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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Great companies!

I haven't been blogging for awhile cause I was too busy hanging out with my friends and talking behind people's back. HAHAHAHA.

Don't be surprise. THAT is what girls do when they meet up. 


I realise I tend to space out and get emo when I have nothing to do. 

That's normal right?

But oh well. TOOTS THAT :D

So yesterday, I went out with my 2 of my best college mates :D 

They followed me to work. Haha. Cause I was on a so called mission and, they tagged along and helped me.

But in the middle of the mission, we saw someone I DIDN'T WANNA SEE.
But these two girls kept forcing me. 

So I sorta ran out of the store the minute I saw THAT FACE.

I didn't understand why I was afraid. It's not like I NEED TO FEEL GUILTY OR WHATSOEVER.

I knew it wouldnt be a good idea to see that face again cause that night, which was last night, my nightmares came back.

ANYWAY, i don't give a damn about some low class liars. Like, you know clearly that I hate people lying to me and stuff like that, but thinking back, why did I get so pissed? 

When there is nothing to do with me.

PMS I guess. 

I remembered how mad I was, I literally wanna kick that face when I heard about it. I had my fist clenched so tight when I heard the news BUT, WHATDEVESSS,

do whatever that makes you happy,
I don't even bother about you anymore.

Cause you didnt even care how I feel AT THE FIRST PLACE.


back to my outing topics :D

We had Japanese and Meet Fresh! :D my favourite.

And that day, I went out with these girls, just to hang out with them in their uni and just have a little chat because without them, I won't feel what I'm feeling right now, which is being happy :)

Love themmmm SOOOOO MUCH xoxo

Oh, did I mention my fatty bro was back and.. he bought this to congratulate my results :D


Haih, lawyers. 

And this is me watching him play Dota 2 cause I was so bored and it just makes me happy to be around him :) I'm glad he came back at the right time. I need some awesome brother like him :)

shhh! dont tell him I said he was awesome or he'll be a puffer fish!

I went out with my colleague, who is more like a elder sister to me. She's awesome and she's a shopaholic. Talking about shopping, 
I think I need to go to rehab for it man.

I seem....................... to finish all my hard-earned money T.T

Hehe! she's pretty, isnt she? :P

Oh and I attended the soft opening for this new music school opened by my piano teacher. It's called EarthTone Music Academy. It's in Lakefield.
We offer so many different courses from piano, strings instruments such as cello, violin etc to woodwind instruments such as clarinet, saxaphone etc :D

i know saxaphone is not a woodwind instrument =.= 


Do drop by if you have any enquiries. We would be more than happy to help :D

But for now, bye! :D

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