5 = 13

smart huh? yeah.. I KNOWWWWW... (>.<)

Keanloong was back today. No, actually, he was back yesterday, during St. John meeting =P and he was EXTRA hyper today and I was wondering.. IF i would just fed him FabTotal as medicine yesterday, when he was weak.. he WONT be coming back today.. bullying me T.T

nahh.. just joking! love my gor! =D

so, we had choralspeaking practice again.. and as usual.. TONNES OF HOMEWORK.. T.T and.. guess what?? i have so much homework that I dun even care to meet all my buddies in the toilet who were learning how to tie a saree for the carnival on saturday.. T.T sry.. not that i dun wanna go.. but u knoww.. i've not been catching up with work lately.. so sorry babiesssss~ =(

AND THEN... went for probate meeting.. and.. the interview was a bit scaryyy.. and my answer to the question they gave me was really.. erm.. dunno how to say.. and their question, is, i would say.. rare and weird.. cause it involves st.john, prefectorial board and MY MOM... .. .. . yeaah.. MY MOM... . . AND, i told my mom about it.. WAKAKAKA! she was like.. you should answer, "cause my mom is very supportive.."

and i was like O.O "realllyyyyyyy?????" HAHHAHAHAHAXD after the meeting, puiyi and I sama -sama went for choralspeaking practice and laugh like crazy.. i was rolling on the floor like nobody's business alreadyyy.. because of Diane, Karman and Niro.. AND muzzamil... AND dil! hahahaahhaXD they were changing all script to ANOTHER script.. and it was all about those dirty stuff.. MY GOSHH!!! where they learn all those stuff.. ppl like keanloong and charles were like so disgusted.. but i think Nex and Derrick would be interested.. HAHAHAXD

okay... tomorrow is SBU's open day.. the day that i will get sliced into pieces for failing my add maths.. T.T yeahh.. T.T also cannot go back with my mom.. have to stay back for choral speaking ANDDDD duty.. sickbay duty.. (>.<) ANDDD niro's bdae.. OMG... WHAT?!

NIRO'S BIRTHDAY?!!!!??!?!?? and no present for her YET?!?!??! T.T oh shittt.. AND no idea for her BIRTHDAY POST yett!! T.T and Puan Jugdeep's class will resume tomorrow.. T.T sobsss..

i will be super busy this weekend.. saturday, got school till 12.30pm.. then, at 1pm have to go for Flag Day duty.. till 5pm.. then at 6pm have tuition until at night! T.T and on sunday, st. john KLIM duty starts at 3 something, almost 4 till 2pm.. and after that, have to rush for piano.. i hope i dont faint.. *sigh* and most probably, I will die after this weekend.. (>.<) hopefully, i dont... (>.<)

I still love you ppl! T.T

okayy.. i think i will off9 now.. I think i've waited long enough. 2 hours is long i guess. I came back from school and did my hw non stop for 5 hours and there' still tonnes of it. well, at least, i get to cancel the hw list one by one in my planner book ;) I've done more than half.. but i still have 5 essays to do and 3 sejarah essay.. and a poster to do.. (>.<) and alll MY TUITION HW!!!! T.T others?? done! =D

anyway.. bye.. *sighhhh*

I love R.O.Y ;)

First of all, I would like to apologise because I didnt blog for so many days.. I was super busy.. yeahh.. choral speaking, the pile of homework, notes, all the tuition homework that i have to catch up, probate stuff, shitty results, correction for exam papers.. and thanks to LEE SIN ZHAO, who PURPOSELY put me as the AJK invatation for st john's AGM.. yeah, everything is killing me right now.

he think i have LOTS OF LOTS OF credit to call EVERYONE.. he thinks I dun have enough work to do. He thinks my PAPERWORK is good.. so that's why he gave me the freaking hardest job.. GOSH! this is SO NOT my job man.. it's SO WEIXING'S job.. blardy hell.. adeline, sheau hwa and Low complain like shit.. and what are they? adeline, the ajk souvenirs, who only need to buy friggin 2 souvenirs, Sheau hwa who is the tresurer and Low, the booklet's department.. YEAH... and ME?! T.T

quote chengken: okay, the AJK invatation has the most work to do. Sandra, you have to call all the sirs and do all the paperwork.

and quote me: *hangs mouth open as big as the earth*

walao.. i tell you.. i can CRY already mannn.. and these 3 days. I've been like a zombie..

monday- went to school with a really cranky mood because of stomach cramps. Practically shouted at all the form 2's because they would not stop talking. and OF COURSE, i was annoyed. So, yeah.. and quote vivian and Nanthienie: CHILL SANDRAAAA!!!!

they were so shocked that I was so strict.. so, great. Two classes from form 2 hate me now. AND GUESS WHAT? I.don'

They were practically laughing their ass off about me. They were making fun of me. and HELL NO, i will never be scared of them =.= a bunch of juniors who are immature. wait, how can they be MATURE when they are JUNIORS??

and no, Niren, Jarrett, melvin, Vyvyvan or any other form 3's, I didnt mean u guys.. =.= so dun go around making fun of me.. =.="

Tuesday- Silent reading and the really "UNDERSTANDING" juniors were making a big fuss over CLIPPING THEIR SMART FRINGE.. as IF i ask them to die like that.. =.=" UGH! There were tonnes of choralspeaking practice that day. Had stupid times with Karman and Diane.. like.. A LOT!!!!... we were so vain mannn.. hahaXD after school, I went home, bathe, and went back to school then only went for tuition with keanloong..

Wednesday- Practice. Practice. and MORE practice. in the morning, before going to SMK Yaacob Latif.. we practised choralspeaking but then, Keanloong was.. .. . erm.. REALLY SICK.. his face was SO PALE.. he was cold swting.. his whole body so cold.. like some corpse.. he was having good poisoning. He can barely stand properly.. and omg, everyone was so worried about him.. it's like the first time i see him being so weakkkk... he went back cause cannot tahan.. and after that, we had recess with the juniors.. at 9 something.. and I was laughing like nobody's business with Valerie, when we were chatting.. and then, suddenly, something caught my eye.. THE bunch of juniors were staring at me as if they are gonna kill me =.=" they'll probably think, "WHY is she laughing SO LOUD.. doesnt she have brains to keep quiet since she ask us to keep quiet every two seconds?? F her."

but hellowwwww??? it's RECESSSSSSS?? i wont ask u to shut up if you're having recess.. =.=" and when I was dutying with Priya.. and a few more ppl, I came across this girl who NEVER clip her SUPER long fringe.. and she look like some.. .. . .. some.. . .. .. . girl with long fringe =.="

okay.. cut that crapy part.. well, I was like, so annoyed, cause I need to ask her to clip it up EVERY SINGLE MORNING, and she just wouldnt listen, as if she is deaf, and walk pass me as if she dont respect me. Well, not as if, she DOESNT respect me. So every morning, the same thing happen, I will stop her, and she will try to walk pass me. But hello??? dont you know i'm like.... FATTER??? as if she can push me away =.=" so yeah.. that particular girl.. after recess, she walked pass me with her SUPER LONG fringe.. and i was like, "EXCUSE ME, can you pls keep your fringe up?"

and to my surprise, she replied, "you hate me, dont you?" She walked away while clipping her fringe up. And I remember mumbling, "No, I dont." But if she were to want a PERFECT answer, I would answer her,

"NO. i dont hate you. I dont understand why is it SO difficult for you to JUST clip your fringe up. I am not asking you to jump down from KLCC, and survive from it. I'm just asking you, to do a simple task, which doesnt require any lives taken away or any blood dripped along the hallway. I am just asking you to, CLIP YOUR FRINGE and have you ever wondered, why do u think I hate you? well, I dont. It's just that, I dun understand, why must you let ppl annoy you by telling you to do that thing EVERY SINGLE MORNING, when you know it's against the school rules? and have you ever wondered, IF YOU CLIP YOUR FRINGE UP, I wouldnt have bother you at all? If your General Appearance is perfect, do you think i have any rights to simply pin-point you WHENEVER i like? Do u think I enjoy annoying you? Do u think i enjoy telling you to clip your fringe up every single day? Can't you just do this simple act, where you and I will be both living happily ever after IF YOU JUST CLIP YOUR FRINGE UP?!"

anyway, who cares? If she doesnt wanna listen. FINE. grr... anyway, who cares bout her?? it was our choralspeaking competition on that day.. and all of us were like so excited and stuff.. and.. the best part was.. WE WON!!!!

and for keanloong, we are gonna change the lyrics from, "We ARE the champion" to...

"WE IS THE CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!!" we were singing and screaming non stop on that day.. we were SO HAPPY till i scream like no one's business.. like.. ouchiee.. cause like, the students have P & P.. but we were a bit selfish.. cause we scream like.. ommgggggg!!! all of us were like hugging each other like crazy..

before going to the comp..

see the third row.. suddenly the middle there so short.. hahahXD that's our main girl yo! our conductress! =DD Ta-bit*h-ta! =D hahahahXD but who cares???






we are, THE ROY!!!! ROYALTY OF YOUTHS!!!! =DDDD we rock man!! we IS the champion!!! wooohoo!!!! keanlooonggg! we won this for YOU!! May you rest in PIECES... =D

the "OHMYGOD" expression.. hahaXD kahwai.. HAHAHAHA!

in SMK Yaakob Latif =D
congrats so much to ALL OF US.. and ofcourse, congrats to P.E.S.S a.k.a mainly to chee enn and vivian for winning the runner up.. and to S.A.B for winning third =D and for others, as what the judge said, "we are ALLLL winners... =)"
we will work EXTRA hard to win the next level. and hopefully, the NEXT NEXT LEVEL. and the level after NEXT NEXT level.. hahaXD
and one more thing, CONGRATS to SMK Taman Desa for winning champion for choralspeaking zon Bangsar. We will meet on Tuesday =)
and ANOTHER thing, congratulations to MBS ppl for winning 3rd for Choral speaking zon bangsar =D
I love R.O.Y ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dada's Day! =D

so yeah.. last night, slept at about 2am cause i was accompanying someone who was doing some report and I, myself was busy doing my DCLDS report but that someone didnt let me do =.=" instead, forced me to sleep.. T.T

so, fine.. I went to sleep, and woke up at about 7 something.. then went back to sleep cause no one was awake.. and then woke up at 10am.. went to town to have breakfast.. after that, i remembered there wasnt music class.. so, my dad decided to bring us go shopping and stuff.. so after eating, we went to Low Yat Plaza cause wanted to fix my mom's phone.. my dad and bro asked my mom and I walk to sungei wang to shop first..

so.. we went.. bought a surf pants and a shirt.. i realised i spent a lot of money these days.. keep buying stuff.. and go for holiday and everything.. later did i knoww... when i was busy choosing clothes.. my bro and dad came and find us.. while i was trying on my clothes.. i dunno what my dad was busy talking to my mom.. and i was like, "MOM!!!!" for so long to get her attention =.= then, after that, my dad was like hinting me about something fishy about my bro.. and i was like, "what? chi sin arh?"

i went to alex then.. saw him playing with some phone.. then i thought it was..
the E71 that he just bought few days ago.. i was like wth ady... but then.. no. .. .it wasnt.. to my HORROR.. I saw...

THIS! the newest phone, N97 in his hands.. and i was like, "omg.. wthell is that??". . .. . like wthell.. my dad just bought it.. GOSH.. .. . . they bought the one of the newest phone.. AND the newest phone in the market in ONE WEEK.. like wtheckk? they are SO GONNA get scolded by my elder bro.. hahaXD cause like my bro is the manager of 3 phone shops in australia.. and like, usually, anything to do with phone, we will ask him for advice.. but this time.. he dun even know we bough anything.. (>.<)
after that, we pass a watch shop.. and my dad asked me to buy a new watch cause i told him my watch strap was dirty already.. and he say better buy a new one.. since the strap already cost about 100 ringgit.. and he chose the newest Baby-G.. which cost almost 400 bucks.. i was like, "WHAT?! no man..."
gosh.. came back and watched Game Plan.. laughed like dunnowhat.. hahaXD then went to sleep and woke up at 7.30pm for dinner.. but i was still sleepy, so i slept in the car.. and when we reach the restaurant.. i was so sleepy that i can barely walk straight.. half closing my eyes.. then i quickly went to the restroom and wash my face again.. then only my vision became a LITTLE BIT MORE clear.. hahahaXD

went to Giant to do buy some groceries.. and GOSH!!! there Magnolia Delight new ice cream promotion.. and they put a tv there and keep repeating their advertisment.. it was SO DAMN ANNOYING MANNN.. with that they-thought-is-cute music.. MYGODDDD... and i told alex about it.. and he PURPOSELY keep repeating it and tried to act cute.. which made me almost wanted to puke.. hey! it ryhmes! hahaXD =D

and he told me one of the top 10 most torturing thing ppl do is, u tie a person on a chair.. and let water drip constantly on ur forehead from the top.. 1 hours or few hours is okay.. but if days, u will feel like dying.. it is proven.. and one more was, u wear this helmet.. it has really sharp spikes.. it makes you bleed once u put on.. u wont die because of the spikes.. u will die because you drown from your own blood.. DAMN DISGUSTING RIGHTT?? i was like,"WHERE on earth you know all these stuff.." then he told me that his friends told him.. it's proven or something like that.. hahaXD
anyway, chaoz! T.T tomorrow got choralspeaking practice.. T.T
oh.. and.. HAPPY FATHER'S DAY... . . .!

=D love ya, daddy! =D


Saturday, June 20, 2009

and it goes.. "POP!"

early morning, at 7 something, my phone was ringing with messages ady.. I woke up from my bed reluctantly and get my phone which wouldnt stop vibrating if I dun read the msg.. I open my inbox.. and.. Derek.. =.=" asking for someone's number =.="

reason? want to disturb that person... .. . .

then, continue sleeping and woke up at about 11.30am.. nono.. it's 11.32am.. hahaXD alex was like, "SANDRAAAAA!!!!! why are you not awakeeeee!!!!" cause everyone was downstairs waiting for me to go for brunch.. then i was like, "harrrrr?? *still in a sleepie mood* no one woke me up also... . .. " then, my mom came and woke me up.. so, when i was ready, i went down.. and my first expression was, "where's everyone?"


they left without me.. like wth.. wake me up and left =.=" i called my dad and i said, "u wake me up, and you guys left?? =.= " he was like, "okok.. come back to fetch you.."

so, we went to Tesco to have brunch.. omg.. my dad is really.. .. . . funny and.. . .. erm.. . i dunno.. gosh! my mom, bro and I can let him gek sei ady.. he's got some natural humour in him. HAHA..

came back, and open my email inbox which contain 1206 unread msg.. and read only the email that my junior send me about the games. I wonder HOW MANY SECONDS they use to think of the game.. it's SO RIDICULOUS.. grr.. then, I continue watching Hana Yori Dango.. halfway watching, got sms from Derek.. and guess what it says??

I love u..

=.=" I was like.. SO OBVIOUS THAT SOMEONE TOOK DEREK'S PHONE and sms me.. =.=" see the way that person type that sentence, I also know who is that ady.. =.=" i told them straight to the face that it's SO OBVIOUS it wasnt derek.. and they tried to act stupid and keep denying... =.=" i was like, "YOU THINK I'M STUPID arrh?? somemore i knew you guys are having tuition together.. =.=" and in the end, Derek was like, "ahaha. okok.. VERY SMART!"

*wink wink!* =D

after one disc, i wanted to get ready for tuition.. but.. tuition was cancelled.. hmm.. then kantoi from my mom.. cause adeline's mom called and complaint cause the teacher told us the class was cancelled last minute.. so.. yeah..

I saw this picture in tesco.. and I couldnt stop laughing at the singer's lame.. It REMINDS me of Low.. ahahhahahahaXDD

and then, since there was no tuition, I did my maths correction.. and I realised.. . .. . .. I cant do the correction.. becaues i GOT WRONG FOR THAT QUESTION, HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO KNOW HOW TO DO! cause when teacher discuss, i wasnt here.. so.. aih.. and then, i went and TRIED to do my Kerja Kursus Moral and my DCLDS report.. but, after doing one small part.. my mom said, need to fix some electricity thingy.. so have to off my comp.. aih.. mission failed..

when i was doing my report and stuff, I ate this bubble gum.. then okay.. blow until so big.. find it so cool.. so i kept blowing.. "whoah.. so fun so fun..," said my head.. then suddenly.. "POP!" and all the sticky subtances landed on my face.. i was like, "EWHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" and straight away throw the bubble gum away.. and BLARDY HELL.. i took an HOUR to wash it off.. it wouldnt come off! omgg.. my face damn sticky man.. eventhough i keep washing my face with the face cleanser like A THOUSAND TIMES! T.T

dammit.. T.T

so, i on my laptop which doesnt require any electricity because it's charged.. and i continue watching Hana Yori Dango 2.. damn la.. dilemma about the two guys.. pity Tsukushi larrr.. cant stop hugging my bear while watching =DDD hehe.. my mom came in while i was doing my work.. then she was like playing with my bear while talking on the phone.. i was like.. O.O.. . . . hahaXD

okayy.. i got to get ready for my dinner with my famileh fwends.. buh bye! =D

ps: it's STILL STICKY... T.T i wonder if if sticks on my hair, i would need to go bald like Britney Spears.. T.T

The Lame Side of The Great One.

it's like 1.30 and I'm still Hana Yori Dango 2 marathon-ing.. hahaXD oh.. and weixing was talking to me and.. see his lameness..

Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
gnite sandwaaaaaaaa. sleep earlier

:)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

okay.. bye..

Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:18:44 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:18:44 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:18:47 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other HAHAHAHHAHAAH

6/20/2009 1:18:52 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:18:54 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
hana yori dango larh!

6/20/2009 1:18:57 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:19:01 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
dun disturb la u!

6/20/2009 1:19:02 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:19:02 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:19:08 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
i aint no young

6/20/2009 1:19:09 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:19:12 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:19:19 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:19:22 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:19:24 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:19:24 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
or you'll get osteoperosis and die

6/20/2009 1:19:25 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:19:29 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
i know larhh

6/20/2009 1:19:31 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:19:41 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
u damn good in bones right?

6/20/2009 1:19:45 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
bonie doctor

6/20/2009 1:19:47 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
not really

6/20/2009 1:19:47 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other hahahahahahahah

6/20/2009 1:19:49 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
okay okay i guess

6/20/2009 1:19:50 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:19:51 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:19:53 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:19:54 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:19:55 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
i know

6/20/2009 1:20:08 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
make sure if i got osteoperosis..

6/20/2009 1:20:11 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
next time

6/20/2009 1:20:17 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:20:30 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:20:35 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
if i survive till then la =)

6/20/2009 1:20:40 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:20:42 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
you'll live a long happy life la sandwa

6/20/2009 1:20:43 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:20:45 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
i have to save this and print this

6/20/2009 1:20:48 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
so that next time

6/20/2009 1:20:51 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:20:52 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:20:54 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:20:57 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
no trouble la

6/20/2009 1:20:59 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:21:06 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
make sure your kids dont ruin my clinic can d

6/20/2009 1:21:10 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:21:12 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other hahahahhaha

6/20/2009 1:21:14 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
little *k***s and sandwas running around

6/20/2009 1:21:15 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:21:19 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:21:20 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:21:23 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:21:27 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
imagine la

6/20/2009 1:21:28 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:21:29 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other hahahah

6/20/2009 1:21:30 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
one sandwa

6/20/2009 1:21:33 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
and if you have two girls

6/20/2009 1:21:33 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other hahahahahahha

6/20/2009 1:21:35 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
TWO sandwas

6/20/2009 1:21:37 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:21:39 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:22:38 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
its like one kid will go "MUMMY I WANT THIS" .

6/20/2009 1:22:47 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
then you say "CANNOTTT"

6/20/2009 1:22:57 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
the other kid "I WANT I WANT I WANT"

6/20/2009 1:23:02 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
together they say "DOWN 10 MUMMY"

6/20/2009 1:23:03 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:23:19 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other ٭ur imagination really.. is making u nuts

6/20/2009 1:23:26 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:23:29 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
its called study stress

6/20/2009 1:23:32 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
lack of rest

6/20/2009 1:23:33 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other yeah

6/20/2009 1:23:35 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:23:38 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:23:39 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:23:40 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:24:00 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
lets marry our kids off. hohoho

6/20/2009 1:24:01 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:25:02 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:25:18 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
i dun wan my kids to be nerds like you!

6/20/2009 1:25:19 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other hhahahahah

6/20/2009 1:25:24 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:25:28 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
my kids will be so cool

6/20/2009 1:25:30 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

6/20/2009 1:25:36 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other later my kids would be like, "why is my father in law so nerdie??"

6/20/2009 1:25:40 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other ahahahhahahaha!!!

6/20/2009 1:25:56 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
my kids would go like... "DAD, why is auntie sandwa acting like she's 7?"

6/20/2009 1:26:05 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

6/20/2009 1:26:07 AM .: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
damn you

6/20/2009 1:26:15 AM ٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
la la la

٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
i go sleep la.

Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine

(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other
and MY kids would go like.. "MOM! why is uncle stewpork star so
young.. but he look as if he is 99?!"

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other and i will go, "OOPSIEEE.. i dunnoo~~~"

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

٭ Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
i'll ask my kids to call you "AUNT IEEEEEEEE sandwa"

Ķεп Ħǒ ٭ - Cloud Nine
.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

.: :)(L)S@NDR@(L):):.--> Stuck in love with each other

Friday, June 19, 2009

木哈末! =D

currently damn free cause the two important person in my life who is SUPPOSE to chat with me is playing game together. So they are abandoning me T.T so sad case right?? only chat with me IN BETWEEN those loadings of games.. *SIGH DEEPLY*

hahaahXD nolarr.. jk..

school was funny again.. obviously not SCHOOL is funny larr =.= it's the way we talk.. haha.. morning, we had assembly.. then.. later we had.. what subject arh?? ohhh.. Sivic! yerhhh.. teacher didnt come in again.. what's his name again?? erm.. encik.. . ..encik.. .. damn larr.. i am confused with encik haizul and encik muhammad ady.. hahahhaXDD erm.. what's that teacher's name??

oh! erm! THE guy who teach sivic in 4 sc beta.. find out urself. a bit of mystery for you =D hahahahhahaXDD

okay.. fine.. he didnt come.. then encik muhammad, our new counselor teacher came in.. to replace him and.. he got this software where you put ur birthdate and the stuff bout ur personality will come out.. so yeah...

teacher: nama apa? *looks at low..*
me: CUPID!
teacher: harh?? Kiki??

everyone: *laughsss*

then from that onwards, he keep calling Low, kiki.. hahahahXDD

teacher: okay.. skrang.. siapa mau cuba?
few of us: 3 mei!!
teacher: siapa punya harijadi?

*silence for a min*

me: KIKI!!!!!!
everyone: yaya cikgu.. hahahahahahahahXD
teacher: okay... kiki.. kamu punya main theme ialah.. ceria..

then he was like explaining how ppl born on that day care for other ppl more than themselves.. *hints* and then he said so many things.. everyone was like cheering.. especially when teacher said that person was romantic.. i was like.. wth.. *takes Low's hand and say, "low.. cover my facee.." goshh.. T.T

then, the next one was my turn.. then i say larr..

teacher: hari?
me: 17..
teacher: bulan?
me: disember..
teacher: tahun?
me: 1958..

*everyone was like silent and thinking for awhile only laugh.. SLOW LA U ALLL... hahahahh*

teacher: HARH?! haha
me: haha
teacher: nama apa? *tries to see my name tag..* oh! PROBATE! cause my probate tag was above my name tag..

everyone was laughing.. =.= i was like wtheck!!!

me: cikgu.. it's sandra..
teacher: sandra bullock???

*everyone laughs =.= i heard that so many times until not funny ady =.=*

me: bukan cikgu.. itu mak saya..
*everyone laugh again*
teacher: harh?! mak kamu?? fuyh.. rupa-rupanya dari HOLLYWOOODDD.....
me: mmg pun.. cikgu.. hahaXD
teacher: okay.. theme kamu ialah.. .. . . .. *after a minute*... . .romantic!

everyone was like.. cheering.. like WTHECKK!!!!!

then he was like, "siapa jadi boyfren tu.. hehe... bagus la tu.." then everyone was like, "woooootsssssss~~~~ sandraaaa~~~" mygosh.. then bao yu zai dun talk.. and teacher was like, "kenapa kamu tak cakap?? tak ada mulut ka??" hahahahahXD

then tien soong wanna go toilet.. then teacher was like, "ni yao shen me? da pian? xiau pian?" cause that malay teacher can talk very fluent chinese, hokkien and german also can! hahahahXD

so funny mannn.. hahaha... he was like.. "nama saya ialah muhammad.. dalam cina ialah.. 木哈末(mu ha mo).. iaitu bermaksud.. kayu.. so, saya ialah.. muhammad kayu.."

we were like =.= wtheckk.. ahhahahahahhXD then he call bao yu zai, xiau lang di.. and he called puiyi, "SUM PUI CHIN" hahahahahahaXD he changed ajitpal singh's name to karpal singh... and Niroshini's name to HIROSHIMA! ahhahahahahahXD

okayy.. i shall just stop here.. cause there was SO MANY FUNNY THINGS THAT I CAN DIE OF LAUGHING RIGHT NOW.. cause i am laughing non stop while typing this post.. and at the same time, talking to puiyi about it.. i can laugh non stop man.. hahahahahahhaXD and yuenping! you missed the SUPER FUNNY PARTS... ahahhahaXDD it was so funny mannn.. cause adeline said she was vivian and her bdae.. and vivian said adeline's one.. and steffi would say niro's *AHEM* and low said my *ahem* then jo ee.. said Low's one.. if not she cannot know.. then later, jo ee said who's??? Vivian help Jo ee tell teacher say she salah cakap her bdate.. ahahhahaha! damn funny man.. EVERYONE all mixed up already... ahhahahahahaXDDDD eugene the pendamai.. antara sum pui chin dan xiau mang di! hahhahahaXD for more info, go to =D

then, i went for choralspeaking practice.. diane and i were like a lil' crazy as usual.. hahahaXD then after that, had recess, val and low is jealous because sh got my chocolate wafer.. =.= muahahhaXD hahahaXD then, had Bio.. teacher asked us to do the report.. then all of us just doit.. NOT QUIETLY.. siewjin, low and I were like talking.. I was like telling them stuff.. then we purposely abandon adeline.. ahhahahaXD

not mentioning, the first time.. in 4 years.. the two top classes, who has been very good with each other.. but today.. 4 Beta peeps declared world war 4 with Alpha students because world war 3 was between 5B and 5C during primary school.. hahaXD and to Beta girls, chengken is not handsome ANYMORE! because he complaint about our "high" bio marks.. which was SUPER LOW.. and HIS mark is SO CALLED LOW.. when he got A1.. mygod.. pity sin zhao okayyy.. teacher was like, "kena check balik.. 3 guru akan mark sekali lagi.." we were like.. O.O whaat?! then she said, "sinzhao.. kamu punya markah.. dari. .. .. 82.. jatuh kepada.. . .. . . .. " we thought the worst its gonna be like 70 something or what.. but no.. . . ." ..jatuh kepada 44.." we were like.. WTHECK! then WE LEHHH??? all of us were so angry at alpha students who complaint.. and the phrase of the day was given by Chu.. but its kinda sensitive.. so, haha.. better not post it.. hahaXD

after that, during moral, we were running around the school to find teachers... cause we tried to take advantage cause our moral teacher went out for awhile.. then, in the end, we saw our moral teacher in the room we went in.. we were like "EH! cikgu pun kat sini.." hahahahahXD

and i was like telling the other 3 monkeys which were ade, low and siewjin that, "u might wanna realise we dun have a pass and we are in a group you knowww.. if we got caught.. we're gonna die.." and siewjin was like, "I KNOWWWW..." hahahaXD

then went to see my juniors.. I AM SO GONNA SKIN THEM.. one by one didnt give me the ideas for the squad games thingy.. ask them to gimme by today.. and who was the only one who came and see me in my classs??? ONE PERSON ONLY.. and the others.. expect me find them =.= audrey.. ask ME TO FIND HER in the canteen.. Dhinesh DIDNT COME AND FIND ME.. he PROMISED this morning.. Cheng yee pulak.. saw him in the sickbay and he was like ,"what games??" i was like O.O!!!!! then jia jun another one.. "STILL CRACKING MY HEAD THINKING..." THINK THINK THINK! shesssh.. u all arh!!! and the other malay girl.. i forgot her name. omg.. what's my problem.. i keep forgetting ppl's name.. T.T

that's why larhh.. find u all one by one until i came out late from school and got scolded by my mom badly.. OUTSIDE THE SCHOOL.. walao... DAMN EMBARRASING OKAYYYHHH!!! form 4, somemore probate kena scolded outside the school gate.. walao.. u guys are SO GONNA GET IT FROM ME.. T.T grrrr.. juniorssssssss!!! i was SO ANGRY GONNA BURST ADY man.. .. . . not my fault also then my mom keep scolding me.. but i just shut up.. ahhhh!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she was like, "WHY YOU COME OUT SO LATE?!" and i replied, "erm.. my juniors lar.. i got something to do just now.. sorry" then she said, "TELL ME EARLIER LARH!!!" and i was like "how i knoww? sorry larr.. " it's such a sudden thing.. HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO KNOW MY JUNIORS WONT COME AND FIND ME EVENTHOUGHT I THREATEN TO KILL THEM IF THEY DONT??? I didnt say anything but just plain SORR-IES.. and she was like, "YOU THINK WHO ARE YOU HARH?! want me to wait for you! you think you tai xiu jie arh?!" .. omg.. i was SO ANGRY.. but i didnt say anything cause i dun wanna make it worst cause if i really fight back.. hmm.. no need to say lar.. but i SO wanted to say, "what u want me to do? i ALREADY said sorry right? it's just LESS than 10 minutes.."

blardy hell.. grrrrr... . .. so wtheck mann.. ugh! then after 10 mins, okay ady =D

came home, went out to have lunch with my parents.. saw Diane and Daniel.. hahaXD came back.. slept.. until like 1730hour.. somebody LOVE to use international time =.="

and yeah.. onlined until NOW.. kla.. now only wanna start watching Hana Yori Dango 2.. tataz! =D gosh. it's 11pm and my bro still not back yet.. sure go CC play dota wan =.= cause he JUST finished he WHOLE a-lvl course today.. ahahaXD

congrats, bro =) i mean, BLARRRRRR-ther.. =D

and siewjin and ade.. ur wated url.. .. =)

Still going on, knowing that I've got you.
You're my heaven on earth.

Thursday, June 18, 2009



YOU are right, I.AM.BACK.
( i dun think you wanna read this post.. it's SUPER Long.. but SUPER FUNNY... hahaXD)

yesterday night.. HAHAHHAHAXDD it's so funny thinking about everyone's reaction today.. damn funny mannn..

anyway, yesterday, I touch down in Msia at about 8.30pm.. (the first person i msg was chee enn cause she was the only one who know i was going back yesterday) and by the time i get my luggage and stuff.. it was 9.30pm.. and then, my dad was waiting in the airport.. and there was this japanese guy my mom made frens with. He was travelling around the whole world himself.. and worst of all, he dun have info or anything. I felt so different.. when i arrived KL, i was so happy., jump here and jump there.. "weeeeee~" here.. "weeee~" there.. hahaXD but... omg.. it's SO HOT.. i was sweating like dunno what once i got down from the airplane.. my gosh.. SO HOT.. like me ;)

So, my parents find hotel for him and stuff.. and journey from Sepang to Kay Elle was about like an hourr... GOSH.. so, by the time everything finished, i reached home about 12 something. Was darn tired. Sleeping in the car ady. Then, went home, tried to open the stupid lock attached to the luggage.. i was turning turning turning but couldnt open it.. it was SO WEIRD cause it's the correct number.. then finally i opened it.. but.. i accidentally twisted it.. and it was locked again.. T.T

after an hour, i gave up, and ask Alex to help me open it.. then he was like, "WALAO... so late at night ask me do this kind of stufff...." then i gave him the super innocent look.. and blink blink a few times.. cause i figured if it works on my mom and husband, it would work on him.. hahahahXD then he was like, "WHAT?! dun gimme that look.."

then, he didnt know the number but he just turn turn turn the lock.. and then put it near his ears and listen to the sound of the IDUNNOWHAT..... .. . .haha.. then *click* it came off.. then he was like, "COOLL LEHHHHHHH???" and i was like... =.="

then, after that, when i open my luggage, he saw my sweets and souvenirs..

alex: OMG! i want thisss.. *takes ALL my sweets*
me: NO!!!!! *pulls his pantss, not down okay =.=" *
alex: you have to give it to me!
me: NOOOOO... it's for my friendssss!!!!
alex: noooo....
me: NOOOOO.. .. . . it's for my frensss.. T.T they will KILL ME if i dun give them anythingg..


me: alex, i show you this.. *takes out kangaroo's scortum*
alex: OMG.. what is that??
me: kangaroo's scortom..
alex: OMGGG!! SO COOL!! real wan arhh??
me: ya.. ofc..
alex: OMG!! GIVE IT TO ME...

well, he practically TOOK IT..

me: NOO!!! it's for my pet bro okayhhh!! i buy it for him since he was so interested in itt!!
alex: NO!!!!!! i wan it.. I DONT CARE.. how can you NOT buy this for meee??!
me: HOW THE HECK i know you wan it..?? how i know?? i thought you DAMN INNOCENT WAN RIGHTTT??? so like, why would u want this kind of thingss..
alex: actually, nolarrr.. not that innocent *wink wink*
me: =.= NO!!! GIVE IT BACK TO MEEE!!!
alex: no... . .. i wan it!! i DUNN CAREE!!
alex: okok.. i tell you something.. but in return, give it to me.. *gives his pinky out to make sure i promise..*
me: NO... i dun care.. my pet bro more important.. give it BACK..
alex: no.. seriously.. u would sure go, "WHOAH.." if you see it.. and i will let u play with it..
me: NO WAY.. i know you TOO WELL ALREADY.... u always cheat me.. NO WAY..
alex: no.. seriously wan.. but promise you dun tell mummy..
me: *raise eyebrows*
alex: wait arrrr... *runs up* *comes down after 5 mins*
me: what issit?
alex: actually. .. .. the thing.. i wanted to tell you is.. . ... .
me: ok.. stop it ady.. i know its some stupid thing..
alex: no.. .*in a serious voice* seriously, i want to tell you .. .
me: ?????
alex: tomorrow got CHINESE CLASSS!!!!! =DDDDDDDDDDDdd
me: !@#$%^&*( U SEEE!!!! EVERYTIME ALSO CHEAT ME.. waaaaa~~ T.T
alex: nolarrr.. *takes out something*
me: what. on. EARTH is THAT?!
alex: actually, that day i just roughly say to dad like jokingly and say my fren use this phone.. and i find it good and stuff.. ask him buy for me.. then dunno why, on that night, he just went to the shop and bought on the spot for me.. without thinking..
alex: yeap.. voted the best phone and IS the best business phone right noww..
me: WHY ON EARTH u need a business phone when u dun even HAVE a business or something..? =.=
alex: =P


alex: still got anymore thing for me..
*saw my crocs*
me: HOW I KNOW you wan... ask gor gor to buy for you larrrr.. he coming back in july for hols wertt..
alex: *shoves his feet into my slippers* OMG! can fit! okay! it's mine too! =DD
me: wtheck? =.="

he took almost everything i have. I wonder if he would take away my dress also.. =.= then we were chatting till late midnight.. haha.. long time since i talked to him, so i was like telling him stuff.. and ask him to DONT GO.. cause its not fun at all.. hahaXD

funny laa.. so, yeah.. after sorting everything out, about.. 2am only can sleep.. and i woke up feeling SO EXCITED.. cause like, MY first day of school.. it's the BEST experience ever when NOBODY know that you are CAME back.. and seeing their SUPER SHOCKED faces.. hahahaXD

it's just simply fun and amazing =D

so, yeahh... erm.. i reached school.. and there wasnt traffic jam =) how great? hahaXD then the new road is FINALLY open.. thank god.. and.. i was smilingg.. smiling. smilinggg.. talking to my dad.. and SO HYPER early in the morning..

so, i walked into the corridor.. and.. whoah.. dengan BERGAYA-nyaa.. hahahaXD nola.., yea.. the first person who saw me was, EMILY THE PRINCESS.. at first she turn her head back.. then she turn back.. then she was like, turning again.. and see properly.. with her blur blur eyes.. then i think she nudge vivian.. and vivian QUICKLY turn back.. and with the big big eyes.. both going O.O... . .. . ..

then siewjin saw me.. then she was like O.O.. same goes to niro.. then, i just ran to all of them.. then the puiyi didnt know.. she was reading The Gift, given by stewpork star.. so, she was so into it.. then suddenly i went, "BOO!" then she was like.. OMGGG!!! O.O wthelll?! then everyong was hugging me.. ESPECIALLY YUENPING.. she was hugging me for SO LONGGGGGG!!!!! i tried to pull away.. but she kept pulling me back and hug me.. hahahahXD

then, saw weigin and xinyi.. they were like, "EHH!!!! COME BACKK ADYY ARRR?!?!" then they were also hugging me =DDDDDD

i know you guys miss me larr.. then keanloong came, and saw me.. and he was like, O.O.. . . . hahaha.. then, after that, i wanted to see Low and Sheau Hwa they all.. but then, niro was like, "I STAND HERE SO LONG.. WAITING FOR SO LONG.. u also didnt hug me yett.. T.T"

hahahhaXD kesian her.. then after hugging her, i went out.. ran to Low and Sh there.. and I was like, "BOOOO!!!!" what was heart breaking was,

they dont seem to be surprise =.="

Low was like, "eh?? come back ady arr?? i just wake up from sleep.. =.=" then sh was like, "i know you're coming back ady... jarrett said in ur blog.. WTH... jarrett.. T.T hahaXDD then, after rollcall, i went to see zunzen.. at first, she didnt know it was me.. she was reading something.. then suddenly i signal-ed sh to keep quiet.. i also signal-ed sh that SURE zunzen go, "SANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~" as usual. hahahahXD so, after thatn, i went SO CLOSE to zunzen.. then, when she turn her head, i went BOO! and she was like, SO SHOCKED that i think i gave her a heart attack.. ahahhahahaXDDDD she was like, "OMGGGG!!!! YOU"RE BACKKK!!!! ahhh.... SANNNNNNNNNNNN~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"

told ya. as usual.

HAHAHHAHAHA! =DDD then before recess, had choralspeaking.. oh.. BEFORE that, i was bragging about my new bag to puiyi, low, and ade.. mostly to puiyi.. purposely disturb her.. i was like, "SEE! i got new bag.. u dun have.. HA-HA-HA.. blek! mine SO NICEEEEE..." then she was like rolling her eyes going, "SOOOO???" hahahhahahahaXDDD gave sh her POLAR BEARRRR.. hahahahhaXD and the others souvenirs.. glad they like it.. i bought yuenping this really cute koala and kangaroo pencil box.. then, went she came up, she was busy with her prefect stuff.. then, i went to her bag.. to open her zip.. and wanted to put in the pencil box.. but then puiyi they all say, take out her things and put in the new pencil case.. then, i tried to find her pencil case.. "shit.. wrong zip.." she was just beside me.. i was like, need to do very fast.. then i took it out.. EVERYONE was helping me to take out ALL her things and put it in the new pencil case.. i kept trying to block her view.. then later, i put the new and old pencil case in back to her bag.. SO SCARY OKAAYYY.. she was just BESIDE ME.. so scared she suddenly turn and say, "what are you doing???" then kantoi.. hahahahahXDD

but she didnt.. so.. yeah.. we were observing her.. at first she took out her pencil box and all of us laugh cause her expression was like, "eh? why nothing wan??" then she take out the OTHER pencil box.. she thought she accidentally took someone's plush toy.. but when she think again.. she was like, THANK YOUUU SANDRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! cause it's so obvious from me.. cause there was an AUSTRALIA word there.. who else went there and came back yesterday?? hahaXD

during recess, xiau wei saw me eating.. then she was like, "OMGGG.. is that sandraaa?? scare me mann.." then i was like.. eating.. i almost puke out everything man.. then yuenping was like, "SEE HOW YOU EAT.. SO MESSY..." then i answered her, "xiau wei larhhh!!!"

after recess, i was talking non stop about my trip.. and say how bad it was.. and how good SOME it was.. and told siewjin they all.. and emily they all stuff.. about how was the day BEFORE i went.. what HAPPEN to some guy who was pranked by me.. hahahahXD and yuenping was like, "OMGGG!! you're so evilll!!!" hahahahahXD

not mentioning after that, I saw Niren and Melvin.. wanted to pass them the souvenirs.. cause i already told Niren and Jarrett about it.. and then, when i went out the class and give it to them... they were like,

melvin: alarr.. no need to give us larrr.. give jarrett enough ady..
niren: yalarrr..
melvin: yahh.. and with that photo frame written "my best pet-bro" and then got nice nice pictures.. that WE DUN HAVE..
niren: yalaarrr.. aih.. no need to give us larr..
melvin: then got the cookies somemore right?? damn nice.. but aih.. she didnt give us.. only to jarrett..
niren: yaaa.. aihh.. so sad..
me: BOTH OF YOU SHUTUP..! you! *points at melvin* YOU! *points at niren* BOTH of you i gave you ur bdae presents ON THE DATE of your bdae.. and jarrett?? it was 3 months after his birthday.. and i already told you the cookies i gave it to him because i saw him.. and i asked him to gave it to u guys..SO, you guys have no rights to say its not fair..

then after that, i gave them.. but they were like still trying to make fun of me.. then i was like, "ugh!" then i saw melvin.. from the class, i shouted, "YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE.." but i was actually shouting to niren.. then, melvin perasan.. then he look as if damn angry. and he walked away.. i was like, "wth??? SHIT YOU NIREN.." then i keep hitting niren.. i was like damn not having a good feeling..

then later, they came back with an empty box.. of my souvenirs.. then niren was saying how mad was melvin and everything.. i was so worry and stuff.. aiya.. just go to his blog.. and i was damn sad.. i really dunno what to do ady.. and then, the next thing i knew was a prank.. i was like, "WTHELLL?! i was seriously damn.. ARGHH!!!" then i just pull zunzen to the toilet.. then i was like so damn sad.. then niren and melvin was like trying to apologise but i just bang the toilet door and ignored them.. later on, we wanted to come out.. but then, saw Puan Sareah with the cane.. "SHIT.. no pas.. better dun go out first.." then we didnt go out.. after waited for like 5 to 10 mins, we came out.. then saw melvin and niren again.. i was like.. MYGOD.. .. T.T then aiya.. i so good right? so just forgive them lo.. but AT THAT TIME, i was seriously damn worried and pissed.. cause like, SUDDENLY only melvin got SO ANGRY and stuff.. shesshh..

and ps: niren... i say give my saliva to my brother because he asked me if i have water.. and i say "no.. got also wont give you.. no way i give you my water.. saliva got lar.. i givee you.." it's not WHAT YOU THINK OKAYHHH!!!! ugh! polluted minds of the juniors.. shesshh..

then i keep disturbing Jo Ee.. keep saying this guy like her..

me: Jo Ee.. so how?? what i say to him..? he say he wanna marry you worr..
JE: dun play larrrr... so fakeeee larrrr.. dun lie larrr..
puiyi: no.. i SAW HIM.. that day i go watch movie with sandra.. then i saw him.. omg.. he keep asking for your email.. then he say he want you to be his gf..
me: YALAAAA.. not bad wan la him.. 28 years old only ma.. not that old also.. 12 years only ma.. aiyaa.. can larrr.. close one eye and just marry him laaaa..
puiyi: yaaaa!! he is VERY RICH wan.. so just like, aiya.. marry him larrr..
me: yaaaa!! he look like Brad Pitt you knowww.. so, just MARRY him larr.. i help u tell him okayy?
JE: nolarrr... dun lie larrr.. so fake..
puiyi: yaaa!!!
JE: how he know me??
puiyi: nehh.. he saw ur friendster.. then that day in sandra's blog.. he saw ur photo..
me: ya.. and he was like,"OMG! SO PRETTYYY!!!" then he say he wanna marry you ady..
JE: harrrr .. . .. . . ? really arrr??
puiyi and I: YARRRR!!!!

*siewjin comes in*

me: siewjin...
siewjin: what what??
JE: they say got this 28 year old guy who like me.. then want to marry me then dunno what..
siewjin: huh? which one??
puiyi: NEHHHHHHHHHHHH.. the guy arr.. that day we go watch MOVIE wan arr... then he saw JE's friendster wan arrrrr...
siewjin: oh. .. .erm . .. .. . . .. .
me: YOU FORGET ADY MEHHH?? nehhhhh.. THAT GUY ARRRRR>. *winks*
siewjin: ORHHH!!! that guyyy!! yaya! jo ee.. he damn leng zai wan lorrr..
me: YALARRR.. like aih.. actually he very good wan lo.. yau leng zai, yau yau qian.. if got, I also wan lo.. but too bad, I'm taken.. but if not arr.. i SURE MARRY HIM WANNNN.. aiyaa.. can laa.. JE.. u see, when he 50 years old.. you 38 years old only whaattt.. u kit jor fan.. sang mai zai.. aiya.. hai kam seung ha wan laaa.. can la can la.. or maybe, he long life.. can live until 80 years old.. you 68.. aiyaa.. also dunno if you got long life a not.. maybe u die earlier lehhh.. still ok watttt... hahahahahahahhaXD or maybe if you got long live.. you 88 years old.. he 100 years old.. CAN LARRRRRRRR.....

*half of the class was laughing like shit.. *

JE: dun wan larrrr. .. . . i also dunno him.. u just tell him i reject him larr..
me: AIYO.. cannot wan larrr.... why dun u just marry him.. then after a few months, you divorce.. then you get HALF of his property ady lo.. then ok ady lo.. OR! you can let him touch touch you.. then you can sue him say he rape you.. then you can get THE OTHER half ady lorr... then YOU BECOME billionaire.. by the time, you want WHAAT kind of guys, close ur eyes and choose a few to be ur husband also can lo..
JE: dun wan dun wan... .. . .
siewjin: cannot larr.. still underage.. 16 onlyy..
puiyi: aiya.. actually old man.. good watt..
me: YAYAYA!!! he older than you so much.. so, when he touch things also slower.. he so good you know.. if he is with you arr.. he will treat you as if you're SO FRAGILE.. then he will SLOWLY SLOWLY touch you... .. . .. .

*omg.., i am laughing like shit while typing this.. *

*** after a longg time.. JE was discussing about twilight with Yuenping..

JE: yalaa. i like the Edward..
me: OHH!! then ngam laa.. that 28 year old guy also look lik Edward wan.. when he go under the sun, he will become shiny shiny wan...
JE: dun lie larr.. just now you say look like Brad Pitt..
siewjin: EH! brad pitt more leng zai then edward okayyy..
me: yarrrr... wait.. you KNOW HOW BRAD PITT LOOKS LIKE OR NOTTT??
JE: harr? like how??
me: HAIYORHHH!!! u dunno arh?!
JE: dunno worr..
JE: *Giggles*
me: whaat? so when?? pick the date for the marridge ady or not?? i help u pick larrr.. since i so good.. aiya.. i abit ma fan also nvm laa... for YOU right.. aihh.. have to laa..
JE: hahahhahahXD
me: what colour u wan ur wedding to be?
me: oo.. pink ar?? then you ask the guy to wear a pink tuxedo larrr... then you also wear pink gown.. everything pink..

i was laughing like shit mannn.. everyone was laughing like shit.. then guys from Alpha like derrick and nex was there.. all listening and joining the conver.. in the end, everyone was like lying to Jo Ee ady.. what 28 year old guy? he dun even exist.. hahahhaXDD all of us pandai pandai make story only.. hahahXD especially ME! hahahahhahaXD i made everyone laugh until got stomachache man.. hahhahaXD

then, puan angela came in.. and hahahahahhaXD so funny man..

teacher: eh? you're back?
me: TEACHERRR!!! miss me or nottt??
teacher: *keeps quiet*
me: aiyaa.. no need to say ady larr... i know you miss me SO MUCH until u keep quiet for so longg..
teacher: hahaha..
me: teacher, did you eat the cookies? how was it?
teacher: it was very very nicee...
me: haha.. like OFCOURSE! i do until my finger burnt you knoww.. then, i was like thinking in my mind.. "what doesnt kill me makes me stronger.." then i think again, "NVM.. for MY teachers.. its okay,... got blood also nvmm.." then i continue doing doing doing.. SO LONG you knowww..
teacher: OHHH.. i see i seee.. *smiles* *everyone was laughing*
me: TEACHER!! how is my essay?? u sure very gam dong righttt?? *ps: she's an indian, so she doesnt understand..*
teacher: i gave you zero..
me: ohhh.. and then another zero.. and a one in front of the 2 zeros rightt??
teacher: *smiles*
me: no.. teacher.. seriouslyy..
teacher: i think you got 82..
me: teacher.. you VERY TOUCHED righttt?? u sure cry a lot wan.., awww.., so pity..
teacher: no. . .. . different ppl got different feelings..
me: AIYAAA.. teacher.. no need to hide larr.. no need to feel shy.. i know you like the story a lot.. ahahhahahaXD

then she asked me how was australia and stuff.. then Low keep asking me to KEEP talking to her.. so that she wont teach.. like WTH?! u think i can talk so long arh?! hahahhhaXD

anyway, after school, there was prefect and probates meeting.. then kena kantoi by alex cause probates came out like, almost half an hour later? hahahhahaXD

yalarr.. i got a lot more to talk about.. but then.. late ady.. and that's the HIGHLIGHTS larr.. haha.. it's 12.30am ady.. darling, PLEASE dun kill me..