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Friday, November 27, 2009


OH MY BLOODY GOD! SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i read pei wern's blog.. her last day of school.. and i saw her carrying a big pile of books..



NO WONDERRRRRRRRRRRRRR... .. . . my bag was so light! i knew there was something wrongggggggggggg... >.<

arghhhhhhhhhhhh... stupid shit.. ALL CAUSE OF THE STUPID INCIDENT!!!! all i remember was, Low and ade helped sj and I to gather our stuff and put outside the class cause it was WAYYYYYYYYYY after school..

OH ME GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE SHIT!

5 days straight!

To be truthful, I really got tonnes of things to do. But i dont know why i'm just lazingggg arounddd.. slacking like nobody's business.

I SERIOUSLY got lots of things to do.

-Tonnes of holiday homework given by tuition teachers. AND I REALLY MEAN TONNES!
-Ed board work. Which i am only halfway done.
-Practicing my shitty piano. WHICH REALLY NEEDS LOTS OF PRACTICES.

but what am i doing?


okayyy.. i'm just gonna post a "few" pictures =D

hehe.. that day my friend need to build a reservoir for his project.. and its SO BIGGGGGGGGGG!!!! see the wireeee? the white part at the end represents the sea.. and they put a pump there to pump the water up to the blue thingy.. and let it flow back using a river which is that blue long thing back to the sea =D


simple sentence: THIS, is alex. He is big. He is round.

compound sentence: The guy name Alex who is in the picture is big and round.

haha.. my friend! helping his brother painting the thingy =D

tolong- menolong merupakan akhlak yang mulia.
even his dad helped him painted! =D it was at night somemore =D

the next morning, me went to Subang cause the next day was my aunt's birthday and I always celebrate with her every year.. and yeah =D

okay, my ever cute niece =D

she wanted to play with me, but i was busy smsing SUM PUI YI. SO, she was like waiting for me. And kept looking at my msgs if i was done or something. And I WASNT! so she was entertaining herself while waiting for me =D

how cute ;D

I like my uncle's car plate number =D
yeah, no doubt i'm gonna be a great mom! thank you, thank you! *bows*

and, the next day, me external family went to have breakfast before gojng to school! =D

the small kid is another niece.. and and, pinky! that's the Vincent you've been teasing about =.= yeah.. and he's 21 =.=

haha.. but i love him! he's so fun to play with! =D

hahah.. and my ever loving cousin =D

At night, went to Shangri- La hotel to eat.. I only PURPOSELY take a few CHOCOLATE pictures to make pui yi jealous =P wakakkaka!

puiyi! its so GOD DAMN DELICIOUS!
the WHITE CHOCOLATE! =D i know you're not a fan of it. but, WHO CARES?!

before =D hehe.. look at that family of gummy bears =D
after =D OHMYGOD! its like HEAVEN, puiyi.. HEAVEN!!!!!

AND, the NEXT DAY! went to kelana jaya to take my piano exam.. OHMYGOD! it was SO FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! and i was like, late! T.T

there there, the headquarters =D

Fundamental (>.<)
hehe.. never knew double bass was SO BIGGGGGGGGG! and it reminded me of Nodame Cantabile =D
hehe.. i love this guitar! =D

it costs you a big bungalow already =D

AND, last night, i went to Jessy's birthday party..

haha.. her friends were really crazy.. they played this game.. which goes like this.. one person must sit on the chair.. then, he must put a balloon between his legs, and another guy must sit on him.. to burst the balloon.. i think they burst almost 40 balloons.. HAHAHAHAH! damn stupid..

Happy birthday, girl! =D
actually, its not only her birthday.. its her cousin and her bro's too! =D

THIS MORNING PULAK, i saw this wedding invitation card on my piano.. it's my dad's stuff larh.. but i open to seee.. and i was like, "oo, who's getting married?"

then, i opened it, and i just saw the girl's name.. then alex came by.. i was like, "HEY! Sandra's getting married!" ---> cause the bride's name is Sandra..

then, i put the card back into the envelope.. alex took it back out.. and open the card again.. and he was like, "HEY! Alex's getting married too!"

i was like, "huh?" i snatched the card from him.. and we both laughed like shit..

cause the bride's name is Sandra. And the groom's name is Alex. HAHAHAHA!

we were like, "COOL! we're BOTH GETTING MARRIED!" hahahahaXD

-the end-

Thursday, November 26, 2009


1. Jessy --> since today is her birthday, she shall be the first!
2. EMILY HO YEN YI --> budak yang teramatlah bising
3. Puiyi --> The girl who thinks i'm big and round.
4. Ade --> the A-hole
5. Siewjin --> food lights up her life
6. Val --> Mushroom head girl
7. Zhengkang --> cause 7 is or was his favourite number
8. tzekeat --> the guy who JUST updated his blog with a SUPER "interesting" post
9. Sh --> eh. . .. long time dint contact her ady.. >.<
10. Low --> eh, low! i ask miow to giv u back ur bull fighting ady

1. Would you date number 5?
SURE THING! hahahahaXD

2. Number 2 just got in a car crash. How do you react?
I'll cry my ass off cause the world would be damn quiet.

3. You see number 9 with your boy/girlfriend.
HAHHAHAHHAHAH! Sheau hwa only likes Yuto.. ONLY yuto.. hahahXD

4. You come home and your room has been ransacked by number 4.
used to it already larhhh.. she ALWAYS does that.. ahahahXD

5. Number 1 is acting weird.
So? she's still my best friend right? I'll always love her! =D

6. Numbers 3 and 8 decide to give 10 a haircut.
tzekeat and puiyi give Low?? she'll scream her head off!

7. Number 7 just got tickets for him/her and you to go to a concert.
GO LAH! =.= FREE OKAYH! hahahahaXD nahhh, i'll still pay him back ;)

8. Number 10 takes you to a bar.
Low- go lah! watch 2 days 1 night there.. hahahaXD

9. Number 4 has to move to the other side of the world.
awwwwwww... =.= not like she's gonna die.

10.You and number 8 are being chased by the cops for an unknown reason.
tzekeat must be having drugs with him..

11. Number 7 and you are sitting on the couch watching a movie when he/her wrap his/her arm around you.
WTH?! @#$%^&*() shouldnt have put zk on number 7.. hahaXD

12. Number 5 asks you out to dinner.
SURE! no problem! SUSHI, siewjin!

13. Number 9 and you are sitting on a bus.
sh and I? SO? tried before larh! =.=

14. Number 6 calls you in the middle of the night because he/she can’t sleep.
Val... awwwww.. mushroom cant find fungus.. HAHAHAHAXD

15. You are walking with someone and number 6 runs up and tackles you to the ground from behind.
tackle her back and shouts, "GO TACKLE YOUR DBSK LARH!"

16. Number 1 is crying one day and you ask him/her why and it seems their boy/girlfriend has dumped them.
"Dont worry, Jess! u think only got one guy in the world mehhhh.."

17. Number 2 offers to bake you a meal. As you sit in the other room, the kitchen is suddenly aflame.
emily - WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED?! the princess is baking =.=

18. Number 5 comes to your door one day holding a koala.
Siewjin - i'll say, "make sure you dont sit on that poor koala.. it'll die.." and i'll also say, "siewjin, do you know koala are like monkeysss.. those monkeys who stepped on your mom's car and dirty it? yeah... THOSE"

well, i'm sure after that, the koala will have to R.I.P

19. Number 3 just got you an X-Box.
Puiyi- oh, why thankssss! what a nice birthday present you got me! *hints*

20. Number 9 challenges you to a children’s card game.
sh- sure i win larh! =.=

21. Number 1 thinks he/she’s overweight
Jessy- She's JOKING!

22. Number 7 looks lonely.

23. Number 2 asks you rudely to go leave her/him alone.
emily- then just GO LARH! she always also like that wan la.. hahahaXD nolaaa, jk!

24. Numbers 5 and 3 decide to throw a surprise party for you.
Siewjin and puiyi- awwwww.. so sweet of them.. i think they'll try to poison me with the cake.. ahhahaXD

25. Number 6 decide to dye their hair black. What do you say?
val- are you nuts? your hair is ALREADY black =.=

26. Number 2 tells you he/she is going to go out for a while, and then later you hear about a shooting where 2 went.
emily- OHMYGOD! she's finally going to die! hahahahaXD nolaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, i'll start weapingggg and convince myself she's not there.. ahhahaXD

27. You catch number 9 by him/herself, crying.
She cries ALL THE TIME.. even when she's laughing.. so.. HOW?! hahahahhaXD

28. Numbers 1 , 3 , 5, and 6 all tackle you at once! Is it possible?
nope.. they'll all die.

Monday, November 23, 2009

I dont wanna do this anymore,

I just wanna cry on your shoulders.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Takie notie!

Last night, I came back around 7pm from times square, and i slept for about half an hour, and went for this housewarming in Taman Seputeh. BLOODY HELL, take a look at these pictures (>.<)

lebih right? go in the house like that? hahahahXD
then got band performance.. damn geng man, their voice.. got another two sexy hawt girls.. =D

random switches picture!
okay.. this is also lebih, first, u must go for a steam, then only you bathe.. and look on top, the bathing thing is so.. LEBIH! hahahahahXD

like one smalll littttlleee tiny winceeyyy part of the ROOM.

then the jacuzzzzzi!
and the swimming pool! i took it from the top..

there's a ladder for you to go to the rooftop!

and an open bathroom.. like wth? the bathroom got balcony =.=

me likey this!
THIS, i mean! =D
okay, i love THIS SO MUCH! the cinema! like OHEMGEEEEE!! damn nice like dunno wad..
all the chairs are like those osim chairs..and there's like two rows of it! hahahXD

and i love the fibre optic so damn much!
its as if there's so many stars..
and THIS! i am SS-ing in the elevator! taking picture in the lift! 3 floors and they have a lift =.=
yeah.. THIS house =D

and i had breakfast in Eastin Hotel today, and dammit.. it was SO GOOD! especially the desssssssertsss! =D
the mango pudding! with chocolate ganache
the homemade durian ice cream with pancake. Damn awesome!
black sesame mochii =D
okayyyyy... it was damn hard.. frozen. hahaXD
and the pisang goreng with teh tarik ice cream.. yeah.. i didnt type wrongly.. its TEH TARIK ICE CREAM! hahahahXD it was good! =D i think its teh tarik kurang manis cause it wasnt that sweet.. ahahhaXD

then, i had to rush back for music class.. T.T dammit laaa.. my exam this wednesday.. take note.. its THIS WEDNESDAY.. btw, its hints for you guys to wish me good luck =D anyways, i'm still gonna die.. theory, practical, hearing, singing all in one.. T.T die plus die.. its DIE SQUARE. okay.. lame, cut the crap!

ahahahaXD anyway, me got to go for dinner with family friendss! bwah byeeee!