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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Congrats, brotha! =D

me did addmaths for six periods today >.<>

since early in the morning, we had our super bored EST, i was doing addmaths after finishing the work teacher gave during EST.. then, during erm.. maths.. our teacher didnt come.. another teacher came in, and we thanked God.. but not long after, we no longer did thank God.. cause that teacher gave us work.. but a bit only la.. then, after doing it, i continue doing my addmaths.. then.. went for recess.. came back.. and there wasnt chemistry.. we went to the library.. and i did my addmaths.. then we had physics.. teacher was not here too.. so, we went to the bilik serbaguna.. and i continue doing my addmaths.. the last two periods of bio, i spent 1 and the half period finishing my addmaths..

so yeah..


today was like, kinda sucky.. i woke up so early.. not to say VERY early.. but early enough to reach school wayyy before roll call.. hahaXD

okayyy.. actually i didnt wanna do this.. BUT, because of SUM PUI YI the GREATTTTTT... i came to school early with my eyes half open.. and i was like sleep walking to bilik serba for roll call.. T.T all thanks to puiyi T.T

during assembly.. that weigin kacau saje.. bising like dunno wat.. and during duty, i was scolding our Y.A.B Vice Captain, Teh Kean Loong.. for disturbing me for duty.. cause i wanna like balas dendam.. cause yesterday during tuition, SUDDENLY, he was like, "SANDRA ARHHHHHH... why you like that wannnn.. start studying larrr.. u KNOW EXAM IS COMINGGGGG??? blablabla.." mygosh! he is like the second alex.. blardy hell him.. spoilt my mood mannn... sheeesh! then i scolded him back today ;)

so yeah.. the special things that happened today was.. vivian, emily, ade, and I went crazy.. hahahhaXD we were doing some super lame stuff.. perhaps our brains went cookoooo after doing so much of add maths.. during bio.. i will NEVER EVER FORGET.. we were learning nutrition.. anddddd teacher was saying who is underweight and stuff.. i was doing my addmaths quietly whennnnnn that stupid fun kit yung A.K.A bao yu zai... was like saying, "arrr.. Sandra overweightt.." I was like O.o...

I wanted to kill him.. but i didnt.. cause i wanted to finish my addmaths.. AFTER bio, i went and hunt him down.. then u know larrrr.. i thought he insaf ady.. then, when alex came and fetch me.. when i was in the car, alex was calling siewjin.. then, bao yu zai was with her ma.. then he shouted again.. "OVERWEIGHTTTT!!!"

WALIAOOOO... i want to pull the car break.. get down and slice him into two million and fifty five pieces man!

u WILL GET IT FROM ME MANNNNN.... u are SO GONNA die.. grrrrr...


am proud of my brother who graduated his masters at the age of 23 =)

Congrats, brotha! =D

ps: my dad says he look like superman with the robe.. HAHAHA! =D

pps: SHEAU HWA!!!!!!!! my st john stuff arhhhh!!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Two Days of Epicness

Oh, babeh! i feel sooo damm goood.. am so in da moood~ =D
*snores like a piggggg*
i am so sleepyyy.. but but but.. erm.. little updates..

- kena frm chengken.. made me a fool during assembly. Made me laugh like shit during the bacaan ikrar.. damn him larrr.. dutying then kacau here and there
- addmaths.. damn funny.. hahahaXD
- I was dying because of the stupid bloody cake.
- Run like dunno how far with high heels. Feet damn pain like shit.
- was Melvin's birthday =D
- was frustrated cause couldnt get a good afternoon nap. 6 phone calls, between intervals of less than half an hour. From, alex, niren, my piano teacher, stranger, melvin.. and the last phone call, was from my dad. He called the house phone. Ran down to the kitchen to get the phone, but got no battery, ran down to the living room without my specs.. and bang here and there before getting the phone.

- woke up at 6.35am.. the first thing i thought in my mind was.. "OH SHIT! F mannnn"..

the second thing was, "oh shit.. puiyi sure kenakan me ady..
"FIVE days of school, u come late for FOUR daysss.. only the FIRST day u wud be early.."

cause that's what she always say.. HAHAHAHAHXD and its true! hahahahaXD
- walking pass people to school, who shouts, "you're LATE, SANDRAAAAA!!!!" and u wud be most likely to reply like, "I KNOWWWWW THATTTTT... u dun have to REMINDDD MEEEEE..."
- sulk over the cake thingy
- damn moody during duty
-hardly talk to whole day
-damn tired.. whole day was like going zzz.. with my eyes open..
-slept while watching pride and prejudice halfway during moral class in the AV room..
- sleep while walking back to class
- sleep while sitting down outside the toilet, waiting for siewjin and Low..
- was like a zombie during sejarah.. every 5 minutes, i will tilt my head and lay my head on siewjin's shoulders.. and she wud be like =.=
- fuss over the cake again..
- run my shitt off to condo, jarrett's house to get the cake, and ran back to the primary school to give it to Niro.. tired like shit.. dad came late.. and erm.. was sleeping a bit during tuition.. while waiting for slow chengnam and chunxian to copy frm the board.. and keanloong joined me.. and we both ended up looking really dead

- after tuition, went to join alex, emerene, eunice and ken, AND EBBEEE to have dinner at Kaki Corner.. damn syok weyhh.. everyone helping me to shoot alex.. hahahahaXD love emerene sooo much! =D i was like, rolling my eyes at alex.. then he started going,"YOU dun too much arh, fatty! what you want?" then his friends started scolding him.. like, "she's just quietly watching tv! why u scolding her for?!" and then all of them started scolding him.. and i gave him and innocent face in front of them.. and he wud be like, "U WATCH OUTTTT.. i'm gonna drive u to the middle of the highway.. and throw u in the middle of the road.."

hahahahahaXD chaoz ppl! =D

Monday, September 28, 2009

Eight ;)

and I mean it ;)

and still counting..

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Hilton ;)

okayy.. last night.. i went for a wedding dinner.. my dad's friend's son's wedding.. yeah.. supposingly, my parents are the ones who shud go.. but since my mom isnt here.. so, alex took over her place.. that means, i will be left alone.. cause if i am left alone.. what the heck am i gonna eat for dinner??? =.= To avoid that to happen, i tagged along.. =D

at like 5pm, i went to the hairdresser.. there were so many ppl.. and then, coincidencely, i sat beside this guy.. and i was like saying in my heart.. "blardy hell.. so hardworking.." cause he was doing his physics.. =.= at the salloonnnn.. a bit too much righttt?? =.=

so, yeah.. then, i saw him holding an exercise book.. i dunno how.. but SOMEHOW he look like he's from mbs.. he's haircut is like jiawei's.. hahahaXD i was trying to find out which school is he from.. and he's physics worksheet.. covered half of the exercise book front page.. and all i saw was... "Sekolah Kebangsaan.. .. . ." and i thought.. MBS start with "sekolah kebangsaan mehh? i dun think soo . .. . ."

then, when he moved the paper a bit.. and there i saw.. the LARGE LAGE BADGE stated MBSSSSSSSS~ and i was like =.= okayyyy... then i saw his class name.. 4Clancy.. Oh god.. okay.. . . Derek's and Tzekeat's class.. and I see his name.. *gasps* Joshua yon.. hahaXD Jeremy's brother.. why am i not surprised.. .. they live around my area =.=

so, yeah.. i waited half an hour at the hair dresser's for nothing =.= and by the time they did some treatment for my hairrr.. i was WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYy lateeeee.. so i got scolded from my dad =.= not really scold la.. like, "HAIYA! we're LATE!" and i will go, "chill laaa~" hahaXD

after dressing up and having a war with my contact lens.. we finally got ready for the dinner.. my dad was like, "whoahhhh.. no wonder mummy say u wanna go laaa.. got new dress to wear.." i was like, "ofc! I bought it from australia okayyyy... 600 bucks =DD" i think he was crying blood ady.. cause its so expensive.. hahahhaXD

random pic~
i think i accidentally took this.. u know.. i was damn pissed off with the lady who sat beside me.. and the lady who sat beside the lady who sat beside me.
BECAUSEEEEEEEEEEE.... i think they didnt know, you're suppose to take the knife.. which is like put at ur right hand side.. so, the lady who sat beside the lady who sat beside me.. took the knife from her left hand side.. and made the lady who sat beside me took the knife from the left hand side.. and made ME, have no KNIFE! grr... =.= and all my brother said was, "big deal? =.="
tee hee~

chocolate hearts =D i think i'm bringing some for puiyi =D to show my love...

me: alex.. did they like paint the chocolate gold in colour?
alex: yeah.. sure thing!
me: =.=
alex: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
alex: yarrrr.. edible paint.. .
me: =.=
alex: whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?
me: really?
alex: yarr =.=

the ballroom~
dad: u take picture of ur shoes for wad? very expensive wan arh?
me: =.= i like larh!

grand ballrooomm~~~
dad: why you take picture of the candle for??
me: u wont understand wan larh!
dad: why you take picture of the wine glass for?
me: *smacks forehead* you wont understand wan larhhh..
dad: oooh.. why i dont understanddd???
me: *walks away*
nice view =D

my cool dad.. hahaXD
Last picture of the day =D

Laughter (or not) of the day:-
me: alex! can you like be more MATURE?! you're SO IMMATURE! and you're SO ANNOYING.. mummy said you're like a big baby.. like an overgrown kid..
alex: =.= yeah.. and you're like a undersize elephant.. HAHAHAHAHHAHAH!
me: =.=" damn you.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

One ;)

A thousand more to go =)


I find this tag really funny.. i read my past post.. and i found this tag.. and i did it on 23rd of December 2009.. just look at it.. it's KINDA funny.. i mean, to ppl who knows what i went through inside out la..

Tagged #1
Fill in the blanks.
I'm a [ girl, a hot one ]
Because [ I was destined to like guys ]
I should [ be more feminine ]
Thank You [ whoever who created this shit ] , for your advice.

Got tagged by Louisa

Rules & Regulations:
-do not copy answers
-the tag questions must be 100% the same
-tag people after doing tag-no tagging back

I tag :-
1. Xiau wei
2. Hao cherng
3. Zhengkang
4. Weixing
5. Keanloong
6. Emily
7. puiyi
8. Junbin
9. yizen

1.How do you know 1?
xiau wei- in school, but know her more in ICC.. and loved her AFTER ICC..

2.What would you do if you never met 2?
hao cherng- I will never laugh my shit of for hours! and i would never meet my crazy hot RHECCI chairman partner.

3.What would you do if 3 and 4 dated you?
zhengkang and weixing- TRIPLE G!!! Gosh! God! Gasps! i regret putting their names there.. well, if number 3, zhengkang dated with me, it would be impossible.. and if number 4, weixing dated with me, it would be MORE impossible.. i already got his lameness.. its ENOUGH for me.

4.Would 5 and 6 make a good couple?
emily and keanloong- Definitely a good one.. but pls dun kill me, emily.. i still love you..

5.Do you think 7 is attractive?
puiyi? DEFINITELY!!!! darn hot like SHITTT!!!

6.Do you know anything about 8's family?
junbin?? nah.. does chin chooi counted as his family?? hahaXD well, i know they are in beijing now! hahaXD

7.Tell me something about 9.
yizen- he NEVER stops talking about shook cheeng.. and NEVER stops whining and talking crap to me.. ugh...

8.what language does 2 speak?
Hao Cherng- DEFINITELY MALAY!!! hahaXDD bahasa istana somemore!!!

9.Who is 3 goin out with?
zhengkang- I.. dont know.. I... dont really want to know..

10.How old is number 4?
weixing- 16 going 17??

11. 5?
keanloong- 15 going 16 in 16 more days..

12.Who is 6 favourite singer?
emily- me.. duh!!! hahaXD

puiyi- ME ALSO!!! hahaXD i dun remember hearing them talking about SONGS.. hahaXD

14.Is 8 single?

junbin- DEFINITELY NO!!!

15.What is 9 last name?
yizen- gosh.. what ady arh?? ah!! LIM!!! LIM YI ZEN! hahaXD

16.Would you consider being in a relationship with 1?
xiau wei- yeap! definitely!!!! XDDD

17.Which school does 2 go to?
weixing- MBS~~~

18.What do you like about 3?
zhengkang- gosh! why must they ask this type of question?? i am starting to hate tags.. erm.. he's cute when he's gay. fullstop.

It's 2 in the morning,
and I'm reading my past,
and all I could do is smile,
for what I've been through all these while.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Minus the parttttttt whereeee,


i am so happeeehhh~ during the hols, zkang ajak me go watch movie.. so, i pandai- pandai ajak siewjin, ade, low, sheau hwa and val.. wakaka! then he know he will sure get abandoned ady.. so, he ajak keanloong with him.. hahaXD

so, this was what happened.. siewjin was in my house, kl and zkang was suppose to come to my house.. then sheau hwa's dad will fetch us from my house.. siewjin and I played chor dai di with alex and chatted till morning.. we slept bout like 2 something.. we were like saying, what if suddenly we overslept.. then kl and zk come to my house.. and see us snoring like pigs.. and we went, "OH SHIT!!! worst case scenario! we better sleep.. " so, we slept.. then.. somehow, at 7.30am, we woke up.. all of a sudden.. siewjin was like,"why you never use the blankettttt?? SO COLDDD!" i was like =.= so hot.. then, we continue chatting.. then we ter-sleep again.. siewjin asked what time will we go for breakfast with my dad.. then i say he'll call wan laa.. then, the worst case scenario wont happen..

then she was like.. ya horr.. okok.. so, we slept.. suddenly, after like more than an hour, zkang sms-ed me.. we had like 20 mins.. i was like, "OH SHIT! SIEWJINNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!" and sleepily, she answered, "yeeeaahhh?"


straight away she jumped out from the bed and said, "WHAAAAT?!?!!?!?! why u never tell me earlier?!" i was like, i just knew =.=

haha.. so, we quickly wash up and change.. and all the hassle we went through.. then, halfway combing our hair.. i heard a car sound.. i looked out the window and saw kl and zkang.. i was like.. damn shitty weyhhhhhhhhhhh...

then, i asked my maid to open the door.. she was SUPER SLOW till zkang was calling my phone.. luckily it was on vibrate mode.. since my maid was opening the door, i figured i dont need to pick up his phone.. no need to waste his credit ma.. then i think he thought i didnt answer the phone.. i told siewjin.. we better not answer phone calls.. see if they dare to come up to my room or not.. takkan they will so tebal muka and come into my room saje saje.. then siewjin's phone suddenly went, "JAIIII HOOOOO~~~~~ you are the reason that I breatheeeee~~"

her ring tone was SO BLOODY LOUD.. our mouths were hang wide open.. she tried to grab her phone from my table but it slipped.. and it flew off from the handphone cloth thingy.. and it flew and landed onto the floor.. our mouths hung TWICE WIDER.. and it was still, JAI HO-ingg~~

then i quickly grab her phone.. and put under my blanket.. but still can here the JAI HOO~~~~~ so, i covered it with my hand.. finally, the ringtone went off.. fuyh~ then siewjin asked,"shud we go down?" i was like.. er. .. .dun wan first laa.. so akward.. then we were laughing at something.. i forgot wad..

and all of a sudden, we heard zkang's voice, "wad so funnyyyyy??? open the door laa.. " and i was trying to pretend.. so i said.. "dadd.. i TOLD you i dont want to have breakfastttt~~" and he was like, "who are you talking to?" HAHAHAHHAHAHA!

then, finally, i opened the door.. then zkang said.. keanloong is not here.. i was like =.= dun lie.. then siewjin said, "harh? then how u come?" and he said he walked here.. mygod.. =.= so obvious he was lying.. if he is telling the truth, then who the heck was the one standing beside him outside my gate when i was seeing through the window? =.=

siewjin and i went to the kitchen and find some food.. but there wasnt any food.. haha.. we left keanloong and zkang in my room.. and both of them were sleeping soundly.. cause they were sick.. hahaXD they were like, ur bed so nice to sleep.. =.= siewjin and i rolled our eyes and went down to watch tv..

then, at like 10 something, sheau hwa's dad fetched us.. so, we just went to midvalley and i was telling siewjin how i taught tien soong and bao yu zai shop the last time i went out with them.. i brought them to zara and MNG to shop.. hahahaha.. funny ppl.. they were like, "YOU LOOK AT THE PRICE!!!" then i said.. this is called QUALITY okayh! cheap things has not quality..

siewjin was like, "o.o ARE YOU SERIOUSSSSS???" hahahaXD later on, we walked to The Gardens *kl, THIS is the real GARDENS.. -inside joke-* we went there cause sh wanted to get some stationery.. then, we went around to shop for zkang's mom's present.. cause her bdae is near.. i was also trying to shop for melvin's present.. cause his bdae is the same as zkang's mom's bdae.. haha

we went around, but we had NO IDEA wad to buy for zkang's mom.. zkang asked me, and i asked everyone to think.. hahaXD.. finally, we went to isetan and bought her a shirt.. a really nice shirt.. which cost RM109.. and went and wrap it.. after that, we went to watch G-force.. alex was at mid valley already.. in the middle of the movie, alex sms-ed me and told me he was going to watch a movie to.. and asked me to wait.. i was asking him if he can fetch one of my fren to the bus stop at old town.. and he replied, "fat people."

which in alex's language, it means YES.. hahahahahahahXD

okay.. after the movie.. all of us split up.. kl and zk went home.. sh, ade and val went to the gardens again.. sj and i met up with pei jin, siewjin's sister.. and teman her to shop for her cheer stuff.. went to buy cloth for her cheer flags.. and those boards..

then, met up with alex.. and he fetched sj and I to buy KFC for dinner and we went home =D

conclusion: It was a damn nice outing =D minus the part where, everyone keeps saying that i bully zkang which was SO NOT TRUE and MINUS THE PART where he AGREE WITH THEM... and minus the part where he was cheering when he almost killed me by pulling me down from the escalator.. and minus the part where he said, "i foresee my future.." and pointed at the shop name which was "BITTERSWEET".. =.=

haha.. anyway, yeah..i enjoyed =D oh! and ppl! scroll down for the choir comp post..i just update the pictures.. just keep scrolling down =D

Thursday, September 24, 2009

CCN The Great

MISS *sensored* FROM 4 *sensored*
are falling in L.O.V.E with each other =D

chengnam, it's PAYBACK TIME.. u advertised my name WITH UR PARTNER, KRISHKUMAR.. now, its MY TURN =D

to advertise YOUR name in SBU with my partner, TEH KEAN LOONG... wakakak!

ps: vivian, this was what kl was telling u about ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chef of the day =D

me is updating bloggie. Me actually updated longg time ago but its still in the draft ;)

GREETINGS! humans of the earth! =DDDDD

today... i cooked for my family! hehe! i hope they wont die of food poisoning.. wakkaka...i told my aunt when she called.. she was like, "WHOAAAAAA... dai xiu jie chuu fan arhh??" hahaha.. at first first first.. i didnt plan to cook anything.. then i suddenly got the urge to do it.. then then then.. i ask my maid.. got wad to cook.. then she say wad also dun haveeee.. then i check the fridge lorh.. then she say... got some meat.. wanna make spaghetti or nott...

then i look at her.. stared at her... after a minute.. "saya tak tau masak larrhh.." then she was laughing her ass off at me.. i was like dot dot dot.... then thent then, i called my dadd.. and he brought me to the supermarket to get some stuff to cookieeee~

so, i bought chickennnn.. and and.. potato.. and i was so disgusted with the.. nehhh.. u know.. when u buy the chicken, got the water drip drip drip wan... EWHHHHHH!!!!!! and then the ppl help u weigh the thing.. their hands all got the chicken water drip drip drip.. DOUBLE EWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

then, i want to cook rendang chicken ma.. so i want to buy serai lorh.. then i look around.. there's this vegetable looks like serai.. but it writes there KANGKUNG WORRRRR... then i dunno how lorhhh.. so i went to another side and find.. then actually THAT is serai worh!!!! whoah.. damn cheap lorh.. 29 cents only.. COOL mannnn!!!!

then.. i went to get some snacksss... as in, something like potato chips but green pea wan.. then i told my dad..

me: dad! today.. we eat green pea snack fried with eggie okayyyyy??
dad: mm..
me: OKAY?!
dad: mm... u anything also didnt learn frm ur mom.. . . aih..
me: wad larh.. u think she cook that well mehh...
dad: *smiles*
me: DAD ARHHH!!!! u bring me out.. see now?! 7pm ady??? what time u wanna eat dinner?! 9pm issit?!
dad: yalo.. THAT u learn from ur mom.. ur mom everytime also cook so late wan laaa...
me: AHAHHAHAHAHAH!!! ya horrr... . . .

reached home and started cooking.. the siewjin the fattie camee and started helping me =D then my maid, siewjin and i berganding bahu untuk menjayakan makan malam tersebut.. akan tetapi.. i THINK the food came out like.. er .. . . dunno how to say.. but still nice larh! =DDD

when the dishes were ready.. i shouted from upstairs..

"alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx~~~ lexxieeeeeeee~~~ time for DINNNNNNERRRRR~ *with the puan angela tone* we have rendang chicken todayyyy.. *then he made the EWH face* and we have egg with chicken... *then he made the double ewh faceeee* and he said.. i am SO NOT GONNA EAT DINNER TONIGHT.. die also wont eat.."

alex didnt wanna eat at all.. once he took the first bite... he went, "DADDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT DID YOUR DAUGHTER COOOOOKKKKK?!?!?!"

then as usual, my dad wud support me and say.. just eat laaa.. this and that... ahhahaha...

then just now, i was playing chor dai di with siewjin and alex is the most stupid and fun thing to do at night.. siewjin came to sleepover and and.. she crashed into alex's room.. and i followed.. and and.. actually, this is because alex crashed into MY room when siewjin and I were talking.. so yeah.. we were talking about the Head Prefect life.. i was like immitating siewjin,

"okayyy... good morning prefects... blablbla*

then alex start to make fun of it.. and siewjin wud laugh non stop.. and alex and i wud go dot dot dot.. =.=

alex was like, "i dun even understand why are you the head prefect in the first place.."

HAHAHAHAHAAH! damn funny man.. siewjin was laughing her ass off.. my WHOLE house also can hear her laughter.. 10 times louder than me.. and mind you, my dad was sleeping =.=

HAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA! but he nvm wan laaa.. my mom not here maaa =DDD

anyway, siewjin suggested to play chor dai di.. then then then, alex said..

alex: dun wan la! the fatty dunno how to play *points at me*
alex: shaaaadappp la u.. i am the King of Chor Dai Di okayh!!!

*went out, reply ppl in msn while the two pigs shuffle the cards*

alex: OIIIII!!! FATTYYY!!! come in la, pigggg!
me: okai okai.. *comes in* okay, listen up! before we start.. let's revise how to play... HOW TO PLAY AGAIN ARH??????

*alex and siewjin laughed like shit.. "WAKAKAKAKAK! queen of chor dai di kononnyaaa"

me: WHAT LARH!? i am okayhhh.. i am just.. just... .. . .revising?? haha... okay.. lets start..
alex: hah! u sure lose wan larrrr...

*first round.. the winner.. SURPRISINGLY WAS ME!!!!* i was laughing like shit at the two babbboooooonnn! the loser had to eat expired chocolates that i wanted to give to puiyi.. HAHAHAHAHAH...

klakla.. got to go =DD

FINALLY updated!

I GIVE UP! TOTALLY GIVE UP! uploading 5 pictures take me 40 mins.. and I AM SO DONE with NOT updating my blog and SO DONE with ppl asking, "sandraaaaa arrrrr... update ur blog laaa... *sounds familiar.. sounds like how sheau hwa calls me... with the 'sandraaaa arrrrrrr.. .. ... . .'*

OH! talking about sheau hwa! SHEAUUUU ARRRR... my dad keep bugging for the st john T shirt thing arhhh!!! i think he's gonna kill me already....

okay.. fine.. now, I'll just friggin show u the pictures that i uploaded... and god dammit.. its not even HALF OF IT... Grrrr. .. .. . . .

This is what i HALF posted on 12th and 13th of September..

I am such a lazy blogger =(

U cant really blame me okayhhhhh... me mmg veli busy.. and alwayssss tired.. I last blogged on monday.. On tuesday, stayback at school till 4 then straight away got for tuition. Come back at 7 something in school uniform, bathe, eat and sleep. Fullstop.

On Wednesday, after school, got training in gym till 4pm. Quickly had lunch and went for tuition at 4 something. Finished at 7pm. Reached home in school PJ clothes, almost 8pm cause of the traffic jam. Bathe, eat and slept. Fullstop.

On Thursday, had training in the morning. Damn tired. Didnt staybacked but waited for my mom for AN HOURR.. T.T got back, sleep. Went for tuition and slept again after that. Fullstop.

On Friday, staybacked for st johns.. and have lunch till like 4pm. Rushed home, bathe and went for puan jugdeep. Came back bout 7pm, lazeeeeeee arounddd.. and slept early.

Today, I woke up at 7 something, supposingly to go for jogging.. but didnt.. then then then, continue sleeping till 10.55am. Awaken by a kick from adeline who came to my house.. got up, had a cup of milo and had tuition at 11am. Finished at about 12.45pm? baked cookies till about 2 something, had lunch and slept till 5 something ;) and watched the "perfume" movie. and had dinner =D FULLLL stop! =D

and also, i'll tell you what i did in school the wholeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee weeeek =DD

and i am proud of 4 Science Beta!

we totalleh rawk the whole thang man!

tee hee~ chengnam and keanloong.. look like couple horr?

double body glove! =D
keanloong = loser! =D hehe~
luqmannn~~~ sleeping outside the school.. hahahahXD
siew CHU, the head pre-fat and I =D
i wonder what were we doing.. hahahahaXD
ade and her wife.
sandra and her lowling =D
go BETA!
they are SO RIGHTTT! =D
siewjin, low and I, reading some love letter.. hahahahaXD
ewh. lesbians.
low, viv and I =D
keanloong asked why between siewjin and I got a space.. and he said.. "leave for me wan arh?"
=.= disgusting freak

beta, we rawk!
crazy ppl.. bao yu zai holding a broom, preparing to smack tien soong.. HAHAHA!
the bunch of hotties =D
posers =P

what-is-with-ajit's face? =.=
asshole and I =D she sayss.. its okay for me to call her asshole.. as long as it still starts with the letter "A" and ends with the letter "E".. hahaXD adeline ni... . =D
where the people rap! =D and where I conduct them rapping =D
look at that immigrant?? doing the peace sign! near the door there!
chu chu and I =DDDD
practiceee~ 1 malaysiaaaa~~

where the hot and handsome ppl stand =D

4 Beta =)
zunzen, low low and I =D

okay.. everyone was asking what the hell was i doing wearing my prefect uni over my traditional clothes.. hahaXD viv and emi =D

4 beta guys.. the ones who are vanishing.. there's only 9 guys in the class =D
the competition room~~
low and I =D LOW ARH! button up!
seee?! puiyi and emily?! thanks for ur PERMANENT. .. . T.T hahaXD
creative alpha-ians~
xuang and dil~ hahahXD
arjun rapping..
luqman rapping.. damn good weyhh.. rap in chinese..
derrick rapping~~ HAHAHAHAHAH!
see the cutie behind the fattie? oh! it ryhmes =D

wth was he doing =.=

a damn nice picture.. we were actually immitating Kumar the Drag Queen.. u know the part where they go, "ah neh ah neh ah neh??" HAHAHAHAXD

bajet cool.. advertising the camera arh? =.= chengken oh-so-annoying pet-brother...

my oh-so-annoying pet brother with my oh-so-fat best friend =D

my oh-so-annoying brother with my oh-so-liketocallmefat-friend~ what a pose? =.=
perasan laaa, kl... hahaXD
okay.. what was THIS about?? hahahaXD
this funny is damn picture.. oh sry.. i meant.. this picture is damn funny hhahahXD i like val's hair.. =DDDD
hahahaXD random pic of kl, sj, jasmine, niro, luqman, and val~

niro, me and the stupid ah-neh-ah-neh-ah-neh kl..

simmarjit and I.. what the hell was shengrei doing?? HAHAHAHAHXD
siewjin and valll~~~ the hyena! i mean.. the FAT hyena.. hahaXD
val, sj and I =D
Dianeeee and I~~
jasmine and I =DDD
oh oh~ WARNING: damn hot ppl~ hahahaXD

and after the comp, we went to the school gym! =D

1, 2, pose! =D
who took this picture? who's hot butt is that?
DUMB-bellssss~ ahahahhaaXD
working out~~
xuang.. u know why the wall behind there is like black black colourr?? kebakaran pernah berlaku di gym tersebut.. haha.. according to our teacher..
boo! =D
hahahah.. niro~ hahahaXD
i see my watch! =D
niro SS-ing.. hahaXD
that's me, gaik xuang and adeline!
and that's me dying.. too fast ady.. i was dying.. T.T
fuyh.. sally and vivian =D
niro arh.. stop taking picssss.. hahahahXD
oh! 30kg.. i remember i was dying.. T.T

random pic taken by niro~

hot ppl~ haha.. ade, xuang, viv, niro, sal and me! =D

Last picture of the day ---->

Nice pose huh? HAHAHAHAHAH!

okay.. so.. that's not even HALF i'm suppose to post.. i mean.. these days.. I such a tv-holic.. and still forever a shopaholic.. i think i cover every single shopping centre they have in KL during the hols.. especially with my dad and alex.. we totally walked and shopped non stop.. =D

me loveyyy my new Baby-G =) sakit hati.. damn expensive.. buttttttt. .. .. teehee~ ;)

mama's in australia with my brother.. tomorrow will be my brothaaa's graduation day.. proud of my brother who finished his masters at the age of 23 ;)

mama said there's a sandstorm in australia. Emily and I find it really cool.. cause the sand there are seriously RED in colour.. =D hahaXD but i dunno if its dangerousss laa..