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Monday, July 28, 2014

My Superheroes

Because, they mean alot to me. 

When days are dark and when I feel all alone and confused about everything in life.

They were there for me. 

Dear girls,

I took few months to complete video. Initially, it was for Heng wei's birthday, and then I was so busy and I took so long that, I was like,"Hmm.. why not i do it just like for the 4 of us?" 

Besides, during the holiday, we missed each other so much. And Heng Wei was so upset because Joel was leaving, Enes was upset because Dan was leaving, and although Phoebe never did say anything, I could feel that she was dying inside because she missed Kai so much. But I knew she was just holding on, trying to be strong. I knew all of you were just holding on, trying to be strong. So, I wanted to make a video for all of you, and tell you that, no matter what you still have us and we can still be happy, even if its just the 4 of us. It took me 2 months to just choose the most suitable song. I first heard the song in Phoebe's car and I told myself. HM. THIS IS IT. 

I wanted to cheer you guys with this video. But, lately, I myself had been so so upset that, when I edit again and again everyday, I begin to realise, that this video means so so much to me. I swear I've watched this video at least 100 times. I would watch everyday, probably 5-6 times a day. And re-edit.. and another 5-6 times. I keep finalising it but never did because I keep finding more suitable clips and photos.

Whenever I'm sad, I would smile while watching this video. These days had been very confusing and tough for me despite my health and everything else. But I'm so glad that I have all of you to lend me a shoulder to cry on all the FREAKING TIME and tell me what I should do when I'm lost. So, basically, its a "thank you" video. Hope you enjoy my 4 months of hardwork. I love you girls I hope when you girls are sad, you would watch this video would put a smile on your face.
The girl who've always loved you girls back.

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