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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hawttttieeesss =P

You are the thunder and I'm the lightning =)

I feeel good eventhough i dun feel good (>.<) okay, maybe, i should put it this way.. I feel good mentally but not physically.. okay okay? =D



ANYWAYYYYY, these days, many things happenedddd... most of it are unhappy thingssss... =( which leads to sadness.. OBVIOUSLLYYYY.. buttt.. i guesssss my darlinggg is righttt...

"After every storm, there'll be a rainbow.." =D

oh! and imma seeing the rainbow nowwww!! wan me to shoowwwww youuuu? hahahahaXD aiyaaa! malas lah, aku nak ambil thumbdrive and slowly uploadddd.. ok ok..

instead.. let me upload about some hawtttttttttttttt guys picturessss.. u know what? I REALLLY FIND THEM HOT YOU KNOW!

okay, guysss.. dont be jealous because you dont look like them =X God already give you eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, and legs.. and a heart.. so dont complain so much =X oh! and He gave you lungs, 12 pairs of ribss.. and 33 vertebrae.. kidney, intestines, stomach, gall bladder, duodenum, bile, and anus! hahahahaXD and ofc, your reproduction organs =X

okay.. ENOUGH! this is getting.. too biologic.. X.X

everyone knows who is he.. if you dunno, take a knife and stab urself.. the famous Taylor Lautner who is shorter than Taylor Swift.. =X oh well, dont you think he's hot? but but.. he's still not my type of hot.. but still counted hot... ahahahahXD

okayy.. THIS! is realllll cute =P my all time favourite Jesse Mccartney =P

and and this guy! i think he looks a little mature here.. but wait he skates on ice! THEN, you'll fainttt... =P cause cause, it might take your breath away *faintsssss* hehe.. Matt Lanter =P

and you know, you know! the golfer... Noh Seung-Yul.. is also like damn cuteee.. the one who won the Maybank Golf Competition thingyyy.. dun wanna post his pictures up.. cause it doesnt look niceee.. when u watch the golf thingyy.. omggg.. he's so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! =D cause cause that day, my dad and I were like fighting for the tv.. my dad wanted to watch golf.. so fineee.. being a really faithful daughter, i let him watch.. THEN! i spot Nohhhh! omggg.. i was like watching golf for 2 hours.. not looking at the ball but him =P hahaXD

anywayyy, enough of crap! i wanna have my lunch! so, byeee! =D

Monday, March 15, 2010

Where are you?

It's been a long time since I opened my blogsite.

Staring at my header reminds me a lot of good memories. I remember crying when I was browsing through the old pictures in my camera yesterday.


Funny, i thought.

How could things change just in a blink of an eye..
So that's what people meant by saying, "things change" ?

But what if I dont want it to change?
What if I wanna stay like how things use to be?
What if I say I want those sleepovers back?
What if I say I missed those times when all of us chat about everything till we fall asleep?

Is it THAT impossible?

Sometimes I wonder what's the cause.
I wonder, why could friendships like this can break easily..
I wonder,


what happened to all of us?

Does time really change things?

I thought Friends were Forever?

Reading my past post makes me cry.
Reading my old messages makes me cry.
Looking at those old pictures makes me cry.

Why must it be the past and old?
I want it to be the present!

why........... .. . .. *sigh*

Why is things changing so quickly? I'm not ready for this.


I remember one of you said that,
"I feel so sad you know like as though you are going and not coming back.. who am I going to cry to! :( "

Now, I'm right here.

Where are you?

I just wanna be,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

When I say "Tiger", You say "rawr!" Tiger RAWR! Tiger RAWR!

*hits mic* helllo hello???

my blog is reviveddddddd! =DDDD i dun think so. T.T okay, i dont really update my blog so much now cause like, facebook says it all. HAHAXD and also, cause im freaking bussseehhhh! so sorrehhhh!

this past two months, I've been through so mannnyyyy thingsssss... exams la, chinese new year laaa, sports house practice laaa, sports day laaa, and our most recent KELAS TAMBAHAN... T.T and oh em geeeeeeeeee... i cant believe sports day is overr... its like the BEST SPORTS DAY EVERRRR MANNNNN!!!!! Got like 2 medals.. oklaaa.. good enough for a fat person to run 400m =X

plus plus, i get to get dresseddddddddd like an indian.. go facebook seee the picssss! malas to post up!

I really had fun with my kawad memberssss.. who are soooo freaking cuteee.. i call them my KIDS! hahahahXD andddddd, i'm so proud that Cooke house actually won hiasan khemah and kawad too! We really put in A LOT OF effortttttt!!! came to school like 5am to decorate the tentssss... and the previous day, some students and teacher stayed till 12am to finish the decoration.. love them for that! =D

hmmmmmmm.. .. . . . Diagnostic is like around the cornerrrrrrr~ and im like freaking scared.. T.T i think. Oh well.. My life is still not that bad YET =D

Chinese New year was fun. I THINK. Visited like lotsa relatives and friend's open house.. andddd, had my own open house tooo! It was like super duper fun. Or at least, I THINK IT WAS! =DDDDDD

Today, we had our koko activitiessss... St. Johnss.. freaking funny laaa.. the membersss.. is like.. keep laughing during kawad.. and they made me laugh.. i was like so grrrrrr... .. . . .. and i was like,"YOU LAUGH ONE MORE TIME, DOWN 30!" and one of the juniors slapped himself to stop laughing.. then ADELINE STARTED LAUGHING... like WTH? ahhahaXD

so, all of them also kena la... 30 pumpings.. hahahaXD cause of THEM, i lost my concentration.. the original command was, "Orang yang paling kanan sekali diam, nombor ganjil pusing ke kanan, nombor genap, pusing ke kiri, kanan dan kiri, pusing!"

BUT, i said like 5 freaking times only got the right command.. stupiddd ppl laa.. made me laugh.. the first time, i forgot to say the first line.. the second time, i said, "orang yang paling kanan sekali diam, nombor ganjil, pusing ke kanan, nombor kiri, pusing ke kiri.. . . .. "

like WTH?! and karman, adeline, kahwai who stand beside me keep laughing.. and ONG CHENG KUAN lagiiii laaaa... keep laughing non stop for NO APPARENT REASONNNNN!!! =.= anywayyy, wadevaaaaa.. im so tiredddd la nowww... chaoz!!!!

When I say "hari", you say "mau", HARI-MAU! HARI-MAU!
Missed it so much =(