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Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy 2.9 =D

i looked out through the window today,

and i saw this, when i opened my window,
I saw this. A shining moon.

NAH! its the sun. EXACTLY like an egg yoke.. its so cute!

when alex came back from college, he brought me back cupcakes, and its so nice! but not that delicious.. but its okay =)
i shall present you my niece. hahaXD

I finally had the courage,

I thought it was broken,
but I dont think it'll ever be broken ;)

5 percent of jealousy


Special thanks to Hao cherng and Qi kit =D
my hottest pet brother and BFF!

and now, i gotta go through hell again.
a month of hell (>.<)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

St. John Annual Dinner 2009.

the food.. the food was yummy.. then.. as time passes by... .. erm.. YOU KNOW LA! what u expect? paying 50 bucks and its a CHARITY event..

my a**hole and I =D
ade, puiyi and zz =D

there was this damn funny part.. where hao cherng, junbin and zk went to toilet.. ade said, "they go toilet, tak ajak.." AHAHAHA.. so i texted zk, "GO TOILET, TAK AJAK!" hhahahahXD it was damn funny you knowww.. cause they were walking as though they are in state comp.. after they came back, puiyi said she wanna go toilet.. so, zz said she wanted to also.. so, ade and I teman them.. so we walked.. and we were discussing if the guys would text us.. so, on the way to the toilet, i received an sms.. from hao cherng.. "GO TOILET DUN AJAK!" and we all laughed like shit.. hahhaahXD

she found me in the toilet.. hahahahXD chui yee and I =D
cecilia and i.. =D
yee tin and I =D
ZZ and I =D

wokayyyyyyyyyyy.. what a candid shot. a candid UGLY shot. HAHA!

my pet bro and I =D AND, alex's tie! =D

this is a better one! =D

err.. kahwai.. i dunno who took this shot.. hahaahXD must be one of the 6AC ppl.. hahaXD

the signature damn kurang ajar face.. like those lorry driver face only.. hahahahXD if there's a cigarette hanging between his lips, it wud be PERFECT!

er.. i really dunno what the hell is zk and haocherng doing..
the two important ppl of my life =D

i damn beh song with weixing you knoww.. he got "tao kai ngan" issit? KEEP LOOKING AT OTHER PLACE!


YEAH, sure thing! the two GAY important ppl of my life =.=

the only perfect picture we had =.=

damn bajet hot =.= hahahahXD but i love him! and he has the same birthday as gx!

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY GOR! remember this gor?

.: S@NDR@:.--> Princess Peanut! =D Like on fire! says:
last time u said.. "if i were to give someone an award for the most comforting person. it will be no other people but you.. i really appreciate that sis.. goodnight.. i bet i'll have dreams ALL ABOUT YOU.. alright.. i understand what you're trying to mean.. you're the best mui ever.. i mean in the sense of bravery.. u dare to sms me when no one dares at this moment.. cause i tell you.. i'm really burning these days.. but i believe you just took an extinguisher and eventually put of the fire gone for good..thanks.. a lot.. i mean it.. really A WHOLE LOT .."

诚 says:
touchy stuff
seems like riding a time machine now

skrang hanya kurang itu baju pengantin saja.. ahhahahaXD

one biggie family! add puiyi inside!
gosh! wth? we look like a couple =.= his head is like behind mine, and it looks like we're sticking our head together =.= hahaahXD

the guy who said, "sandra.. you really look diff tonight.. and if you dont act like usual, you'll be great!" =.=

boy, I am who I am ;)

blur larh! sheeesh! a bit to RED rightt? ur tie???

6AC ex-MIC! or shud i say, grandpapa and i =D
keanloong kacau daun.. *rolls eyes* and FUN KIT YUNG! he dont look thin when i stand beside him! SEEEEEE?!
gosh.. my "sis" and my "bro" = new version of titanic.
hao cherng's birthday cakie!
the GAY version of TITANICA~ hahahahXD

whoah! hold hands! like cutting wedding cake! HAHAHAHAHAH!
THE chong cheng nam and I =D the fai-est guy i've ever seen!
my ever two hot brothers!
zunzen and THE hottie.
the bajet cool, the bajet pretty, the bajet sexy, the bajet hot and the bajet flammable.

=D one happy BAJET family =D

triciaaaa and I
ade ade ade ade and I =D sexeh la lu! hahahahahXD
last but not least, the GOING-NUTS BFF and I =D

I had a lot of unforgettable memories..

*hints puiyi..* hao cherng stands up, i stand up, zhengkang stand up, made hao cherng sit down, and I WIN! AHAHHAHAHAXD

lesson learnt: Sitting at the 6ACD table can make you laugh non stop. SERIOUSLY. PRAWNSSSSSSSSSS~~ hahahahahXD and they laugh at anything =.= two words--> my.god.

{I <3 all of you =")}