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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

April Fool's Eve =D

omg, i realise, that.. today is 31 March 2009,

and i ONLY have 48 post including THIS one!
how pathetic is that?!

yeah yeah.. kinda busy this month.. but.. but.. compare to january and february.. its like.. i posted almost 30 post lesser!

January- 76
February- 75
March- 48!

how can this happpennnnnn????? hahhahaXDD

okay.. fine.. nevermindddd.. dun care =D

and i read my past post.. all the emo emo posts which were posted when i had lots of fights with mwah friends last year.. and, I can cry while reading it.. . . .. and seeing how against i was toward certain things..

i think, things are getting better,

dont you think so?

anyway, Happy April Fool's EVE Day, ppl! =D the day that Yuenping, Zunzen and i created.. the EVE day.. hahaXD

love you guys so much! buh-byeee~

somebodeh is gonna be pranked~~~! ;)

Oh.. my.. its..!

Hmm, today, had English.. had aural.. and stupiddd mann.. the whole class was laughing at me, cause i was laughing during my turn to do the aural.. puiyi larh! she came sooo near me when she talked.. scared wan okayh.. so, I was like, "stand THERE.. dun come so near.." and i started laughing.. stewpikk laa..

and then the smartie Niren, Jarrett and Jia jun called vivian and I out of the class out of a sudden.. and actually they want to see vivian only.. but they just call me for fun.. what larh =.=" and they were cracking lame jokes =D they got my genes.. hahaXD

then, during BM, teacher didnt come, so we were busy doing.. doing.. what was i doing again?? erm.. .. .. . erm.. . .. Physcis! yeah.. physics =D then, had Maths.. nothing much larh..i was telling grandmother stories during Maths to Yuenping.. hahaXD but AGAIN, the whole class was laughing at me.. cause during Maths, it was kinda quiet.. then, I was writing the date while saying it out loud.. 31 March 2009..

me: aih.. today is 31 march 2009.. tomorrow is 1st of april ady..
yuenping: =.=" yarr.. obviously..
me: eh?! FIRST OF APRIL?!
yuenping: ???
me: it's FIRST OF APRIL!!!!!!! OH.. MY.. IT'S.. .. .. !!

teacher: yes??

*whole class laughs.. omg man.. i cant believe i kinda SHOUTED that out.. wthell mann... . . .* lagi sekali, insan yang mulia tersebut dimalukan di depan semua pelajar di kelas..

and then, after recess, had add maths.. puan Jeyanthi was SO FUNNY.. she was like, asking questions and some student cant answer it.. so she was like, "I'm GONNA TAKE A ROPE AND HANG YOU UPSIDE DOWN!" then all of us started laughing like shit.. then, there's one question she counted wrongly.. but she say that girl is wrong.. after knowing her mistakes.. i was like, "teacher.. we're gonna take a rope and hang you upside down!" LUCKILY she didnt hear man.. if not, kantoi.. hahaXD but then, the rope cant raise her lar.. hahahaXD you know why.. (>.< )

i discovered Puan Jeyanthi look like Dr. Bailey in Grey's anatomy.. hahaXD after add maths period was over, Low, ade and I wanted to see teacher.. so on the way down.. i was talking to i.forgot.who.. then i shouted.. "Puan Jeyanthi wanted to hang us upside down with a rope!" WITHOUT NOTICING, that the teacher was actually 3 steps away from me.. but LUCKILY she didnt overheard it.. she was talking to another teacher.. then Low and ade were like laughing non stop at me.. hmph.. finee... . . .(>.<)

during Moral and Sejarah.. the stupid choralspeaking took up all 4 periods.. and in the end.. we're not presenting on saturday.. =.=" super annoyed with it.. but Diane and I were enjoying the practice as we created our own lame movements that cause everyone who saw it laugh like shit.. why we suddenly create?? because its to appreciate the LOSS OF VALERIE who was changed to the first row.. hahahaXD Keanloong was like a tree bark.. cause he doesnt know how to move.. i call him tree bark instead of tree branch because usually tree bark are SO MUCH BIGGER than the branch.. HAHAHAXD

stupid laaa.. Jo ee is in episode 23 for G.U.L ady.. ishh.. Girls under leaves a.k.a. BOF.. now the WHOLE CLASS ARE TALKING about BOF like EVERY SINGLE DAY.. even the smartest girl on earth and universe watch it.. me?? belum start lagi.. . .. . ishhh...

I didnt stayback today.. cause UBS got no meeting.. then, my cousins, mom and auntie came to fetch me.. and we went somewhere to eat desert.. after that, he said, "sandra.. how you slim down so much?? you go for Marie France Bodyline arh??" i was like, "WHAT?! NO!!" then he said sure my mom brought me to some slimming down centre.. i was like.. no.. . . .=.=" swt.. then he was like, "THEN HOW?! impossible you slim down so much wan lo.. . ."

why impossible? =.="

so to those who didnt know me.. yeah.. i was SUPERRR FAT last time =D hahahaXD

then, my uncle fetched me to tuition.. and my 3 year old niece was like SO BISING.. she saw my chemistry book then she was like, "ni de ah?? ni de ah?? ni de ah??" KEEP REPEATING THE SAME THING MAN.. hahaXDthen i was like, "YESS.. WO DE!" and then, i was writing my cousin's absent letter for my aunt.. and they were like, "no need to write so much wan larh! no need to say sorry wan.." i was like o.o wtheck.. . .. . i used like 15 mins to write that letter and discovered i had NO TIME TO BATHE! cause i was gonna have tuition.. but who cares? i just bathe..

i thought, I WAS LATE.. mana tahu.. Keanloong and Zhengkang lagi power.. arrived like, 20 minutes later! then that time, i keep disturbing chengnam.. and he was telling me how stupid all his junior were.. i was like, " i know you very smart laa.. no need say ppl like that wannn . .. . ." but after listening to his story.. i KINDA agreed with him.. hahahahaXD later on, chengnam and Keanloong was busy gaying inside out.. hahaXD sounds wronggg.. hahahaXD and all of them INCLUDING the teacher were speaking chinese and all i did was going question mark question mark.. they talk talk talk, then laugh laugh laugh..

and again, i went, . .. . . . then zhengkang say, "i pity you la.. dunno how to listen.." i was like, "who say i dunno how to listen? i just find it super lame.. plus, ppl who talk EVERYTHING in chinese are super lame idiots.. english is the global language.. what-e-verrr"..

to keanloong: stop saying number 2 is the best
to zunzen: Let's PRANK humans! =D
to yuenping: 1st of april.. hahahhaXD
to Siewjin: fattieee~~ see how kind am i?! prepare breakfast for you!
to zhengkang: you are not honest to me! bluek!
to Hao Cherng: CHEER UP!!!!!!!
to weixing: i wanna kill you.. .. . .. grr..

30 Things My mother taught me.

Derek's mom sent me this.. and its super funny.. hahaXD

1. My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE.

'If you're going to kill each other, do it outside. I just

2. My mother taught me RELIGION.

'You better pray that dirt will come out of the carpet.'

3. My mother taught me about GOD

'You are going to die when your father gets home'

4. My mother taught me about DONATIONS.

'You better give that ball to your little brother'

5. My mother taught me LOGIC.

'Because I said so, that's why.'

6. My mother taught me MORE LOGIC.

'If you fall out of that swing and break your neck, you're not going
shopping with me.'

7. My mother taught me FORESIGHT.

'Make sure you wear clean underwear, in case you're in an accident.'

8. My mother taught me IRONY.

'Keep crying and I'll give you some more things to cry about.'

9. My mother taught me about the science of OSMOSIS.

'SHUT your mouth and EAT your supper.'

10. My mother taught me about CONTORTIONISM.

'Will you look at that dirt on the BACK of your neck?'

11. My mother taught me about STAMINA.

'You'll sit there until all that vegetable is gone.'

12. My mother taught me about WEATHER.

'This room of yours looks as if a typhoon went through it.'

13. My mother taught me about HYPOCRISY.

'If I told you once, I've told you a million times. Don't exaggerate!'

14. My mother taught me about LIFE

'You break that glass and you are going to wish that you were never

15. My mother taught me about KARMA

'You break that glass, I break your neck'

16. My mother taught me the CIRCLE OF LIFE.

'I brought you into this world, and I can take you out.'

17. My mother taught me about BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION.

'Stop acting like your father!'

18. My mother taught me about ENVY.

'There are millions of less fortunate children in this world who don't
have wonderful parents like you do.'

19. My mother taught me about ANTICIPATION.

'Just wait until we get home.'

20. My mother taught me about RECEIVING.

'You are going to get it when you get home!'

21. My mother taught me MEDICAL SCIENCE.

'If you don't stop crossing your eyes, they are going to freeze that

22. My mother taught me ESP.

'Put your sweater on; don't you think I know when you are cold?'

23. My mother taught me HUMOR.

'When that lawn mower cuts off your toes, don't come running to me.'

24. My mother taught me HOW TO BECOME AN ADULT.

'If you don't eat your vegetables, you'll never grow up.'

25. My mother taught me GENETICS.

'You're just like your father.'

26. My mother taught me about my ROOTS.

'Shut that door behind you. Do you think you were born a cow?'

27. My mother taught me WISDOM.

'When you get to be my age, you'll understand.'

28. My mother taught me about GOVERNMENT

'I am your mother, you better listen to me.'

29. My mother taught me about POLITICS

'You, your brothers, your sisters AND your useless father are all the

And my favorite:

30. My mother taught me about JUSTICE.

'One day you'll have kids, and I hope they turn out just like you

Monday, March 30, 2009

You, You and You. =D

xinyi, dun perasan ur surname is repeatedly typed.. hahaXD

Today, you can say i had a really good day.. i mean, not THAT good laa.. but good.. cause pinky made sotong.. only my close friends and my constant blog readers since last time will understand that sentence... hahaXD

well, our day kicked off with assembly.. which i turn my school song to, "go forward, MmmBS~~" and puiyi was like, wtheck! so lame wan.. i was like, whaat?? MBS school song larh! hahahahaXD then, we had BM, i started to crap cause early early morning teacher gave karangan ady.. walao.. T.T suffer like crazy.. not really la.. just exaggerating.. hahaXD but i kept disturbing Low.. kesian her.. cause siewjin didnt come.. so, i sat her place.. and Low, was suffering.. hahaXD cause i kept drawing =D all over her arms with different different colours of pens.. hahaXD in front of teacher somemore..

then, during English..suppose to have aural.. but was postponed to tomorrow.. and we made the teacher didnt teach.. to spare us free period.. that help us finish our karanga.. hahaXD i was crapping so much to Puan Angela.. and she was crapping along too.. hahaXD and the whole day, i keep going "Gee Gee Gee Gee Baby Baby.." then everyone went, "shuddaappp laa sandra.. that song is SO ANNOYING.." then i was like, "i knowwww.. weixing larh! and THAT THE POINT! hahahahhaXD"

during Recess, i keep making Zun Zen laugh non stop.. seriously.. i dunno what i crapped.. i even gave Wei Jie, our class monitor, a lecture..

"Eugene! why did you say Thank you to the teacher when we're not ready? do you know you are suppose to thank her only when we are ready to thank her? why did you thank her when some of us are sitting down? do you know how to respect her? do you know how to spell the word respect.. respect is a word with 7 letters that means, respect. You shouldnt be like that. as a class monitor, you have to show a good example to the others.. ~ and yada yada yada.."

btw, i got the lecturing skills from the oh-so-pro HO WEI XING.. hahaXD

he was like, =.=" hahahahaXD cause i speak monotonously.. purposely crap only.. then, during Chem, teacher didnt come.. so, yeah.. it was the end of the world for 4 science Beta students as i was SUPER HYPER that 2 periods.. They laugh laugh laugh non stop at my lame jokes.. what to do?? that's what i learnt in MBS.. hahaXD then puiyi was so evil.. she said, LOUDLY,

"ohmygod.. nikang is gonna suffer.." i was like, "WHO'S THAT?!" then she said,"dont pretend.. aih.. he is SERIOUSLY gonna suffer.." and i replied, "you TRY TO ASK him and see.. ask if he suffer a nottt..~~" hahahahXD

Physics, LAGI NO NEED TO SAY.. =DD i'm SO HYPER THAT, when everyone is doing experiment, i dunno what happen to me.. i took out my shoes and started stepping on everyone's feet.. and everyone was like, " YOU THINK YOU SO THIN ARH?!" then i was like, "yarrr.. DUH!!!" hahahahahXDDD then adelina was like, "mei teng.. kamu makan ubat yang salah arh??" then i said, "bukan.. saya TAK MAKAN UBAT hari ini.." hahahahahhhahaXD then teacher was like, " i askkk you to do experimenttt.. not play arounddd.." SO FUNNY MAN.. hahaXD and then we keep making fun of Eugene.. "whoah! physics student!" hahahahaXD really damn stupid..

but after that, Add maths, i wanted to sleeeppp so much.. but then, forced to pay attention.. cause there's no one to disturb.. not no one laa.. but dun wan to disturb others.. Puan Jeyanthi said that, if the question is easy, then we no need to do.. so, when she said, "this question looks very interesting.." we quickly say, "nolah! teacher.. so easyyy.." hahahahahaXD wow.. imagine. its PUAN J, we are saying that to.. want to hyper but scared at the same time.. hahaXD but she was okay with it laa.. hahaXD

i realise, if we concentrate, time flies.. hahaXDDDDD

later, we had lunch before going for koko meetings.. went with Sheau Hwa and Low, talking about family.. brothers, mainly.. hahaXD suppose to go for my dear volleyball but then, got choralspeaking.. ended up, choralspeaking only got 6 ppl who staybacked.. so pathetically pathetic.. T.T tabitha was shouting as if she's talking to hundreds of ppl.. then we were like, "why are you shouting?" then she said.. "there's so little ppl, so fun to shout! =D"


we were like idiots who came from idiotic land.. SO FEW OF US practicing the choralspeaking.. then Ashley, Tabitha and I started to sing Rolie Polie Ollie and Banana in Pyjamas.. Emily was like looking at us like some weirdo.. hahaXD after practice, i trashed into the Choir Practice and started singing a.k.a ruining their songs with my super ugly voice =D.. hahaXDD who cares? the president of the club is Zun Zen.. hahahhaXD and the pianist is Yuenping.. so, YEAHHH~~ hahahahhahaXDDD

whoah.. so tired after that.. then, in the car, i fell asleep.. then reached home, when my brother was opening the door.. i look at him with the zzz face and stand darn near him.. he was like, "what are you doingggg?!" hahahaXD then, after a few seconds, fell asleep standing, then, when he opened the door, he was like, "fei mui! faster get in!" he was about to kick my butt ady.. hahaXDD

and i slept for the next 4 hours. which means, i woke up around 8 something.. >.<>

my mood went down when i read it, my eyes was so watery,
but after that, after sorting out everything,
I realise,
he was a good friend indeed. =)
I realise,
everyone got my back
everyone cares about me =)

especially you.

I'm so glad. =) I have everything i need. =)

plus, the delay of my flight to Australia makes me happier.. hahahahaXD

off, to do addmaths =DD

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Was it not enough stimulation
Hit by a brick the other day, just when I thought that I'm okay
You didn't like my conversation
I can't come up with something new
It doesn't really matter what I do
I used to be your inspiration..
what a depressing life.. .. ..
what a difficult choice to make.. ..
what a story..
it's only a simple thing,
its only us,
which made it complicated..
sometimes, we should just learn from the sentence,
"let. it. go."
have you ever wondered,
that, if someone let it go..
if ANY of the parties let it go,
everything will be fine.
I'll always be proud no matter what you do.
just, do not regret..
should always be proud of what YOU do.

14 hours duty T.T

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARRETT! ur birthday post coming up =D

okayyy.. i'm still darn tired now.. Physically and mentally.. really very tired.. *sigh* yesterday, duty the whole day, woke up like 5.55am, take my own sweet time to get ready for the MBS sports day duty.. cause i told weixing i will reach around 7.15am.. like, 6.35am only i woke my dad up.. after getting ready, about 6.55 or 7, i went out of my house.. then, I reached MBS at 7.10am. i got down from the car.. and the first sentence i uttered to myself was,

"whoah! why so many boys wan?? ohyaa.. MBS.. boys school.. ... .." HAHAHA XD then, the next sentence was..

"where's weixing?" so, i sms-ed him

weixing: SORRY! I'm LATE!! i'm on the way..
sandra: owh.. okayy.. . . . .. . .
weixing: you just wait at the guard house..
sandra: waiting..


sandra: OHMYGOD.. weixing.. you're SO LATE FOR SCHOOL!
weixing: YEAH! but i dun care.. it's sports day.
sandra: how many minutes will you take to arrive?
weixing: 5 minutes. Sry.

sandra: 5 minutes passed..
weixing: YEA.. i dun live near YOU KNOW..

I was like, wthell.. so yeah.. i waited.. and waited.. and waited.. it was SO PAISEH.. everyone who passed the guard house were looking at me.. and the small little kids who is someone's sisters or brothers who came and support their siblings were staring at me in my st john full-u.. i was like.. er.. okayy... . . . .. then, jun bin sent a friend to ask me to go in.. but i was like, "er.. nvm.. i wait for weixing.." then at last, whoah! after waiting for about 25 minutes, the VVIP arrived.. SERGEANT HO WEI XING.. *claps* dengan bergayanya beliau turun daripada keretanya..

*rolls eyes*

sandra: why don't you come tomorrow?!
weixing: good idea..

then, while walking to the st. john room.. it was like.. so dot dot dot.. feel like taking out my name tag.. and i was like, saying to myself,

"you guys are blind..
you guys are blind..
you guys are blind..
I'm invisible..
i'm invisible..
i'm invisible.."

weixing: what are you trying to do?? =.=
sandra: whaaaatttt???
weixing: WALK LARHHH!!!
sandra: YOU WALK LARHHH!!! how am i suppose to know where the heck is the st john room??? and you said, ask ANY guys with blue pants where's the prefect room.. do you ACTUALLY REALISE ITS SPORTS DAY and most of them are wearing SHORT BLUE PANTS?? HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO KNOWW??
weixing: haha.. good question..
sandra: =.="

then, we went into the St. John room.. and weixing was like, "what do you want to do now?"

sandra: what do you mean what i want to do? =.=" YOU TELL ME LARH!
weixing: u want to stay here or fall in??
sandra: am i suppose to fall in??
weixing: er... up to you..
sandra: can i stay here?
weixing: you like larh.. .. ... SHIT! ZHENGKANG COMING!! *quickly close the door*

*he close, then zhengkang opened it.. WHAT THE HELL!! =.=" *

i was drinking my water.. then zhengkang came in "la la la la la~~" then he glance at me, then he looked away.. then he turn his head to me again.. noticed that it was ME, then went O.O, i was like going to choke from the water.. then weixing was laughing non stop...

then, on the way to basketball court.. saw so many ppl i know.. i was like, o.o what are they doing here?! forgot that they STUDY here.. =.=" hahaXD

Then, later start duty, i was following the two sergeants, junbin and weixing.. walk here, walk there.. get this, get that.. look here and there.. hahaXDD it was so funny.. they made it compulsory for ALL the members to duty.. like, 40 over of them.. and field is like our a bit smaller then our hockey field.. it was like so funny.. then, saw Derek run 1500m.. but he didnt do well, everyone was wondering why.. then, when i went to the sickbay room, i saw him there.. and got to know he sprain or twisted his leg halfway running.. and what made me =.=" was,

he was having fun, playing chikupang with his friends in the seickbay while my hot gor treated him.. swt betullll... . .. . Derek was so frustrated with the amount of medals he got.. and was so dissapointed with himself for not getting the trophy.. hahahaXD plus, Chun Hong was disturbing Derek about the trophy he got.. it was SO FUNNYYYY..

then when they sing the MBS song.. something about the colours flying then, Chun Hong purposely show derek the trophy.. and derek was like.. grrrr..


then.. itu budak yang ranknya besar sangat.. SARJAN.. cakap banyak.. marah banyak.. dengan muka yang nerd sangat.. marah budak-budak juniornya.. marah sampai.. . .. . saya boleh tidur..

DUNNO how many ppl come and talk to me, then go back.. he still scolding.. ppl play basketball then go back, he still scolding.. ppl play football then go back.. he STILL scolding.. walao.. hao cherng come and talk to me, then he still scolding, junbin come and talk to me, then he still scolding.. then boon tek come and talk to me, he STILL scolding there.. i sit down, stand up, sit down stand up.. he STILL SCOLDING..

scold for 45 minutes.. boon tek was like, "debate team ma.. can elaborate a lot.." i was like.. "YARRR... . . ." i wanted to go straight to weixing, slap him, and say, "can shutup arh?" hahahahaXDDD

then after that, i dunno why, EVERYONE was so down.. so i started to crap, to cheer them up but hoping that they wont slap me at the same time.. (>.<) then, about 1.35pm, my parents come and fetch Brian, Weixing and I to HQ.. for the second duty.. and we have to wait for the TWO PRINCE which were Keanloong and Sin Zhao at the LRT station.. to pick them up and go to HQ together.. before that, show you some pictures that i took AFTER DUTY cause the HO WEIXING AND LIEW JUN BIN was "scolding" me.. hahaXD

they kick the ball until over the wall.. and they have to CLIMB over and get it.. =.=" swt larh...
semangat kesukanan~ after sports day also still wanna play football and basketball..
i spot the person i wanted to kill.. SOON JIA WEI.. everytime he comes and talk to me, i will say, "soon jia wei.. you owe me A LOT.." then he was like, "aiyooo.. not my fault laa.. dun look at me like that laa.." then he keep walking away.. hahaXD

itu budak sedang marah orang..
kesian 6AC members.. hahaXD
see the Derek's kesan face..
cause of the guy who hold the trophy lo.. hahahhahXD
If you look closely, Derek quickly took out the watch he was wearing.. cause he was wearing his and zkang watch at the same time.. he snatch it away from me.. hahaXD

the semangat st john AC members..

reached HQ, and samantha was like, "sandraaa~~~ come with me.. let's count the number of tiles in hq!" i was like, 0.0, looking at weixing.. and he was laughinggg his head off..

in the ambulance, i was telling keanloong they all, how long gas was weixing.. everyone was laughing non stop.. then weixing was like, "aiyooo.. reallyy maa.. they werent alert.." i was like,

"weixing.. do you realise.. that you're talking the same thing?? the reason you scold them, number 1, is because, they are not alert.. number 2, they didnt go and save the ppl who fell down, why? cause THEY ARE NOT ALERT.. number 3, they are talking and they didnt see the casualty.. why? cause they ARE NOT ALERT.. practically, all the reasons you scold them is only for ONE reason.. which is, THEY ARE NOT ALERT.. you scold them with that ONE point, elaborate SOOO MUCH.. then do you realise, when teacher talk, then you went to the START of the paragraph about THAT PARTICULAR point.. and say the whole thing AGAIN.. i can practically repeat what you say.."

then he also dunno what to say ady.. everyone was laughing including him.. hahaXD When we reached Lake Garden.. all of us were like, "STYL.O." hahahaXD there was SO MANY FOODDDD... all the yummy yummy food.. and i was like, "yummmmmm~~" and weixing was like, "stop THINKING OF FOOD, would you?! you're fat enough.." and i was like, FINE LO.. then, the adult division member who accompanied us to that duty, Lio was SO FUNNY.. and SUPER LAME can die.. he divided us into 2 groups.. weixing, keanloong and I .. and the other, Brian, Kriskumar and Samantha.. duty with weixing and Keanloong can make you very geram wan.. hyper a bit also kena marah.. then they talk crap can.. ish.. everytime i say something stupid, they will be like, "serious a bit can ar?" then i was like, FINE.. then when they walk at the wrong path, i was like scolding them, "serious a bit can a not?! who askk you to walk there?! get down! or down 10!" then keanloong was like, "you down then only i down.." then there was a moment of silence.. then weixing and I started to YERRHHH.. keanloong.. why you SAY THIS KIND OF THINGS WAN!!!

then after realising it sounded VERY WRONG.. he was also laughing then he say, "NOLAH! i didnt mean that!" hahahahaXD

after a few hours only we realised its a cuisine festival.. there weren't any fashion show cause it was the first day of the thingy.. today only got the fashion show.. we didnt really do much there.. then Lio said, that they didnt provide us food.. so, we just go and walk, see what we want to eat.. buy and claim from the goverment =D so, we just sat around.. ate.. walked around, disturb clowns, eat.. and eat.. AND EAT..

weixing: what am i doing hereee.. .. i could have use the time now to study.. YOU LARH! *points at me*
me: what me? YOU LARH! *points at keanloong*
keanloong: what me? YOU LARH! *points at the sir*
Lio: not my fault laaa...

seriously.. we eat non stop.. there was NOTHING TO DO AT ALL.. except talk eat talk eat and TALK.. we were crapping with jokes.. laughing our heads off until we remember we were actually ON DUTY.. hahaXD we were like checking and browsing each other phone.. the sir was like, wanted to see sam's phone.. but she didnt allow.. then he checked my whole phone.. and i was checking his phone..

he was like.. "see larh! nothing wan.." we took his phone and watch tv and stuff then we check.. then, i said.. later check.. all also from his mother.. hahaXD all of us were laughing, thinking its impossible.. the messages and calls.. saw one VERY INTERESTING one cause it was from Chin Chooi.. hahahahXD then the calls, really ALL also call his mother and house.. we cant stop laughing man.. weixing, keanloong, sinzhao and Lio, which is the sir was like sooo lameee until we dunno what to say.. samantha didnt even want to talk.. hahahahaXD she was like, "they are so lame.."

Brian was shockingly QUIET.. i was like, "wow.. Brian can ACTUALLY KEEP QUIET!" he wasnt hyper thatt time.. but they were very crazy larh.. stupid keanloong and Brian keep crapping.. =.=" Keanloong keep forgetting my arms were still aching from the muscle , he keep hitting and pinching me.. i reminded him about my muscle ache.. and he was like, "sorry sorry sorry.." then after a 10 minutes, he hit me again.. he forgot =.=" wtheckk..

earth hour, and where were we?? AT LAKE GARDEN.. on duty.. T.T there were not much lights there though.. its those romantic romantic type.. and weixing suggested us to have erath destruction hour.. on all the lights from 9.30 to 10.30pm.. hahaXD the duty was suppose to last until 11pm.. but we went back around 10pm or earlier? cause they was NOTHING TO DO.. and we eat until can die ady.. plus, Lio belanja-ed us Tau Fu Fa which i can barely swallow it.. cause i was so full from eating the waffle.. but i was forced to finish it..

oh! and i remember bullying the clowns! hahahahaXD i saw the first clown, and i was like, "I WANT BALLOONSSS!!!"

he was like, "later larh!" then he talk to weixing they all "very naughty arh this girl.." i was like.. "I WANTTTT NOW!!!!! NOW!!! if you dont give me, DOWN 10! " it was SO FUNNY.. everyone was like laughing.. in the end, he talk crap, then didnt gimme =.=" i was like, "I WANTTT ME BALLOON!!!!!!!!!!"

after that i saw the second clown.. he was wearing the stick.. so, he was super tall.. then i saw him and say, " i want balloon!!"

clown: eh.. i saw you before..
me: arh?? where?
clown: one time.. did you go to FRIM??
weixing: did you??
me: *talks to the clown* why?
weixing: *talks to me* FRIM.. the forest.. means you're some kind of animal there..
me: wtheck..

clown: nola..i saw you..
me: doing what?
clown: you've somekind of st john thing there..
me: owh..
clown: but that time you were still small

i didnt even go to FRIM before! hahahahahahXDD then halfway doing the balloon for me, i said,

clown: *stopped halfway doing the dog-shaped balloon..* then said, ok.. wait..
me: hahaXD I want red colour want! RED! RED!
clown: whoah.. very demanding arh you... ..
me: hahahahahhaXDD

then, when weixing, keanloong, Brian Sin Zhao, Kriskumar and i was rounding, weixing and I walked in front, and the others followed behind.. walk walk walk.. then reached the public PORTABLE toilet.. then keanloong was like, "yerh! why you all go there??? what you all want to do?! so dirty that side.." weixing was like, "why YOU ALL FOLLOW??" hahahahXD

then keanloong say, "yerr.. weixing.. what you want to do theree with sandra.. .. . . dont laa.." then weixing was like, "who wants to be with this kind of person *points at me*??" then keanloong said, orh.. you say like that then i can relax.. then Brian said, "you know a word call, AL-CO-HOL arh??

it was SO STUPID MAN.. gosh.. =.="

then after walking till our legs break, at last, we can go back early.. and when i reached home, i was dropping dead.. i was even sleeping in the car.. SO DARN TIRED and SICK AGAIN.. 14 hours duty non stop.. somemore at the end of the day, there was so many things that made my mood when down to hell.. *sigh*

night view~~

stewpikk starrr~~
ppl singing.. performing.. Malaysian Shakira.. hahaXD got another band performance.. SO COOL.. hahaXD they were like, " we are best Blues Band in KL.. you guys know us right??" and i was like,... no?? hahahXD
the second clown! that i was talking about.. hahaXD..
random pictureee~
sinzhao talking happily to his girlfren.. hahahhaXD it was andreana on the phone! hahahahXD talking bout Bio.. wtheck...
the hut we were ON DUTY at.. *haha, zkang.. ON DUTY.. not DUTYING*
the placeee~~
where they selll thingsss~~ FOOD..
Brian and Kriskumar dating under the tree..
sam.. and keanloong kacau.. ishh..

u see the sir! go and conteng my balloon!! hmph!

kla.. that's all.. buh-bye.. got tons of work to do.. T.T

picture of the day =)

Friday, March 27, 2009

16 hours man!


Dropping dead,

Duty from 7am till 11pm tomorrow.. T.T 16 hours.. . . . *high fives with weixing* T.T got scolded by my parents like shit.. but after explaining and merajuking the whole day, they finally said yes.. but with MANY MANY CONDITIONS.. that i can die if i dun fulfil it..

If I die, mourn and cry for me kay? hahahaXD

love ya ppl! =D

anyway, bye ppl =D wanna sleeepp~~

love ya till death =)

Soweee Niren! =(



I KINDA had a great day.. in the morning, we had I dunno what subject.. forgot and dun care to know.. but i just know our teacher didnt come in to teach.. went around the school looking for our Bm and another teacher for the powerpoint presentation thingy.. Then, we had Maths, during Maths, few of us had to go for choralspeaking, therefore we missed Maths.. i actually DIDNT want to miss maths.. cause its the only time i can sleep..

but nvm.. for choralspeaking.. i did.. cause we have to finish up EVERY SINGLE THING by Tuesday.. gonna perform.. so, yeah.. Recessed, and had Bio.. as usual.. no teacher, so, i did my Maths homework.. After awhile, all the students went down to skylite for Puan Lim's farewell, i decided to sit with my juniors since it has been a longgggg time since i crap with them..

I was actually happy seeing them do well in everything. =) seeing them have fun, seeing them talk crap and did stupid things that the whole school was looking at them, and all I could do is shake my head and laugh.. Zunzen, Low, Valerie all were like looking at me, trying to figure out what the hell were the juniors doing.. cheering names,waving hands and stuff.. hahaXD

But the whole time, I talked to Jarrett most. ask how's his mother who just gave birth to his little sister.. and stuff.. laughed a lot. I keep giving Niren that blank look, and he was like, "what is sandra doing??" Melvin was quiet.. and Thinesh cant stop saying HI to me eventhough i said hi a MILLION TIMES TO HIM.. T.T


To My Dear Junior, Niren Kumar..

Don't be angryyy with mee.. I didnt mean to make you pissed off. I was just joking. Didn't know you would take it seriously.. Soweeee... Reading your latest post make me terasa A LOTTT... but, eventhough you're pissed with me.. I would like to say Thank you a lot.. cause i know you've always been there for me when i needed you..

-Keeping my secrets

-Wasted your recess time looking for me just to say a simple Hi or to ask how am I when you see I'm down.

-Wasted your credit to sending me sms to ask how am I went you know I'm going through something bad or when you know I'm sick as hell.


Always trying to do your best to help me through something.

You know what, Niren? I actually thank god for having a junior like you. A person who really cares about me a lot. Sorry that I offended you by JOKINGLY say that you dont care about me. I THOUGHT you know me well enough to crap and talk stuff like that. Sorryyyyyyy!!! forgive your stupid senior kayhss??

to you: Never GIVE UP! i KNOW you can do whatever you need to. =) LOVE YA!

Surprisee =D

It's 12.24. There's only 6 minutes before i HAVE to go to sleep.. cause i PROMISED someone to sleep BEFORE 12.30am.. and and yeah.. =D

Quite busy the whole day.. not really.. but it was a havoc sending files and pictures to everyone.. and organising stuff.. and also burning CD's.. ugh.. so much things.. and the worst thing, is my computer have only ONE slot to put in pendrive.. cause my mouse took the other slot.. so, THERE it goes.. making EVERYTHING i do, one step slower..

bad things occur, but i promise you good things will come =D

the only person who is temaning me is Low low.. just now was Weixing.. but according to him.. he needs to sleep UNLIKE me.. *rolls eyes* anyway, my dear Lowling.. eventhough we are crapping till the end of the world.. she was talking about how hot is her oh-so-damn hot husband a.k.a Junsu.. which i find it SO DAMN UGLY.. ahhahahaXD then she got this really cute pictre.. then i ask her to send it to me, and she said no.. cause i said her Junsu is not hot.. then i was like.. nolaa.. just now dunno what happen.. my specs blur.. that's why say wrong thing.. then she started laughing like shit.. hahaXD

12.29am, GOT TO GO ppl, chaoz! =D

surprise surprise! =D

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Watermelons and Grapesss =D

hmm.. today.. we had PJ early in the morning.. the best part was, I forgot to bring my PJ attire.. I wasnt desperate to have PJ, but we had Ujian UTDA.. so, i borrowed Zunzen's PJ attire.. well, the test was fun.. cause i get to crap lotss while doing it..

I was like making fun of Puiyi and Low when they do the staircase thing and counting the pulse.. i admit i was very noisy when it was my turn.. cause i was like singing songs while doing it.. then Jasmine they all were like looking at me, i was like, "LOOK WHAT LOOK!?" well, its weird if they DONT look cause i was singing the Bananas in Pyjamas theme song.. hahahaXD and i dun think my heart beat faster when i did it.. eventhough its suppose to beat faster.. haha.. then, Puiyi and Emily were like making me laugh SOOO much when i was doing push-ups.. they were making dirty funny jokes and i was laughing so hard.. until i cant do my push-up properly.. hahahaXD SO, when it was THEIR turn, u know larh.. i like to improvise wan.. so, i took their whatever jokes and improvise it.. WHICH made them laugh HARDER.. hahaXD

then, Puiyi suddenly lost her money.. she was like, "I don't understand.. how can I lost it? I put it in the pocket.. and it has zip on it.."

then we were like, "got hole issit??" then she said, "nolaaa.. "then she checked.. there was a SUPER BIG HOLE in the pocket.. I started laughing and then i shake her pants.. and suddenly the class key drop out at the end of her pants.. then ALL OF US LAUGHED.. then she said, "NOT FUNNY OKAYH! its more than 50 bucks in the pocket! faster finddd!!!" then we were like O.O.. then we started looking for it all around.. then, we found around 8 bucks on the floor.. where's the otherssss??

we looked around.. then we looked near where teacher sit.. then teacher was like, "cari apaa?? cari duit ke??" then she took out like 60 bucks from her pocket.. teacher kept it.. FUYH! teacher found it.. and gave it back to puiyi.. then after getting back her money, the atmostphere was happy again.. and i reminded puiyi about the how the class key came out from the end of her pants.. and all of us started laughing again..

Then, we went back to class, and saw only Sin Zhao and Chu the only guys in class.. there was so many girls.. so, we shoo-ed them out of the class so that we can change in the class, because the school made the girl's changing room into a bilik stor pejabat.. hahaXD kesian Sin Zhao and Chu.. hahaXD we were like bullying them like there's no tomorrow.. we were like, "Get out of the class unless you wanna see us change.."

then, Emily, I dunno why, which wrong pill she took, she go and ask Chu, "CHU! what if Sandra strip naked in front of the class.. in front of you??" then as usual.. he went "OOHHHHmyyygoddddd... I will stab my eyes!" hahahahaXD the whole class was laughing.. then i go and say, "Where's the knife? what you use to stab?? use ur fingers and poke into ur eyeballs la.. wan or not??" then, emily was like, "eh!! serious laaa.. what would you do??" then Chu replied, "I think I would kill myself.."

at last, we manage to shoo the guys out.. and change in the class, we were like changing in front of the class so that no one can peep from the small window at the door, plus, we added two bodyguards which were Yuen ping and Jo ee.. hahaXD and the girls were laughing our way with our crazy jokes and taking our own sweet time.. soon, the other boys were back from their PJ, then they were like making noise, then I went out of the class and say to sin zhao, "ehhh.. Sin zhao! why you dun go in????? girls are allowed werttt..." then he looked at me with the =.=" and say, "too bad i'm not a girl.. eh! how come you come out? only GUYS come out wert.. you guy meh?" I replied, "maybe.. you think?" he said, "no.." i was like, "HOW SURE ARE YOU???"


then, during BM, we practiced choralspeaking.. *sigh* its so tiring.. its not our fault.. and we have feelings too okayy.. you don't have to treat us like some dogs eventhough you guys are good..

during Recess, Valerie and I were like rushing and laughing all our way to the canteen for fun.. hahaXD after that, we had EST, and i was like so sleeppyy.. and we had some EST quiz competition.. so, after doing it, i was sleeping ady.. hahaXD then when we got our marks, siewjin was like, "shit you laaa, cheah mei teng.. get so high.. everytime also get so high for EST.." i was like.. =.=" i didnt really care.. cause i was still in the sleepy modeee.. hahaXD and we got to know our position in class, and it woke me up.. hahaXD oklarrr.. not THAT bad laaa.. during sejarah, Low, Siewjin and I crapped and laughed like SOOOOOO MUCHHHH.. we wrote so many crap on Low's sejarah textbook, then they vandalise my notebook.. we were actually laughing in FRONT of teacher while she's teaching.. hahaXD but we were half listening laa..

we were like pronounding names.. it was SOOO FUNNYYY... we were trying to pronouce names correctly.. it started with Zhengkang's name.. because Low was whining and complaining like a woman about his name pronouciation.. hahaXD then,

Low: cheng?
me: Cheng ken, Cheng nam, Cheng Kuan!
Low: I got one cousin's spelled as "Cherng"..
me: OH! Hao Cherng! Sheng? Sheng Rei...
Low: Sheng Juen..
me: Sheng Yi..

hahaXD most of them are siblings.. haha.. like Cheng nam and Cheng Kuan and Sheng Rei, Sheng Juen and Sheng Yi.. hahaXD oh! "THANKS SO MUCH" to Chu and Tien Soong for cursing me NON STOP just because of that badge.. T.T

during English, all of us were like copying whatever teacher said.. not all.. its Siewjin, Low and I.. we were seriously hyper.. Puan Angela was like telling everyone to pass up the COMPOSITION book.. but everyone thought its comprehension.. in the end, she was like, "peopleeee.. its COMPOSITION.. omg.. i feel like strangling you all.."

me: teacherrrrrr... its NOT good to strangleee ppl you knowwww...
teacher: sorryyyyy...
me: sorry no cure.. kneel down on your knees and say you love me..

Siewjin and Low were like laughing like shit.. then she said, "sandraaaa.. where's your booookkkk???" then i said, "i pass up already!!!" she was like, "whereee gottt???" then i replied, "nehhhh.. zher bian..." then everyone started laughing cause she didnt understand as she was a Christian Indian.. hahaXD then i quote her back, "teacherrrrr... i feel like stranglinggg youuuuu.." then everything, siewjin and I will add, "teacherr.. i feel like strangling youuu.." hahahhahaXDDD

then i was like asking Yuenping to massage my arms for me cause i was suffering from great muscle cramps.. and she was like using her wushu's skills on me, and i was screaming my head off.. then, Puan Angela was like, "whoah.. is this a spa?? can massage somemore.." then Yuenping was like.. "yeah teacher.. SPA then add the letter s-t-i-c behind.. SPAstic.." i was like =.=" what kind of lame thing is that suppose to be.. then, at the end of the class, teacher was like, "you guys are sooo funny.." hahaXD then i said, "teacher.. I dun care how funny am I.. did you or DID YOU NOT miss me?? you didnt see me for how many million SECONDS already!" then she said.. I saw you walking all around the school yesterday wert.. then i look at yuenping.. O.O since WHEN i walked around the school.. hahaXD the i replied teacher, "you SURE its me arh, teacher?" hahaXD

btw, Yuenping, are you SURE you're suppose to hit and practically putting ur WHOLE force on my arms to cure the muscle crampss?? cause its awfully pain RIGHT NOW.. i can barely use my's been sooo longg since i have great muscle cramps like this.. the last time was when i had badminton training with Adeline, Derek and Wei Shen..

omg.. i remember during the physical trainings, i was practically dying because i can barely walk the next day.. because our trainer really tortured us like crazy.. T.T 100 pushups, 100 situps, 100 lunges, 100 up and down, dunno how many minutes of half squad.. and i remembered Low was need to help me to walk and climb up the stairs in school the next day.. the best part was, Adeline always wasnt there for training, so I usually train with Derek and Wei Shen.. both of them cant do pushups.. so they were whining like a woman.. when i finish, after 20 minutes, only they finish.. oh wait! they didnt even finish it.. coach was like, "ah.. nvm la.." cause we waited for soooo longg ady.. but the next day was hell, all of us cant wake up from the bed..

well, I actually missed the times that we had REALLY GREAT muscle cramps after training.. cause the next training, all of us were discussing how we cannot wake up from the bed, how we walk halfway and fall, how our butts were soo painful that we cannot sit at all.. especially DEREK!! hahaXD

haha.. yeah.. memories.. =)

anyway, i gtg for my tuition.. chaoz ppl! =D

To Puiyi, Emily, Siewjin, Low, yuenping and valerie:
Watermelons and Grapes.. hahahahaahaXD oh! and papaya =DD don't you guys just LURVEEEE meee?? Dont have to answer me, because I already know the answer =D which is yes, rightt?? hahaXD

You do not have to worry about me =)
Loves <3

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

huh? old?

This was whaat Miow wroteee about me in his blog..

Sandra Cheah

profile: this is a girl which, at first, she do annoy me a bit.. but u wil notice her annoying do make ppl having a laughter.. so after tat i oso get used to it d.. xDthis one..seriously i never ever dare to think tat she wil hv a post juz for me..but when i 'accidentally' visited her blog...the 'impposible' turned to 'possible'..summor put my chicken pic!!

thx sandra!!

kindly visit for more info..

reached school with a superrr sick mode.. we had EST, then the second period of EST, I slepy instead of doing my homework.. Low and Siewjin woke me up TWICE to do my work.. i was sitting RIGHT in front of teacher, cause i sat at adeline's place.. but i slept.. i was like, "Dun disturb me, i'm feeling very sick.." yes indeed. I was about to die in the morning.. I felt SOOO HOTT!! i meant, warm.. feel like dipping myself into a bucket of ice water.. and i've been coughing non stop.. suffering from the phlegm which is stuck between my nose and my throat.. gosh.. suffering like shit.. then, after that, had Maths, i felt bad sleeping in front of the teacher, so i moved back to my place, which is at the corner of the class and continue sleeping for 2 hours.. i didnt listen a THING to whaat teacher saiddd... i was TOTALLY in my dreams.. not dreaming though.. but i woke up only ONCE, less than 5 minutes, then went back to sleep again.. because the teacher came to me.. she was like, "mei teng, what happen to you?" then before i want to answer her, my lovely darling Yuenping answered her for me, saying that i was really sick... which was SO TRUE.. .. . .

Then, i woke up during Recess, and my vision was so blur, walking like a drunk woman to the co-op, and found out there wasnt food there, so, i walk zig-zagLY to the canteen.. and just when i got to sit down and eat, Low was like, "OHMYGOD! puan sareah!" then i saw teacher, coming with the cane, caning every table to shoo the malay guys off the canteen cause they were taking their own sweet time.. its really funny though, but i cant afford to laugh cause i was half dead..

had Chemistry, and learn the same thing i learn in tuition, and understand whatever I dun understand in tuition.. then, had Physics.. school's syllabus are realll slowww.. then, we had Bio.. which we went to the library cause we have no Bio teacher..

omega class was with us, so Zunzen was with us.. got to know about the 3/5! hahahaXD high five, zunzen! hahaXD and during we were kinda crazy in the library, Emily and Puiyi were like saying how strong was I.. bla bla bla.. cause of the metal lock, that i fixed for them by using my bare hands.. she was like, "OHMYGOD.. sandra was SO STRONG OKAYH!" then she was like, "siewjin, push the table there a bit.. *she tries to push, but the table didnt move*" then i just push, it moved, and they were like looking at me "O.O wtheck!" hahaXD swt larh.. . . . its not that I am strong, its YOU guys are SO THIN, how are you suppose to have strength? hahaXD

and.. FUN KIT YUNG! i dun see any APOLOGY POST IN YOUR BLOG! so, i'm gonna skin you alive tomorrow.. you know whaat?? in the library, tien soong asked me for an eraser.. so i just throw it to them.. then, after finish using, they were like, "sandra.. you catch arh!" then he throws it.. I was still blur, then *pap* it hit RIGHT ON MY FACE.. and straight away i gave them a fierce glare.. kit yung was like, "SORRY SORRY SORRY!!! why you didnt catch????" and i replied, "you DARE to say somemore??" then he quickly come over and picked up the eraser.. and quickly walk away.. hahahhahaXD

then, we had St. John meeting, and Puiyi's squad to organise the meeting.. and her games can make my hand break into 4 pieces.. its SOOO pain even RIGHT now... Audrey, is HEAVIER than she looks like.. hahaXD i really cant feel my hands after carrying her.. and as a result, i cant control my arm's muscle, therefore, whenever i walk, whoever who walk beside me, will get hit at the butt.. like adeline and Low.. cause i REALLY cannot feel my arms.. its still very lenguh now.. T.T i cant even right properly after Add Maths tuition..

then, the FLAMMABLE weigin.. go act flammable in the game.. goshh!! SO LAME CAN DIE! with their "womanizer" song, which they change it to "FLAMMABLE".. i tell you, I was really laughing like shit.. then, she went, "lets give a round of applause to yourselfff..." then everyone clapped.. then she was like, "NO! its a ROUND of applause.." she drew an imaginary circle and clapped once.. we were like, whaaattt thee..... . .. . . .. . . .

During Add maths tuition, Adeline and I went to a 7-Eleven nearby.. and its SO WEIRD that that store didnt sell mineral water =.= swt betul.. . .. . we bought lotss of sweets.. and i was telling adeline, "i COMFIRM gonna get diabetes today.. " then, during break, we bought MORE chocolates.. emily was like, "we're all gonna die together.. die of diabetes.."

our superrr messy tableeee... ..
see whaat i mean?? sugus, Gummy sweets, Nescafe, 2 packs of M&M's.. hahaXD and other sweets.. ;)

so tired noww.. when i reached home, my mom suddenly said, "sandra.. you look so old.." i was like, HUH?! then she said no wonder i look so old.. i always dun get enough rest and stuff.. shtye.. a 40 over year old woman just said i LOOK OLD.. and i'm like whaat? havent even touch 16! T.T

I'm olddd.... . . . . =(

so can i marry? hahaXD

yeapppp~!! you future wife ;) hahaXD

zun zen!!! that particular date!!! hahaXD so lucky, both of us.. hahaXD

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fourty- Five Minutes

Our day started with english.. Puan Angela was soo funnyy.. hahaXD she was telling us about mobile phones and stuff.. then she asked, "who doesnt have a mobile phone?" then Ashley raised her hands.. then i raised too.. cause my phone is spoiled.. so, its STILL COUNTED.. hahaXD then she looked at Ashley, then look at me.. then she said to me, "I dont trust you.. hahaXD" i was like, "WHAAT??? teacherr?? how can you say thaat?? i'm sooo hurtttt... . .. ."

then later I was a little crazy, so i asked teacher..

me: teacherrrr... . .. did you miss me during the holidays??
teacher: yeahhh.. i was thinking about you day and night... non stop..
me: HARH?! errr... oo.. kayy.. HAHAHA!

*the whole class laughs*

teacher: everytime i look at my daughter, your face will appear..
me: er.. that's scaryyyy... . . hahahhaXD
siewjin: teacher teacher! she reminds you of Barney right??
teacher: YEAAA! and everytime my daughter strangles her Barney toy, i will think of her *points at her*
me: what the.. . .. . .

*whole class laughs again*

then, we had BM, i was like, sleepinggggg already.. I was like a joker in the class, keep making jokes.. cause we had a new BM teacher.. then everyone was like scared laa... scared she's like the Dragon Lady.. so when she gave us work, she said..

teacher: kalau tak faham.. boleh tanya ya? Saya tak akan makan kamu, saya hanya makan nasi.
me: HARH?! cikgu?? nasi saja arh?? tak makan lauk??

*whole class laughs*

teacher: ah! yaa.. lauk jugak laa.. hahaXD

but during Maths, god knows how bored is everyone.. it was raining, and our class was like SOOOO COOLINGGG.. everyone was like in the sleepingg mode..

and then, teacher's voice was so monotonous, so, everyone was like, half sleeping, half listening.. teacher was like, "hello?? are you guys here?" hahahaXD thennn, had Add Maths.. i was soo sleepy until can dieee... >.<>

after that, had UBS, Kah wai was asking me, "Sandra, why do you always look happy?"

me: huh? what do you meann??
kahwai: how can you be happy every single dayy??
me: er.. whaaat?? hahaXD
kahwai: issit something like a must for you to be happy everyday? I wonder how you tahan not being sad for even a day..

got mehh, kah wai?? hahahaXDD i dunno~~ i mean, why do we have to be sadd?? I dunno.. maybe, it's just me.. =) I dun find being sad is a good thing =D

rushed out cause Keanloong said I must be there 3.40pm SHARP.. when i reached outside the school, he wasnt there =.=" In the car, xiau wei, xiau han and I were laughing non stop, hearing Keanloong's sister, Sue Anne and Keanloong fight.. exactly like alex and I except that I dun dare to fight like that IN FRONT OF MY MOM.. hahaXD Sue Anne was saying she's fat.. Xiau wei and I were like looking at each other and started laughing.. then Sue Anne said, "whyy you laugh??"

then i said, "you say you're fat, we look at you, then we look at ourselves.. and wonder what are we if you're fat.." hahahhahahaXD Keanloong's mom was also laughing ady.. Then, after tuition, I waited for my mom for 45 minutes.. . . .

the story goes like this, I was waiting for my mom, for a very longg time, then i was wondering, why is she so late.. i was sooo hungry.. then i was like, nevermind laa.. maybe she thought its 7.30.. wait laa.. wait wait wait, then my watch showed 7.30 already.. she was STILL not there after half an hour, so I wanted to go back to my tuition centre and borrow the teacher's phone cause Keanloong, Zhengkang and Chengnam went back already. But then, the door was locked.. I thought teacher was teaching, i didnt wanna disturb him, then i went down again.. and WAIT AGAIN.. . . . it was kinda scary cause there was SO MANY SCARY STRANGERS walking around.. I didnt dare to go other places to use the public phone or something cause i'm scared in case my mom come, and i'm not there, she would be very worried... so, i decided to go back to the tuition centre again.. and this time, i had no choice but to disturb the teacher.. I used his phone and asked my dad, "er.. dad? who's fetching me?" then he said my mom was waiting downstairs.. so i quickly ran down.. but there was no sight of my car.. after waiting for 45 minutes, only my dad came.. and the truth was,

they thought I was in ANOTHER tuition centre.. wth... . . .. .

why everytime I go for this tuition, I SURE have problems with my parents wan.. haiyoyo... . .. actually i wanted to freak out asking why were they late.. but then, second thought, aiyah.. who cares.. nvm la.. dun wan to wait, also wait ady lorh.. nvm la..

okay.. now i gtg.. got TONS of homework.. wasted 45 minutes on waiting for my parents.. kla.. chaoz ppl! =D love ya!

Monday, March 23, 2009


TO THE GUY who so-called knows who i like,

TO THE GUY who thinks that my boyfriend is Cheng Ken =.="


TO THE GUY who turns back instead of saying HI during my open house..

TO THE GUY who says he heard NOTHING when he heard SOMETHING..

To THE GUY who was once my brother's best buddy..



Happy 19th BIRTHDAY =DDD,


you'll always be a part of KL/ SBU/ CC =)

Hope your wishes come true! stay happy! =D with ur chicken hair..

Girls Under Leaves. =P

School was.. .. . . . fun.. hahahaXD it's never boring to me eh? hahaXD well.. we had some talks about motivation from early morning till bout 10.30am.. it was DARN funny..

"Saya POWER!" hahahhaaXD lame larrr.. and when the motivator was talking about laughing to much is not good and yada yada.. i DUN KNOW WHY, everyone was pointing and smiling at me.. calling my name =.=" stupidddd ppl.. even sheng rei turned and pointed at me.. "haha!" i was like wth... . . . . just because i always laugh like there's no tomorrow, doesnt mean my brain will stop working rightt?? hahahaXD

we recessed after everyone recessed.. so its like, just the whole form 4 conquer the whole canteen.. hahaXD

anyway, i didnt get to recess with my sweetie pie Low, Siewjin, Sheau Hwa, Val, Yuenping, Zunzen they all.. because i was busy bonding with the new girl in school name Wynn =D

so cool man her name.. hahaXD its like calling, "WIN! WIN!" haha.. after that, we had Chemistry.. forced to open my eyes.. then we had Physics, i nearly need a toothpick to keep my eyelids open.. Puan Rashidah was super funny, as usual.. with her accent.. and we had Add maths after that.. we had a few discussion about who to choose for the dunno what quiz.. wasted like 20 to 30 minutes.. whoah! thank god.. and THAT"S WHEN I START TO GET HYPER!

erm.. actually, no..i started to get hyper SINCE PHYSICS! hahaXD i kept cracking lame jokes and laugh by myself.. others were like, =.=". But they laughed in the end also.. hahaXD cause they really cannot tahan my lame jokes..

about the tree growing.. the lame sign growing from the tree..

about the Boys Over Flowers.. BOF, which i changed it to GUL, Girls Under Leaves.. hahahhaXD

about my grandmother.. who asked why i wore specs.. she was like, "i didnt see you wear specs.." i looked at her and said, "were you looking at me when i was sleeping?? cause THAT"S THE ONLY TIME i dun wear specs.. .. . . " hahahhahaXD

about zunzen telling me what was SUPER FUNNY to her.. which ISNT FUNNY AT ALL.. she said zhengkang is stupid.. so, zhengkang, TAKE NOTE. I dun mind you killing her.. its fine with me.. hahahaXD

about how Chu Tat Tsun wore new uniform, got a new specs and a new bag.. i was like, looking at him, "chu! you late ady larr... late for 3 months.. school started at 5th of January lar.. NOW only you change everything.." hahaXD

then, went to 7-Eleven to HUNT LOLLIPOPS for Sergeant Ho Wei Xing.. i cant find the flavours he wants.. HOW ANNOYING! i've been hunting it since YESTERDAY in The Curve. then, we went late for Volleyball.. got to know there was actually CHORALSPEAKING practice! i was like, "SHIT! no one told me.." then from court, walk ALLLLL the way back to school, then saw Arjun and Simmarjit using the lift to carry chairs.. then i say i wanna tumpang.. they say cannot.. then there came Diane.. then they were like, "oh.. come in come in.." i was like =.=" i dun care! i'm following Diane.. in the end, Arjun left Simmarjit alone to carry ALL THE CHAIRS.. i was like, "should i get out of the lift too??"

you guys know WHY larr.. hahahXD

then during Choralspeaking practice, we were like sitting on the floor and practice dunno how many billion times for that 2 stanza.. hahaXD it was fun and funny though.. Chengken was super funny in the morning when he was practicing how to warm up with the letter "U".. hahhahaXD and stupid Keanloong was throwing my shoes EVERYWHERE... =.=" ugh!

that while waiting for my mom to fetch me.. got to make fun of Sheau Hwa.. damn funny la her.. then suppose to make fun of Val with that 4 story joke, but it didnt worked out.. the Gaik Xuang were like saying A and D were so cute.. then i started making up stories on what happen inside that that.. thingy.. ahhahahXD.. then D was like, "SANDRAAAA!!! WHERE GOTTT!!!" hahahahahaXD

later on, i asked my mom to stop by at Miow's house.. then i was like talking to some guy who came out of the house.. not sure if its Miow's dad or something.. i was like, "is Miow at home??" then he was like, "which Miow??" then i started laughing and said, "oh ya hor!" because i just remembered it was their surname.. hahahaXD i turn to that guy and say, "MIOW YAU KHONG.." then he said he's not at home.. so, i just pass the CD HE WAS BUGGING ME FOR to his mom.. hahaXXD

boy oh boy, that line is still stuck in my head...

"and! it was Everybody Loves Raymonddd~~~~ *wriggles hand* that made us see light in our very annoying big brother.. *gives an annoyed look*"

check.your.mail. =)