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Friday, October 31, 2008


ermmm.. i THINK i got your meaning.. jiajun.. jiajun.. you know what the heck is he doing??? he is like a mad person.. keep on saying HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH... HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA.. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!

and i BET with my life he is not laughing.. he just keep HAHAHAHAHAHAH-ing to make me laugh.. wow.. i THINKKKKk its so working =.=... ==.==""

and then, when he is tired of HAHAHAHAHAHA-ing then he will go back to "haizzzzzz" then ask the same question again.. which is.. why vyvyan this, why vyvyan that?? wahliao.. i see also.. my godddddd....... keep asking the same thinggg..

i'm so sick of them ady larrr.. so dun ask me anymoreee... first, the "people", then, that guy, then, that girl, then, the OTHER guy.. wahliao.. its gonna make my freaking precious head explode.. i wont care anymore larh.. i'm sick and tired being such a "caring" person..

you know.. i always say.. him.. or her.. as in. i dun say out the name.. then, just now.. i read all my olderrrr posts.. and then i didnt say the name.. i also dunno who i'm talking about ady... XD good.. erase bad memories.. let the doors behind us close..

hope tommorrow's activity can cheer us up.. no, not us.. its ME! s.a.n.d.r.a... yeah.. anyway.. i got to sleep.. i'm tired like.. SHIT! cause of the stupid hammering and drilling that was breaking my eardrums.. anyway, i'm gonna love myself back.. dun think dirty..

actually, there's nothing dirty.. BUTTT.. i think i mix to much with Niren they all ady.. they are freaking.. polluted.. my goddddd.. vyvyan also.. behind her innocent eyes.. she is also polluted like shit.. goddd.. anyway... got to go..

bye~ *o*

nice food = fat..

okay.. just came back from puan jugdeep's tuition, i think i got fatter by dunno how many kgs.. she was feeding us like shit with so much cookies and murukussss and stuff.. and you know larr.. its not good to say "no" all the time.. that's what puan jugdeep taught uss.. ahahhaha XDDDD

i went for her tuition for like 20 minutes earlier?? cause i RATHER go to her house earlier than listening to all those hammering and drilling sounds which makes me wanna suicide.. but, she wasnt home yet.. so i just sat outside her house.. and.. then.. me and another friend went to a playground opposite and sat swings and emo together.. wait,

nono, not together.. i'm emo, she's not.. but then, during tuition, puan jugdeep provided us with lots of laughter.. that i couldnt resist, to, LAUGH.. its been a longgg time since i laugh UN-FAKELY...

hmmm.. and then jarrett called me, for like 4 freaking times, but i was in tuition.. i called him back.. and he only asked.. ONE question..

are you okay??

mm-hmm.. right.. kay.. thanks anyway.. =)

kay, i got to get my emo feelings backkkk.. too hyper is not gooddddd.. !@#$%^&*().. cause i annoy ppl when i'm in a hyperrr mooddd... =P


When I was coming back from school, me and alex were like singing “happy ending –mika” in the car.. and he was like, “you sing the guy voice and I sing the girl’s voice.” And so, out of boredness, I did..and I THINK, that was called transsexual duet.. mm-hm…

I came back from school and I was damn freaking tired.. so, I was sleeping soundly until when I was awaken by the sounds of hammering and drilling in and out of my house.. I am having renovation on the outside of my house.. argh.. I was wishing somekind of dragonball charaters would just ABUGEN them away.. I was like taking the pillows and covering my ears, but nothing seem to work… so I just decided to get my freaking butt up and do something that doesn’t require quietness.. ugh!

I am so annoyed by the hammerings and drillings.. even i was bathing, sleeping, walking, blogging, and chatting.. or even SITTING DOWN.. I can always feel the freaking vibration.. like somekind of HIROSHIMA or NAGASAKI bomb dropped down in my house for dunno how many hundred times.. mygodddd.. its so damn annoyinggggg!!!! Arghhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, I know, that thanking god is appreciative enough cause I get to go to tuition NOW.. I’m DYING to get out of this freaking noisy house.. and my mom’s friends pulak sedang playing mahjong and bising bising bising.. arghhH!!! My MOM doesn’t play mahjong.. she doesn’t know how to play mahjong.. but her friends COME to my house, to play mahjong.. while my mom just do her stuff… like, wth… my goddd!!! Damn freaking noisy..

Kay, need to go for tuition now.. chaozzz..zz..zz..

Zzzz -.- zzzZ

the event thingy..

today, my day started well.. well enough for me.. at leasttt.. something changed A BIT.. melvin and jarrett and priya did goooddd on the stage?? =) before that..i had fun with puiyi and the other form2's in bilik serba.. jakun-ed there.. XD.. practically.. my mood was happehhh the whole day..

until.jarret and vyvyan. emo. like. shit.

i dunno why.. and you know how frustrated to NOT know what the hell is happening?? yishhh..

arghhhh!!! so damn freaking frustrated.. okay.. i'm going nuts.. oh, and you know what?? actually i just realised.. i only eat one meal a day.. weird.. i dont feel hungry.. okay..i know.. its not good.. XDD.. but.. its not my fault.. ugh!

my house is so damn noisy.. i cant even sleep.. my mom's friends are here.. and outside my hosue.. kept going "dong.. dongg.. dongg" cause of that stupid gate thingy.. yish.. haizz..

malas wanna post more ady..

"someone's watching over me..~~"

Thursday, October 30, 2008

sparkly juicy winey

right right.. i just gulped down a big cup of wine.. like in 5 minutes.. and now my throat is burning like shit.. its not my fault.. i THOUGHT it was sparkling juice.. i saw this bottle thingy with cute cute grapes pictures in it.. and thought it was sparkling juice,. so i poured out a big cup and keep drinking and drinking.. seriously... and then i drink and drink and drink.. my dad was came to my room and asked me.. "wahh.. eh! you drinking wine arhhh?!"

o.o.. i was looking at him and say, "not sparkling juice mehhh??"

then he was like,"wine larhhhhhh...."

shitttttttttttt!!! no wonder it taste a bit weird.. not so sparkly juicy.. well, who cares?? anyway, its perfect for my feelings now.. my shitty emo freaking emo feel... good to be drunk eyh?? but i'm not drunk.. =.=.. just, my freaking throat is freaking burning like blazing fire.. O.O... ahhhh!!!

cant think of a title..

yeah, so.. i did ALL I COULD.. seriously... ALL.I.COULD. but.. still.. nothing has changed.. everyone around me knows, i have done all i could.. but.. still.. you said you are fine with me.. but i can see it in you eyes.. and face. that. you're not..

haizzz... so, today.. i stayed back for the practice thingy again.. and.. yeah.. helped around with tomorrow's event.. blablabla.. then, walked jarrett home.. trying to console his broken heart..

about 4.45.. i reached home.. bathe.. and about 4.55.. ate in my car and i rushed for my tuition.. and now only i reached home.. i'm darn freaking tired.. goddd!!...

and smarty pants emily.. go.. jajajaja!! she and ade wanted to tell that guy who keep looking at me in tuition "why you keep looking at my sandra??"

and then, at the end of the tuition.. he was like.. nice meeting you.. and ade and emily was looking at me and laughing.. =.=... and i dared emily to say that sentence just now to him.. and she went and said.. but i pulled her as fast as i could.. and told him that she had mental problem.. =D

my godd... stop it larh, you guysss.. wat the.. =.=

according to mr.roy, if you are professional in maths, you could seee the ugliness in the beauty of maths.. =.=.. uh-huh... rightttt...

okayyyy!! back to emo...

haizz... every happy thing is turning and revolving into bad things.. why? i wonder.. ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would just do ANYTHING.. to turn time back.. erm.. but the time is after PMR larh..

no words can describe my sucky feeling now..

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


you know what?!

i'm totally DONE WITH IT!!.. if you guys think that, just because i am close to guys.. then i like them..and stuff?.. you are so WRONG!! what the hell is you all punya problem?! if you dont like it, say straight to my face, IF that guy is yours.. or whatever.. who cares??

pls larh!! what is your freaking problem?! you guys dun have to always do tricks behind my back ,talk behind my back, and bla bla bla.. if you guys think like that.. i rather not hang out with the guys.. you guys want me to hang out with girls ALL THE TIME RIGHT?!

girls are not always the best to go to.. because these kinds of things happen all starting from girls... but, i'm still need to ask you.. what the HELL is your freaking HELL problem.. why must all the girls think like THAT~~?? sometimes, guys also.. what the HECK is your freaking ass problem..

we have NO RELATION OR WHATEVER SHIT CONNECTION!! its just a friend to share my freaking piled up problems.. argh!!!!

i'm totally sick of all those bullshitting shit! sick sick sick!!!

can things dont change??

"you were not like this to me.. "
"things change.."

and i was statued.. in my mind,

"what if, i DONT want it to change??
what if, i want things back like everything it was??
what if, i tell you, i really miss you??
what if?? "

i seriously dunno what i did.. you gave me 15 seconds to think.. but alll i could think.. is nothing.. i dunno why.. please laa.. please dont be like that can or not?? haizzz..

i'm seriously speechless.. i.. did whatever i can.. but, if you still do not accept whatever i did.. then, too bad.. i lose such a good friend like you..

whaat the hell?!

today, the whole day, i helped the jiajun they all do the kitchen model thing.. no one wanted to do in their class.. and only left, tze jie, jiajun, and a few more ppl.. so me and vyvyan helped them..

i was in the bilik seni the WHOLE day.. i didnt even go up to bilik pameran a single time.. then later, me and jiajun went back to 2C.. then i talk with Jia lun.. talk and talked.. until school was over, then we stayed it that class until about 2.15... then talked talked talked.. he had his problems and i had my problems.. and.. we shared...

and he came, but didnt even say a single "hi".. jialun wanted to go but i gave him THE look and tugged him and asked him to S>T>A>Y!! ugh! stupid.. later on, i was banging my head on the table and keep punching jialun.. and he was freaking scared of me ady.. ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

help larhhhhh!!! my goddd!! and then, after that, i went for the performance practice.. and then, i wanted to go to the canteen and buy drink.. THEN, i saw him again.. SHIT!

and i quickly walk and went down.. then i thought he want to go somewhere else.. so i waited and went to skylite.. but actually, i wanted to go to the canteen.. then when he go away ady, i go to the canteen.. i seriously wanted to jump down from the freaking building CAUSE HE WAS IN THE CANTEEN! wthhhh~~.. i waited and waited for him to go.. but he didnt.. so i went up, and ask my friend to go to the canteen and get me water.. and so she did, she even talked to him.. thank god, nothing bout me..

then, i went up.. and practice again, the longer that went on, the longer i feel like asking him why is he angry at me.. so... at last, i decided to face him.. so, i went down, thought i would just freaking sit in front of him and ask him why is he like that to me.. and my heart sank when i saw a girll there.. i dun dare to go near him.. cause i thought i want to ask him privately..

i think god helped me or something.. he need to make a call.. so he went to the phone booth.. and i was like "why are you so angry at me??"

"nothing" in an angered voice..

who would believe such thing???

then i followed him to the canteen.. and kept asking him.. but he didnt seem to care.. and then i saw the girl.. talking to his friend.. and i was like.. "what the =.=.. its just Niro..."

whhhhhhaaatt the hellllll~~~

Monday, October 27, 2008

shittyyy asssesss

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Have you ever wondered,

why guys act like girls sometimes??

why guys never try to listen to girls and think from THEIR view??

why guys never understand a girl's feeling??

why guys NEVER feel the anger felt by a girl??

why guys take things so damn freaking lightly??

and think that "oh, its a small thing.." while it could be the most biggest thing in a girl's process of life??

they never understand girls, not to say ALL the guys.. but.. i could say, practically, guysss.. like to play with a girl's mind.. and after finish playing, they will just put them aside.. and as though nothing has happened.. do they even notice that, that little things can change a girl's life?? do they??

all the guy's promises are fake, agree?? 100%, that Niro will agree with me..


okayyy.. just came back from Tharine's house.. seriously played like shit.. we were playing with the firecrackersss.. those seriously dangerous ones and the ones which can burst your eardrum.. yeah.. and also fireworksss.. =D

during dinner, me and keanloong exchange phones.. and i reply her messages and he reply HIS message.. if you understand.. and he stupid! go simply say things to HIM.. wat the hell mannn... my godddd!!! go and die larh himmm.. YISHHHH!!!! now he is angry ady.. ITS ALL YOUR FREAKING FAULT>>>>> not fair! everyone is angry at me.. SHE and HIM.. both.. cause of tupik keanloongggg!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

and that's when everyone was looking at us.. keep exchanging phones and say "there's something going on between keanloong and sandra..."

T.T... godddd.. kena fitnah pulakkkkk~~ anyway, who caresssss???

to keanloong, make sure you keep your mouth shut about who he is.. if not, go and dig your grave NOW..

anyway, i will post the pictures laterrrrrr... =D tata~


okay.. i just came backk... morning, first thing.. me and alex went for our chinese class.. had chinese with Jamie.. (janice sister) and her elder sister.. when i got there.. when we were reading our chinese.. i told alex "omgg.. i'm stuck with a bunch of kids.." cause obviously,, my chinese were better than THEM.. espcially ALEXXXX ahahahahahah XDDD... aihhh.. i'm the youngest.. but Jamie was good also.. she memorise WORDSS GODDDD!!! ahahah XDDD..

and then.. came out of the tuition.. suddenly we saw a guy winding down the window, eating pizza and waving at us.. which was BRYAN KOH... and TK.. all of us went to Tesco.. it seems the two guys were shopping for grocery... ahahhah XDD.. cause their parents in Turkey or somethinggg... kesian.. but i dunno they can even cook or not.. aahahha.. XD

later.. had my Yamaha practice.. MY GODDDDD!!! i was so damn freaking blur... the dance steps is like so damn complicated and super fast.. dahla.. i havent memorise the lyricsss... so.. i sing.. gagap-ly... aahhahah XDD

and now.. i got back home.. stupid Pinky was suppose to come to Tharine's open house with meeee.. but in the end.. she couldnt come down.. !!!! yishhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! so angryyyyy!!! nola.. also not her fault.. but i'll just.. you know.. deal with the fact and RIP HER HEAD OFF HER NECK!!!

i dunno what's wrong with blogger.. i cant post pictures.. i cant change the font.. the colour.. the size and EVERYTHING.. that's why my blog is so dullllll~~~ yishhhh....

omgggg.. woootttssss i canceled my piano classss!!! woohooooo~~~~ i love it babehhhh!!! shit.. wednesday and thursday have to stayback until 4.30pm.. shitty asss larhhhhhh...

but, who caresss???


Sunday, October 26, 2008

back to *sigh*

today, early morning, my whole family woke up early and my brother girlfriend came and we went to have breakfast.. later, we went to PJ.. and shop in somekind of Zara sale.. and stuff.. and so, we.. i mean, me, my mom, and my brother's gf.. spent about RM 1500 there.. and my mom scolded me saying that i spend a lot of money.. but.. look who's talking.. i only spent more or less than RM300.. my brother's gf, spent about less than RM100.. so, the rest is.. who spend??

my mom larhh...

anyway.. fine.. yes.. eventhough i spend less than my mom.. but its a lot.. yeah.. i bought 2 dress, a belt.. and something for gaik xuang's bdaee.. =D

at about 6.oopm only i reached home.. cause from 9.00 to 12.30pm i went shopping.. then went to royal selangor bukit kiara club to eat.. then at 1.00.. went to some supermarket to buy stuff to force my mom to bake more cookies.. and then at 2.00 i reached home and went straight to piano.. which is suppose to end at 4.30.. but ended up ending at 5.00.. then went to have tea time with alex in Tesco.. then went to wash his freaking car.. JUST BECAUSE HE WANT TO GO OUT.. he had somekind of church concert in PJ.. which his LAW LECTURER ask him to go.. no... not only him.. the WHOLE LAW CLASS to go.. =.=

yesterday, i woke up EVERY SINGLE hour.. worrying about so much thingss.. each and every bad memories is running round my mind.. it hurts just to think bout the bad things which happen.. bagai hati dihiris sembilu.. its NOT hiperbola.. its the truth.. its really making me DAMN freaking sad.. maybe that explains my crazyness in going shopping this morning..

its damn sad.. now everything is like rojak.. its all messed up.. i wonder when will everything will be arranged back in perfect order.. *sigh*...

what is wrong with our SOCIETY?!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


today, i spent 7 hours in Pavillion with my brother's girlfriend and my mom.. we ate at starhill for FREE~~ and it was super yummy... later on, we went for shopping.. mostly,.. THEY go for shopping.. i've just been sitting on the couch wherever they went.. just sit there.. i wonder why i'm so tired.. my mind is so tired of thinkings.. but, i manage to get renny's present too..

later on, my bro and dad joined us.. and we had dinner.. and again.. they went for shopping and i just sit down on any cushion as though i'm an old grandma waiting for their grandchildren finish shopping.. and i only saw ONE sbu-ian there.. which i was a form4.. not really close also.. didnt even say hi.. but alex did.. throughout the outing, i kept sitting and reading my biography novel.. and when i get bored.. i just.. sit.. and think.. and think.. where did went wrong??

i.. i.. just cant accept bad facts.. but, i guess, all good things will come to an end too.. another guy cried..and i SERIOUSLY dunno what to do.. other than saying .. "its okay.. just focus on your studies, you're still young, dun think about it.." hearing their sobbings and attempts on saying just the word "ok" and trying to through the lump on their throat to avoid breaking down is just making my heart -aching..

you know, if a guy cries in front of me.. i feel scared.. its like a girl is crying in front of a guy.. and the guy is fully blank and shocked.. and seriously dunno what to do.. well, that's my reaction.. i SERIOUSLY.. as in REALLY SERIOUSLY i am so.. i dunno how to explain..

that is all i can say.. i feel so stupid repeating those words on two parties.. i really.. feel so.. DAMN silly... i.. i seriously dunno what to do.. i just realise that.. guys, are just as fragile as girls.. they actually do whatEVER girls do when bad things visit them.. and i just wonder.. why..

WHY MUST GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END?? why cant god just make everyone, every single soul happy??

well, i guess, most of you will say..

LIFE'S LIKE THAT.. instead of doing something stupid, why dont you just ACCEPT IT with grace..

all we need is TIME.. omgg.. making me thinking of what happen in just a short time, is seriously making me feel DARN FREAKING SAD.. hearing them sobbing, makes me sob too.. its hurts just to hear that..

i have no more further comments.. i'm sick of this sickening world that cause more than one litre of tears..


my mom was so hyper just now.. and she was laughing laughing non stop for nothing... her hyperness annoyed me just as much as the aroma of cookies she is baking now.. ... sleeping halfway.. then can smell those cookies smell.. omgg.. canno tahan.. seriously want to puke ady...

and then, alex told my mom not to be so hyper.. cause the more hyper you are, and then if suddenly a SMALL problems slaps your face, you're gonna be down to nothing.. which i think is occuring to me.. i was hyper last few days.. and small problems slap my face hard enough and made me emo.. like shit..

but my mom said.. "i thought, we are suppose to be happy.. life is ours, if we're not happy, then wat??"

that was her question.. but of course, me and alex, as teens know.. that.. life.. is not forever happy.. maybe for my mom, yes.. shopping everyday, baking everyday, dancing everyday.. there were no problems for her to worry.. no financial problems, having a great husband like my dad and having such great son in australia who just graduated in his degree and is in second semester in masters.. his girlfren, who will come to go shopping with her whenever she is free..

another son, who is happy go lucky all the while..
and comes to me..

her daughter that LOOKS happy on the outside.. and doesnt give her much problems..

obviously wat's her problems???





you know what?! this is what happens if someone didnt go out since AFTER PMR with friends..who are freaking busy all the freaking time...

so, for me..
shopping is the solution.. i am so going shopping RIGHT FREAKING NOW! i cant stand not going out!! and its seriously making me freaking mad!!! arghhhhh!!! arrhhhhhh!!

anyone who blocks my way right now will be sent to heaven.. arghhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

my chorus of my blog.. is so damn freaking suitable for me.. when it goes.. "and i'mmmmmmm so loneeeelllyyyyy"

haizz... i dunno what to do laaa~~... shyte.. what have i done???

sobss, yishhh... what the hell i did???? SANDRRRAAAAAAAAAAA~~~~ see what you've doneeeee!!! wait, wat did i do?? wo bu zher taoooo!!!!!! jaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

right, here's the thingg..

number 1: i THINK he is angry with me.. he doesnt reply my sms.. nor reply me when i even talk to him.. so he is angry rightt??

number 2: everytime i hug the other person, he LOOKS jealous.. he gives a look, that.. i dunno how to describe, but he denies it.. and denies it really sternly. and gets angry after that... so, is he jealous??

number 3: according to me, when i am down and emo, he seem like he doesnt care.. i dunno whether he doesnt care or he dont notice.. cause he doesnt ask me what happen and stuff.. but instead, his friends ask me.. which is quite weird, for him not to notice i am not in a good mood..

number 4: BUT according to HIS frens, whenenver i am down, he is down too.. i didnt notice it, but yeah, according to his friends, he will be moody too.. so, what the hell is it suppose to mean?!

number 5: i'm not sure what.. or how true what his friends say.. but.. i dunno larhhh!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!

shit larhhhh!!! why guys so !@#$%^&*() wannn!!??? so mood swing gilerrrr... one minute, so nice to you, the other minute NOT so nice to you.. argghhhhhhhhh~~~~~~ girls i understand laa.. sometimes PMS.. but guysss.. got PMS ka??? i think.. MOST PROBABLY GOT!!

HELP MEEEEE!!!!! how to solve this deep blue shit??

according, to suzanne, i asked her, should i talk to him, or leave him alone first..

and she said leave him aloneee.. and act like nothing happened.. but.. where cannn??? wat if.. it doesnt go righttt????

tell me mannn!!! how to solve this DEEP FREAKING BLUE SHIT!!??


yesterday, about 11.15pm.. we went to mcdonaldss.. omggg.. remember i said i was tired like shit the in last post.. but then, they wanted to go.. but i kept delaying them.. i was so damn freaking sleepy.. so, they kept bugging mee... so i went.. "fine.. fine.. comingg downnn.."

but of course i have to say goodbye to ppl who i was talking to msn larhh.. so, that time i was talking to keanloong.. so i told him, "okok, i gtg.. my boyfren sudah marah.."

OBVIOUSLY, my fren wasnt my boyfren, cause number 1: when i said that, he took his guitar and hit me!! and i was owh-ingggg like shit.. then he went," sorry sorry sorryyyyyy...."

but i keppt going "owhhhhhhhhhh!!!" cause it was so freaking pain.. and then he said,"aiyoooo~~ stop being such a sissy larhhh..."

wthhhh... it was so pain kayh! yishhh...

number 2: he is only freaking 13 years old.

number 3: i know him before i was born..

number 4: its freaking impossible for HIM to be my boyfren.. cause our families are super closeee... like we travel around the world together and stufff....

and number 5: both our families.. are really crazzzyy.. ahahaha XDDDD.. seriously.. its like 2 of sandra's family... XDD

so, its a DEFINITELY a NO!!!

omggggg... i cant post the picturessssss.. of these days punya thingsssss.. i dunno why.. what wrong with the stupid blogger thingggyy!!!! arghh!!! and i realise i just freaking deleted the video of the freaking genius in piano boy playing piano... he seriously.. play like... an angell.. seriously.. you've GOTTA BELIEVE ME!!! i will try to get that freaking video back and post it.. and you guys judge it... its seriously..

no words can describe that little boy...

Friday, October 24, 2008

freaking sleepyy..

currently, i'm lying on my friend's freaking cosy bed on his freaking cosy room using his freaking chun-ted laptop.. and playing his freaking guitar at the same time..

damn nice.. i think... i'm gonna fall asleep any second now.. i'm so freaking tired!!! all my family members are like downstairs.. chit chatting.. and eating secret recipe cakes~~...

and my stupid fren just came in to the room and just scared the shit out of me.. thanks to him.. my sleepy mode ended.. yishhh.. no no.. it... c.. comiinngggg.. baccckk..

dey.. cannot tahan di.. seriously damn sleepy.. just had my dinner with my family frens and the super chun-ted biy who is super chun-ted in piano.. he just came back from UK... cause he got a scholarship... and he is freaking good in piano.. i have to admit.. he is hundred times better than renny, million times better than me.. he played the piano in my house.. and he play like.. chopin?? bach?? beethoven?? yeah.. and what?? he is only freaking 10 years old!!! you have to seriously believe me.. and his mom asked me what grade i'm in.. and i said.. grade 7.. and you know what's he reaction??

"wahhh!!! so goodd..."

all i could do was =.=.. he is like super good.. super super perfect in piano and he is "wah-ing" at my freaking grade 7.. he is probably grade 20.. if there's grade 20.. ... 

okay.. now we are going to go for an evening walk.. i mean.. night walkk... b.. but.. i'm so darn sleepyyy.. but still.. have to gooooo.. familiessssss outing.. kay.. byeee...~~ 

ta to the ta.. ta-ta~~

What a question mark I am..

right, just kena teased by puan jugdeep...

"aww.. so saddd.. sandra, even I HAVE facebook.."


can i ask you guys questions???

- what makes the world go round one way and not the other??
- why is grass green?? fine.. its cause of chlorophyll..
- why is the sky blue??
- why humans are not perfect??
- why does HE act like that..?

last question, is it possible to know everything there is to know in this world??

looking at him laugh was like looking at a well of happiness;
you fervently hoped it would never dry up..

a goodie bad day??

tell me, is it THE AIR, the 78% nitrogen, 0.97% inert gas, 0.03% carbon dioxide, 21% oxygen and the water vapur OR THE GRAVITY ON EARTH that makes everyone emo today.. well, i cant say 100% were emo today, but still, they are moody and.. dead..

today, this morning, as usual, went to school quite early.. i thought i got a chance to be the first to wish renny happy bdae.. but after seeing so many ppl were around him.. the chance flew up to heaven.. so i just said.. happy birthday renny!! then everyone's eyes started buldging out.. and said "RENNY, ITS YOUR BDAE ARHHH??" then only they started wishingg..

so, in conclusion, I'M STILL THE FIRST TO WISH HIM HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! yay!! *claps* anyway, still..


okay, then life still goes on.. in the morning, cik sri devi asked me to look for Haressa but she didnt come.. then i was with suzanne.. then keanloong ask me to ask the form2 guys band to perform on the form 5 thinggyyy.. so i asked melvin, the leaderrr~~?? ahahahXDD

so, yeah.. they are performingg!! how nicee.. i cant wait to see them perform.. =)

then, after recess i went to 2C and hang out.. they.are.really.crazy.. know them well and you wish you _ _ _ to know them "better".. IF YOU UNDERSTAND.. if you dont, nevermindd.. but seriously.. they are horrible terrible vegetable.. as in mentally.. ahahhaXDD..

then, i went down to skylite.. and saw siewjin jacoon-ing around.. trying to learn wat?? SILAT.. ah ah.. yea yea.. so pro.. =.=.. and then chengken and arjun were learning silat too and kicking each other's wrongg place.. hahaXD.. then chengken was teaching me the rubiks cube thingyy.. and its so damn freaking complicating.. then, halfway, he found out he lost his mom's car key.. wah.. we were running like shit to everywhere.. he was like keep swearing.. when keanloong know, also he sweared.. ahaha.. XDD.. but at last, i ask him to check in his mom's room.. =.=

hmm.. after school, dunno why.. everyone asked me to belanja them ice cream.. so, being so dumb, i just took out my money and everyone was buying ice-cream with my money.. firs, arjun, then, daniel (diane's brother).. dey! i dun even know him well.. then elaine chiong alsooo.. and i ended up bankrupt.. vyvyan was like looking at me like o.o.. wondering why i'm paying for them.. i also dunno why i'm paying.. maybe i'm just desperate to see someone to just..


walk around with vyvyan.. talk to her.. shut up, its P&C.. XD.. but, i'm still *sigh*.. nevermind... i tried my best to smile everytime.. yea, TRIED..

well, i put on quite a show,
really had them goinggg..

Thursday, October 23, 2008

longg onee..

omggg.. i'm freaking tiredddd... today, is seriously a very hectic day for me.. considered as the most hectic day since after PMR..

today, in school.. i seriously went hyperrr.. ahahaha.. but after recess, suddenly.. my mood went down like shit.. and became moody like shit.. and scold ppl for no reason like shit.. the victims are ppl like melvin, renny, fatin... ??

i just wandered around the school.. then i went with emily and vivian to send teacher's stuff.. but later on, they were running away from me.. and i just dont have the mood to go after them.. so i just walk around by myself.. cause.. zun zen got stock checking, renny and suzanne dunno go where.. kean loong and chengken got stuff to do.. i dunno wat.. dil, siewjin, gx, tharine, yuenping all got the form1 pendaftaran for 2009.. so left myself.. so i just walk and walk around the school then hang out with vyvyan for awhile.. talk with her.. then later, she saw encik abdullah, then she scared.. so she quickly run away.. then i just continue but instead of talking with vyvyan.. i ended up chatting with encik abdullah for so freaking longg.. ahahaha.. we talk like frens only.. but, my mood was still.. moody.. maybe.. its because.. of.. haizz.. dunno laa..

then, later, i went to 2C.. then cik lee was in their class... so i just went in.. but she ask me to go out.. but then.. i chat with her.. then, in the end,, i was in the class.. and then i kena scolding from melvin.. damn sad weyh.. he dunno i am sad, then he suddenly, play play scold me.. then i kena pulakk.. yish.. according to sandra emo syndrome, of course, i will fight for my dignity.. >.<>

then we had this mesyuarat agong koperasi.. darn boring.. i was reading "cry silent tears",.. and the book seriously made me cry silent tears.. damn saddd... seriously.. you guys should read it.. its damn nice.. then later, renny saw me reading.. and he was obssesed with it.. but i dun want to let him read.. cause me and zunzen is gonna plan getting him that book for his bdae.. but i didnt get to buy it yettt.. so sorryyyy..

i am seriously tired cause after school... CAUSE OF STUPID MELVINNN!!!!! i mean.. smart.. melvin!!.. arghhh!!! they all seriously made me run like SHIT.. i know shit dun run, but, still..

you see, i was in a very moody mood.. but i staybacked for a little while.. for fun.. but later on, there was nothing going on.. so i just walk around the school, then i saw niro playing the piano.. so i went to her.. then play play play.. cik lee called niro and asked whether she knew where melvin and jarrett and the gang was... so niro, being so freaking smart,... pointed at me.. yes yes, i knew where they were.. they were having lunch in condo..

so, cik lee asked me to go to condo and find them o.o.. fine, since i have time, not much, 8 minutes before my bro will come, so i ran all my way to the condo.. while catching my breathe, called melvin and told him that teacher was looking for him... then, i ran back to school.. so, since alex hasnt come, i waited and waited.. so i decided to tell teacher that i already told melvin.. i scared they wondered where i went.. so i went, and the teachers were like complaining where is melvin.. they have meeting and yada yada yada.. and THEN, puan rozita, said, "pergi panggil mereka sekali lagi!!"


then i was telling cik lee,"they are at condo worr.. go again arhhh??" then she said,"yes yes, thank you..." and push me to the door.. O.O... fine, i thought.. but i was seriously fed up.. and was angry why melvin they all still havent come back.. so i decided to shout to the condo from our school cause i was freaking fed up.. and its also a way to release my anger. shouting.

so, i shouted for them.. and then.. i ask them to be quick.. and then i ran in back and tell teacher that they are coming.. after a very longg time, i was wondering where the hell were they... so, i called my bro first, cause he was already 10 minutes late.. he told me got accident.. so about 15-20 mintes.. o.o... fine.. but then, melvin they all still hasnt come back.. wth.. then when i went out of the school.. i see them taking their own suh---weeetttt time chatting happily and walking back,... my mind was urging to go to them, strangle them to death and rip their heads of their neck... arghhh!!!.. i am so crazy run here run there.. the teachers keep asking me to call them, i called.. but they dun come.. SO ITS NOT MY FAULT LARHH!!! yishhh.. so freaking annoyed..

in the end, when they come to the bilik rehat guru, all the teachers need to go for meeting.. =.=.. wat the heck.. pei hei kek sei... and then, later on, only alex came.. and i reached home about 3pm.. my godd.. i was so tired.. after eating, bout 3.30.. i cannot tahan ady, i just fall onto my bed and pig-ed.. like about 4.00.. i was forcing myself up to wake up.. to bathe and go to tuition.. and then, had add-maths by mr roy.. until like 7.15pm..

add maths.. was okay.. i try to accept it as an "interesting" and "fun" subject.. =.=.. after mr roy, i reached home at 7.45pm... i quickly had my dinner, and went for chinese tuition at 8.00pm.. and then.. now only i get to communicate with my dearest blog...


oh, just now, was.. funny.. alex purposely put salt on his wound.. serious wan.. on his ulser.. wahliao... and i was just laughing all the way.. cause of his tears.. and and, he was disturbing me during chinese tuition.. so, i got mad and say ,"you better dun touch me anymore or i'll ask my wife to kill you!"

then he was like, "who's your wife??"

sandra: melviinnnnn~~
alex: hah! so funny.. he is scared of me larhh..
sandra: yeah, i know.. he is also scared of me..

-and we were laughing like shit-

b...but.. i dunno why larh.. i'm so moodless.. so pissed.. with i dunno what.. i get really annoyed really damn fast.. and if anyone.. i mean ANYONE.. messes with me right now.. RIGHT NOW.. at this second, i swear their soul will be sent to heaven...

i dunno why, alex say was asking me why i keep mixing with juniors these days, then i say.. for fun la.. they are good wert.. then he say, i shouldnt mix so much with juniors.. seniors must mix with seniors.. and mixing in juniors, your social life is like retarded.. all i could show him, was THIS FACE =.=... who cares?? as long they are good.. sometimes, i really do feel juniors are more understand-able than seniors..sometimes, juniors can cheer us up more.. and they CAN keep secrets.. i mean, they are good listeners.. i know, they just listen like a dumb person.. but at least, still la.. better than the seniors.. who are FULL TIME BUSY, WITH HECTIC LIVES, WHO DOESNT EVEN HAVE TIME TO COME TO SCHOOL, WITH LIFE-PARTNERS AND FRENS ARE NO LONGER IN THE PICTURE.. i dun mean anyone.. so, shut up..

anyway.. i also want to say.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHE GAIK XUANGGGGGGGGG A.K.A GX PIGGGGGG~~~ and you look f..f..fineee.. nott.. fatttt.. ahahahahXDDD

ta..ta.. peo..plee.. *sigh*

and oh, thanks jarrett.. for giving me warm hugg.. seriously.. i appreciate that.. i really needed that.. but, so sad that melvin was jealouss.. =( too badd...

anyway, who cares? he.. i mean SHE still loves me..

and everything ends with "so, i just keep queit.."

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

stupid guitar...

mammeeeee~~~ my fingertipss.. is so painnn!!! now.. i'm typingg.. its like so freaking numb.. thanks to the freaking guitar!!!! arghhhh!!!!

so damn difficult.. instead of learning guitar properly, i go pluck the bleeding love song on the guitar.. ahahahahahXDDD....

i ask my dad to teach me.. then he play play play.. then in the end, he syok sendiri and he didnt teach me.. enjoying himself onlyy =.=.. at least, he is much better than alex in guitar.. ahahahaha.. he teach me the chords.. but he change his fingers damn freaking fast.. HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO SEE?!?! yishhhhh!!!

wahliao.. my fingers still painn!!! jajajajajaja!!!! sobsssss...

i feel like banging it and throwing it.. but i will get killed by alex.. XDDD... neverminddd.. gambate!! i cant believe i cant handle this freaking guitar.. today, i also learn how to play the gu zheng.. and played the curse of the golden flower song.. nice weyh!! thanks to renny.. i learn it in 5 minutes only.. ahahhaahahXDDDD... i want to play the freaking guitar.. but its freaking difficult.. and its making my fingers freaking pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! arghhhh!!! so freaking frustrated.. yish..

and guess wat?? keanloong ask me to teach him guitar...



CRAZYY MANNN.. HE JUST SAID, "sand, teach me guitar. i gtg. dinner.bye."

o.o uhuh... =.=.. wat am i suppose to say... wthhh???

why everyone i talk to go dinner now??? wthhh.. finee.. i also "dinner..." yishhh..



ahahahhahahahah ahahhahahah.. i cant stop laughing like shit.. emily add me, vivian and keanloong in to the conversation.. and then ask us to all follow keanloong's chatname, font and everything exactly the same.. we were laughing like shit.. we dunno who is who..

K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
is emily there???
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
i hate emily la
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
i feel so lucky
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
emily sucks
K3@N LOONG says:
oh shit
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
emily r u bored?
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
emily stop copying my chatname!
K3@N LOONG says:
i dunno who is who...
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
u're so annoying
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
emily stop it ok
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
get lost
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
K3@N LOONG says:
wait wait
K3@N LOONG says:
i am losttt
K3@N LOONG says:
i am so blurr.
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
emily stop scolding urself
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
emily! i say stop it!
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG says:
damn funnyyy
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
gurls, go ktv on next week yea
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
cheng ken is going
K3@N LOONG says:
who is talkingg??
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
emily is a bitch
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
who else
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
vivian, i love u
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
emily is angel
K3@N LOONG says:
who say that??
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG says:
shitty asss!!!
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
vivian fong, be mine
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
emily dun act like lesbian
K3@N LOONG says:
emily, be mineee...
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
i still like u lar
K3@N LOONG says:
i loveee youuuuu!!!!
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
vivian i loveee u
K3@N LOONG says:
emily, i love you moreeee
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
vivian stop acting as me!
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
i know its not kl
K3@N LOONG says:
who is talkinggg??
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
cos im the real kean loong
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
im not even talkking
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
and i love u, vivian fong

*and then Keanloong change his font..*

K3@N LOONG says:
everyone change fontttt!!!!!
K3@N LOONG 龍1 says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
K3@N LOONG 龍1 says:
tats vivian
K3@N LOONG 龍 says:
K3@N LOONG says:
go and diee..
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG says:
go die
K3@N LOONG says:
who typed that??
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG says:
where's the real kean loongg??

*then keanloong change his chatname*

K3@N LOONG 龍1 says:
chg ur chatname
K3@N LOONG 龍1 says:
K3@N LOONG says:
yes yes
K3@N LOONG 龍1 says:
put the oneeee
K3@N LOONG 龍1 says:
K3@N LOONG says:
K3@N LOONG 龍1 says:
K3@N LOONG 龍1 says:
u ask me to change yea
K3@N LOONG 龍1 says:
dun regret
K3@N LOONG1 says:
K3@N LOONG 龍1 says:
: D
K3@N LOONG 龍 like emily says:

K3@N LOONG1 says:
K3@N LOONG1 says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 like emily says:
want me to change?
K3@N LOONG1 says:
K3@N LOONG1 says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 like emily says:
K3@N LOONG1 says:
LAUGHING LIKE SHItttttttttttttttttttttt
K3@N LOONG 龍 like emily says:
i like u
K3@N LOONG1 says:
oh oh, ti ta ooo..
K3@N LOONG1 says:
make her angry adyyy
K3@N LOONG 龍 like emily says:
i love vivian
K3@N LOONG1 like emily says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 like emily says:
K3@N LOONG1 like emily says:
change your chatnameee
K3@N LOONG 龍 like emily says:
K3@N LOONG 龍 like emily says:
sorry emily
K3@N LOONG 龍 like emily says:
i will change lar

ahahhahahha.. the first "keanloong like emily" is typed by the REAL keanloong.. next time.. you guys should try this.. its damn freaking fun.. =PPPPPPPPPPPPP

read it!

read these.. its darn funnehhhh!!!

> Kids Are Quick

> ____________________________________
>> TEACHER: Maria, go to the map and find North America ..
> MARIA: Here it is.>
TEACHER: Correct. Now class, who discovered America ?>
CLASS: Maria.

> ____________________________________
>> TEACHER: John, why are you doing your math multiplication on the floor?>
JOHN: You told me to do it without using tables.
> __________________________________________
> TEACHER: Glenn, how do you spell 'crocodile?'
> TEACHER: No, that's wrong
> GLENN: Maybe it is wrong, but you asked me how I spell it.
> ________________________________ ____________
> TEACHER: Donald, what is the chemical formula for water?
> TEACHER: What are you talking about?
> DONALD: Yesterday you said it's H to O.
> __________________________________
>> TEACHER: Winnie, name one important thing we have today that we didn't have ten years ago.
> __________________________________________>
TEACHER: Glen, why do you always get so dirty?
> GLEN: Well, I'm a lot closer to the ground than you are.
> _______________________________________
>> TEACHER: Millie, give me a sentence starting with 'I.'
> MILLIE: I is..> TEACHER: No, Millie..... Always say, 'I am.'
> MILLIE: All right..... 'I am the ninth letter of the alphabet.'
> ______________ ___________________>
TEACHER: George Washington not only chopped down his father's cherry tree, but also admitted it. Now, Louie, do you know why his father didn't punish him?
> LOUIS: Because George still had the axe in his hand.
> ______________________________________

>> TEACHER: Now, Simon, tell me frankly, do you say prayers before eating?
> SIMON: No sir, I don't have to, my Mom is a good cook.
> ______________________________
>> TEACHER: Clyde , your composition on 'My Dog' is exactly the same as your brother's. Did you copy his?
> CLYDE : No, sir. It's the same dog.
> ___________________________________>
TEACHER: Harold, what do you call a person who keeps on talking when people are no longer interested?
> HAROLD: A teacher
> __________________________________


my mom told me that her teacher told her not to believe a guy's story 100%.. just believe 50%.. however, i told her, that whatever i told her about him.. i assure her, that she can believe it 101%.. i told her, she would love him when she sees him.. and she was quite surprise.. yeah.. quite.. =)

i think, you guys must be wondering why the hell i tell my mom so much things.. i know questions like "you dun scared she scold you??" willl be presented.. but.. wait till you know my mom.. she is more like a... a... another.. sandra.. she can be very hyper at times too.. actually.. it runs in my whole family.. i think you would go mad if you meet my whole family and know us well.. sometimes, i'm so ashamed because we get too crazy sometimes XDDD

ohoh! and now, renny know's my stuff, and i know his ;) that's how husband and wife share stuff.. ahahahahXDDD

i'm glad i am in good thinggyyy with her ady.. i have been waiting.. thank god it was nothing.. maybe.. there WAS a reason.. but, who cares?? my world is has turn everything into things with =) smiles.. i have no more worries =)
why must he message me??
i rather he dont..
does he know everytime he messages me,
it gives me hope..
and then sometimes,
he doesnt reply..
and crushed my hopes like crushing a can.
and he will messages me again,
and it gives me hope again,
the same things happen..
to tell the truth,
i am sick of it,
so sick..

ways to lose weight..

today, is the first time i see a guy shed tears when he was telling me stuff... omggg.. i didnt know what to do.. i have TOTALLY NO EXPERIENCE in that.. he was also making me cry ady.. listening to his sad sad sad story... aihhhh~~~~

WOW>... i tell you today, i think i lost like a hundred kg?? cause i was running around the school like shit after school... first.. i went to see the ppl practice their performance.. then later.. keanloong ask me to call vyvyan.. then i see.. her class, nobody.. so i ran to jiajun's class to ask him.. then he also dunno.. then i ask where is melvin... he say bilik seni.. so i ran to bilik seni cause jarrett asked me to go there.. i thought he told me bilik muzik.. i went but i couldnt find them.. so i ran to bilik seni.. then, they weren't there.. so later on, i decided to go back to see the performance.. on the way.. someone told me, they all were in bilik rehat guru.. so i ran to bilik rehat guru.. but the teachers are practicing singing with them.. so i dun wan to kacau.. so i went back up...

it was 1.50pm.. then renny wanted to go back.. i was also suppose to go back.. but i thought i stay for about like 5 more minutes.. then, when it was 1.55pm, i make my way to the entrance... then suddenly, i remember the stuff for the foodsale, i left in bilik pameran... then i ran to bilik pameran.. its so darn freaking far.. ran up, and it was locked!!

i scared my mom will scold me for not bringing back the stuff so i quickly then i went down, to put my bag in the car, and tell my mom to wait for awhile... after putting my bag, i ran to the office to get the bilik pameran key, but the clerk say its with puan song or puan martini.. and the clerk dun let me go through the office to their room, so i ran out from the office and make my way to puan martini's room.. then i got the key, i ran up to bilik pameran.. its like the OTHER END!!!.. run run run.. at last.. i reach there, then i couldnt find the key.. i try and try and try.. and suddenly, the thing pop up in my head, the stories bout the bilik pameran.. the scarryy onesss... OMGGG.... there were like so many freaking sounds..

then when i got the lock open.. i looked around and saw the stuff was at the other end of the room.. near the scarrryyy door.. then i ran ran ran... take it, and quickly go... i was like runninggg like shit towards the door.. quickly lock it, and ran to my mom's car, and put it in first.. then i ask her to wait for awhile...

i ran back to puan martini's room and gave her the key.. dammit.. its like the other end... the when i reached there.. the room was FREAKING LOCKED.. and she wasnt there..!!! so i ran back to the office.. and went to her room going through the office and put the key on puan song's table.. then i have to run to THE OTHER END to go back =.=... i was DAMN FREAKING TIRED>... puiyi was like seeing me running in and out in and out.. ahahaha.. XDD..

i could barely catch my breathe when i got into the car.. i told my mom... then i was like telling her while catching my breathe.. then she was like "cool down first la..." then when i told her the whole story.. YOU KNOW WHAT SHE TOLD ME?!

"you could have collect it tomorrow... i dun need it.."

!@#$%^&*()!!!!!!!!!! wthhhhhhh....

then... later, i had lunch with her.. i talked bout renny to her.. told her he is my husband.. bla bla bla... then she say.. omggg.. the mother will cry having you this kind of daughter-in-law... i was like "WHAT?!"

she say, i am very rude, rough.. yada yada yada... i had so much lecture in the car.. and i was trying to convince her i am sweet, demure, polite... and good.. and nice.. and bla bla bla... all the good stuff... she was like "POLITE?!?!"

then she was like, "no wonder no guys like you..."

o.o i was like "no guys like me?? eh, excuse me, everyone loves me okayh!! i tell you arr.. all the guys arrr.. wah.. like me until like.. wah.. crazy adyyy..."

i can see her face.. was like.. =.=...

ahahahahahXDDDDDDDD damn funny like shit.. i got no boyfren, she bising say no guys like me, i got boyfren, she will scream at me.. nola.. she wont.. but still.. she will give me THE LOOK... the look that all mothers gave when they got to know you have a boyfren.. my mom arrr.. seriously.. i dunno wat to say ady.. speechless..

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


my mom said i am too rough.. and i was laughing like shit.. she said.. "why everytime someone trying to be niceee.. to be sweeettt to you... but you so rough to them.. no wonder no boys like you.."

o.o... NO BOYS LIKE ME?!

everyone loves me, kayh!!!

at least, vyvyan, jarrett, melvin, or even jiajun loves me... other than that, who caresssssss????

what larhh!! i cant believe she say like that.. and then horrr, my aunt say actually i am very polite.. much much polite than my mom last time!! ahahahhahaXDDDD.. that explains my rough-nesssssss.. ahahahhahahXDDDD... i am polite?? omggg.. imagine my mom last time..


wow!!!! ganas gile... ahahhahahahaXDDDD...

ahahahhaXDDD.. you know what?? my mom is forcing my dad to eat her cookiesss.. and the aroma of the chocolate chip cookies in my house.. is seriously MAKING ME SICK!!!!too much of the chocolate chip cookie smell ady.. i wanna vomittt... *blueeeekkkkk* ewhhhhh.. HELP!!!! i wanna get out of the house.. its freaking making me sick.... ugh!!! i have to like shut my room door closeee.. but still can smell.. helppppp!!!!!!

i hate it when she makes cookies.. she make the whole house smell cookie-ishhh.. jajaja~~ at first, you will think it smell nice.. heavenly.. bla bla.. but later on..after hours of making it.. hours, of that smell, i swear you rather jump down the building than smelling it... she made it since morning until now, non-stop kayh!!! imagine the freaking smell.. its...killinggg.. meeeee~~~


one word ;nice.

"i never need to see the sun again,
cause there's enough light in your eyes to light up the world"
"If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand."
"True Love burns the brightest, But the brightest flames leave the deepest scars"
"The greatest pain that comes from love, Is loving someone you can never have"
"And ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation "
"Calling it a simple schoolgirl crush
was like saying a Rolls Royce was a vehicle with four wheels,
something like a hay wagon.
She did not giggle wildly and blush when she saw him,
nor did she chalk his name on trees or write it on the walls of the Kissing Bridge.
She simply lived with his face in her heart all of the time,
a kind of sweet,
hurtful ache.
She would have died for him."
"He gathers me man.
The pieces that I am.
He gathers them and give them back to me
In all the right order."
"Work like you don't need the money.
Love like you've never been hurt.
Dance like nobody's watching.
Sing like nobody's listening.
Live like it's Heaven on Earth"
"Nobody, not even poets,
Has ever measured,
How much the heart can hold."
"He early on let her know who is the boss.
He looked her right in the eye
and clearly said, 'You're the boss' "

tell me.

everytime i see that person,
i just wonder,
wonder what happened..

what did i do??
what did i say??

i really don't know..
if you dun wan me to do what i am doing,
then tell me,
dun just walkaway like that,
dun be irresponsible..

how would I KNOW,
all of a suddden,
communication breakdown between us..

i really wonder..
how could this happen??
why this happened??


tears is still rolling down my cheeks,
still blur in this commotion,
still wondering,
what actually..



please dont do this to me,
it really.. hurts me..
dun be like that,
you promised me..

everytime i see your name or see you,
it just hurts me,
a lot..

and i remember,
you saying that,
when someone post about you,
you know that person is talking about you..

yeah, i am.
i am talking to you..

i just want to know why..
dun just give me a blank space and expect me to answer it myself,
i'm not capable enough..
i admit, i suck.


omgggg.. hahahahahhahaahh... look at my pm.. my uncle was asking who is melvin.. i'm like shit... then he said.. is he a gangster.. wth.. melvin?? gangster?? nahhh.. cannot relate.. melvin is my WIFE.. so if gangster also, i shall be the gangster... XDDDDD


stupid sheau hwa and siewjin didnt come.. yishhhhh.. ~~


NO!!!! i cant reply ppl in my chatbox.. dunno whyy.. yishhhh...

today, foodsale was.. FUN!!! and ewhhh... ahahahahahhaha... secrets must be kept, sometimes.. hahaha... but, i'm still gonna say ewhh... ahahahaha.. but tomorrow dun worry ppl.. every single thing is safe to eat cause my mom is gonna cook it..

so ALL OF YOU MUST BUY IT!!!! i dun care!!!!! >.<... but sure finish wan.. ahahahhaha XDDD you guys dare to say my mom's cooking not nice and see?! means your taste bud got problem.. ahahahahah... XDD

this morning, i went out of school to help vyvyan to take the food for the food sale.. then ariff saw me.. he asked where i'm going.. so i said i ponteng larhhh... then he really thought it was truee.. so he drag me back in.. then i said.. " I WANT LARHH!!!"

then he was like asking me not to pontengg bla bla bla.. tak sangka he believe.. then at last i say i was jokinggg.. then he was like o.o

anywayyy.. i am so GONNA SCREW NIROSHINI GWENDOLYN DE SILVA!!!! why the heck she didnt come?? and cause so much freaking havoc today.. stupid girll.. suddenly no transport.. what kind of bullshit is this?? this year,, she NEVER ponteng sekolah before.. and today.. she did.. so bullshitting larh weyh... make all the cutie loving juniors go kelam- kabut.. yishhhh..

i stayed back a little while today.. until 1.50.. supposingly, we finish at 1.10.. but i just wanted to hang out with the form2'sss.. there were having moral class.. but the teacher didnt teach.. so i main masuk to her class laa... so they were playing truth or dare... i terkena... and i said.. "truth.." you know what they ask me???

"are me and renny really together???"

=.=.. wth laaa.. i answered a really long one... but i still didnt answer my question.. in the end.. all the form 2's ask me to "stop stop stop... okokok... ok, stop..."

damn funny like shit.. jarrett kena, he had to kiss jasmine.. but ended up just have to hug.. so damn lucky... then vyvyan kena, she had to kiss jiajun.. but ended up didnt hug.. all of us like made a wall to block teacher.. so you know what happen larhhh.. ahahhahaXDDD

then, melvin kena.. he chose truth.. then they really kenakan him like shit.. they asked two question.. so the first one was...

"have you ever stroke your ***** in the living room??" (so damn disgusting kayh!!!!)

then he was like "too much ady.. not gonna answer...."

second question was "do you really love sandra.. as in LOVE LOVE.. not like, its LOVE..."
duhh.. like i thought... he mmg loves me.. he was saved by the first question.. but niren they all were like.. you didnt want to answer the first question means its yes larhhhh!!!!

you know what... this time.. i really regret staying back and hang out with them.. cause i get to know.. unwanted truth.. so disgustingggg... i really anti all the 2c guys except jarrett and jiajun.. cause they are the only ones who master*ahem*.... so damn disgusting mannnn... i was like puking non-stop... seriously disgusted like shit.. ugh!!!!

i still cant stop ewhhhhhhhhh-inggg.... all of them were laughing at me.. cause its the first time they see someone giving such a big reaction... i was living in hysteria... so damn disgusting..

what is wrong with the society???!!!! no.. the 2c guys society.... so damn freaking disgusting...

eh... i wanna ask the goverment ppl to catch my mom.. she is mendera-ing me.. she dun let me sleeeppp.. she force me to help her with the food for the foodsaleeeee.. no.... she langgar under the akta kebebasan untuk memberi anak tidur... yishh,.. you all come my house and help larh! i wanna sleeeppp...

Monday, October 20, 2008


To the KISS rockband lover:

i present you the memories......

"This is how you play G chord.."

"then, E minor.."

"play properly, play each string clearly"

"press the string harder"

"place your fingers like spiders"

you thought me how to play the guitar.. how does chord works.. it was really fun.. i really had A LOT of fun.. but, too bad, unfortunately, i suck at it.. no can do.. thanks anyway..

for the memories.. the sweet memories that you gave me.. will remain..

as for the bad ones, i doubt it can fade away.. ..

i hope it can.. you were really a great friend.. were.. yeah, were.. i hope.. its "are"... i hope.. i wish its not past tense.. i want it to be present and future tense.. ;/

"apology accepted or not accepted.."
"yes or no... "

i hope it will be accepted.. i hope its a yes.. i dun wan to be enemies with you.. i reallyyy loveee~~ youuu being there..

but, i'm not sure.. depends, on my mood tomorrow.. hope, that i will..
i will hope i can forgive you too..

talk to me tomorrow..
apologise, face to face..
promise, you wont do that again..
say sorry, sincerely..

maybe, i will reconsider to accept your apology... MAYBE onlyy... dun be happy so fast..


thanks to you, i gastric like shit.
i didnt eat properly for, 24-3... 21 hours...

because of you, now, i am suffering like shit..

thanks,... really thanks.. you are the one.. seriously the one... the one, who i seriously..


owhh.. my stomach.. the gastric juice.. sobssss...

great job..

why the heck is he messaging me all of a sudden??
why must he??
i thought he is done with it...
and all of a sudden,
everything come up again..
everything is brought back to life..
too bad..
i'm done with guys.
they suck.
i meant,
the chosen ones..
the two guys who really suck
really suck...
suck like shit...
cause they dont know how much they are hurting someone..
then, on the next day, like nothing happened...
go and die mann..
well, i thought he was like that..
i didnt know, that..
HE was also like that..
you know wat??
you actually really made my day..
but unfortunately..
i didnt know you would think that i am like that..
its really freaking dissapointed..
i really meant it..
all i can say is,
great job larh you guys..
if your mission was to make me heart broken..
i can tell you,
its really very successful..
thanks so much..
u did it..
btw, thanks for getting me into the deepest shit i have ever gotten into..
oh oh,
btw also, get a damn freaking life!


i didnt know so many ppl still love me.. XD

today, i was near the music room the whole day after school, listening to jarrett they all practice.. then later on, i just hang around there and decided not to go to the farewell party cause the person i dont want to see was there.. so after, hanging out with they all, suddenly, Keanloong burst into the music room and called me out.. i thought wat happen.. then he said my bro is here and everyone is finding for me and evrything.. all i could thought was, "so??"

LATER DID I KNOW THAT, i stood like a statue when i heard my name announced through the PA system.. all i could think was.. 3 words...

Then i found out that the whole universe was looking for me.. and then Niro saw me.. she was hugging me like.. nobody's business.. and i was still blur, as usual.. no, not usual..

then everyone was like " where the hell you went?!"

to be continued...

well, anyway, special thanks to ppl like SHEAU HWA(she bising like shit), zun zen, Low, Niro, Keanloong, Kienyooong, adeline and arigg..

really sorry..
sorry for making you guys worry like SHIT!..

on the other hand, you guys also got your revenge laaa.. because i got scolded like shit from my brother.. yishhh.. fine fine.. sorry, pplllllll~~~~~~

oh, before that, alex went to the music room, i told Melvin that he was my brother, but he didnt believe. too bad.. in the car, i asked alex how he know melvin and it turns out to be Melvin's brother is my brother best buddy,... and melvins' ELDER brother, is my elder's brother junior.. and some kind of commotion with the yada yada yada... so practically.. my family, know melvin's family.. like.. so much.. it really shocked me..

yeah, so practically, that's all..

but something , some words.. made me think.. i didnt think he would say that.. ouch!... fine, i thought.. it really got me into deep thoughts though.. until when alex ask me to buy him mc donalds, i can pay the cashier, and walkaway WITHOUT the food...

then suddenly, as i was walking towards the car, then suddenly, i thought about the food.. "where is it??" when i turned back, i saw the cashier looking at me.. like i'm somekind of freak.. so i quickly take the food, apologised and say that i'm a lil' crazy, and quickly go...

yeah.. that's it..

anyway.. just wanted to say sorry to you guys, you know, the first thought that came through my mind when i know every single human being in school was looking for me.. i thought.. i just thought..

"oh, someone still loves me.. there IS people who really care bout me..."

that's good, right??


Sunday, October 19, 2008


omggg.. you guys should freaking watch a show call save it for the last dance 2 -stepping up.. i THINK that's the title.. i dunno... its freaking longg.. so i didnt bother to memorise it.. its about dancing.. my goddd.. so freaking damn nice.. its on HBO.. seriously.. you have to watch it.. its a bit like step up2.. but this is really more to ballet.. its so freaking nice.. and its freaking suitable for ppl like emily.. seriously.. hahaXDDD

anyway, i just blogg.. cause i'm just wondering.. where the hell are you guyssss... =PPP hahaXDD.. rightt...

ps: i loveeee my husbanddd.. he rocks.. you know why??? cause the wife rocks.. =PPP

hmm.. seriously need someone to talk to.. i'm seriously.. neverminddd.. i just.. need.. someone.. not you, or you.. or you... but.. someone.. *sigh*

i dunno what's wrong with me.. i.. i..just.. nevermindd..

fine, just shut up.

dont you dare to accuse the shit out of me. i'm not what you think i am.
i dont know whether you know me,
you should.
but i guesss, you didnt.
i really dont believe you say such things.
really didnt..
too bad..
its true..
i'm so.. dissapointed in you..

my husbandddd~~

hey, check this outt~~~ if you wanna read, read it, cause it would seriously either make you go "wth..." or laugh like there's no tomorrow.. the conver between me and my husband.. wahliao.. seriouslyy.. crazzyyy like SHIT>....

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
u like zunzen arhh??
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i wont slap you wann
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
u already got so many wife..s
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
so another one, wouldnt hurt my heart..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
truthfully, honestly...
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
dun lie to ur wife anymore..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
very heart breaking wan, you know..
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
huh ?
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
suddently u say i like zunzen
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
why ar ?
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
tell me ?
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
dunno worr..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
cause me and keanloong kept thinking
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
when we duty just nw..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
u still havent answer me..
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
woi arr..
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
do u think i like her ?
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
say properly laa..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
not sure..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i know you very setia to me..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
but keanloong say until..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
very heartbreaking..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
what did he tell u leh ?
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
why you want to know??
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
he keep saying that you like zunzen..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
bla bla bla looooorrrr..
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
cause u say very heartbreaking mar ?
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
... say la
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
he keep saying my husband like another girl, of course heartbreaking larhhh

I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
u ask *name protected* lah
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
tell me honestly..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i know he like her larhhh
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i asking you NOW..
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
gud la
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
if he like her ...
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
that means i du like her
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
WAH>>>>> so good to frensss..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i know you love me alottt~~
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
dun blushhhh...

I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
i like other girl la
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
you like me onlyyy..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i know larhh
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
they are my enemiess..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
you like who??
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
still got
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
you seriously like her arhh??
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
actually natalie is not lah
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
as in seriously.
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
i like other girl
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
tell me..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i wont get jealous wannn
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i swearrrr...
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:

I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
i am chatting with the girl now a
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
oni the chosen wan will know
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i know
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i can FEEEEELLLL the love....
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
u can feel it ?
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
that's gud
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
what are you doinggg?
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
chatting la
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
the lover
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
yea yea...
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i can feel the loveeeeee~~~
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
the love is very strong
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
sorry ar
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
yes yes..
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
fei cho u a while
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i can feeeeell ittt..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
your bdae is coming rightt??
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
better becarefulll
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i may kiss you..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
you know larhh
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
my husband bdae maaa..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
so must surprise you a bit..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
warning -dun come to school
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:

..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
sei yan tou..
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
hahahahahaha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
reply me..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
stop talking to the other stupid girl
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
my gf leh
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
i oso need to care wan ma
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i got other boyfren, then you get other gf laaaa
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
ohhhh... i seeeee...
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
stupid playboy...
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i am different...
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i am true loveee..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i love my husband MOST>.
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
the others.. a little little bit oni..
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i dun wanna talk to u ady..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
so damn freaking heartbreakingggg...
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
ai yerrrr
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
dun jealous la
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
somemore.. you everyday so close to puiyi.
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
then now.. zunzen..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
and the stupid keanloong keep on put fire...
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
ai ya
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
of course i jealous larr!!
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
i tell him la
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
slap him..
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
seee?! i know my husband love me mostttt...
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
slap him lah
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
dun blush arrr
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
what yerrr??
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
u can't see oso la
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
if i blush
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
its normal for a wife to kiss the husband
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
can see..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
watever i say..
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
i know... what i say, that can make you blush
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
u make me burst into laughter
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
yeah yeah
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
its fun to make my husband happyyy
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
my hubby happy, i also happppeehhh
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
blush again..
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says:
I got 2 A's for PMR already < v="dqvWBbKMh9g"> says:
my face blush from pink to black ady la
..:: <<{~S@NDR@~}>> ::..--> no wonder la... *sigh*... says: